Seriously Considering TT for Looks, Umbilical Hernia Repair and Diastasis Recti - Miami, FL

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In 2014 I delivered my 9lb son; during my...

In 2014 I delivered my 9lb son; during my pregnancy I gained almost 70lbs. I lost most of the weight, but the fat and flab on my tummy is still present and stopping me from looking my best. I also have been having pain in my belly button. In July I finally mentioned to my gyno that I have been having the pain in my belly button and that it has started protruding at different times throughout the day. He examined and told me that I have a hernia and will need to contact a surgeon. I went to two general surgeons and one PS. During my visits all three confirmed that I have diastasis recti as well as the umbilical hernia. One general surgeon examined me and his procedure would be laproscopic, using mesh to repair the hernia and DR. I would be left with 3-4 fingernail size scars around my stomach and he would "fix" the appearance of my belly button. The other general surgeon described what sounded like would be a TT, he said he would repair the hernia and sew my muscles back together, although he didn't mention fat removal, and I forgot to ask about scarring with his technique. I visited a PS and fell in love with the surgeon and the idea of me with a TT, but wondering if any of you have gone the general surgeon route for muscle & hernia repair instead of getting a tummy tuck. It's a 7K difference. Would the results be that much better? I'm very nervous and I think about the possibility of getting the TT every day. I am excited but still weary, and hesitant about spending so much money for what some would say is unnecessary. I still consider myself young enough to value my looks and I would rather not walk around with random scars over my stomach. What do you think?

Vertical thanks.

So I went back to the general surgeon that I liked. He said the way he would fix the umbilical hernia and do muscle repair would be through a vertical incision, 2 inches above my belly button, and 2 inches below. After the muscle repair, he would tack my belly button down in place. Um, no thanks. I already have a c-section section scar, I don't need to look like I've been through war too.

I also visited PS#2 for a consultation, and he said he would do a full tummy tuck, but felt I did not have enough loose skin to bring my incision down to my c-section scar. So basically I would have a tummy tuck scar AND my c-section scar??? When I questioned that reasoning, he offered an alternative, and said he could do it by leaving a T-scar. No thanks.

I now feel more convinced that PS#1 will be the one I go with, if I can ever build up the nerve to go through with this procedure and finally put my deposit down. PS#1 said that there was no problem bringing the incision down to where my c-section scar is, and even said that the scar I'd be left with would be 10X better than my c-section scar (which I happen to be comfortable with).

I left some pics this time. Tell me what you think? My concerns are loose skin, muscle repair, and umbilical hernia.


tummy tuck? seated and standing pics

Here is what I'm currently working with. I want my flat stomach and waistline back!

Want to get my FLAT back

I'm starting to think that going through with a TT will encourage me to go to the gym more and be that "perfect 10" I thought I was in my 20s. I'm 37 now, and I am not ready to resign myself to being flabby with hanging skin.

Deposit placed! EEEK!!!!

OMG, I cannot believe I just put my deposit down and I am moving forward! In less than 2 months I will be on the flat side!! lol

Less than a week and I'm under the knife!

I had trouble getting touch with my nurse coordinator since the pre-opp on the 10th, but was finally able to get through with her today. She made me feel a bit more at easease and told me not to look at stuff online because it only makes you more nervous. I'm excited more than anything. Tummy tuck with muscle and hernia repair and then lipo of the flank

I'm snatched! TT with hernia repair and lipo of the flanks

I had my surgery and I'm at my mother's house recovering now. I will post pics on Thursday after my first post-op appointment and lymphatic drainage massage. The pain isn't as bad as I anticipated it would be right now, but we' see how long that lasts.
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