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Okay people i finally scheduled my lipo of full...

okay people i finally scheduled my lipo of full front abdomen lower and upper and my back i really wanted to a BBL but i dont have the balls. lol, im freaked out already about anesthesia and even just getting a surgery done but im ready to get rid of this gut...anyway has anyone had this done? how much pain am i going to be in? how much did you take off from work? is there anything i should be prepared for? should i be freaked out? give me answers! i really wish i knew someone who has done this before to calm me down im nervous and excited at the same time

Wish pic photo

I want that flat tummy and those curves

Wish pic

Side shot

Ugh look at that gut


does anyone have any suggestions on what i need to buy before my lipo? i am 17 days away from my lipo and haven't bought anything!! im super nervous and scared at the same time as this will be my first surgery and i'm very scared of the anesthesia, i'm also worried about the pain and the downtime but my scariest thing is acutally getting the surgery done once i wake up i dont care. anybody to calm me down? :(


check this website out

everything you need!

Some pre op pics

Im 5'4"" 165 pounds i know im fat weeh lol

want to get it over and done with and get my new 2014 BODY!!

I just ordered these pills from the bromelain, arnica and also the "surgery kit" since im very light skin i bruise extremely easy so i already know whats coming my way lol anyway i was talking to hubby last night over dinner and he kinda knows im getting this done but i dont think he realized its literally only 2 weeks away and he is 150% against me doing this (hes scared) and is not gonna help me with shit he says *shrug*...thats until he sees me after surgery (watch) these men i tell you lol.....thank god i have my mom that's helping me out shes driving me and picking me up i plan on staying with her for at least a be honest i hope i get the body i want im not really worried about anything else other then my tummy i have a booty and my legs i can work out and get those in shape...but i swear im only 23 years old and if you look it kinda looks like im pregant or had kids bcuz of that line under my bellybutton that separates my stomach to my (u kno wat) so yeah......ANYBODY have this done at pascual can give me some pointers? i need to know what to buy i have my blood work on monday at 4:30!!! i know ill be fine im pretty healthy .

Wish body

Just left my pre op

Got my ekg done n blood work the nurse at my pascual is kinda of a bitch but whatever lagrasso is a sweety

blood test came back with high white blood cells

ugh so this bitchy ass nurse who doesnt have any kind of customer service calls me with a cold ass voice and tells me that i have a high count of white blood cells and need to redo my test...great thanks bitch for making me super worried...i asked if i can take anything like vitamin c or maybe IRON she said no since im 8 days pre-op.....i think im anemic and just found out since im always tired i wonder if this is gonna affect my surgery weeehhhh :(

Re-do bloodwork

okay so friday i was super sick with a fever thats why i havent updated and today i have to go re-do my blood work since i was sick on friday im pretty sure my blood work is going to come back abnormal so yea my surgery is probably to get pushed back....:(

1 day awaayy

hey realself sissterrs! im one day away.. i woke up this morning and i was so nervous and in bed because i came to realization that i will be in surgery tomorrow at this time ahhh im so scared i hope everything goes well....even tho its not a for sure i had to take a urine analysis to make sure i didnt have any kind of infections so i will only know by today if i will be operating tomorrow....another thing that is bothering me is the fact that my hubby is so not supportive at all about this decision im kinda doing this behind his back like im literally going to wake up from surgery and be like i got it done im up.....i wish i had his support i would've felt alot better but when i do talk to him all he does is scare me even more or just get pissed off and we get in a fight....i know sucks! well ill try to keep you all posted! PRAY FOR ME! lol

i'm going under the knife tomorrow!

so i got the call im good to go. i cant believe this is real everyone pray for me ! ill post some pics later tonight

Pre op pics

Pre op

Today is the day

I slept goood al night until iwoke up at 7am with my heart racing bcuz im so nervous , but then i look at the pics i took my last night and this gut gotta go!!! May god be with me ill be starting surgery at 11am they said its "fast" only 2 hrs.... Sigh 2 hrs seems longto me!! Cant wait to see my after body ill keep everyone posted!

Nervous breakdown

Im 2 hrs away n I'm having a nervous breakdown ....i cant stop crying abs freaking out im a wuss i know

Surgery rescheduled

Apparently i wasnt suppose to drink water this morning so my surgery fot rescheduled for tomorrow at 6 AM ahhhhh

I made it to the otherside!!!

Im home with team no waist!!!! Im supper groggy ill update latee

Some pics i took before the anesthesia wore off


Day 2 the drains are so annoying its the most uncomfy party and itchy


im on day 3 post op and feeling a little better but if it wasnt for the percocets i dont know what i would do lol....these drains are really the only thing that bother me and also when i like move like lets say to get up or even to lay down but let me tell you yesterday i walked around the house for a bit and felt good im already sick of laying around im a very on the go person thing i recommend people to get is a lipo foam pillow to sleep i didnt get one and im probably not going too bcuz by the time it gets here my drains will be out so it wont be necessary i think....i also dont understand how the helll im suppose to shower with these drains....i have my first post op visit tomorrow so ill probably wait and ask the nurse....just a fyi i bought a girdle on 20 street and 20 ave in the hood of miami lol for like 60$ and its super comfy called lina comfort it does not bother me at all i think i already have to get a smaller size other than all that stuff everything is great the only thing i regret is not doing this earlier!!! loving my new body even tho im swollen as hell lol

Before and after

Loving my curves

5 days post

Ok so the last pic my belly button looked weird bcuz i wasnt wearing a lipo foam so
I had to buy one cuz the faja was creating linea in my tummy so today when i went to take a shower i decides to try on a bikini and here u go still mad swollen but im loving my curves my hubby cant jeep my hands off already haha


Girls if ur in miami i have a size large and medium that are both too big for me im now a small ill sell them for 50$ n i payed 92$ ann chery lina comfort search it up and lmk

Pics of girdles

Drains taken out!!

Omg i feel so much bettter drains removed saturday my first massage

Cant sleep

Its 4 in the morning n i cant sleep due to discomfort n gotta b at work in 4 hours ugh...i just want to feel normal again


Some post op pics im still sore and its umcomfy to sleep but other than that everything is good

just a quick update

hey real self sister its gonna be 3 weeks on friday that i had my surgery still a little sore. yesterday i had a crazy itch that made me wanna rip my skin off after i showered and layed in bed without the faja ...i dont know what it is but ive been wearing it 24-7 unless i shower and when i take it off it feels horrible like im missing something...i wonder how long this is going to last. Another thing that kinda bothers me but LAGRASSO said its normal is that when i go to sleep if feel discomfort like on my ribs he says he took alot of fat out from there and thats why i probably feel it more then everything else also when i wake up im super stiff.... another thing ladies how long did u wait for intercourse? (im asking bcuz noone seems to talk about this )! me and hubby had sex maybe 2 weeks post op but i was drugged up haha so i didnt feel a thing and then yesterday we tried and i had the crazy itchy ( i felt bad) lol anyone have clue wat the hell that comes from? ill keep yall updated other then all those things everything gooood! :)



More pics

Sorry for all the nipple showing but its the best pics

Trying on my vday dress

Im still swollen girls but look at this mans job

hey ladies

so just a little up date im about 7 weeks post op almost 2 months and im practially back to normal im still wearing a girdle 24-7 and i swear that from now on i will ALWAYS wear a girdle it really does help shape your body ...before surgery my waist was a 33'' and now im down to waist size 28'' woohoo and my girdle XXS! i look at myself and i cant believe it...i saw lagrasso for just a check up and he loved my results ....anyway now im looking forward to getting my boobies done maybe in november or december. i think this cosmetic surgery thing is addicting hahaha oh well also back to working out 4-5 times a week with no hassle cardio and weight lifting to keep this body toned. if you girls have any questions please feel free message me or comments xoxo to all my realself sisters!

Pic updates


So its been a year since i had surgery and i think that's when you really start seeing true results but this time im
Goinf for a bbl with dr cesar velilla or dr michael salzhauer.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Lagrasso is a sweetheart and he is good at what he does..i believe he loves giving women a nice waist ...because he def did that to me and most of the patients i see...if your going to pascual remember they are a medical factory they have over probably 100000 clients doing surgeries ...he does have his own practice but i did not visit him there...besides the fact that the staff sucks expect for lorraine who is the consultant....and of the after care nurse was also a sweetheart...the overall surgery part he is the .....i love his work think of getting bbl with him but not sure yet ...anyway #TEAMLAGRASSO!

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