"Extended TT,MR, Lipo of Flanks" 45 Y/o Mother - Sept 1st W/Ortega - Miami, FL

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I saw tons of reviews on different Doctors on...

I saw tons of reviews on different Doctors on RealSelf. After lots of research and following a number of Dr Ortega's patients, I felt confident that he was the Surgeon for me. I went online and started the process there by submitting my photos. Oh... Btw I'm outside of Chicago. I was assigned a coordinator, Emily who is quite friendly but not as responsive as I'd like but I understand they are extremely busy. None the less I booked by making my $500 deposit to secure my date. I'm excited. I love his work!

Operation lose weight

I'm using my fitness pal app to track my calories. So far I love it! I've lost close to 8lbs in three weeks. I want to lose about an additional 15-20lbs before surgery....I think. I want yo get to my goal weight prior to.
I have a friend who had her TT with no lipo & had drains in for two days. I'm hearing the lipo attributes to how long you need the drains.
So I'm cutting out fast food, watching my carb intake and eating protein & veggies.
I can't believe I have a date in the books, contract signed....plans being made!!!!

Surgery date swap anyone...need June 24th

I have a PS buddy and we were not able to secure the same date. I'm scheduled for June 24th and she's scheduled for June 23rd. Anyone scheduled for the 23rd and wanna push their date up one day?
Anyone else have issues with trying to reschedule or trying to swap dates?

Preparing for surgery

April is literally around the corner & I'msuper excited. I live outside of Chicago & we have such a small window for nice weather. I find that I'm motivated to eat better & get moving. This is great while I prep for sx.
I've always been an athletic person. I played tennis & ran track in High School and ran as an adult. Running has always been that thing that just never felt like e exercise. Your mind is clear & free. I want to get back there. Running 5ks & half marathons again. I'll be running 3-4xs per wee following a great program on cool running.com " couch to 5k"
My diet will be LIMITING carbs( white carbs) eating plenty of protein veggies fruit and water only. I'll be posting my belly measurements soon. May do a detox/cleanse soon.
Not focusing on the scale but I'll know when I'm there! Good luck on your journeys! It's a great feeling. And I'm thankful to RS & the women who've encouraged & motivated me.

Dr Ortega's work is everything!

My post surgery wish pic.

Less that 2 months away

I have to lose 15-20lbs before surgery. I am 5'8 179 lbs. I would love to be between 160-165 heading in. I've gone rogue on my diet. Lbvs! I feel like when I get close....I self sabotage myself. I have to get my mind right. I've had a lot on my mind with the divorce & getting adjusted to my new nomal. I'm a worrier. My kids are adjusting and have their days especially my son whose 11. For the most part we are doing really really well. Sometimes I'm 100% on my grind & other times I fall so HARD. I know that is normal but I just want to find my pace and surge forward. Right now I feel like there's nothing I can't do:-) I have two months to get this body where I want it before I'm in front of the" Dr Ortega". Less than 2 months away. I can't freeking believe it. May is around the corner & I'll be saying next month real soon!!!!!!! Anyway I'll b posting & tracking my weight and measurements perhaps weekly. I hope everyone is doing well!

Lipo of bra line

So I emailed my coordinator asking for pricing if I were to add I lipo to my bra roll area. I was told FL laws will allow up to 1 liter which they will do when addressing my flanks & waistline. So....no.
Wondering why. I'm sure they take/transfer more when doing a BBL. Just thought that was interesting & wanted to share.

Does Dr Ortega perform up to six surgeries per day?

I'm on a TT page on FB & Spectrum came up. Dr Ortega particularly. The discussion was about the staff, the uncleanliness of the surgical center & it was mentioned that he does 5-6 surgeries per day. This scares the hell out of me. Can we talk about what your experience has been?


I was diagnosed very recently with an overactive thyroid. Not sure if surgery will happen. Spectrum sent me my order for bloodwork which I did yesterday but do not have the results. They also sent the paperwork so I could get an EKG & obtain medical clearance from my dr. My appointment with my Dr is next week Thursday the 9th. I'm not feeling hopeful & I'm trying to keep my spirits up. Hope everyone is well.

September 1st - new surgery date!

I had my labs done & my hemoglobin level is 13.0. Up from 9.8. My surgery was cancelled due to this & my thyroid issue. I had my entire thyroid removed(necessary) and I feel exceptional. My levels look good but waiting for clearance from a Spectrum so I can book my flight. My primary physician has given me the green light. I'm excited & ready to get it done!

3 weeks pre op

Hoping to have clearance from Spectrum soon. Blood work is done & looks good, hemoglobin at 13.0. Thyroid levels look good.

Another step closer

Excited to have received notification of clearance:-)

Booking my flight....

Flights are priced really nice from Chicago to Miami...from $150-185 approx. So I'm going to book tomorrow am. Wanted to wait for clearance this time. First time around I purchased my flight & then found out I had some underlying health issues. Thankfully I purchased insurance. I was refunded but I had to provide a letter from my physician among other required info. Now...I'm good to go!
Hotel is booked. Staying at the Best Wester Premier International Airport. It's extremely close to Spectrum. My good girlfriend will be accompanying me.

Best wishes ladies on this journey we share:-)

Flight officially booked- Military Diet

Flight & hotel booked. Going to pay my balance to Spectrum today as well. Now to figure out the essentials for post op. I want to keep it super simple.
Less than two weeks pre op and I'd love to lose an additional 5lbs or more. I just have a particular weight in mind that I'm shooting for. So I'm doing the military diet. Today is day 3 of this 3 day diet. It's pretty restrictive in calories & carbs...& a bit strange but I have to say I like it. Can't wait to weigh in tomorrow. The diet says you can lose up to 10lbs, I think I'll be more around 3-4. But I'm going to do it again next week & the week before surgery.

Good luck ladies! I'm enjoying reading your stories. This is a great journey we share:-)

Final days....

Can't believe surgery is in a few days. Packing..... I'm just gonna keep it simple & light. Man am I hella nervous.

Mentally preparing

It's 1030 pm 2 days preop & im in bed trying to get some rest because I'm Miami bound tomorrow. I can't sleep. Haven't gotten much sleep in a few days. So many thoughts running through my head. Feeling selfish & vain among other things. But I do know who I am and I know that this is a something I need for me. I deserve to put myself first for once. I deserve this.
I'm in bed listening to Pandora, Jill Scott radio. Gonna get my head right. The roller coaster ride is just about to begin. As they say...s@%& is about to get real!

Surgery day is here

It's 5:03 am and I can't sleep. Surgery is at 8 am. Checked into the Best Western Premier Airport Hotel which is literally at Spectrum's back door. Very nice hotel.
Laying here touching my belly. It almost feels bitter sweet. That physical evidence of 3 babies coming from my body will no longer be there. Unreal:-)
I'm in bed lying with my legs elevated to promote good blood circulation. Hoping to sleep for another hour.

Post op pics


My experience with Spectrum

It's a beautiful facility. The staff was friendly but I felt rushed. I received my call the day before to inform me surgery was at 8. I was happy about that time slot. At around 6:15am I got a calling asking how soon can I get there. I was really happy about this cause I figured I'd b his first of the day. So I showered & walked over. My hotel is right behind the facility. Get there and the nude starts rushing me through the signing process. But I asked for a minute to read. Dr Oryega comes in and introduces himself. He ask some general questions & starts marking my body up. Very very nice down to earth man. We talk a bit more & he tells me anestesiologist will be in. He came right away asked some questions and said "follow me". I hugged my friend goodbye and I was on the table. He said "I'll give you something to calm u & put you to sleep". Next thing I new I was in a wheelchair. They were pretty busy & needed the space. I was so nauseous and couldn't leave. They slowed me time to get it together. Although my hotel was within walking distance we Ubered a ride. Most of my discomfort was from anesthesia & pain meds. My belly is sore AF & tight. But I'm not in pain. It's manageable. I have had ZERO pain meds today.
I went to see Dr today. Checked my dressing & took after pics. Says my coloring looks nice. Gave me some after care advice and I was on my way. Really nice man. Nice work but I felt rushed after the procedure. Otherwise I am happy.

Ladies... Good luck on this journey we share:-)

My drains....

They won't flow freely. I have to milk the tubing ( manually move the fluid until it drops in the bulb). What do I do????

Pics from today....

I feel really. I've been moving around a lot. I remember after my 2nd csection the dr saying moving is the key to a speedy recovery. Fingers crossed.
I'm grateful to all of the RS ladies for their stories and speaking on the challenges they face. It's helped soooo many! Thank you ladies! This is an amazing community of women!

The swelling......

It's unreal! And I am managing my sodium. It's so uncomfortable. NOW I understand the term "SWELL HELL" I just try to milk my drains to promote fluid removal. Don't know what else to do:-(
Otherwise doing great!

The swelling...

Unreal! Just uncomfortable. I have my feel elevated. Hoping for some relief.

Day 9?

I can't believe how time is passing. I can't wait to get the drains out. I'm gonna call local plastic surgeons to see if they'll remove my drains for a fee. I can see the stitch on my left drain but not the right or I'd clip and do it myself.
My drains have a clot or just settled fluid. I believe this may have happened while I was sleeping. The drain my have been laying down & the fluid sat & settled. I'm still all to "milk" my drains. I do this several times a day. Every couple of hours.
I have some swelling but I'm managing that. My diet has never been so on point. Getting ready for bed. Gonna put my feet up as usual. Keep that blood flowing.

Sneak peek....,

My tape is starting to wear the hell down. So I flipped it up to see my scar. Damn!...I can't wait to shave! Scar looks excellent. Appears to b super thin & flat:-)

Drain drama....

So I was on the hunt for Dr who would remove my drains. I could see the stich on my left drain but couldn't in the right otherwise I felt I could do it myself. I find a Dr & she quotes me $250. Took me a couple days but I decide, what the hell & book the appointment. Go in and she tells me that she can only remove one. It's not in her practice to remove both in one day. All this while removing my left drain. Says I need to come back in a couple days so she could remove the right. Ummmm.... No, I went home & figured it out. Drain removed!
My right stitch had made its way inside my drain hole. I'm assuming this contributed to some if the irritation I was feeling. I pulled the drain gently & saw the stitch. With my free hand (latex gloves on) I sniped. I placed a finger next to the hole with some pressure & slid it out. It collected excess fluid in the way. I put antibacterial ointment on gauze & patched it up.

Surgical tape removed too soon

Went to another surgeon fur drain removal. Not sure why but she removed my tape placed on by Dr Ortega. Later today I feel blood running down my leg. My friggen incision opened slightly. Couldn't find steristrps at Walgreens. Way do I do? I want to protect my entire incision line.

My scar, drain hole & infection hole

Took a shower & really liked the progression of my scar, So decided to take some pics. I'm really swollen as to be expected at this stage.
I have a small hole near my right drain hole. This developed as the result of an infection. It is still draining puss and I'm taking an antibiotic. Can't wait til that's over so it can stop draining & close.
Otherwise things are looking good.

Scar treatment.....

I bought Scar Away. What are you using and how's it working for you?

No binder today

I've been out & about running errands. I'm very surprised I don't feel swollen. I've had that binder on everyday ALL day! This is a nice little break. I feel so good today! Binder going back on soon. Not sure how long I'll continue to wear it.
Oh I'm wearing a spanx type of garment. So I do have some support.

Incision looking good

Dr O did a great job! My scar is so incredibly thin. Some areas you can't even see the scar. It's amazing!!!! His work is just so nice. You can see that he's a bit of a perfectionist.

Right now I'm using scar away & bio oil. Not together. One at night & one during the day. I'm not consistent but know my results would be even more awesome if I did.
I'm waiting for my infection hole to close completely then I'll work on my scar more.
But for now I'm a satisfied customer!
Hope everyone's healing/progressing very well!

Tape adhesive

I have so much adhesive on my skin? Tips/trips on removing????

5 weeks post op tomorrow.....

Swelling seems to be pretty high. I wear my binder ALL day as Dr O suggested. But I'm soooooo swollen at the end of the day. It just seems to be excessive.
I think my diet is on point. I'm down 14lbs since surgery. Current weigh 161. Try to really watch the sodium intake. I only drink water and lots of it.
I have a lot of tape on my skin. Gonna try alcohol rubs but need my infection hole to close in its entirety before I attempt that. My drain holes are closed completely & the infection hole is the size of a pinhead so I'm on my way.

Ready for a warm bath & some Dove soap... So over dial #dry-skin lbvs!

In a lot of pain ...

The tugging and pulling behind my belly button and on the right side of my belly is so intense it stops me a times when I'm walking. It's difficult to bend. I've been just resting today and taking it very easy. I'm really nervous and just don't know if I should seek medical attention or wait it out. Perhaps I've overexerted. I sent Dr Ortega an email. I'm hoping to hear back soon. So nervous.

Need to buy new undies

The things people take for granted, like wearing underwear and your panties not rolling under your belly. They are actually laying nicely. Unreal. I can't explain the feeling! If you're a TT girl...u get it. No more Hanes pack of 7 w/3 free. I need to go get me some pretty panties and bras to match!!!!!!

6 weeks 2 days po

Feeling good. Still can't imagine going to the gym. Working my core makes me nervous. Think I'm gonna wait til I'm 8 weeks post. Wish I had more before pics.

Just me...

Right side where the infection was has left a divot in my incision line. It is swollen there. I just massage it every night. It is healing differently than the left side.

8 weeks post op today!!!!

Damn time is flying. I'm starting to feel like myself. Planning to get back in the gym today. im starting to wake up flat. I still wear my binder religiously. Ordered a faja which should be delivered tomorrow. I'll probably go to wearing my binder only at night at that point.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ortega did a wonderful job. I couldn't be happier with the results thus far. He has an amazing bedside manner and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. His work speaks for itself. It's why I chose him. He's the best!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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