Dr Miami! 3/10/2016 - BL W/ Implants, TT & BBL :) - Miami, FL

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Hey dolls! So let me tell you a little bit about...

Hey dolls! So let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a young mother of 1. (One and done for me lol) I am still with my sons baby's father, so don't get it twisted XD Any who, I am having a breast lift w/ implants, TT & BBL with Dr Miami! After my pregnancy, my weight ballooned to 310-320 pounds! I am proud to say today that I weigh 210 pounds :) I plan to lose another 20-30 by march before my surgery. Stats Height : 5'9 Weight : 210 Measurements : 38 - 36 - 46 Surgery date is 3/10/2016 I am staying at elite concierge recovery house for 10 days. Just because I am having so many surgery's, I figured its better to have nurses around the whole time just in case. After that, I may book a hotel, but I do have a plan ticket ready to leave that day to. Its all up to how I feel. So that's it for now dolls! I'm so excited!! I will be posting more pictures the closer I am to surgery. And if I feel that someone is even reading my review lol. After surgery, I will definitely be posting a lot of before and after. I will document everything I can! Well that's it for now :)

Body goals?

So dolls! I keep going back and forth with myself. I think I want to 180 before march 10th! I want to look slim butt thick. I guess you could call it slim thick!

Here's updated pictures of how I'd love to look.

One of these girls is 5'8 and weighs 170! I would love to look like her. Her body its truly my goals.

I'm so excited. The more and more I think surgery's only 80 days away, I get so excited! I cannot wait to be changed! Here's a picture of my booty and my (may be new) wish pics :)


So here's some pre-op pics dolls!

(Will be posting more graphic closer to surgery)

Pre-op waist

Forgot this pic lol

Surgery buddy

So dolls! I will be staying in Miami for 10 days! (Maybe more if I think I need it). If anyone is having surgery and would like to meet up during our stays that'd be awesome :). I am a very open no judgmental person! Great personality lol. young mother !! I'm staying at the Dr Miami's recovery house. So I I'm not looking to split costs. Just more for hanging out, because I love to interact and don't wanna go crazy by being by myself.

82 more days dolls! This is so exciting! Cannot wait to share my results


So I've been getting a lot of messages about the recovery house.http://www.elitenursingconcierge.com. there is the link lady's :) btw, I still do not know for sure of she only takes Dr Miami patient's. I hope I am not getting quoted on that lol

I had my phone consult with Dr miami. Very nice man. As of this day I weigh 207. I think 15 pounds is a reasonable goal to lose before March 10th. He is going to liposuction my flanks, whole back and arms. I am not paying extra for arms. I think that's only be because a bbl comes with 3 places of liposuction and the tummy tuck comes with 1 which is the flanks. So happy that I am going to get my arms lipo'd. Other then tnat, I am just trying to get everything done. I booked the recovery house for 10 days, but now that I think about it, after 7 days of my c section, I was fine walking around by myself. So I may just get a hotel , and change my 10 day stay to a 7 day stay.

I'm like 56 days away from surgery! That's so crazy to think about! I'm super excited for the new me. And then after that, it will be my next phase into my journey with an arm and thigh lift. Losing over 100ib really does a toll on your body. :(

I wonder if my measurements have changed at all. Even though I have not lost much from my 210 pounds, I've been building muscle and think I look slimmer. Will be measuring myself again soon dolls.

Can't wait for surgery, I need my breaststroke lifted so bad after breastfeeding and the weight loss. Ugh. I'm scared hell make my areola to small. Personally I like areola like the picture I just posted. So I'm hoping for the best


TIME IS FLYING BY!! Me and my fiance went on a long 2 week vacation in January to Hawaii for his brothers wedding. (His brothers stationed there) it was so beautiful and we didn't want to even come back lol. So now that I'm back I had to get every last thing situated.
I am scheduled from March 9th - 16th at Mary's recovery house
Then, I will be going to a little hotel with a kitchen.
I am flying in first class and back home first class. Ticket was around $500.
I will be in Miami until march 23rd.

So long to stay away from my 10 month old. His birthdays in april. Any mom's have any advice on young baby's and leaving? Would be great

my surgery is 3 weeks away I just got my blood work and physical done yesterday at the doctors. I gained like 5 pounds since I've been gone so now weigh 215. Luckily that's 2 pounds under the cut off line! Phew. Blood test where sent and now it's the waiting game. My pre op phone call is on Feb 18th.

What should I bring with me? I don't want a heavy bag since I have lay overs on my way back and will need wheel chair survice.

I was thinking some big baggy shirts and sweat pants? What do you lady's suggest?

So my weight loss has not continued and I'm sort of upset with myself about that, but those drinks on the beach in Hawaii where we'll worth it lol. I'll be working out and watching what I eat like crazy these next few weeks. In hopes if losing these last 15 pounds (half of that is water weight anyways lol so it's double to lose 2 pounds of fat a week. So at least 6ib before surgery lol)
Well see how I do :)

OK dolls, that's all for now! Let me know what I should bring. I'd like to only have a light carry on bag if possible!

Surgery finally over

So I got to Florida by 3pm. Mary from elite recovery house picked me up st the airport and brought me straight over to Dr Miami office to pick implant sizes. I was on snap chat. He put 500cc in for a full c cup. My breasts look amazing. Everyone there was super super nice. I did not feel rushed at all. After surgery was done, I was in pain but it was fine. I'd wake up and pass back out so many times. Today is day 2. And I feel fine. My breasts hurt the worst. Then my tummy then my butt. I thought my stomach was gonna hurt the most from the tummy tuck but that's a negative. I have my arms lipoed, my bra rolls and full back lipod. My flanks and I think that's it. I look super swollen in these pictures but let me just tell you, he snatched the hell out of my waist and arms. Arm lip did not hurt me as much as I thought it wouldve. Well let me know if you have anymore questions!!

First 7 days down

Day 1. I arrived at the recovery house. They drove me straight to the doctors to see hin for my pre op. He was extremely nice. He said he thinks for how tall I am that 500cc mentor silicone implants would bring me to my desired full c small D cup. And yes he picked right! My breaststroke are a perfect handful :)

Day2. I got to his office around 9 am. Knocked on the glass window and Tatiana was there to great me. She handed me a cup to pee and in and then ask for me to go sit into the room. She was so nice and so pretty.
I sat in the room she came in and asked me to get undressed and out in the blue gown so we could take before pictures. And she made me feel completely comfortable. We joked around a lot lol Then I filled out paper work. About 20 min passes and the doctor comes in with Tatiana. He gave me a huge hug and started marking me up for surgery. Then they left and berry the anesthesiologist came in and asked me question. Then I went with him back into the room. He out an iv in my arm and I was out.

Surgery took 7 hours

I wake up in a room with a nurse. It did not hurt as badly as I Houghton it would. The worse was just waking up from the anesthesia. I'd wake up take sips a Gatorade and pass back out. One of the woman from the recovery house was there to take me home. Again was not in bad pain at all

Got back to the recovery house, took my meds, ate some soup, and I was off to dream land.

Day 3. Threw up all my food . But I kept eating anyways. If I didn't eat I wouldn't have no strength. I was extremely nauseous from the anesthesia. That stayed for about 3 days. My pain was 100% fine and tolerable.

Day 4. Same as day 3

Day 5 same as day 4

Day 6 I felt like a new person. I walked around got my own food. Only started taking advil for pain.

Day 7. I left the recovery house and I am now by myself at a hotel. My appointment is tomorrow with the doc to take My drains out. And I will also be asking him if I can leave in 10 days verses 14. I'm extremely lonely and missing my family. And I think I'm healing phanominously. So I hope I get a yes

Pains was not bad. After the 3rd day I already felt pretty independent. The recovery house I have mixed feelings about it. But I'm just extremely picky so I won't be discussing it unless specifically asked. My body looks amazing. I will be posting pictures shortly.

New pics

These are my new updated pics

13 days

13 days post op!. I definitely feel better everyday. I still cannot do 100 things at once as I am used to doing. Sleeping on my sides is so hard lol. My breasts hurt the worst . They are also the hardest. I can't pick anything up, if I do I risk getting scar tissue and my breast will get hard. And that's especially hard since I have an 11 month old :(

My butt has gone down a lot, but I not comment until the third month when it fluffs. Lol I'm super critical and I know it'll look better over time.I have to constantly remind myself that I'm not even 2 weeks out yet lol

My tummy tuck makes me look pregnant from the sides. I'm super swollen. I ordered another faja since the ones they gave me are way to big now .

I have been home since day 9. I think he wanted me to wait until at least day 10, but I honestly couldn't help it. Lol as soon as he said I could leave since I was healing so well I got the next first class ticket outta miami. Lol. Missed my baby way to much. I may have risked something leaving so soon but I felt 100% fine. I had wheel chair assistance and it honestly got me threw everything very quickly lol

Let's see what else. Pain is tolerable. Still on advil. I don't take it often though. Only when I start feeling super sore.

Over all I'm supper happy with the work Dr maimI has done. My shape is amazing!


Breasts : 36 inch

Tummy: 35 inch

Hips : 40 inch

Booth : 48 inch

I am still super swollen. My stomach I think will defiantly drop into the 20 inch category. I just have to wait. I look 4 months pregnant haha I only measured because I wanna know how my body's changing from time to time.

3 weeks

So I'm taking advil only sometimes now. I'm sorry that I don't post much. I've been on a roller coaster with my emotions. One day I love my body. The next day I'm not so satisfied. All in all I'd go to Dr Miami again and again and again if I wanted more procedures done. I'm think of closing down my account soon. Like I said I'm just not feelin like updating it. I may make a new one in 3 months when I'm heeled. Here's my last updated photos I will post for awhile.

Updated review

So you lady's that commented thank you. I relies now that others do need to see and read reviews to help with there decisions. I used to be one of them. So for the support, here's some updated photos and details

It has been 3 weeks. I can tell in about another week I'll feel almost normal. My stomach is still super swollen. Today I put on a super tight faja. It helped alot. My waist size after surgery was 38 inches. Before surgery it was 36. And now it's 33. I still have alot of swelling to. So I can only imagine how much more it'll shrink :) that's super exciting.

My hips finally stopped playin hide and seek and finally ahow. I'm not sure why these pictures don't capture how big they look. Like in person they look way bigger. So does my butt. I hear woman wisper. And mean do double takes. And this is all when I haven't even dressed up yet. Lol all my old shirts way way to big. They where an xl. I'm now in a large to a medium. I think I'll end up in the mediums. I'm going to continue my weight loss journey after this too.

This surgery was super worth it. My self esteem is definitely way up. I have my days of course but all in all I wouldn't have traded this for the world.

Dr salz, is extremely friendly. And actually way calmer in person then on snap chat. I really loved him.

Let's see... hmmm. What else?

My breasts still hurt the worst. Tummy tucks fine. Belly button looks wonderful (that was always one of my scares) butt has softened. Boot is now 49 inchs. Hips still 41. Waist 33. And buSt 35 loving my measurments. Cannot wait to workout and for this swelling to subside.

Without further a due, heres my 3 week updated photos

6 weeks

I am still happy with my results. I have been going out more and swelling has gone down tremendously. I'm not really sure what to say? Lol my clothes don't fit. I literally need to change my whole wardrobe.

I was smaller then a xl but bigger then a large before surgery. That sucked because everything in a large was to small and everything in an xl was to big! Now I'm like mediums and larges. All depends on brands.

I love my new butt. I just think he could've put fat closer to my crack. It's starting to look saggy since he didn't do that, but either way he changed my body to look amazing!

My tummy tuck scar is healing just fine and my breast aren't to big but very pray and I love them.

More pics

Not so good news...

Hello ladys! I wish I could come on here and gloat about how happy I am, and how my results are amazing, but right now that's not exactly the case. This is a bad news post. Doctor Miami literally changed my body. My shape is way better then before , but I cannot hide these imperfections for much longer. Yes I will be asking for a revision. My breasts are uneven. And no, I don't mean ones dropping lower then the other. I mean one is larger then the other and on the side it pokes out while the other does not. So one breast I have a side Boob, and the other I do not. It seems like it is side ways or something. I'm not sure how to explain it. So that's one thing I will be asking for a revision on. My arm lipo. One arm was lipod more then the other. You can't tell so much in pictures, but you can definitely tell the difference in person. It seems like my right side was liposuction more then the left. In arm and under my ribs. I have more rolls on the left and my arm is bigger then on the right. And no, it's not just swelling... I'm right handed and right dominated. That side should swell more. This is just a case of uneven lipo. Tummy tuck scar is uneven... not sure why... And last but no least, welcome to the horrific site of my deformed butt. Another doll has the same problem. She told me she heard 8 others dolls aremail having the same results as us. I'm not saying Dr salz isn't an amazing doctor, but I'm not sure why people lately havent been as happy with the results they are receiving. If I do not get a revision, I will feel I almost waisted my 18k. Don't get me wrong, he transformed me. But being uneven In lipo and having a flat deformed uneven butt is not my idea of how I would've liked to spend that 18k. Oh yeah, my right butt cheek is smaller then my left. Smh. Absolutely not happy! No bathing suits this summer for me! Great, another summer of covering up.

What your lady's don't understand is...

What some of you lady's don't understand is these pictures are certain angles.

Positive review

So! I think it's time to tell you all the positives.
My body has lost so much of the swelling now , that you can truly see how much thinner I look. Dr Miami made me so happy on my tummy tuck and back liposuction! If only my butt didn't have the flat spots, I wouldn't have really anymore complaints.

Here's a before and after photo. I love my shape. I now weigh 190 at 5'9. My breasts are full c's. He picked the right implant size for my breasts to finally look like they fit right on my chest. Being 5'9 with pretty much a size A cup, it looked kinda dispaortional.

None of my clothes fit. So I finally decided to buy some new clothes . Can't wait for them to arrive

At the end of the day I still think he is a good surgeon. He's changed my body so much, I try not to think much about my butt. My transformation is outstanding to me. Now it's just time to tone up. I'm a little flabby lol from losing weight instead of building muscle, your body will do that too you haha, but now I think it's time to tone and build.

One more thing! Lady's I am not trying to change your mind. Sometimes people have to go threw round too with this type of surgery. It's it an inconvenience? yes, But not everyones body takes the fat the same way. One reason I picked Dr Miami is how he grants revisions. There pretty much free. Except for a small fee for the anesthesiologist. Mostly all other surgeons make you pay at least half he price or the whole price again. And for that, I continue to think he is an outstanding surgeon.

I do still think something needs to be done about the uproar of woman that are dissatisfied with there results with the same looking flat spots as mine. At least he is doing revisions if the results are as bad as mine

Almost 3 month review!

I'm very much in love with my results. Everyone stares. All my friends and family have been telling me just in general how beautiful I look. My best friend even said "I don'the think you truly understand how f*ckin hott you are" and honestly ladys, I still dont.

I have been diagnosed with body dismorphia. So no matter how many nice pictures I take. Or how many times someone calls me beautiful, I won't believe it. This is a scary thing to have, given that I just had plastic surgery done. I told myself the only other plastic surgery i will ever do, is too fix the extra loose skin on my arms and thighs, and fix the flat spots in my bbl. Then I'm done.

Here's updated photos of my body. I am in love with my results. I cannot wait for the revision on my booty. I will be contacting them 4-5 months other of surgery. Since there revisions normally are after 6 months time.

I also hope my left breast becomes the same size as my right. I love my right breast. If this does not change, I will be asking if there's anything he can do to fix that as well.



I have been doing my breast measurements wrong the entire time lol so please forgive those fluctuations. Dr Miami truly knows how to make anew hour glass. He knew exactly how large of implants he needed. He truly is a talented surgeon. Still the best I've seen for breast implants and lifts. I'm so happy I got my breasts done with him. I cannot wait for the scars to fade. Lol I will be showing the world haha.

My booty has fluffed. It is most definitely rounder. The flat spots are still there though. I think that was the fat that died so no fluff happened there. Either way I love the shape he gave my booty. Cannot wait for round 2.

I do not use scar creams. Some people scar well, and others dont. I'm lucky to be one of the ones that scars well.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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