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Hello all! I'm 21 years old, 5'4" and weigh 125...

Hello all!

I'm 21 years old, 5'4" and weigh 125 lbs and I'm a 34A. I'm scheduled to get my BA on 4/16 with Dr.Krau and we decided on 350cc. I've yet to go to my pre-op and I'm having some doubts on whether 350cc is going to be too small. When I went for consultation Dr said I had good enough cushion. So, I'm not completely flat (even though I think I am).

I want to look natural but I don't want to wake up from surgery and feel like I've chosen a small size. I originally wanted 275cc, so it's quite the jump, but I'm seeing some reviews and girls are saying that the 350cc are too small and wish they would've gone bigger.

Opinions would be great!

dream wish boobs but perhaps too big for me


So I went to pre-op today and shared my concern with 350cc being too small. After talking to the nurse and trying sizes again I chose the whopping 400CC!!

Forgot to add this

400CC today at pre-op

Pointless post

Okay, this is perhaps a pointless post, but God I feel like time is going by so slow! All I can think about is my breast aug. all day every day. I think I've done so much research that I could guide the damn doctor on how to perform the surgery. Am I the only one who has gotten so anxious?! This is ridiculous. I've never been so impatient. Sorry for venting!

Rice sizers

When you don't have much else to do try on rice sizers right? I think these are pretty in accurate seeing as they are supposed to be 350(?) but look much bigger than the 350 mentor at the PS. I wouldn't mind having that rack though or a tad bit bigger haha


Hey ladies, I have a question...So I bought Arnica 30c Pellets and was told to drink it the day before. I was doing some research and it says that sometimes Arnica interacts with anesthesia. Did you guys take it before surgery? If so, how? (the bottle says 3 pellets 3x a day but that seems like a lot).

Morning after

Soooo the ladies are here!! Surgery went great I woke up with no pain or side effects, I was wide awake. Just had pressure all day yesterday and I coudknt complains....I knew I shouldn't have gotten so excited because I woke up now at 4 am wanting to cry from pain. I feel so constricted and like my implants are about to pop out my chest. I've notuced that my right boob hurts sooooo much more than my left! Has this happened to anyone else?? Should I be concerned?

Got to see them today

Went to my post-op appt today and got to unveil the girls and I am in love. The nurse was very excited with the outcome too! I am currently on my computer and only have one pic on here, but I'll post more from my phone later. I tried on an old bikini size small.

Laying down and other things

So, ladies, I wanted to know how long was it before you guys laid down without being too elevated? My back and shoulders are killing me from being in this elevated position and I'm going crazy from just laying here!

Also, I'm on day 3, did anyone go without the bra for a few hours in the beginning? This bra is so tight and annoying.

Any feedback would be great!!


So, I think I did too much too soon. I am on day 4 and I felt good today, so I started trying on things, went for a walk on the beach and climbed some stairs. Now, my left boob is super swollen compared to my right! Also, every time i laugh I feel some vibrating sensation in my boob. Should I be worried??

Pics from Day 2 to now (Day 5)

I'm posting some update pics. I still have A LOT of bruising, and the pressure makes it hard to actually drive so I had to call out of work today too. They are also still pretty high. Also, I am so bloated...any recommendations on how to help with this bloating and possibly get back to normal? OR how long did the bloating last for you ladies?

More questions

Well, today marks a week with the girls! Had my second follow up and everything is great. They switched my tapes to smaller versions, and the nurse talked to me about the silicone strips. What are your opinions on the silicone strips? Worth it or not?

Also, how long before you guys drank alcohol? I kind of want to go out this weekend and I don't want to push it by drinking.

Lastly, I can't wear any of my shirts with this surgical bra. Did anyone buy a wireless bra or bralette to wear when going out in the first month perhaps?

Thanks ladies!

Venting and boob greed

So, these past two days have been a rollercoaster. Besides the discomfort, I was thrown a curveball in my personal life when things were broken off with my man. I went shopping today to see if I could find a bra and I was just so dissatisfied with my boobs. I feel like they are so small, and I don't even know if it's just me thinking that or if they really are. Needless to say, I was very upset after trying on all those bras.

Anyways, here is a pic update of my boobs from day1, day 3, day 5, and day 9

Another update pic

I really feel like they've gotten a little smaller:( i know it's mostly because they aren't as swollen anymore but it just bothers me.

2 weeks, woo!

Helllllo. So everything seems to be going smoothly with the girls. I sometimes even forget they are there. I don't feel the pressure anymore, THANK GOD! I still have a teeny bit of stiffness with the left but I am 98% back to normal.

I do have a question: Were your surgical bras really tight to the point that they leaves marks on your boobs? I know they are supposed to be right but gah it's ridiculous. I'm writing this in the restroom at work just to air them out!

Also, my nipples are starting to get a bit sensitive. I still have tape on the incisions and I am wondering when I can start scar treatment (going to just try silicone sheets from scar away).

Here's some pics and a pic in which my boobs looked like two cantaloupes and I could not stop laughing (I've never had to say nope my boobs are too big for this haha).

Happy Friday!

1 month (almost)

Well well well, would you look at that it has almost been a month (3 days away). I had my month post-op visit and was cleared to use whatever scar treatment I like, do any cardio, and wear any bra! WAHOOOOO! The doctor said the look great, of course a little high, but he said that takes time. I have gone out a few times with a regular wireless bra and girls have complimented my boobs! I also got to see my scars and wow they look pretty great. Of course, I say that because I thought they would look MUCH worse. They are obviously noticeable but they are very well hidden almost. Cant wait to see them heal!

So, I have a collage from the beginning of time to now a month. Talk about 0-100 real quick. I don't have a picture of the scars yet, but once I shower today I will take a pic and upload it.


Hello ladies,

just wondering after you were cleared to wear any bra after a month what did you guys wear? wireless? underwire? etc please and thank you for the input

Update standing pic

So this is exactly a month and a day after (still can't believe time has passed so quickly)! I went to VS to buy a bra and actually got sized at a 32DD WAAWEEWAAWAA. I don't even feel like I'm that big but the bra fits perfectly. I know that VS runs small so I'm probably a 34D.
I ended up buying the Incredbile Wirless Demi in 34D. I was cleared to wear any bra but I'm scared to wear wire still so I'm just alternating between sports bra/surgical bra at home and wireless when I go out. The 34D cup seems to be just a teeny bit snug but it is not bothersome.

As you see or hopefully can see my incisions are pretty good. There are some spots on it that are raised so I hope they go away but I've been using Scar Away silicone strips and ordered the Scar Away gel should be coming next week and I'm hoping it'll help!!

Happy Sunday!

Long time no post - now at almost 4 months

Hello ladies! It's been hectic and I haven't gotten a chance to post. I now have two jobs so I barely have time for myself.

So I've noticed that my right breast is sitting significantly higher than my left. I don't know if I should be concerned or if this is part of the whole dropping at different rates case. I'm getting worried so opinions would be great!

Bikini tops and the girls

Here's and update of the girls in clothes or bikinis. Besides the fact that I wish they were perhaps 50-100ccs bigger, I love them! They have some jiggle to them (the left more than the right) but they have soften up.

I'm still feeling some discomfort at times on the right (is that normal??) that's also the side that I feel the breast is sitting higher. Could it be CC? I am right dominant so maybe it'll take it a while more to settle like the left.

Also, for those of you who do yoga at 4 months were you doing inversions or not yet?
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