Lipo Suction and Fat Transfer by Dr Valls - Miami, FL

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I am a 31-year old having liposuction and fat...

I am a 31-year old having liposuction and fat transfer done by Dr. Valls at the vanity Cosmetics. I am 5. 2 and 160 pounds I'm doing this review because there aren't any reviews with pictures for doctor Valls. I'm expected to go into surgery on March 24th. Im flying in for my pre-op consultation tomorrow to meet with Dr. Valls for the first time. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I will keep you guys posted on everything to come.

Some before pictures

Here are some before pice of me

A couple wish pics

I want more hips an a natural buttocks.

Arriving at vanity for pre op consutaltion

I arrived at vanity cosmetics! The facility was very clean! everyone was really nice. the process was. long, it seemed that they were very busy and had a lot of people getting surgery which made it more comfortable I was even able to speak with someone having surgery that day with dr. VALLS the doctor was very nice he seems very down-to-earth.He listened to what I wanted and gave me realistic expectation. I was able to pay my balance once I got there and was comfortable with the facility! I recieved my surgery time for tomorrow.SO IT'S A GO!

Hey I'm back and yes I made it to the other side

Okay first let me start by apologizing for the delay. I had my surgery done on March 24th 2016 at vanities cosmetics. I didn't feel anything during surgery (of course) all I remember was talking to the anesthesiologist and the next thing I know I was being wheeled out to my ride. I woke up wearing my faja and all of my clothes (a maxi dress)which was nice. I didn't have too bad of a reaction to the anesthesia no nausea just a little chill. I went right to my hotel to lay down while my sister went on a hunt to fill the prescription of Vicodin that I was given by his surgeon after surgery. he also gave me a prescription for antibiotics and a stool softener. The Vicodin was very hard to find for some odd reason most of the pharmacies were all out. I borrowed some from a friend, took one and passed out until the next day (only getting up to use the bathroom which was painful because I was sore and swollen of course but I made it to the next day and now that I've brought you guys up to speed I'll share some pictures of the day after surgery at my post-op visit and I also have more pictures of the doctor's office which was beautiful

Just one day later

Dr. Arnaldo Valls

I have not met with Doctor involved yet but the people at vanity Cosmetics have been very helpful. I have spoken with a surgery consultant and the doctor's assistant... so far.

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