Time for the New Me in 2016.. Time to Get the Waist Snatched.. - Miami, FL

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I spoke with Shirley at Vanity Cosmetic in Miami...

I spoke with Shirley at Vanity Cosmetic in Miami and she advise me of the information that I would need for my upcoming Tummy Tuck. She is very nice and informative. I have been following a few of the Hasan dolls on the site and have decided to go with Dr. Hasan. I chose Dr. Hasan because this doctor's work is the BOMB.. The prices are unbelievable and I cant wait to book and be a Hasan Doll.....

My wish pics...

I thought I would put some wish pics up...

More wish pics

So I hope I can get close to this... I am so looking forward to my TT and lipo.

Thinking about switching doctors

I have been doing more research and came across Dr. Stephanie Stover in Miami. Looking at the photos on image cosmetic center website, the results are great and the prices are very reasonable. The coordinator that I am working with Maria is great and very informative. I am looking to lock in my date with my deposit soon so I can schedule my surgery date of 2/12.

Almost that time

Hey ladies.. So I have began to take my iron, folic acid and vitamin C pills. It is time to start getting everything ready for next month. For the vets... What recovery house do you recommend after having a tummy tuck or would a hotel be better?


So I was talking to my coordinator Maria from Dr. Stephanie Stover. Just Sunday she told me the price would be $3500 then Monday she said $4500, yesterday she told me $4000. I talked to her today on Wednesday to get ready to pay my deposit to lock my date of 2/9 which is a Tuesday because she only do surgeries on Tuesday. Now that date is full and I cant get in until March 19. WAIT A MINUTE... 3/19 is a Saturday. I am pissed because now she have not responded back to me regarding the dates.. If I cant get in until March, I am back to the drawing board. UGH.

DEPOSIT MADE.... 3/19 is my offical surgery date with Dr. Stephanie Stover

I spoke with Maria this morning at Dr. Stover's office and she advised me why Dr. Stover has 3/19 (Saturday) available outside her regular Tuesday schedule. She advised that Dr. Stover is booked with surgeries that she opened up Saturday 3/19. I was ok with that knowing that she must be passionate about her work and do not try to over do it with patients. I am still kind of pissed about waiting until 3/19 but at least it give me more time to get prepared. 3/19 is my official surgery date ladies....

Locked and loaded...

So I am officially locked in for my surgery with Dr. Stover for 3/19. If any ladies are having surgery around that date and want to link up to split the cost let me know..


My surgery date is set for 3/19 and looking for a surgery buddy. Change in plans. Was traveling with a buddy but they backed out. I plan to stay in a hotel. If anyone is interested in buddying up.... Please let me know.


Today I booked with Dannie at BluCove Recovery house. I am super excited now. The last of the puzzle is to get my flights in order then I can start gathering up my supplies. 3/19 cant come fast enough.

Changed Doctors again..

I was looking on here and seen that Dr. Mel Ortega had a wonder special on the Mommy makeover. I was going with Dr. Stover for only the extended tummy tuck but Dr. Ortega special offer the extended tummy tuck with the mommy makeover. Not to mention with Dr. Ortega I was able to get in two weeks sooner so I switched to Dr. Ortega. Dr Stover has great work too but it come down to getting in sooner and the price was better with Dr. Ortega.


It is so hard to believe that I have 32 days before I fly to Miami. So much to do fore that date. I will be starting my shopping for everything that I will need this weekend.


Hello ladies.... I got an email from my coordinator who advised me that Dr. Mel Ortega has an opening for 2/27. I Immediately jumped on it. Time to kick it into high gear now and get things together. Departing 2/26 for my lab work and things.. I am so excited.. 23 days to go.. WOO HOO.. Anyone having surgery that day that want to buddy up?

Pre op photos

I decided to upload my before pics.. I can't wait to see the new me..


Hello dolls.. I just booked my flights to Miami.. YAAAAAY.. I also just made my payment with Cosmicare Recovery House. I chose them because they are brand spanking new and they have an AWESOME deal going on. I booked 5 nights all inclusive.. 3 meals, 3 snacks, transportation, 4 lymphatic drain massage the cosmikit that includes EVERYTHING such as all your vitamins, toothbrush, soap, ointments plus a faja.. EVERYTHING.. ALL for only $1250. No need in gathering up all that stuff for recovery. Did I mention that I even have a private room and there is no additional cost for a guest.. Ladies jump on cosmicare.. Well worth it.. My flight was not bad either $276. I have to travel to Indy but its a short short drive for me.


Happy V Day dolls... Time is near.. 13 days to go.. Everything is in order.. A little worried because I have not received any paperwork. I have received my instructions for before surgery. Should I be receiving paperwork for labs from the clinic? I was told by my coordinator that labs will be done there but we know how these coordinators are... I had labs done by my doctor to make sure my hgb is ok. It was a little low but have been taking the iron that were prescribed and having it retested on the 24. I am pretty sure it is where it is suppose to be now. Been eating a ton of red meats, enriched cereals and spinach salads and other things that are iron rich. 13 more days until I'm on the flat side..

11 days to go and NOW the B.S.

Soooo dolls I spoke to my coordinator today to make sure that I was on top of everything.. She hit back with telling me that I need chest x-rays, a mammogram, blood work and medical clearance and if I wanted all that done when I get to Miami then I would need to arrive 2 days prior to surgery. EXCUSE ME but I was told to arrive one day prior to get labs. She told me when I first spoke with her before everything was scheduled that I would not need any medical clearance because I have no history of any medical issues. NOW all of a sudden I need this and chest xrays and mammorgram. I have less that two weeks before I depart. Luckily for RS I had a leg up and went to my doctor and my yearly check up that included my mammogram and had my blood checked. I will be going back on 2/24 to get my blood rechecked since my iron was a ted bit low and have been taking my iron pills twice a day as prescribed. I remembered that I was in a car accident in August and had xrays done at the ER. Guess who will be getting those records and faxing it to them. I am not spending anymore money than I have to because that stuff is not cheap. I will be getting my EKG and blood work done when I get to Miami because it is included in the price.. Glad I called the coordinator but she could have told me this earlier so I could have gotten done already.. Damn coordinators.


SOOOOOO dolls I am down to 4 days before I go under the knife. 3 days before I depart to Miami. I am super duper excited. Just an FYI ladies... My coordinator told me that I would need to have a chest xray, EKG and all my labs before I could be cleared for surgery. She told me that yes they could do the lab work and EKG the day before surgery but the results of everything would need to be back before clearance. To get everthing done there, I would need to arrive 2 days before surgery because the chest xrays are not done there. Mind you she just told me the ending of last week. I booked my flights and everything already so going 2 days prior was out of the question. The chest x-rays there are $50 and medical clearance is $100. I will have to pay the $100 because all results need to be in. I went to the hospital to have the EKG, Chest x-Ray and labs done there so that I will only have to be cleared for surgery by the doctor when I arrive in Miami. If I could have got in with my primary doctor in time, I would have had him clear me and save that $100. I did not want to have to pay out of pocket in Miami for those things because they are covered under my health insurance. Ladies try to get all you can done while home because it seem like everything add up in Miami really fast. I sure hope they take the prescriptions to Walgreens so that my insurance can cover those as well. Make sure you ask your coordinators on everything that you need and can do before you go for surgery especially if you have insurance that can cover some of the cost.

Today is the day...

Hey dolls.. Today is the day I meet with Dr. Ortega.. I made it to Indianapolis.. I leave here to philly then Miami.. Kesha at Cosmicare will be picking me up and taking me to the appointment. She is great dolls.. Yaw really should look into Cosmicare Recovery House.

Day the day before my surgery..

Hey dolls... so I made it to Miami with minor issues... My driver Jean from Cosmicare was there to pick me up.. Ladies... Cosmicare is the real deal.. The driver was there even tho there were some delays with my flight arrival. Jean drove me to spectrum to meet with Dr. Ortega and stayed with me the entire 2 hours I was there.. Do yaw hear me the entire time.. He will return in the morning to take me to the clinic and will pick me up to take me to Cosmicare, Dr. Ortega is awesome. Even tho I was there waiting 2 hours it was worth it. The waiting room was full of dolls there for their follow ups and I have never seen sooooo many women there for plastic surgery. It really blew my mind about how many women actual have surgery. Dr. Ortega told me what all he was going to do and told me he looked forward to seeing me tomorrow. While I was there I received a text message from my coordinator telling me that I had to go to another clinic for my clearance which she could have told me to go there first since I was waiting for Dr. Ortega to get out of surgery. The other clinic was an hour away from Spectrum and with all the travel was HORRIBLE. Jean again stayed with me the time I was there and then drove me to my hotel. I did however get cleared and I am set to go in the morning. I am to arrive at the clinic at 10 am. I can not eat after midnite so guess who loaded up on food. I will be eating up until the stroke of midnite.. I am looking forward to in the morning so I will keep you dolls posted.

1 most post op review

Hello Dolls.... It has been a month since my surgery and I am feeling amazing. I am back to work. I came back two weeks afterwards because all I do is sit all day. lol. Dr. Ortega did his thing! I am totally satisfied with my results so far. I am still very swollen and I know that when it goes down... I WILL BE BEAST!!!! I have NO belly and the waist line is flawless.. I am waiting to see what the final result look like... Ladies I do HIGHLY recommend the biocarium and bio oil used together for the scar. My scar is practically fading away. In some spots... you can not even tell I was cut open. I will post pictures of the scar later. Also I wear my faja all day and then switch to my compression garment that I wore after surgery for night. I use the biocarium and bio oil twice a day. Check me out... This pictures were at 2 and 3 weeks. 3/27 made literally a month.


It has been 7 months since my surgery and I am feeling great and looking amazing.. I am now in the process of round 2 with more surgery... Why???? I love the way I look but I have back fat that I want gone, I want more lipo to my waist and I have noticed that my stomach is not as flat as I want it soooo I will be returning around 2/18/2017. Knowing what I know now, I will not be staying in Miami for 8 days. I felt ok after 3 or 4 days. I will be returning to Dr. Mel Ortega. Will be posting pics in my next update.

New photos

As promised my updated pics

Round 2

Hey dolls round 2 is set for 3/8/2017 with Dr. Alverez. I was going with Dr. Ortega but his dates are not available at the moment. I still have time to switch. I believe i will be staying with Cosmicare again. I loved that they took great care of me. BBL with 12 areas of lipo.


I am not why I put 3/8 when it's actually 2/8/2017

New wish pics


These twins measurements are 36-22-46. My bust is already 36 and butt is measuring 45. The waist is 33 tho. I think with my lipo and a little fat transfer to shape the butt... I hope and pray my results look like this..

Recovery House

Happy Holidays.... Rescheduled my surgery from 2/8/2017 to 2/22/2017 still with Dr. Alverez. I did book my Recovery House with Claudia. Looking at the photos she sent. The house is very clean. She provides 3 meals a day with snacks and transportation to and from airport along with transportation to and from follow up appointments. The price is very affordable and I am looking forward to my surgery.

25 days before take off..

Hey Dolls... So I have 25 days left before heading to Miami to meet with Dr. Sergio Alvarez. I received my lab orders. I will be going next week to have all labs done so that I can go to my PCP to be cleared for surgery. Ladies, try to get your PCP to get cleared for surgery because if you wait to go to Miami to get cleared you will have to pay an addl fee. I started taking my iron pills at the beginning of the year to make sure my hemoglobin would be up and had my doctor to check to make sure before I have the bloodwork done for surgery. All is good and hemo is up to where it need to be and I will continue to take the iron.
Miami Physician

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