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I've always wanted to have me pre baby stomach...

I've always wanted to have me pre baby stomach back but exercise just couldn't get it done. I finally made the decision to go with a tummy tuck. Not reallt nervous but just want to get it over with. Ive done a lot of research and have an idea of what to expect. I would love for the realself family to keep in touch because as the days go by... anxiety will surely set in. Pray for me. The hospital part and the pain afterwards are my biggest worries.

I have been trying to upload my pics but it seems...

I have been trying to upload my pics but it seems like I am doing something wrong... I will try again at work in a few. Ttyl

I was able to update my profile with pictures at...

I was able to update my profile with pictures at work. It was easy but I think it has something to do with my computer. I want to fix it because I want to be able to update you with pics as time goes by. Anyways, I have 8 days to go for my surgery. I am not anxious because I went through that phase already. I remember when I first put my mind to having the surgery, I goggled, you-tubed, and researched everything that I could find. In the end, I became obsessed. I couldn’t sleep thinking I might miss the next ‘big thing’ regarding tummy tuck. That was a few months ago.

History: I am 34 (35 on 03/21/2013) and mother of 2 (12 and 15). I work full time and go to school full time. It always seem as if I only gain weight in my stomach area. My clothes can really hide what’s underneath but when my clothes is off… everything hangs out. My fiancé does not want me to get the surgery but I am not doing it for him, I am doing it for me. He actually likes the jiggle in the middle lol. People, I haven’t seen my girlfriend that lives below my waist in years. I have to look in the mirror to see her or lift my stomach up just to see a glimpse of her. A person shouldn’t have to live like that lol. By the way, I heard that once you do the tummy tuck, your ‘lips’ will become more pronounce in the front. Meaning right now, they are looking down to the ground but when the surgery is done….HELLO!!!!! lol. Is that true?

What I am feeling now is that I want it to be over with. I want the surgery part, anesthesia, and hospital stay to be over and done with. I think that is my main issue. The main thing I worry about is the scar. I am very well aware that a scar is guaranteed but what I wonder about is; how low with my doctor do it, will it be a straight line or a jagged one, and will I have dog ears? I pray about all of this because a physician can promise you anything but the surgery outcome can be something different.

The doctor I chose, Dr. Carlos Wiegering, is a wonderful, kind-hearted, prayerful man. I heard about him from multiple friends but I shopped around just to be sure. I was able to see multiple plastic surgeons and all of them seem great but also all for the money. Of course even Dr. Wiegering is all for the money but at least he pretends he cares about you lol. His work is great too. I will be undergoing a hernia repair with a tummy tuck. So basically my insurance paid for everything except the tummy tuck. My only out of pocket fee is $2800.00. I will be staying over night at the hospital and discharged mid afternoon on 03/13/2013.

Feel free to contact me is you have any question and be as brutally honest as you can about what you see… either now or in the future. That is all for now… talk to you later guys!

This morning I went to do my blood work and was...

This morning I went to do my blood work and was notified that I have a balance of $109.XX at labcorp. Of course they refused to do the bloodwork prior to making a payment. Once I made my payment, both the blood work and the urine was collected. Then I went to register for my admission at the hospital. I was informed that I have a deductible of $600 that must be met prior to having surgery. This was totally not expected. I calculated everything down to a science and this was not part of the budget. The hospital also informed me that the patient coordinator is aware of this and they were surprised that I didn't know. Well I contacted the patient coordinator and she stated that my insurance does have a co payment for the hospital stay and to only pay $100. She will take care of the rest... so as far as I am concerned, I am still set for the 12th... yah me! Oh by the way, I filled my pain pills aleardy. I am set to go!

I am so read to get his over with, I feel like...

I am so read to get his over with, I feel like time is truly dragging by. It seems as if I am getting more irritated as time passes by. I dont know why. Anyways, I was thinknig of you-tubing my experience. I shopped for everything I needed. Food, clothes, personal items, and more. The house will be squeaky clean by this weekend and more. Yesterday was the birthday of my oldest... he is 15 now. God is good people. Let the countdown begin!

So today is my 4 day pre-op. I am not anxious but...

So today is my 4 day pre-op. I am not anxious but I want all of this to be over with. I had a breast reduction in 2006 and I was like this also. I actually became extremely rude/obnoxious at the time of surgery. They slipped me some happy juice then I was calm. I don't become scared, I become aggressive when faced with the unknown lol. I have everything ready for my surgery ( or so I think I do). I have to go pick up my soap and stuff from the hospital. The people from the hospital called and told me that I must pay $200.00 before my surgery based on my insurance. I am ready to pay and get everything over with. My PS gave me an order for Percocet but it was only 4 pills…. Do you hear me real self family…. 4 pills only. I ready where people was in extreme pain for over a week and I got only 4 pills lol. I had to laugh when I picked up the prescription. I will call her (Maribel, the office manager) today to see what can we all do about that. I posted some pics of me from last night…. check them out!

So I went to the hospital today and and saw the RN...

So I went to the hospital today and and saw the RN along with picking up my anti-bacterial soap. Everything is fine. Yesterday the the surgical coordinator emailed me that my blood work came back fine. She also addressed my concerns about getting only 4 pills of percocet for my healing process. She stated that the pills would be enough. She said that I will be on pain meds at the hospital on the 12th and the 13th. Once I get home, that is when I will be on my own meds. I will see how this pans out. I have a follow up on the 14th and if the neds run out, I will definitely get some more.

I am so ready to get this over with Realself family. I want to see the finishing project. I have 4 more days to go.

Happy healing to everyone who had their surgery recently or even today... also, If you are thinking about doing it... go ahead and do it. You only live once!.

In less then 48 hours, I will be on the flat side...

In less then 48 hours, I will be on the flat side lol. I feel like time is slowing down on purpose. I am ready to get the pain part over with. With that being said, I took my laxative tonight and will be on a liquid diet tomorrow. I will pack my bag tomorrow evening. I truly rested this weekend. I purchased my scar therapy items already which consist of mederma and silicone strips. As I stated before, I cleaned, food shopped, clothes washed, and tonight I will put this 'thang' on the honey so he will be satisfied for at least 2 weeks lol. (I know, too much info right lol). He never wanted me to go through with this surgery but he isn't being negative either. He actually seems supportive at this very moment..... Hey ladies, Have you even noticed that the vagina shifts when the procedure is done? Meaning, first it was facing the ground (well mine is lol) and after you can actually see 'it' while standing straight up. I believe that the belly fat moved it lower and lower and with this surgery, it will bring it to place lile when I was 21 lol. I hope so because my honey would love it lol.

Anyways, going to bed now. Everyone who had their surgery recently, I pray that you have a speedy recovery. For everyone thinking about it, just do it. And for #momto6, I pray that you have a speedy that this will be the end of your complications and that you will also have such a wonderful recovery.

Much Love peeps...

I am a couple hours pre-op and can't sleep anymore...

I am a couple hours pre-op and can't sleep anymore. I was exhausted last night but it was difficult to fall asleep then also. I am sooooo ready to get this over with and deal with the next phase of things. I am packed and in another hour, I will shower with the soap that they gave me for the last time. Ummm, I placed my self on a liquid diet yesterday and broke down by eating some crackers lol but in the end, I did good. My surgery is scheduled for 9 am. My good friend will be here to pick me up at 6am to take me to the hospital while my honey get the kids up and out for school. During this whole process, time has moved extremely slow for me.,,, anyways, see everyone on the flat side. I will post pics the moment I am able too which is tomorrow if the pain will let me do it lol.
BTW, to all the ladies that are sharing this experience with me, good luck and happy healing!

This is happening folks. See you on the flat side....

This is happening folks. See you on the flat side....

Out of surgery and resting ttyl

Out of surgery and resting ttyl

Flat side babyyyyyy! Pics coming soon

Flat side babyyyyyy! Pics coming soon

Hello everybody.... I did it. my TT was on tuesday...

Hello everybody.... I did it. my TT was on tuesday the 12th and it went great. Let's start from the beginning. I got to the hospital at 7am. I was in my hospital gown by 815am. By 850, the doctor marked me and an IV line was placed. The doctor help my hand, the nurse hand, and my friend hand to pray. I was at ease at that very moment. He actually prayed over me and him. Then they put some happy juice in my IV and next thing I knew was that I was waking up in my room. I was in and out of sleep most of yesterday. The whole process was a breeze to me and now I am home.

Lets talk about the pain. I wasn't in any pain. I was more uncomfortable then in pain. My abs feel like I have done 1000 crunches and they are extremely sore at this moment. That's it... nothing more and nothing less. The pain medication that they gave me wore off before the 12 hours and it still was bearable. The last time I received medication was at 515am. I am not draining much at all. The drains doesn't bother me either. I am walking hunched over though and the longer I stand on my feet, the straighter I stand.

Lets talk about my incision. I absolutely love it. Totally adore it. I posted pics of it. I mean... I am so satisfied and do not regret at thing. I thank God that I found a God fearing man to do my surgery. I hope that everyone has a happy healing as I am.

Well I haven’t been on here for a few days...

Well I haven’t been on here for a few days because I have been resting a lot. I last posted about my surgical experience so let me catch you all up to speed lol. On Thursday the 14th was my first post op appointment. They said everything looked fine and changed my dressing then sent me on my way. I didn’t know I was supposed to bring my second CG along with my dressing that they sent me home with. (2 came with the surgical procedure)... well, I have another appt on Monday at 1 and I will bring it to them at that time. Thursday was my most uncomfortable day to say the least. I was sore all over (I never knew my couch was this uncomfortable). Besides the soreness of my abs, my couch has made this experience worse. My neck hurt, back hurt (not from walking at all)... I mean, this thing has to go. I don’t see how anyone could have slept on this at all. Sorry for my rant but it truly bothers me how uncomfortable it is lol. I have 2 recliners at home but it does not have a lever to lift it up when I am ready to sit up... I would have to use my legs which will force me to use my abdominal muscles (which is a no-no) to get up lol.

On Friday, my day was good. I cooked and washed dishes. Did I tell you that my PS put me on a diet... no carbs, no bread, no chicken? Only fruits, vegetables, water, fish, and low sodium turkey. I never asked why because my girlfriend who went to him said the same thing to me in the past so I went with it... it can’t hurt and I was basically eating like that before surgery... no really difference besides the meat part.

I am pretty much swollen and draining at least 15cc from my left side. My right side is draining too little to measure at this point. Hopefully my PS will remove both if not the right side on Monday. I get up and move around with ease though I am still hunched over.
On a personal note, my hubby isn’t as supportive as day one. My kids are the best and every time I call, they come running. He, on the other hand, ummm lol…. let’s just say he isn’t stepping up as much as I would have wanted him too. Maybe its cuz I did something he didn’t want me to do or something but I am about to look too good to be stressed over someone else’s feelings lol. He will be alright.
Anyways, hope everyone enjoy the pics and happy healing!

By the way, no one warned me about the very bad...

By the way, no one warned me about the very bad sore throat that comes after the surgery. I thought that i was getting sick very fast. In the end, it was from the breathing tube.

Another thing, doculax 24 hr release stool softener is great. I took it around 10 am and was going at around 6. I went about 4 times to the rest room. I was totally emptied out. I know its too much information but i didn't strain or anything which is a great thing too.

And another tihng, do you know my apetite came back full throttle. I am more hungry now, then I was before the surgery. I am so much salad with in the last 2 days that I am making cabbage cuz I am sick of it. I am always picking up a fruit or something. I am hungry people... lol. anyways, I am eating the healthy stuff and started making myself a smoothie too. This smoothie consist of pineapple, black berries, strawberries, banana, watermelon, and spinach. Yes people I said spinach and it taste great along with it is filling. No sugar added and a little of 2% milk to get it going in the blender but not much at all. Try it sometimes

Hey everyone.... today was my 6 day or 7 day post...

Hey everyone.... today was my 6 day or 7 day post op. It went well except......for the freaking drain. OMG no one told me it would hurt like that. I actually screamed out. The tummy tuck didn't hurt at all. Not one bit but people this was different. The PS pulled out the right drain and said the left one will be gone on wednesday. I told the PS that I like my left drain and gotten used to it. They can leave it ... matter of fact ... I insist on keeping it. The whole office was laughing but me. I was serious... anyways I started this venture at 173 lbs and today I am 157 lbs. Thank god ... well I been good with my diet so far except for yesterday. I cooked oxtails, red beans and rice, with cabbage. It taste great. I had 2 plates lol... sunday is my cheat day. Today I drank my smoothie at noon then had cabbage with a piece of fried fish and drank water. I drink a liter of water per day since before the surgery and have continued till this day. ... I will say that I feel great. I'm walking straight. Can't wait for my 2 month post op. I should be doing back flips by then ... chow people and have a wonderful healing!

So I haven't been on here for a while so let me...

So I haven't been on here for a while so let me fill you in as fast as I can. My first drain was removed on 03/18/13 and my second drain was removed on 03/20/13. The removal of the drain was most pain I felt in this entire experience. I really didn't think it would've felt that way. I took my first shower on my birthday which was on 03/21/13. THAT FELT SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!

I have been eating healthy up until my birthday lol. Since then, I have been scarfing down anything edible lol. But i started on the right track today. I also started walking today also. I walked for a mile and a half. I felt so good. I am waking up tomorrow morning before church to walk again. I haven't worked out since last year september and I felt the drive all over again. The last time i weighed myself at the doctors office, I was 156lbs. Of course I most likely gained weight again but that is due to my negligence of course... I truly enjoyed my bay weekend and the week after lol.

Anyways, I am healing fine. Feeling good. I do not lift anything heavy nor do I over exert myself. When I am tired, I listen to my body and take a nap. I love those naps lol. The PS told me that as of monday, I will not have to wear my compression garment and that he will also remove the tap around my incision. I want you all to know I will continue to wear my garment for as long as I want and the moment he removed the tap... I will start my scar therapy. My incision was closed with some type of glue so I do know that my scar is healed.

Hope everyone is having a great healing and happy early easter.

Love ya!!!!!

As of tomorrow, I will be 3 weeks post op. The PS...

As of tomorrow, I will be 3 weeks post op. The PS removed the surgical tape and I saw my incision for the first time. It is beautiful. Like really, I don't even know if I need all of this scar treatment medicine i have here lol. Check the pics and let me know what you think!!!!!

I went to the ps on monday and I gained 6 lbs lol....

I went to the ps on monday and I gained 6 lbs lol. I have been eating everything under the sun since march 21st. I started excersing last saturday and have been eating right. I run/walk about 2 miles twice a day. At 8 am and 7 pm. My next appt is in 2 weeks. I went from 156 to 163... I know the numbers will drop drastically in 2 weeks.

Happy healing everyone... no regrets over here.

I chose him because I know multiple officers that he provided services for and its all been great. I am not too impressed with his office manager Maribel but she is the one I have to deal with. She tells you only minimal information and when things comes up, she tells you the rest. I find that very shady. The doctor himself is wonderful. I wouldn’t ask for another but I can definitely do without his wife/office manager.... wait, i didn't mention that earlier did I. Yep, the office manager is his wife lol. Go figure!

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