Vaser Hi-Def Lipo W/ BBL - Miami, FL

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I'm impatiently waiting for my Sx date. I'm having...

I'm impatiently waiting for my Sx date. I'm having Lipo done on my back, flanks, abdomen and some fat transfer (BBL) to my buttocks. I still have a checklist to get through: lab work, garments, medications, finding a lymph massage place when I get back home. I recently gained some extra weight, hopefully everything gets taken out and sculpted better. I'm pretty active, no kids, no health problems and have had one previous surgery (BA) 2 years ago.
I'm looking for a reasonably priced massage person in the South Miami area if anyone knows please let me know!

Costs Breakdown

So most things are paid in full. I'm just going to keep count of some costs:
Deposit: 500
Flights: 450 (for 2)
Car Rental: 400 (2 wks)
Condo: 825 (2 wks)
Pre-op Labs:
Surgery: 9800
Garments: ~200
Meds: ~100
Some are estimates, I'll update accordingly. C=USD


Ugh! I hate how RS doesn't let me edit my previous posts! Well, everything is paid in full and I'm getting nervous now, Monday is D Day! I'm flying out soon to Fl!


Went through sx yesterday, I'm so glad to be on the other side and beginning to heal. I am so sore, the pain is definitely real! I'm on meds but can definitely feel pain, I'm super swollen and feel light-headed whenever I get up.

I'm alive!

Ok, so time for an update

Day of surgery - got up early morning, got ready and went off to the facilities. There I changed into the paper gown, talked to the anesthesiologist (went through a list for health problems/conditions) talked to the Dr. about how I was feeling and what I wanted, got marked up, had a urine test (for pregnancy), and went into the next room layed down and got hooked up to machines. BOOM! I'm out like a light...anesthesia gets me every time....I start feeling loopy and then....I wake up in pain again (plastic surgery tends to do that huh? lol)

I felt like a train wreck getting back to the condo, I was in so much pain. Everything hurt, felt like I got hit by multiple trucks at the same time and got poked by lots of alien rods all over my mid-section. I was tired, when I came back I just slept.

2nd day post - VERY nauseous, kept on liquids, very tired, slept most of the day, got 1st massage, lipo'ed areas felt detached from my body.

3rd day - nauseous, still on liquids, 2nd massage

**I had my back, flanks, whole abdominal section lipo'ed and fat transfer BBL
**I felt sick everyday until about a week in, I was able to move around more and was less dependent, you WILL NEED someone to help you the first couple of days...I seriously advise you girls to NOT fly back so early. You can pass out from just getting up!
**I had 3 drains and in total 9 holes (6 had sutures and were sealed: 2 under my pits in the back, 2 on my lower back, 2 under my breast fold and 1 was on the inside of my belly button)
**I had my drains removed around day 10 (before flying back home)
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