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Just booked a TT for May 26, 2016 but after...

Just booked a TT for May 26, 2016 but after reading so many reviews, I going to change it to a BBL instead. I think it would be more beneficial for me to do BBL. My goals are to have a flat stomach and nice ass to match. That's what I'm hoping to accomplish with the BBL. Look at my pics, what do u think?

So obsessed, I can't wait til get mines!!!!

I'm addicted to real self lol I spend toooooo much time of my day on this site looking at ppl pics, posts, and videos smh here's a few wish pics

Impatience self

Smh I'm SOOOOOOOO ready to cross over to the flat side!!! Countdown in full affect!

Gym flow

This gym be killing me but it's for the best! I wish I saw fast results, I wouldn't need a TT. Meanwhile I'm trying to tone my legs and ass. If I don't like Wat I see by summer, I'll be getting a BBL fall season.....

No BBL for me, just an Ex TT w lipo on flanks

It won't let me change my procedure stat but im having a Ex TT w lipo on flanks. Super excited and very impatience!! I'm hoping my tummy will be super flat and my ENTIRE waist (360) tiny as ever!! Fingers crossed..... Anybody did an Extented tummy tuck? Does the entire waistline get small? Back included? Sides included?

Come on already 5/26 ....

So it's getting warm and I wanna be sexy already....the wait is killing me lol found this app and it made me realize that I just want a lil work done. The rest I can achieve in the gym, cool!

Is this a faster way to lose weight? True or false

This sweat suit makes me SWEATTTTTTT. But is it fat I'm burning? Can I really lose a lot of weight using this? Have anyone every used this?

Dr switched to Alvarez. OMGGGGG

Omg idk wat to think!!! Spectrum called me today and switch my doc from Llorente to Alvarez. (Sad face) I really need a banging tummy tuck and serious lipo on my damn flanks!!! I wonder could Alvarez hook me up???? I heard that Llorente is the one that do aggressive lipo....ughhhhhhhh Llorente or Alvarez for TT + lipo on flanks??????

Black poop!#*€¥

Tmi but I've been moving my bowels and my poop is black...jet black smh I'm assuming it's the iron pills I'm taking. The bottle said 1 pill daily but bcuz I kno my iron will be low, I'm taking 2 in the am and 2 in the pm, to boost my iron level for surgery. So when I get my labs done, iron level should be good right? Took my labs Monday...still waiting for results

Finally Lab results are in....

So I received an email from Spectrum and turns out my labs results are good!!!!!!!!!! I'm cleared and ready for surgery!!! Yayyyyy so now I'm only gonna take 1 iron pill a day. I'm soooooooooo ready to get this done!!!!! 5/26 hurry up!!!!

Last minute wooz ??????????

Hey new bodies! Hey dolls!! & Hey all my RS ladies......It's goin down tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:30pm.....Spectrum Aes. wit Dr. Alvarez for my Ex TT +lipo on flanks !!!!!!!! Please, any last minute suggestions and advise is greatly appreciated.... Anything you'll recommend? .....Don't forget the Prayers is definitely needed ladies.....

I'm alive ladies!

I made it to the flat side safe and sound THANK GOD but the pain was so UNBEARABLE!!! I went in surgery at 5 and came out around 8 (I think) but that stupid ass nurse was rushing me out. She was so aggressive wit me smh I couldn't open my eyes or barely talk! As she getting me dress, all I could say was "pain" in a low voice hoping she would take it easy. Lord the pain, the pain, the pain. Once I got back to my hotel I took my oxys (pain med) and finally dosed off to sleep. 3 hours later, I woke up and took more oxys and once again about 3 hours later I did it again. Such a long nite but I'm so tired still, I'm dosing off again ttyl . Questions?

My flanks swollen as HELL

Smh my flanks swollen and hurts everytime I try to walk . They won't go down and it's too painful to walk. Still can't stand straight and my back hurts cuz I'm crunched over!! Any help?

Flanks or Rocks??? PD3 (post date 3)

Omg my flanks so hard they feel like rocks!! Does that change? How can I fix that? Why it's so hard? And it's so painful I barely could walk. When will it change?

Post day 6

Had my follow up w Alravez and everything is ok he said. Drains need another week before removal. I poop this morning...smooth relief no pain! Flanks still hard, he suggest I do more lipo on them ughhhhh

Who gonna remove my drains?

Now I'm back home post day 9 and still have my drains. I called 3 doctors so far and they all said they will not remove my drains because I wasn't their patience! Of course, my doctor is in Miami Omggggg where can I have my drains remove? Who can remove my drains? Please I need serious help RS sisters
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr Alvarez is an ok doctor. I wish he would've remove more fat from my waistline but he said it's against the law to go above 1 liter while doin a TT. Overall he did a good job on my stomach ONLY! I wish I had another doctor!!! &The staff sucksssss at Spectrum Aes. They rushed me while I was in severe pain, I was crying and that nurse (can't remember her name) pushed me out the door becuz it was closing time. I wish I able to kick her ass but I couldn't stand, talk or walk smh Good luck to anyone dealing w Spectrum Aes & Sergio Alvarez!!! They know how to take your money tho, no problems there smh

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