Tummy tuck/lipo/fat transfer

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I want to get my butt done.Ive wanted it for a...

I want to get my butt done.Ive wanted it for a couple years now.Im trying to gain weight but still nothing after a year .I was gona just have fat transfer but lets be real .I weigh 130 and im 5'3.Im athletic and have a fast metabolism.I have a long torso .I dont have the bubbly top of the butt that i want.I just have the bottom part.It sucks when your man has a bigger but then you do!
Im 20years old and i rather get the body i want now then later after i have children.Nows the time to look good and have a bangin body.So implants are the best thing now for me .I want a doctor with expierence and in the miami area .I want a doctor with good reviews.I want a bootylicious butt not too Big but out their.i want to have that confidence when i go out that my Butt looks good in anything .
Please help!!!!!!!The picture is the type of butt i want!

fat transfer or Butt lift ??

not getting implants ,risky and ive gain weight lol.
its a miracle.Im currently pregnant and if everything works out after i have my baby 2/18/15 i would like to get my surgery atleast a couple months after so when im done breast feeding.By then ill go in for my consultation so the doctor can see my weight and what im working with.
Ive decided salama or mendieta.Fat transfer or butt lift is my choice now.


4years later from my original post and things have changed for the better!
Two children later i'm deciding to finally get my surgery.The doctor i've chosen is Dr.Buritica who is located in TJ,Mexico .I've heard good things and have friends who have gone with him.My date is sett for June 7 2017.I showed him my wish pic and he has told me to gain 5 more pounds.My weight right now is 150,5'3 .The doctor told me a tummy tuck/lipo and fat transfer is whats best for me do to having children .I've accepted it and i'm deciding to go through with it .Ive been wanting this procedure for 5 years now .....Will post before pics, closer to the procedure date,stay tuned !!!

I need a doctor ,ladies help!

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