Two Months and Counting (TT, Lipo) Miami, FL

Like others, I have been stalking RS for the past...

Like others, I have been stalking RS for the past year. When I began to consider a TT, of course, like many others I had some reservations but after carefully researching the procedure and reputable doctors who perform the SX I think that I am ready,,, Actually I know that I am ready. I have decided on Dr. Enriquez Hanabergh Jr. at New Life. I made my initial deposit and the SX is scheduled for November 8, 2016. I wanted to have the surgery sooner (April), but the date New Life had available conflicted with my vacation out of the country. I inquired about having the SX in the summer, but was informed by my Coordinator that the summer would not be a good choice because I would have to wear the surgical garment in the heat, which will make me sweat, leaving me prone to infection and a slower healing process, which make sense. My Coordinator Daimy has been extremely helpful. She has been able to answer all of my questions without hesitation and provided legitimate rationales.

My only quibble is that Dr. Hanabergh does not have many before and after pics for people to really get a feel of his sculpting abilities. I reached out to my Coordinator to have her send me a few pics. She immediately sent them to me. I feel comfortable with my choice, but just want him to give me what I want when we meet. I am considering taking a trip to New Life sometime in August in the hopes that I can meet the Dr. Pics will be posted later this week.

Pics as Promised

Here are the pics as promised. I am soon to be 46. I had a hysterectomy five years ago due to severe cramping and heavy periods. After the sx, I remember my PCP saying "you know your stomach gets bigger after that type of sx. " Could have used that bit info before having the sx. Anyway, I have noticed a difference in my waistline and its not getting smaller. I have tried sit ups, crunchs, ect. You name it , I've done it. Nothing is working or has worked so a TT is my last resort.

Pics as Promised

Here ya go... Although I am several months out, I am trying to lose a few pounds by November.

Pictures sent to me from New Life

Pics of Dr. Hanabergh's work

These pictures came from my SX Coordinator Diamy at New Life

Another photo

Gotta Get Rid of This Pouch

Airline Tickets Purchased

Super excited... I purchased the airline tickets. Leaving Newark, NJ to Miami, FL on July 25th.

TT w/Liposculpture and BL w/ Saline Implants

Decided to go for the gusto. Everything in one shot. Im getting a tummy tuck and having a breast lift with saline implants at the same time. Im super psyched. I ordered and received all of my post operative items too. Gowns, compression socks, disposoble wash cloths, gloves, antibacterial soap, ab board, arnica pills, gel, and tea, bromelain gold bond, rose hip oil, silicone stick, pads, chucks, slippers. You name it I got it. I just want to order an extra faja to switch up when one gets soiled. I wasn't trying to go overboard because I am not checking in any luggage with the airline. Plane ticket purchased. Recovery house reserved and airport parking reserved. I leave from EWR (Newark, NJ) on 7/25 SX scheduled for 7/26.

Tummy Tuck

I am super psyched and looking forward toy upcoming surgery. I have done my research and I am confident that Dr. Enrique Hanabergh will deliver what he promises. My Surgical Coordinator Diamy is on point. She has been consistent in returning my phone calls and has been helpful in helping me find a recovery home during my stay in Miami.

Time is Near

One week from today I will be headed to the other side. I'm packed and ready to go. Just confirmed my stay at the RH and got the all clear from my doctor. My massages are scheduled with Marion at Medical Massages. I'm super excited.

Ready, Set, It's A Go!!!!

Medical clearance documents were forwarded to my Coordinator this morning. I had a big scare because my BMI was too high. My coordinator immediately told me to send pictures for Dr. Hanabergh to review again. Thank goodness I don't work far from will I live. I immediately went home, took more pictures, and sent them to the doc. Come to find out the Dr. Hanabergh shared that my BMI will always be high because I have big thighs. Who knew... I almost had a heart attack. I was done when they said I weighed too much. Damn these thighs of mine. I cant loose them for the life of me. Miami, Florida here I come. This time next week my waist will be SNATCHED.

I'm Here

I made it to MIA this morning. Met with Dr. Hanabergh, surgery scheduled for 12:30 pm tomorrow. Trying to relax before surgery. I'm staying at Ana's Recovery House she has been very attentive and on point with everything. Also, she has a beautiful home w/ a pool. I am loving it here.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I have not meet with Dr. Hanabergh, but hope to meet with sometime this summer for a face to face consult.

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