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Ladies, thank you for sharing your wonderful...

Ladies, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences on this website, this is why today I am sharing mine. Happy mother of two young ladies, and after a very difficult experience found my Prince. America has given me a new opportunity. I am from South America, and the whole experience of coming here has been a roller coaster. ....I am grateful is all I can say. This is a new experience and a very thought about decision, I have wanted this for over 16 years, finally I said yes. Like many other experiences I have faced I embrace this one with hope and a big smile.
Thank you for reading, and thank you for any thought you will like to share with me.

Time goes so slow!!!

I am taking my vitamins, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and trying to not be nervous, I have read many RS reviews and it has helped me very much. I am very happy to read about all the good experiences and happy endings.

Tummy time

So many.....mixed emotions

I am exactly 3 weeks away from my surgery, sometimes I feel super super excited and happy so looking forward for this. Then I feel super scared, and have tons of weird thoughts , mostly negative, then I have tons of positive ones. I read many of your reviews brave ladies, and I thinks this experience is very traumatic and painful and draining, and then I look at my self in the mirror and move all the flabby skin up or down or to the side, and I see a very nice shape and think to myself, I WANT THIS so stop all the bs and keep moving forward.I should mention I just got a new job, which I start on the 6th 11 day before my surgery, so this is something else to think about.
I have to say I admire you ladies, good and bad you are brave, beautiful and strong women. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US.

Hello ladies

I wrote a long, long update, and I have no idea where it went.
Do not have much time now, but here are some not very good pictures of me, so I remember why I am doing this.Good wishes to all of you beautiful ladies.

I have so many thoughts. ..

My surgery is next Friday, I am excited but at the same time frightening and nervous, but is a very weird feeling because I have all of these feelings deep inside of me, like they don't want to come out or I am just pushing them deep. My youngest daughter who goes to College two hour away came to visit and spend some time with me, before I go when she left I felt like crying.......I need it to say this to someone, so here I am all of this normal, did you ladies go through this or am I just a Wish me luck I will be flying to Miami next Thursday, Friday morning is my surgery.

On my way to Miami

Soooo everything seems to going great.... i missed my first Flight, but it was good because I got a better layover time and I will be In Miami 2 hours before so that is awesome, the second is not that great but there is nothing I can do, I have cramps...meaning my period, wow that will be uncomfortable, any advice on this ohhh third left my flip flops I wanted to be comfy....I knew I should have wore them instead of my booties. Well ladies just wanted to share in a few hour will be in Miami, and tomorrow I will be in the flat side and boobie side
AWESOME! !! Please if you ladies have a chance , say a prayer for me and wish me luck.

Best decision ever

Today was my surgery, Everyone was awesome at Coral Gables, the Dr funny, and so kind and very experienced I just felt comfortable and safe.
I am in pain sometimes is not that bad, but I don't mind I am so happy, well I will keep you girls updated . Hope every one is doing well.


I love my boobies

Today is my 4th day, I am feeling much better. Not taking any pain killers, just taking Tylenol ,also my antibiotics, arnica and my vitamins. I am swollen in my torso, and to be honest cannot see my results yet, but I love my boobies, they are perfect, I love the job dr Krau did he is amazing, so if any of you are going to him or looking for a PS I highly recommend him.For me the 3 first days were the worst.Today has been a perfect day.

Feeling better

It's been almost a month from my MM. I have had good moments and not so good moments, but I wanted to share with you my experience with my lymphatic drainage massage, I got yesterday. I have experienced lot of swelling, which cause lots of discomfort to be honest it makes me miserable So I asked Dr Krau if I could have this massage done,he said yes. Best thing ever, today I feel so much like my old self.I will be getting more of those for sure.I will post some pictures later on. My boobs are healing perfectly and I am very happy. Hope all of you ladies are healing well, and for those difficult days, think it will get better

47 days post

Feeling better every day, still get swollen a lot in the afternoon, getting massages and it had helped, some days I feel better than others, buy it is getting better

before and after

This is after 7 weeks....Today

3 months and 10 days

Second time that I get up less swollen. It has been hard for me so this is very exciting. I would appreciate any comments. Sometimes I cannot see my results because of the great level.of discomfort I feel most of the day.....nights are worst. I have noticed I still have my love handles and my legs are huge . I know I didn't get much lipo done. So I am thinking lipo or something less invasive.Any advice. Ladies my best wishes and keep strong!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have not Dr Ary Krau yet will meat him, before my procedure. I have read many reviews, seen many videos and pictures. For some reason I feel very comfortable, to travel to Miami from out of state, and allow him to do his magic. The coordinator from CG cosmetics, Yadira has been wonderful, always answer my questions. I am confident and very excited.

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