Tummy tuck w/o muscle correction, Got Rid of Lots of Loose Skin from Natural, Extreme Weight Loss. - Miami, FL

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I weighed 330lbs when I was18. Over time and...

I weighed 330lbs when I was18. Over time and through lifestyle changes I overcame my obesity. At 156lbs I looked horrible, like a skeleton in a bag of skin. I never lost weight too fast, I was just huge from young and made three sons, combined with thinish skin. It made me unable to truely enjoy my weight loss. Well no more ! I finally hacked away the first piece! I found the doctor here on realself and was like "I'm just gonna do it!" So I did.
I'm athletic. No it's more than that. I love the gym! I took my 156lb and put on thirty pounds of muscle. Bodybuilding like Arnold, five hours a day, eating ridiculous amounts of protein for years. Right now I'm almost four weeks out and feeling great! Things are healing well and everyday I see improvement. This is my first post and I'm going to show you my pre-op pics.

Two days post-op

Swell! But not any real pain. I didn't need muscle correction. I deadlift and squat 225lb. I got core. Dr. Ortega told me " You're like a man". I got abs. He wouldn't do the lipo of my flanks. "It would be too low-yield." I was glad. I didn't fancy severly bruised obliques. Oh yeah and the incision is numb so no real pain. They gave me a percocet when I woke up. That was the only pain pill I took. Compared with tooth ache and making children plus the regular pain for gains I'm accostomed to, it just didn't rate. The anesthesia didn't upset me either. I never so much as took a nap. By five hours post op I was sitting in a chair and walking a lap of the room whenever I felt strong enough or needed to pee. There were some vicious looking clots coming out my drains and lying down just wasn't for me. My blood is slightly thick too. Made me nervous. I drank about seven coconuts the evening before surgery and as many as I could after, interspersed with cups of lemon in warm water to fight the wind that caused me my most discomfort and just because lemons are like a best friend to me having cured an ovarian cyst and kidney stones...but that is another story.

Five days post-op

Days three and four things got stiff. I remember asking my friend to give me a hand getting up a couple of times. You move slowly and carefully. You can't stand up straight because you're belly isswollen and you feel like all your guts will burst out if you straighten your spine. Granny time.
The first couple of days you're emptying your drains loads and for me blood loss means one thing. Hunger! Did I mention I'm a bodybuilder? I know how to eat. It was like salad and meat, a lot of meat. I remember one day I ate a rack of ribs, three chicken breasts, two cans of albacore and a hand-full of beef jerky. I later made them hide the beef jerky in a low drawer I couldn't reach, salt is a major no-no. Dealing with your drains and eating and drinking was about all I studied and trying to non-tramatically use the toilet.
I surprisingly slept well. I was shocked. I thought it would be uncomfortable but the truth is I just knocked out. I wasn't taking naps in the day and when night-time reached it was time to sleep. Nuff said.

Day 8

I got in my girdle for the first time on this day. Since then I've worn them several times as well as the plethora of other compression garments I own. I found it easier to wear my binder low down with the girdle over it at first untill some of the swelling lessened. I sleep in my binder every night. I so look forward to putting it on each evening when I come home. It feels good to have the incision compressed and it is somehow reassuring.
At the eigth day I still had my drains. I kept them untill 14 days when my own Dr. removed them for me. With your drains, it takes as long as it takes. I didn't want to hurry. Once they are out you can't put them back and I'm against being asperated by huge needles. The drains were annoying but vital to a healthy recovery.

Six Weeks Pictures

Things are getting normalish.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Slightly no frills and well worth the money. Dr. Ortega strikes me as a very busy man. He does a lot of procedures! Practice makes perfect, in my book.

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