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Ok. So I have never posted any thing onto this...

Ok. So I have never posted any thing onto this site. I used it as a great resource to get honest opinions and perspectives into cosmetic procedures I wanted for so long. So I just had Lipo and Bbl (end of May 2015) at Vanity Cosmetics in Miami, Florida. My Dr was Hasan. He was very friendly and he knew how to sculpt my body without me telling him. I am happy with my choice of doctor and the results; although I can't wait to see the final result. I decided to write this review so that anyone who has these procedures in the future are aware of the warning signs of possible complications. Everyone is different. 9/10 people will never have this problem, but this is for that 1. The entire ordeal is a long story start to finish. I may come back and review other aspects - vanity staff, customer service, day of surgery etc, but for now I am just going to skip straight to my post op recovery from Lipo/ and Bbl. ****
I had a hard time waking from my anesthesia and I needed to be monitored longer before the driver (Raul- loved him! Caring, personable) brought me back to the hotel. I was too weak and faint so I had to lay down in the back seat for a while before I was able to make it up to the room. I was escorted by my best friend, the driver and helper for the night. As soon as I was in the room I passed out on the bed. (This is what to look out for)...
My doctor doesn't use drains so I laid down on a lot of padding as suggested by other members. The assistant would wake me to take meds(antibiotic/pain), use restroom and change bedding. My garment was soaked with blood and the blood on the bedding seemed excessive to me. This was day one so I knew this was expected. I continued to feel weak and I had one puncture site in my lower abdomen that continued to drain a lot. I had a post op visit and massage at Vanity and I wasn't sure how I was going to make it. Every time I stood up I got a pounding headache and I felt weak. I got my massage which was uncomfortable but it felt really good to smooth out the tight skin. I expressed my concerns about my bleeding, weakness, throbbing headaches to everyone I came in contact with. I was told that it is normal (and to walk and drink liquids) which at day 1- yes what I was experiencing was normal. Another day n night passes and I continue to bleed through pads all night. The pain and soreness was expected but I was worried about the throbbing in my head and the swelling I started having in my face around my eyes, my arms and hands. Again on day 2 I asked during my massage all staff about my recovery. Everyone says the same script...fluids, walking, eating, time. This may be true, but at some point I needed someone to stop and say- maybe this patient needs repeat lab work or her puncture sites addressed for bleeding complications. I felt that my blood volume was low and that is why my heart rate would increase and my head would pound when i would stand up. I asked about needing IV fluids or blood transfusion, but I was told they didn't do that and what I was experiencing was normal. By the third night my bleeding subsided and I only had a little drainage from one spot on my abdomen. But I continued to feel weak along with all the other symptoms I mentioned. While sleeping I started having really bad burning and pain In both calf muscles. Blood clots or dehydration came to mind so I woke my friend at 2am and told her I needed to go to hospital. Once I arrived and labs resulted- my hemoglobin dropped to 4.3! I was 12 before surgery. My blood pressure was 90/39 and my pulse was 135. Basically I almost died.. I received 3 liters of IV fluid, 4 units of blood and IV iron. The Hosp personnell didn't know how I was able to still walk and talk to them. I missed my flight home due to the hospitalization. I am now home and back w my family. Thank God!
There was nothing done wrong by my surgeon. After surgery you will deal with vanity personnel. I didn't see Dr Hasan again. *I feel the Dr should see every pt at least once postoperatively. *I think when a pt looks clinically sick and doesn't look like the norm- labs should b repeated* If Vanity doesn't have the capacity to treat serious complications/ they should direct/ escort you to the nearest medical facility for treatment should lab work show critical values.
There is so much more.... But I just want all you beautiful women to be safe and know when what you are experiencing is not normal even when you are being told it is.
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Dr Hasan is skillfull! He didn't need to see my pictures but he humored me anyway. He knew just what to do and I think he did a great job. I think I look great now and I can't wait to see the end result.

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