37 Y/o Mother of 4 - Miami, FL

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Hello to all you brave women and women who are...

Hello to all you brave women and women who are trying to decide if this is the right choice.

I am a 37 year old, mother of 4 beautiful children. Their ages are 19, 17, 13 & 9. I have been watching this site for some time now, reading as much as I can, and gathering up as much information as possible. I still feel there is much to learn and MANY questions to ask.

I have a sister that lives in Ft. Lauderdale florida, she had the BBL and a Breast AUG. and is pleased with her results. She looks great, but I felt she looked great beforehand. That is likely because I love her regardless... She went to Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Timothy Alexander. I read on here many negative things on him and a few positive things as well. I originally thought about traveling to the DR to do this surgery, but my mom asked that I don't travel abroad... So I am considering using Vanity, Dr. Fisher. I have read some very good things about him and a few not so good. I realize we are all human and make mistakes..

In Dec. 2012 I opted to have a TT in Ft. Wayne, IN. That surgeon placed my belly button over to the left, and it is not centered. I also have more fat on the right side, which accentuates this fact. Needless to say I am not pleased with the results. Thus my want to try something again, but not as invasive as the TT.

I have never booked a procedure over the phone, from a thousand miles away, spending thousands of dollars..... It is nerve wrecking. I would love some guidance and reassurance and any inside advice... I would also love any truths....

Almost got the guts...

I almost worked up the nerve to book the surgery over the phone. They want me to make the payment over bill pay or wireless transfer.. I am scared.

For the BBL it is $4500 for 12 areas and an additional $500 per area... Inner thighs, arms and double chin. So $6000 for surgery.. $120 for the compression garment.. If I do the recovery hotel it's an additional $1200 and the garment and foams are included..

Any advise is welcome.

Wish pics

I really didn't know where to find pictures, but I found a few.


Today I contacted Dr. Ortegas office. They quoted me $4000 for BBL w/ 12 areas of lipo. I can't find too many reviews on here but a few that I saw, the girls seem pretty happy. Anyone have any experience?

Trying to find the butt pillow.

I searched Amazon for the booty buddy with no luck. Please can someone tell me where to find the things I will need.


Yesterday I paid for my surgery in ful. Today I feel like I may have made a mistake. I am truly so scared.. I have had plastic surgery before, and also general surgery a year ago.. Both times I've had some issue coming out of anesthesia, either being combative or just not wanting to wake up. Of course I don't remember any of that.. So like a gluten I've scheduled yet another surgery.

I really want to improve my self image. I have tried to lose weight and am currently trying. My surgery is scheduled for Oct. 22.. I am considering moving it to January. I think it is mostly out of fear. The surgery is non-refundable.

Because my previous plastic surgery didn't turn out perfect, I fear doing it again. I hear everyone talk about being lumpy, swollen, bruised and numb... I can deal with all of those except the LUMPY.. How exactly are you lumpy? I am scared to mess it all up. Am I overreacting?

Here are the lists that Vanity sent me for surgery and my countdown.

Here are the lists that Vanity sent me for surgery and my countdown.

So any ladies who have done or are doing surgery Browar cosmetic surgery? at Vanityhave a call from

I got a call today fro Browared cosmetic surgery today, since I missed the call and they didn't leave a message I called them back. They had no record of anyone calling me. I asked the lady if she was affiliated with Vanity and she said yes. So her not havinfg "any" record of me has me paranoid. I paid to Miami cosmetics a full payment. I am worried paying so much money from so far away.

I want a good butt shape ????

Compression garment shopping (not going well)

So how did you know what size garment to get? I look at the size charts and accordingly, it says I am an L-Xl and one says 2Xl. I am 5'7 and weigh 180. My waist measures 36 but I wear size 10 jeans(30) I wear a 36c bra but I measure at 38. My hips measure at like 48.. So I ordered an Xl and am afraid it won't fit.

Got some of my supplies!! ;)

I received to garments in the mail today. One of them was really poor quality. The other one was very good quality but wasn't the right sizes too tight so I'm hoping it will fit me when I'm done maybe in stage two . Got my make me heal supplements and my tea. If anybody has any advice on what I need but I don't have yet I'm open to suggestions.

I must be a totally odd body shape and size.

Today I received my faja CG in the mail l, I originally ordered one and it was a size 2xl and I couldn't get it to zip up. So I ordered a 3xl. That thing doesn't fit either it's tied around the stomach but the arms and legs are loose . I am having no luck . I will post some pictures of you can laugh .

How do I sleep after the BBL??

Heard a BBL pillow today and I ordered a foam roll yesterday For sitting but how do I sleep at night? I was thinking about ordering a wedge, a triangular wedge but I'm not quite sure how that will work. To all you BBL that's out there how did you sleep at night? Do I just get a big pillow and put it under my stomach and sleep that way? I have back problems anyways, so sleeping at night isn't always comfortable for me .

Butt lift (enhancing) jeans

So I bought these jeans on eBay. They're supposed to give you a butt lift. They run a little bit small I ordered a size 11 and they are just a little bit snug on me I normally wear a size 10. Tell me what you think they left my butt ?

Today I fly out to Miami.

I have to say this is making me crazy sick. I am a mother to 4 kids. I am afraid to leave them. Am I crazy? Superstitious?

1st my nerves are shot and I can't concentrate on anything.

2nd my partner emailed me temporary guardianship papers to sign.

3rd my mom is nervous for me

4th my good friend texts me yesterday saying " you ready to leave us all!?!?"

5th my partner has been crying all morning

6th my youngest son hugs me tight and says " I got a good last hug mommy"

Is it paranoia?? I feel like I may not come out of this. I keep telling myself it's just nerves.

Did anyone else experience this??

Getting real

Post-op review/ experience ...... Vanity.....Dr. Fisher.

WARNING!!! What you're about to read is detailed possibly graphic and scary. The names have not been changed to protect the identity of the people involved only because I never knew the names of many of the people because nobody wears name tags at vanity. (So you don't know anybody's name or position)

Let me tell you about my journey. I am a single mom. I have four children, ages 19, 17, 14, and 9 -year-old. I decided that I wanted to make myself look better. My sister had a BBL and breast augmentation and was very happy with her results. So me in my infinite wisdom, decided to look into the BBL. Why not? It would give me the results I needed. And hourglass figure A rounder/ shapelier bottom, thin waste, sounded like the perfect thing to do.

I did it. I survived. But it was not easy. The day of surgery my nerves were a wreck. If you read my previous injuries you would see the little things that made me so nervous on top of just having the surgery and general.

The day that I arrived in Miami I went to vanity for my pre-op lab work. The outside was discerning, but as I walked in the doors it look just like everyone else's pictures. It isn't very clean though. They took me back and had me sign all of my pre-op papers and my post-op papers. All the consent forms. Did I mention they had me sign my post-op discharge papers? I didn't get to meet the doctor that day which disappointed me, But I knew I would meet him in the morning so I let that go.

As I arrived the morning for surgery I was very nervous. When they called me back it got real. They wouldn't let my mother come with me to sit with me while I waited, which kind of worried me because I was in this little dirty room by myselF.

The lady, and which I have no idea of her title I assume scrub, came in and gave me my socks and paper gown to wear and told me that she was gonna be back to take pictures. So I got undressed and garbed up for pictures. She took some pictures and then told me the doctor would be back to take more pictures.

Finally......I get to meet Dr. Fisher himself.
He is very outgoing and friendly. He talks to me, answers some questions, takes pictures, draws on me, takes some more pictures... We discuss the pictures. He asked me what I expect. I tell him a slim waist, nice curve, hourglass shape, NO SHELF.. He laughed and told me they all start off as a shelf. I told him I want a nicer shape than I currently have. He told me that I already have it in there, and he would work me. I also had arms and thighs done. He told me that I would never have small arms because I have large muscle in there. You didn't ask me to look at any wish pictures. He shook my hand and told me to wait to meet the anesthesiologist.

I wait a little while... I am very nervous, at this point I have started to rethink the whole thing. I am working myself up to have diarrhea and leave.

Incomes anesthesiologist. He asked me how I was doing introduced himself and asked me if I was ready. I told him how nervous I was and he tried to reassure me. He told me to relax that the way you go into Anesthesia is the way you come out of anesthesia. So if you're nervous you're gonna wake up and be nervous and combative and not know what's going on. I told him I understood that but I'm still nervous. He said to follow him back. I told him that I need to have diarrhea and that I think I'm changing my mind. He told me not to worry and that everything was going to be OK.

When I walk through the doors to the back " hallway" it looks like something you'd see on the movie the "hostile". I'm a surgical tech and I work in the OR so I know what operating rooms and such look like. This was nothing like that. I felt like I was going to be butchered up and sold for parts. Of course that's not what happened but it is what it looked like. It was very dirty and wasn't well-kept. This frightened me even more so now I told him I need to go to the bathroom and he told me of course you can just come here for minute and he told me to lay down on the table so I did. The actual OR room was a little bit better than the hallway because I did walk to the door and make sure to look at everything because I know it should look like. He said "I'm going to give you something to relax you, it's not gonna put you to sleep but it will help you relax". I told him no I didn't want it because it will put me to sleep, everything puts me to sleep. He said no this will not put you to sleep and I told him I'm a lightweight when it comes to medicine. He gave me the injection and I told him I had to go the bathroom, he told me just to relax for a minute and so I was looking around the room and he comes back with the big syringe with the white liquid in it which is "milk of amnesia"... I told him no way I'm not ready and he said it's OK you're going to wake up in what feels like 2 minutes and put it in and I was gone. He didn't give me much of a chance I felt like I was really ready to change my mind and he sedated me. I never did get to go to the bathroom.

Waking up in recovery. I woke up to a bunch of people pulling on my arms and legs telling me that I had to get up and go. They gave me a dixie cup with Gatorade in it. They told me that I needed to go and I kept telling them I could not breathe and they put the plastic mask over my face which made me claustrophobic and then they let me be for like five seconds and then came back and started pulling on me. I felt like my eye was scratched. They were rough with me they did not take into consideration that I just came out of surgery they were pulling on me and pushing on me and telling me I had to go. Finally they got me into a wheelchair on my butt to say the lest... Wheeled me out to an alley where there was a Cadillac Escalade waiting for me. They told me to get in and crawl onto the backseat. I kept asking for my mother and nobody would tell me where she was, luckily when pushed me out the back door I saw her car in the back. They were there to take me to the recovery house.

The recovery house is a whole different story. It's not a hotel like they tell you it's a barn, yes there are horses out there it's a stable. It wasn't a bad situation I just wasn't a situation that they led me to believe I was getting into. You have no idea who anybody is. Nobody wears name tag. The lady who is assisting me was kind to me she help me eat and go to the bathroom but they don't clean you up they let you lay there in your mess. I was still out of it so I couldn't even ask to be cleaned I just wanted to sleep.

The next morning they come in wake me up and tell me I have to go back to vanity. I was going for my first massage. It hurt but it also feel good and my body felt better afterwards although it took me several days to be able to stand up and walk to even eat and drink I was really dehydrated and anemic. my mother was scared and was ready to take me to the hospital, I also felt like it might be the right thing to do because I was afraid of dying..

Today I'm finally at home. I am super stiff and sore.

A few pics

Although I'm not happy with my results I will post a few pictures so you can see.



A few pics

Today I decided to try to take a few pictures at work. Guess I was bored. Anyway, they aren't the greatest but it was the best I could do. I will try to take some later without all the garb on. In these pictures I have my faja and lipo foam and boards under my clothes.

My scrubs

The mediums don't fit anymore.

I can sit upright...

I bought this chair at a thrift store for $15, I cut out the butt... I am happy so far.. And I can bring it with me.. It's portable...

What's wrong??

I took pictures today.. I look awful ???? I just want to cry.

Today's butt pic

In sweats, garment, foams, and ab board.

A few pics

When will the shelf go down? I do not like it!!!
How do I make my waist shrink???

Officially discouraged!!!!

I haves dents.. Little duvets if you will. Also possibly a flat spot.. I wanna cry. I don't want to have to go through this again..

Dr. Fisher

I have come to the conclusion that I will not be happy with my results.
I read that Dr. Fisher schedules more surgeries than he can handle for a day, and he lets his assistants do his work so he can go on tho the next patient.

Is this true? Did this happen to me? He did a terrible job on me. TERRIBLE.

I told him what I did and DID NOT want..


I just got an email today from Dr. Fishers "assistant" that they put 1450 cc in each side and extracted a total of 4000cc.

New garment

New garment


I decided to try and put some before and after photos up.

Just a few pics

My daughter insisted that I try on these little spandex shorts...

Also a few pictures of my stomach. It is looking a little weird. Any suggestions???


I bought the vedette 929 in a large. It fits pretty good.

Vanity put me in a 3 XL after sx.

Any vets out there... Should I wear the foams and board?

Here are a few pics..

Trying on clothes

Today I decided to try on a few things...

New waist trainer

Quick update

I haven't been on in a while, or updated my profile.. Mainly because I am not thrilled with my progress. I've looked at a few other ladies who went to Vaninty around the same time, looking good ladies.

I don't wear my garment full time anymore. I can't wear the triangle because I get a rash, and when I don't wear the garment for a few days I get fluid swelling in my back. ????. I also have this burning feeling mostly in my back when I go to lay down or if I get a tight hug.. It just burns. I also have a few spots like on my right side that feel like a knot. I never really developed any seromas so I don't think the pain I feel comes from that but it feels the same as I here other ladies describe.

Here are a few pictures. Any feed back is appreciated.

Here is a video my daughter took..

This video my daughter took.

Waist trainer

I bought this wait trainer online.

It seems so big, and it bunches up when I sit.. Anyone have suggestions??


Adding a few pics
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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