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A lil about me : Im a 41 yr old mom of 8,from ky....

A lil about me :
Im a 41 yr old mom of 8,from ky. I weigh 240lbs(im working on that)
I was really wanting to get a TT/bbl/lipo with Dr gharani at spectrum.... I'm hoping he is till with them . I sent them an email,and I was contacted by Lizabeth via text/email. She left me 2 phone numbers to contact her. Both out of service!!! Wtf..... So I get on RS,to check out some more reviews on the place I come across numbers for vivian-also out of service!! What is going on? If I can't get ahold of you for a consult- what's gonna happen after you take my $$. She said in her email to pay 300$ to lock in the price. Ummm....nope!! We've never even talked,you dont even know if you can do surgery on me.You've never even seen pics- but your willing to take a payment. I know she doesn't think I'm gonna pay for a major surgery with a Dr I've never actually met. I wanted to go to Fl. from Ky to do a face to face consult. Now..I'm just not sure. I hear the Dr. is wonderful, but that is of no consequence, when the people who are in charge of of your post op care drop the ball. People still die- AFTER surgery. Also..she said in her email- I can't get a bbl AND a TT at the same time. I seem to recall reading about women getting both done at the same time from spectrum. I only have $9000 to do this... Plus I still have to pay for travel,post op care,supplies, meds,ect.....
Any suggestions...?

At least she emailed back...

Well... Lizabeth finally got back to me. They seem to really stress giving that $300 to lock in the price. According to her- I need an extended tummy tuck. I haven't researched this yet. I really would rather talk to a Dr to find out the pro's and con's of a full TT vs an extended TT . I'm just not sure that's gonna be possible with them. I'm not sure how they can expect anyone to fork out that kind of money over a few pics by email-never speaking to the surgeon. Maybe this is how these places normally operate. Idk....

Thinking about going to Dr leon

Well....I had my heart set on Dr O at spectrum, but their communication is horrible!! So many horror stories of ladies saying to post op care was awful. That scares me to death!! I'm still planning on going to Miami 3/9-3/12 to check them out in person. I refuse to book a major surgery with a Dr I've never met. Having told them this...they still haven't gotten back to me in regards to setting something up for a consult. But they are quick to mention that $300 to "lock" in the price!! I'm not worried bout locking in the price- it seem to pretty much always be the same price anyway. my search to find a surgeon.... I came across a review on Dr Jose' Leon- I read all the reviews ,and not a single bad review. I know there's only a handful of reviews but he only dies 2 surgeries a day - not 6+ like other docs. At the beginning... I was dead set about not going out of the country to the DR ,but after the glowing reviews and the price...I'm strongly considering it. Any Leon dolls out there??

Paging...Dr Leon....

I'm still trying to get ahold of Dr. Leon. I've emailed,and hit him up on watsapp- but no reply as of yet. I would really love a consult with this man. However...if I Dont hear from him soon....I will have NO choice but to schedule my trip to Miami to TRY to get a consult at spectrum with Dr. O. I'm still in the process of trying to reach out to some of Leon's former patients to see if he is- everything the internet says he is.

He called me!!!

I finally talked to Dr Leon. I'm so impressed!! He didn't rush me on the phone,and he answered ALL of my questions. His prices are phenomenal!!
He finally opened up his own Rh- with a few other docs. 24 hour care by a DR EVERY DAY ALL DAY AFTER SUGERY!!
5700$ for everything meds,test,faja bbl,TT,lipo 16 days in a recovery house,transportation ect.
I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some things...but I'm attaching the actual quote,so you can see the list. I feel really good about Dr Leon. He only does 2 surgeries day instead of 6-7 of them. He actually keeps you in the hospital afterwards instead of kicking you out an hour after surgery. Spectrum is becoming distant memory. I was really looking forward to doing surgery with Dr O....but that office staff ,and their lack of communication is a serious issue for me. I refuse to do surgery in a place I've never seen,with a doc I've never been allowed to meet. They only communicate to tell you send $$ to secure your date. They are not about to force me into surgery because they are holding my money hostage after I pay for surgery. If this is is any reflection of their post op care- I am not willing to risk it. I heard the docs were decent, but the front desk staff is a stressful nightmare for a first time surgery patient. Not to mention- the infection complaints, and bad reviews. I know Dr Leon doesn't have ALOT of reviews,but he only does 2 surgeries a day,so of course I would be expecting less reviews than someone who does 3x that amount per day. The reviews I did see...on fb,and real self were nothing but great. I will continue to check into him,but so far ...I'm feeling quite optimistic about him doing my surgery. An added perk- even with the $450 round trip flight to the DR from Ky...its still alot cheaper than than spectrum,and this is with 16 days in the RH. Plus he can do a bbl,TT,and lipo in the same day(whoop whoop). I'm intetesed in hearing from any other Leon dolls out there.

I'm convinced Dr Leon is my Dr.

I'm just waiting til I get paid tomorrow- so I can book surgery ,and secure a spot in his RH. I am thinking I will go June 29th 2016.
I'm pretty sure that's the date I'm gonna choose. My kids will be out of school,and I will be recovered enough to at least enjoy the last half of the summer break with them. I'm just trying to figure out what all I need to travel out of the country. .... Passport...visitor card...idk
Do I take cash,credit card,or travelers checks...? I have a Dr and RH- I just have to figure out how to get in and out of the country. And also how to lose 20-40 lbs by then. I envy those that have to gain weight before a bbl. The stress of losing weight makes me eat,and I gain more weight. Its a vicious cycle.
But I'm working on it. Mostly its the trying to make sure I have everything I need to get in and out of the US. No one wants to get stuck in another country.

I bit the bullet...

I took a leap of faith(after some research),and booked with Dr. Leon for June 30th. Now...its just a countdown to loose this 40lbs by then. Oh...and figure out what all I need to leave the country -other than a passport(I'm getting that next week). I'm super excited!! I'm already making a list of other thothingsngs I want done,after this surgery. But first I gotta do the bottom half of me,then I'll do the top- next round. Maybe I'll get lucky...and some RS doll will be heading that way,around that date.

265 WTF.....??!!

Well... Silly me..
It had been awhile since I weighed myself,so I went by my last weight. I was way off. I thought I weighed 240...I weigh freaking 265- maybe 270 depending on the scale I get on. I told Dr Leon during my consult that I weigh 240-,he said lose 40. That sounded hard enough in 5 months. How my gonna lose 60-70 pounds in 5 months.... And be able to eat an actual meal ? Im working out(I've never step foot in a gym before now). Taking diet pills, and cutting out calories like crazy.. But I'm still the same. HELP!!!

Down 8lbs

I'm down 8lbs.
I would probably be down a bit more,if I could ever make it to the gym- more than 2x total. Seems like every time I try to go..something comes up with my kids. So ,for now...I'm relying on topamax,and dietary supplements from Kroger's to keep my hunger at bay. I've totally laid off pop,and I only eat one meal a day. Lucky for me..the topamax makes pop taste gross so I dont miss it. But 8lbs in 2weeks is a pretty good start. Just 5 months,and 59 pounds to go.....

Just counting down these days-

So far...this diet thing isn't going well. I keep trying to get to the gym before closing... But something always seems to come up. The appetite suppressant meds were working pretty well- at first,but not so much now. On the bright side...taking the topamax made soda taste so awful- I NEVER went back to it. If I could just cut out the juices... I would be doing better. I have a mini girls vacation scheduled mid march...but soon as I get back- I'm gonna go hard core on this diet/workout thing. I will only have 3 months to lose this 40-45lbs. I'm really gonna try not to do too much damage with sweets,and fast food on my lil vacation. I'm hoping to get a little insight on what things I need to buy, and where to buy them at.
I know a lot of ladies ended up with things they thought they needed-things they didn't really use. The list seems so long,and intimidating -lol. Maybe I'll start ordering a month before hand. I'm just excited,and anxious,and nervous(in a good way). I just want to have everything I need before I go,and not have ANY issues when I get there. I haven't even checked my hemo level - yet...
I'm kinda scared I've got the whole weight loss thing to deal with first. Hopefully... It will all come together. Its a lot of planning tho.....but well worth it for the results.

Down 14 lbs

I guess the lack of soda...has made a difference. I've lost a little weight. I'm still going to hit the gym- but so far..... I'm happy about at least losing a little weight.


While searching YouTube for some surgery info....a young lady posted a link. I usually don't click on links- but something told me I should. The more I read...the more my jaw dropped in horror and disbelief. The same Dr I was originally going to see( before Dr. Ghurani).... got his license suspended/taken Feb 2016 for almost killing 4 women. I'm so glad..... I didn't make it to Miami. I noticed recently... that a few ladies were still either considering going,or scheduled with him. I strongly encourage you to do your research and follow your gut. I would post the link,but I also recently read- that links aren't allowed on the post.

Gained 5lbs back

Well...i gained back 5 lbs (grrr..)
Whatever i was doing before to loose the weight so fast is no longer working.....
So,now Im trying the ketogenic diet(similar to adkins). At least on this one,I am not gonna starve. I've just gotta cut out the carbs. I hope this works... I am running out of time,and dont want to have to reschedule just because of my weight.

So's been a race to loose 40lbs- so I can...

So's been a race to loose 40lbs- so I can have my surgery. I'm currently 260lbs,but I have to get down to 220 before he will take me. Dr. Leon,and his assistant are so awesome!! She's been available by phone to answer all my questions ....even tho they've been really swamped lately. I'm so thrilled with my choice of Dr.

Busy time....

My goodness.....seems like everyone I'm following has had their surgery,or will be having it- this month. Its been such a pleasure....following them from start to finish- in their journey to becoming the women they want to be. I find myself,counting down the days with them,and excited,and anxious for each new one - that boards the plane to the DR. The assistant for Dr. Leon says they've been very busy lately...I guess the secret is out-about him. Lol. He seems to be a great Dr. I am counting down those days.... I just hope this 40lbs doesn't trip me up.

Thank Goodness for Hawaiian punch sugar free grape

Well....I'm down to 256. Nothing stellar,but at least I didn't gain weight again(yay).
The thing that was holding me up,was what I was drinking(white castle sweet tea). I HATE WATER,and the taste of diet anything. I tried everything -but the Hawaiian punch sugar free single packs are cheap $1 a box,and you get 8 packs-each pack makes 16oz. I take em with me EVERYWHERE. They taste just like grape koolaid. They have other flavors,but grape (so far is the best). Once I cut the drinks with the sugar out... I started loosing again. I'm drifting between a low Carb,and a liquid diet. I really need to step my game up tho.....cuz I'm running out of time. I did at least remember to go get my passport.

Surgery date changed

It was a little harder, than I thought to drop this last I had to move my surgery date to July 30th instead of June 30th. I just needed time to drop these extra pounds. Dr Leon was very serious about having a 35 bmi,and wasn't gonna do it-unless I get down to that. Even though loosing this weight is hard as hell.. I'm thrilled that he is,sticking to that,because it shows me he cares about my health over my $$. His assistant is the bomb. She's totally on it,when it comes to keeping in touch. So far....I am very pleased with the both of them. I've decided to go on a liquid diet-to help speed this thing along-but OMG it is hard. I love good food. Lol. I have 8 children,and a husband-watching them eat the good stuff,and all I can eat is soup killing me. I just keep thinking of the results of the surgery to keep me focused. I will be so glad to get these c section scars fixed. The incision site still leaks fluid even though it's been healed for 4 years. I know I will heal better once my Incision isn't covered with belly fat. On the bright side.... everyone keeps telling me, "I look like I've lost weight " even people who don't know I'm dieting -so that's cool. My clothes fit better too. The only down side is -LOOSING MY BOOBS :-( in the process. They are 42 H but loosing volume so they look kind of deflated. I guess a breast lift will be next on my list,along with my eyes -if all goes well with this surgery.
I had 30lbs to loose last time I stepped on the scale a month ago. I'm afraid to get back on one,because if I haven't lost any weight after practically starving myself all this time....I'm going to be bummed. Im just gonna cross my fingers.

Weight loss...ugh....

So....I still have 30 freaking pounds to lose in 40 days.... I've rescheduled once already- because my weight is too high. Idk why I only pushed it back 30 days to lose the the stubborn 30. I haven't even weighed myself lately.. because I've fallen off the wagon- because of stress. Its a never ending circle. The,stress of having to lose this weight is making me want to eat-ugh...
On the bright side..his assistant was a doll about rescheduling me,and finding a date soon. I CAN NOT reschedule again- so I've got to lose this weight!! They didn't tell that that's just my personal promise to myself. I wish I had a diet buddy...Lol. Soup/liquid is about to be my best friend.
supposedly - you can lose a pound a day....
I guess I'm gonna find out. That will leave me with 10 days to spare. I'm still going to Dr.Leon and his recovery home. I'm just having trouble finding reviews on it.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have changed to Dr Leon .

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