Mother of 3 Needing Tummy-Tuck with Liposuction to the Waist. Round 1 with Dr. Fisher! - Miami, FL

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Hey RS Family, I have been researching, reviewing...

Hey RS Family, I have been researching, reviewing and following many people's journey hear on RS,IG,Google,YouTube etc.... Initially I was determined to go to the DR. I had several quotes from many real/fake Plastic Surgeons there however I never felt comfortable. I had sleepless nights, missed my gym workouts from time to time, wasn't functioning right at work...All because I had a negative feelings inside. This escalated even more when "King" Cabral from CIPLA contacted me and gave me a quote and date so fast all in a week------?? That is what through me off and I started to have mixed emotions. I've heard and read the Good, the Bad and the DEADLY. Yes I know that having SX in general can come with risks whether it's done here in Canada, America, Europe, or even the Caribbean! However the critical thinking/interventions by the professionals is what makes the outcome successfull. If the head Surgeon or team do not have knowledge or skills acquired for "Rapid Response" or critical care situations then I would not put my precious life at risk. Also in such circumstances, having a language barrier is also risky. (Just keep in mind that if there were to be any form of complication, neglet or malpractice in the DR, you cannot sue or get a Dr's license suspended, especially if they are not registered!!)
Anyway I finally decided to go to Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Harvard Grad Dr. Fisher in Miami, Florida. I chose him because he is well educated, professional, safety is his main priority, and the price was right!

Count Down Begins!!!

Six More Days.........

6 more days till my abdominoplasty and my hemoglobin is ONLY 11.7! I just finished my menstrual cycle so maybe that was the cause of the decrease. Omg luckily I'm not getting multiple procedures done!! Just bought liquid iron with Vitamin C. And started making smoothies with beets, kale, spinach and eating more pomegranate. Hope this helps as I only basically have 5 days because the 6th day is surgery and I need to fast for 8 hours prior to surgery. Pray for me my RS family......please and thank you.

Arrived in Miami, Florida!!!

Departing from Toronto 630am
Hey guys, I just arrived in Miami. Met Mrs. T from LSRH. (Very lovely lady!) Lab work completed, stage 2 Faja purchased, had brunch and currently resting at the RH. Unfortunately due to hurricane Matthew, my SX is no longer scheduled for tomorrow. I am booked for Friday. Oct. 7, 2016. :( well things do happen for a reason and I have faith. Wish me luck!!

SX Day!!!!!!!!.....0615.... Miami, Florida

Good morning RS family, today is the blessed day that I have been waiting for 16.5 years. I pray that everything goes well while I am in the precious hands of Dr. Fisher! I have seen wonderful results from other Fisherdolls here at my recovery house and through social media. I would like to thank the Real Self family for all of your help, experiences (positive or negative) in helping me make my life changing decision. Without your help who knows what would or could happen??? So I really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless us all for the new chapter(s) in our lives and forevermore! Gracias!!!!! See you on the FLAT SIDE, in Jesus name....

*****FLAT SIDE*****

Yes, I have finally made it to the Flat side! I have a lot of swelling like everyone says. And 2 annoying drains however I do love the fact that the drains are towards my groin rather than through my tummy tuck incision like how I see the doctor's doing it in the DR. So I am very greatful of that. And OMG, Dr. Fisher looks much better in person than on his RS profile. He is very professional and down to earth.

The annoying drains

Here they are

***Annoying Drains ***


Before/After pics thus far

SIX Days Post-OP Follow UP ............

Well I have good and bad news. The good news is that I got my 2 annoying drains taken out today. Dam that SHIT HURT like a M.F . It stung and felt like 2 snakes or lizards exiting your body by force!!! Good news #2. I got to take a quick pic with the man himself. DR. Fisher, however the bad news is that I cannot go home tomorrow because my Airline claims I need to fly on Monday due to the type of surgery I got. (Remember my flight previously got changed 2x's already due to the hurricane, my surgery date changed and now my recovery extended). Anyway things do happen for a reason so I guess I shouldn't complain and enjoy the rest of my time here in Miami. Most pple here are very friendly even with the language barrier at times. The Spanish food and fresh fish are the best!..I cannot get a new tat on my arm for another 2 weeks. Oh well!!! I just thank God that my surgery was great success. My recovery is coming along well. It just gets better each day. I no longer take pain meds. I just miss my family and working out at the gym!!!!

*****10 Days Post-op Getting Back To Normal *****

10 days Post-op and im starting to get back to my routine. I cleaned my whole house today!!!

More pics just bored...10 days Post-op

More pics!!!

2 Weeks Post Op...Off to Work!!!!!

Off to work today. Hope all goes well...I will take it easy, take frequent breaks and ask for help along the way (I'm probably going to aggrivate my colleauges because I'm usually Independent and I really ask for help!)
Oh well this is team work....I hope I done swell as much. Will be posting pics post work...

3 weeks Post-op Pics

3 weeks Post-op
First day back at the gym. Took it nice and slow. 1 hour on the treadmill.

*****1 Month Post-op (4 Weeks!!!)*****

On my way to the gym.....hopefully it will help reduce some swelling!!!

6 Weeks Post-Op

Hey RS Family, I have finally hit the 6 Week mark and I am feeling great!!!Thanks for all the support, advice and encouragement. Here are some updates:

3 Months-10 days Post-op!!!!! Update

3 Months Post-op TT New Year's Workout Video
3 Months Post-op
I still continue to get swelling daily especially after meals and after work. I work out 3x/Week to keep fit and maintain my results!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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