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This may be a long one but trust me, i am writing...

This may be a long one but trust me, i am writing this so that no one has to go through what i am still dealing with from the people at My Cosmetic Surgery at Dr. Lagrasso's office. I went in for a consultation on May 13th with a friend after calling and making an appointment for 9:00 am. We both arrived early and signed in our names. waited.....waited....4 hours later we were finally being ushered in to see Dr. Lagrasso. we are sitting in a room right next to a curtain where a women is getting naked and prepped for surgery...NO PRIVACY. I should have taken the lack of professionalism as a warning sign but I was SO excited to see Dr. Lagrasso, that i overlooked the red flags.

Finally another 45 minutes later, the Dr shows up and does both mine and my friends consultation in a small area behind a curtain. I tell him that I want vaser lipo on the front of my thighs and the overhand of fat deposit on my knee as well as all around. ( I have HUGE thighs ppl- its been this way forever). He touches it and says, he wouldn't be able to take too much out of the front because of all the muscle but he can definitely take some around the knee, inner thighs and even around the back to be even. This makes me SO happy, i then point to a lump on my abdomen and say well perhaps you can fix this also, he says yes and he would take it all the way around. I will be getting 12 areas of lipo. i pull up my clothing satisfied that he can do the work, he says he will be aggressive and make sure my thighs are significantly smaller.

We then leave to go to the coordinator to ask about the cost of the surgery, we are herded off to another area to wait..after 30 minutes we both are upset and demand to see a person...its now almost 3 pm and we have been here ALL DAY. the coordinator is pushy and tries to get us to book and make a deposit right away, she says how wonderful Lagrasso is and that he will make us look amazing. We both say we need to do our research and think it over before we decide and we leave.

For over 3 weeks the coordinator constantly calls me to schedule and make a deposit. After going to other consults, i decide on Lagrasso because of his experience with Vaser and how confident he was about helping me out. I place my deposit of $300 over the phone and schedule it for August 1st. The nest few weeks ppl call from MCS and tell me my surgery is the 27th its a big mixup but finally my coordinator calls me on Thursday the 28th and asks if I can do it the next day!! I am nervous but say okay. Head out that night to purchase all my things that i will need post-op and pay the remaining $4400 for the surgery (even though she tells me on the call that she has to charge me an additional $275 for massages - im annoyed but i need them so thats fine)

The day of surgery I arrive at 12:15 (my surgery was set for 12:30) and am ready. After an hour wait (again eye roll*) My coordinator arrives with a stack of at least 35 pages for me to sign, in the lobby without fully getting a chance to review them. I pay for my binder, its supposed to be $80, they charge me $120 by mistake, the lady apologizes and tells me she will refund the $40...(another eye roll*). I finally head back and go take the pregnancy test, disrobe and put on my surgery gear....crying from excitement and nerves.

Lagrasso arrives and takes my photograph and begins to touch my abdomen and back and asks where i'm getting surgery...what do you mean where?? Shouldnt YOU Know?? A this point they realize they cannot find my initial consult chart with the areas of surgery I will be getting. He says well you are getting 12 areas of lipo so do you want to do your back, Im confused and i say no, my thighs. So lowers my underwear (I have to wear a maxi pad and again this is not a private room so I am fully exposed) and begins to examine my thighs and says....oh no...i cant do these. im sorry WHAT???!? He goes on to say the skin around my thighs is poor and would sag and that there is no way he would operate on them. i immediately get emotional and say, well why did you tell me you could 3 months ago when i came for the consult!!! He says..i didnt say that...which im like...i KNOW im not an idiot and i came WITH a person we BOTH recall the consult where he specifically said he could. What idiot wold come to a dr and PAY for surgery if the dr said he couldnt do it?!? NOT ME thats for sure. Anyway another dr comes in and say oh yeah i agree with Lagrasso we cant do this. To which let me be clear...i dont WANT you to perform ANY surgery on me if you feel you are not capable of achieving the results. My problem is not that he said he couldn't do it......its that he said somethinng COMPLETELY different 3 MONTHS AGO. and again WHERE IS MY CHART? How can you lose an entire patients chart?!? wtf? A waste of my time, energy, and money! I could have looked elsewhere!!!! So after sobbing for 5 minutes i finally pull up my underwear and he asks if I sill want abdomen lipo...ummmmm NO!! i only came here for my legs...if you had my initial chart, you would know this!! Then the nurse says okay we will process a full refund go see your coordinator in another office.

I go find her and discuss what happened, she says she will speak to the dr. she comes back out and says, the dr said he will do your inner thighs and back of thighs and also your abdomen and refund you for your knees. I am so defeated at this point i say ok but I know he told me he wouldnt touch my thighs, she says no he promised he would. So at that point I go BACK in with the dr just for him to tell me no he cannot complete the procedure AGAIN!!!. Im assuming the coordinator makes a commission which is why she was SO pushy to get me to do something. So i leave and go to the front desk where they tell me my full refund will be processed. leave praying i never have to deal with MCS again

Today i look in the acount and they have processed $1500......ummmm what the heck is going on?? I call and they say oh she processed another 1000 yesterday. thats still NOT right. I called at least 8 times and the person processing the refunds was NEVER available. I have been placed on hold, told to call back and i am TIRED of this place's lack of professionalism and dishonesty. The facility is a zoo where no one EVER knows whats going on and they push you to commit to a surgery JUST for them to not be able to do it. Then when you finally are free from them, they hold your money hostage and refuse to speak to you like a customer. It is disgusting the manner in which I was handled during this entire process and I would urge anyone to not deal with MCS. Dr Lagrasso may very well do good work if you actually get to the table but the facility is a nightmare...Avoid at all costs There are too many places to get your procedure done than to have to deal with one SO unorganized and dishonest.....and i STILL dont have my money.

On the bright side i have already scheduled with Gurri and Garcias for a consult and what a breath of fresh air the customer service was....here's hoping it goes well this time!
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