Dr. Osak Omulepu Spectrum Aesthetics - Miami, FL Tummy tuck & Breast lift w/Implants

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Are the assistance attentive? I have been in...

Are the assistance attentive? I have been in contact with Jessica on Thursday she seem to be attentive but she is not being attentive now, I understand it is a busy office but I have email her and she hasn't responded. My friend was in contact with her on Thursday as well and she still hasn't contact my friend. Do anyone recommend another assistant I can speak with at that office. The information I need is simple and Jessica is taking long to get back to me. I will like Dr. Osack to perform my surgery but I am not sure if that can happen if know one provide me the information I need.

Tummy tuck Breast lift with implants before pics

May 26, 2015 Surgery day????

?Soon to be a patient...

Soon to be a patient of Dr. OSAK, I am excited and nervous at the same time. Is lipo apart of a tummy tuck. I don't have much fat but I am hoping he lipo what little I have????

I was told I need to write butI don't have anymore to say now. For those who had the same procedure as me. How was your experience? Do you go to the recovery house the day after your surgery?

Signed my Contract today, May 27 surgery date1

Signed contract!

Need a second Faja

I know they give you one garment but I'm thinking on getting a second one so when I wash one I have another one I can put on right away. The only thing is I'm not sure what size I should get after my procedure I want to buy it before my surgery so I can travel with it. Any thoughts???

Assistance4Life Recovery House????

I put down my deposit since March to lock in my dates. Now I have a friend who will be doing a BBL at Vanity by a different doctor than mine. Vanity has a recovery house but they only accept they own patients whereas assistance 4 life accept patients other than Spectrum which is good. I contacted Karla and ask her is it possible for me and my friend to share a room being I won't really make use of the bed because I'm having a tummy tuck and breast lift, by all the reviews many stated that the recliner is your best friend with my procedure and if so will the price be reduced. She responded and said yes we can share the room and we will just pay $600.00 each for four nights. Now please tell me if that makes any sense you are charging us both 600.00 each while sharing a room????? So my friend has been trying to contact her Karla has yet to answer her calls or text messages and her voice mail box is full. So I called Karla again on Monday she picked up I was explaining to her the same thing that me and my friend will be sharing a room first she said she was in the shower where I didn't hear no water plus why would you answer the phone and then she said she had to look into it so at that point I was lost because I have the text message that she said it was fine. She text me back again stating we can share the room I responded to her and reminded her that I already deposit my $100.00 to lock my dates in and I asked her again will the price be reduced being we are sharing the room also I asked her to send me photos of the room. I text her yesterday asking for the photos and the price, still no response. I really don't understand how she runs this business I find her to be inattentive and it's upsetting. I just feel I had to share this because it is bothering me, it's two weeks until my friend and I surgery and we just want to make sure everything is in order. Feel free to leave your thoughts and experience at this recovery house.

Policy on refund deposit at Assistance4Life Recovery House

Do anyone know the policy on getting your deposit back from Assistance 4 Life?

Medical Massage Professionals Recovery House

Has anyone had an experience at this recovery house? I am thinking on attending to this one instead of Assistance 4 Life.

Not going to Assistance4Life (new recovery house)

I'm no longer going to Assistance4Life I'm now going to medical massage professional they gave me and my friend a good deal being that we are sharing a room, I'm getting my deposit back from Karla when I get to spectrum which is in a week.

Tomorrow is the big day!

I have mixed emotions but there is no turning back I just hope everything goes well. My recovery house is comfortable and Miriam is extremely nice I feel she will continue being amazing throughout my stay at Medical Massage Professional.

2 day post-up

Im still in pain I will post my tummy soon

Just some photos before surgery

I will post my tummy after I speak to the doctor or later on today.

BBL Question for a friend

After your swelling goes down does your butt get bigger aka fluff, basically if the swelling goes down is that the end result this is for a 4 day post up. Her butt looks pretty much the same before surgery. (Not really looking different) I will like to here from the BBL post up patients.

No to Medical Massage Professional

Here is my update on medical massage professional, so my friend and I had surgery on May 27th. Well before that we were looking for a recovery house where we both can stay together even though our procedures are at two different facilities hers at Vanity and mines spectrum. I was going to Karla but she didn't want to give us a deal my friend found medical massage professional and spoke with Miriam, the deal she gave us was $750 for my friend who will be staying for 6 nights and $700 for me for 9 nights meals will not be included so I was fine with that. Today was my 2nd follow up and I have one more on Wednesday she got upset saying that the agreement was that my friend and I would be having our follow ups together, I was like we do not determine when we will have our follow ups especially we are at two different facilities and as a professional she should no better. Plus she never said anything when we got here on May 26. Now her regular rate is $900 for 5 nights and ladies meals are still not included so I'm not sure what she will provide, I did here that she is good for the bbl massages and she is good with draining but other than that you will be staying at a hotel if u stay here you will definitely need someone here with you to take care of you and prepare your meals. There is so much more but I am tired of typing but if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will get back to you.

5 day post up

Drains are out today

Removed my bandages and drains today and put my faja on.

7 day post up


2 weeks post up pics

My second faja


4 weeks and a day since my surgery

I'm on my third hook I think I can go to the last I will try in a few more days

You requested side photos here you go :)

I took them yesterday

I did it! I'm on my 4th hook (last hook) ;)

It looks like I may need to order a new faja maybe by next month. What do you think?

Discharge from left breast

I'm 4 months post up in two days and I still have discharge coming from my left breast. A little while after surgery I notice but I thought it was part of the recovery process. I been to the emergency room twice they told me it was an infection gave me antibiotics and called it a day. My doctors out here would not look at it. I been trying to contact spectrum since early August and I finally spoke with the doctor yesterday after I been calling and being nasty. Since my surgery I have always felt something wrong with this breast but I assume I just have to be patient and go through recovery. At this point the experience with this discharge and pain is overwhelming. It would be nice and professional if the doctor follow up with his patients at the end of the day it was a major surgery and he should know better as a doctor. Once they have their money they don't look back and it's sad.

Red spots on my left nipple

I have been having problems with this ever since. I guess my recovery isn't all that successful. I posted a latest photo of my nipple.
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