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I am 29 yo married with 2 beautiful children....

I am 29 yo married with 2 beautiful children. Before they came along, I was 125 lbs (5'4.5"). Post children I am 158lbs. However, the pounds seems to have taken over my belly. My major problem area is the abdomen. Now if you people ask you,"how far along you are or what are you having" then you know your abdomen is truly protruding beyond the norm. Anyways, I have been thinking about this for awhile. And have been doing my research on Dr. Mel T. Ortega. Besides the cost, I had a friend of a friend who went there and her body looks amazing after the mommy makeover. I'm originally from Miami but moved to NY. However, I am definitely going to have the procedure done there so I can get support from my family and friends. Ps i am scared to death. I want to make it out alive. Is there anyone else having this surgery performed around the same time or can speak about his talent?

Going for consult

So I decided since I will be in Fl to visit the fam why not schedule consult. Yes, I've already paid deposit but I had a few queations. And it seems the only way I will get an answer is to schedule consult. After looking at other RS members I wanted to discuss the outcome and if i can do lipo to upper and lower back for better results. (In addition to the flanks). Or what other areas needs lipo for maximize results? If so what is the cost? I don't want just my front looking good. My appointment is this Tuesday. Hopefully it goes well.

Post consult

I went in for consult with Dr.Ortega. I made it 17mins late due to traffic near the airport. No parking spot. The people at the desk were nice and were able to assist with parking. I went in within 30mins. I got my vitals done with weight check. He came in after I undress and states that he can definitely make some improvements. My main question was would he also be able to lipo upper and lower back to get better outcome. His response is he could only remove 4000mL of fat according to the state of fl. And by the looks of my abdomen and flanks it may be the max he can do. For my safety and for his licensure. Unless I lose 5lbs. Well now I will start a diet plan to get down to 155. So 8lbs to go to be in safe side. Uhhhhh. Ps will start after holidays.

Waiting patiently....

It's been about 2 weeks and I have not received the final quote since now I have to get an umbilical hernia repair. When I first spoke to the coordinator Liz she mention it may be approximately $1200 more. I called again today and Spoke with her hopefully I get a response. Ps the cell she gives she never answers. It's best to contact office to get a hold of her.as much as I try to be on top of it I need her to do the same.


So yesterday I finally got a call. We were able to discuss the cost of the umbilical hernia repair. It's an additional 1500. So now my new cost is 5400 for Full TT,lipo of flanks and umbilical hernia repair. Although he said it was a mild hernia I'm on the fence of getting it done. I wonder can I get the tummy tuck without the hernia repair since its mild? It's not like she can answer that question as a Coordinator. It's difficult when you cannot speak to the doctor directly. I decided to get that done so it won't affect my results. And to do the lipo on the back it would be an additional 1600. RS ladies it's best to go in for console if possible so he can give you the exact procedure needed to be done so you don't have any surprises the day of surgery
The second thing that we discussed was my sx date. I wanted to make sure that she had the correct sx date after hearing people getting cancelled or having the wrong date. Yep i was a victim too. it seemed like she had me for the 16th instead of the 15th. I am highly upset because I know I scheduled for the 15th, the day after Valentines. She said she would get back with me on Monday. Well I hope she clear that up. I don't want to take off from work, fly down to Miami, have blood work done and don't have a surgery appointment.

After 5 lbs weight loss

Lost 5lb so I have 5 more to go. When I lose weight I feel like my butt is the first to go.


Liz has not called to verify my date. I will be in FL for my mom's bday. So I called and spoke with thr MA to schedule my labs on the 18th and while I'm there will get my date verified in person.... SMH. Ps I'm ordering some things today and other items I will pick up when I get to FL.


Labs done and received the email that I'm cleared. However, a lot of people are being canceled because Dr. Ortega has an emergency situation he is dealing with. Hope he is well because I don't know if I can still go through with it if another MD have to take over.... ????

1 week away (not even)

1 week to go. Order supplies to be mailed to mother's house. I almost canceled a few times d/t nightmares, fear of pain etc. Nervous as f*&$. I'm holding strong.
ps if you have FSA look on drugstore.Com to purchase a second abdomen binder and other supplies like gauze.

Today is the day!!

So they called saturday and confirmed me for today. There was a lot of "Do Not". Do Not eat 10 hrs before. Do not wear polish on 1 finger (I had got my nails done-gelish prior to finding out) Do not wear makeup. Do Not wear jewelry. The list goes on. Any how, I got the remaining items when I flew in yesterday. So I'm finally ready. I'll keep you ladies posted.

My Experience

Where do I start???? I was scheduled with me for 2:30 but they called me to come in earlier so I got there at 1. I pay the remaining balance and that of urine test. I was not taken to the back till about 4 o'clock. Then I seen the doctor at about 3:30. The nerves that did my pre-op was very nice and the doctor had great bedside manner he went into details of Hollywood tummy tuck procedure would have been done and why is it going to be done the way it was going to be.. he said I had a lot of loose skin which may be a perfect candidate to do what he wanted to do. He was very detailed and I like that. I felt less anxious. And I met with nurse anesthetist who is down to earth Now at 5:15 Pm, I got very frustrated because I was still not called back for surgery or IV. I told myself by 600 if im not called i. then I will reschedule for earlier time. Can you imagine not eating since 11 o'clock the night before. I was light headed and starting to get dizzy. So I guess they read my mind because I was called back to start my IV AT 545pm. Then all I remember was Dr,Ortega putting on some soft music. I woke up in recovery and dressed. When they put the binder on I was screaming "HELP". Like I was being rape. Lolol. That pain was the worse. Now I'm in a recliner which is the best to get up out of. My pain us 4/10 on percocet. The right side is draining approx 75mL every2-3hrs the most and left is just drain draining approx. 20ml. One good thing he stated I can schedule follow up visits up to the year which is great because yes I will be the one to do more than just two weeks follow up. Just to make sure my body is healing the right way and to be assessed by the doctor who performed the surgery. I refuse to wait until something happens to be seen by him. Besides the wait time everyone was great. Even my friend complimented on the doctor and on his professionalism. I have post op today. I will question about the draining.


Painnnn. OMGGGGG. Percocet on the around the clock. Trying to get up slowly. But will post pics soon. Is it normal to feel lumps???

4 days post op

So yesterday, I went to see Dr Ortega for a follow up visit and he said I was doing well remove dteasing from belly button. I was able to to go to the store with sister and by a few grocery items needed via wheelchair. Then in the night, i went to ladies night which was at a friend house. While I was there I did a lot of laying In a reclining position. I think I overdid it because I woke up in the middle of the night in so much pain. Here are pictures but a lot of swelling this am. I'm still not sure of my results. I'm hoping once the swelling goes down I can see more results???...

1 day post was HELL

1 day post not able to stand straight. Took shower per MD. Swelling/pain

Post op day 8

Ok. Went for post op today. He has agreed I have some swelling and will keep an eye closely. To make sure it's not seroma.

Side by side

8 days post- standing somewhat straighter. Just taking Tylenol every 8 hrs. States he will take out drain on day 11. We shall see. Plans to Return to work in 2 weeks.

11 days post op

11 day post op. Swelling has gone down a bit. I expressed my concerns about the dark bloody drainage. He said its fine. Nurse removed drains but left dressings at the incisions site. They told me from now on to use compression girdle $100 and binder together for better compression to decrease risk of having seroma. They told me I can use faja the 3/4 week post op. Im happy with my results so far. So question what is the best faja for post op tummy tuck online?

Yayyyy 14 days post op

I'm here for post op waiting on Dr. Ortega. So here is a pic with dressing on still.

Before and After

Just a comparison. I'm happy with results so far.

Before and after

Sorry pics didn't download. Ughhhhhh

Help-scar therapy

Day 14 post op visit-I was officially taught how to use silicone ear plugs today. He recommended leaving sterile strip dressings on until the end of this week. He took post op photos. He recommended using bicorneum silicone sheets starting next week. I was thinking about using Embrace instead. Have anyone use Embrace? Or any scar therapy?

Back to Work

I went back to work yesterday (post-op day 15) and I must say at the end of the day i was hunched over at the waist. My stomach and feet were swollen. Thank God my husband is helpful. Because he made dinner and when I got home I took a percocet, shower, ate and passed out. I elevated my legs and the swelling webt down by the am. Today was a bit better.

3 weeks yayyy

This week was better than last. Some tightness of the abdomen still. I'm 75 percent back to norm. Main thing is I am drained at the end of the day. (Work 10 hrs- 4 days shift). Drain site is healing.As of yesterday, I stopped using dressing on that site d/t no drainage. I just use bacitracin. I have stretch marks under belly button but I can leave with that. I'm loving this new me. And so is my hubby.

Progress with each day

So I scheduled a follow-up for 2 months post op. I must say everything looks pretty good but just wanted to see if he has other recommendations for my healing. Will post 5 week update pic tomorrow.

Loving my results

Low incision-healing well. I haven't started my scar therapy. I still wear faja and binder. Everyone at work say I look like I've been losing weight. Which I have. A total of 10lbs. Some ask why my booty looks bigger. Well, I just it's called working out. In reality I don't have a double butt (one in the front and one in the back). So it is more noted.

9 month update

Still get swelling in my upper abdomen at the end of the day. Still some parts are numb. But still content with results.

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