It's My Time Again, BBL Done, Now Heading to Dr. Blinski for Skin Only TT in November!!! - Miami, FL

So, I’d like to introduce myself to you dolls as T...

Butt seems larger because the camera is up close
So, I’d like to introduce myself to you dolls as Tawana4372 (see by bbl journey under Real Self bbl section). I had lipo/fat transfer done 11/20/15 by Dr. Hasan (Vanity Cosmetics), however, at the 6 month mark of my recovery, I discovered an area of fat above my belly button that didn’t retract. Before I even began contemplating if I would want to have any more surgery, I began working with a personal trainer 4 months post lipo recovery but after 3 months in the gym, my trainer and I both agreed that working out was only toning my abs, not tightening the fat, so I ventured out in Atlanta visiting several spa and skin care facilities in search of skin tightening treatments. I tried multiple skin tightening treatments but to my avail none worked, so I sat down with hubby and shared again my displeased look and he to my surprise he calmly agreed that I could seek medical advice on resolving my problem area. So, I met with 2 area cosmetic surgeons to seek professional advice and both recommended either a mini or floating tummy tuck; so I started my research and began watching you tube video’s and said to myself, would these really solve my problem, removing the fat above my belly button? So I decided to gain a 3rd opinion and one of my friends that I connected with through my bbl journey suggested that I speak with her surgeon, Dr. Darryl Blinski (Blinski Plastic Surgery, Miami FL).
I emailed Dr. Blinski using his personal email address and within 15 minutes later, he contacted me on his personal cell phone in between surgeries. We viewed the video of my body together via cell that I forwarded him and he then made his recommendation that because my fat was above my belly button and because Dr. Hasan had removed all fat from my lipo, I would indeed need a Skin Only Tummy Tuck with full muscle repair. He then began saying everything that I had been questioning before with the other surgeons I had met with and before I could even tell him what 2 prior recommendations had been given to me. It was at that moment, I knew this was the surgeon for me so I discussed with hubby that we were again heading to Miami. Dr. Blinski was also able to fit me in as well on a date that worked better for me, November 18th 2016 (although he stays booked), so I made my payment securing my date, booked our flights, housing was secured (with my friend who is also having surgery on the same day with Dr. Blinski at Miami Escape), car reservation made; so off we will go again in November to MIA.
We will spend our first 3 days recovering at Miami Escape and then the next 3 days at a Condo at the Marriott Villa in the Miami Doral area, where hubby will take the wheel and assist us. I will have drains and most likely if I am still draining, I will return to Atlanta and later have then removed. I have purchased all supplies and am spending this time taking my Geritol, Folic Acid, B-12 and Vitamin C all trying to ensure my CBC levels are all sufficient for my October blood test. All though I am not new to Real Self, I am new to this particular forum so I welcome all feedback. Anything you dolls can share about preparing, what to expect, what supplies I should definitely need, what I should expect for my recovery (w/drains) etc., I am all ears and if I can share anything about my prior bbl/lipo journey, feel free to ask or visit my BBL profile (Tawana4372).
Thank you so much and looking forward to connecting with you ladies..

On my mark, get set, let's GO....30 day mark, labs tomorrow.

Well, here I am dolls, I have reached the 30 day count down; TT is 30 days from today! I am (WE are to include sx buddy) are scheduled for labs tomorrow, my EKG is scheduled for Monday, Oct 31st. Supplies have been purchased, flights booked for hubby & I, RH and Resort has been paid, surgery paid....time to pack soon and most importantly I get to share this journey with my surgery sis/buddy Azzzfor2015, looking forward to this mini vacation with her, we will both be in pain but we can laugh through it together,

I have done so much research on preparing for this tummy tuck so I am welcoming it with open arms, my only caveat is just praying that the scar/belly button recovery is smooth, so any tips on ensuring all is well with that, I do welcome them dolls, PLEASE share. For those that are going through any future surgeries, feel free to read back on my bbl journey, I hope you are still able to gain some valuable information from it, those that are recovering, take it easy and may all you continue to be safe. Will update in a couple of days with lab results. Kisses to you all...

Labs are in....

Jacklyn from Dr. Blinski's office just informed me that I have been cleared. All levels are normal. Great news to receive.

Just sharing this update with you dolls, happy healing to you and and good luck to those that are nearing their special day.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am very pleased with Dr. Blinski at this very moment, definitely down to earth and honest in what your body needs. I will update after my surgical journey.

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