No More Fupa

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So you guys I've been wanting to have a Tt for...

So you guys I've been wanting to have a Tt for some time now. So originally I was going Dr. Ortega but he didn't have any opening until Jan 20. So I kept looking and found Dr Fisher I called today and guess what they had an opening for next Tuesday. Margret the coordinator has been awesome from the start. I was able to complete my blood work and paperwork today. They answered all of my questions asap. So now I'm booking my flight to leave Sunday night to bad I can't drink so no turn up for me lol. But it's ok I'm super excited wish me luck I will keep you updated on this quick journey

Pre-op done

Hey ladies just finished my pre-op.
Here's a little advice get your labs done before you come. I did all of that and I didn't have to wait to long.Dr.fishers office is is busy as hell but my coordinator did a good job handling my stuff. Next step tomorrow.

2 days post op

Post Op Day 2

Baby let me tell you day 2 is no joke!!!! Went for a massage this morning didn't hurt to bad. But I am uncomfortable as hell. Drunk some tea and stool softener hopefully that will ease my stomach a lot. The nurse was great and very helpful. Been taking my mess every 4 hours trying to deal with the pain it's not to bad. But I took a sneak and baby no more fupa!!!! So it's really worth it. I will try and post pics soon I'm still sore and swollen.

Post op day 2

Day 2

Finally went to the bathroom

So ladies milk magnesium has saved my life lol. I couldn't use the bathroom and was so uncomfortable. I finally went and I feel great. I'm up walking a little more can stand up straight. The staff at Dr. fishers office have been the best the call to check on me make sure I'm eating and not in pain. Makes me feel like I picked a great doc with such short notice. Not draining as much which is good hopefully I can get these taken out soon. I'm pretty swollen but I don't care I see the bigger picture!!! So I'm just relaxing in my room I'll upload photos soon.

Day 4

I'm tired but here's my post op!!!!

Day 5 post op

Hey love bugs!!! Today is day 5. I'm staying at the extended stay through Xanadu. I was determined today to get out of this room and walk. So I walked across the street to the wing place and that wore me out lord but I made it there and back.Kinda jealous of all the girls that bbl they are all walking around and I'm just hunched over lol I'm standing up straight but not to long. I'm not sure if my ass is weighing me down or what but this a task. Im not in any pain but this back of mine is killing me. I think I'll be able to get one drained removed cause that one is pretty dry.tomorrow is massage day looking forward to that and maybe get my faja. Still pretty swollen like my damn stomach is going to burst but I just take it easy. I'll post pics soon good luck ladies

Day 6

So all I see is I'm fuckin swole as hell. I feel like my ass is weighing me down making my back hurt ???????????? and I hope the damn drains come out today because they are annoying. But other than that I have no fupa thank goose I'll just wait

Day 13 post op

Here's a little progress 13 days post op o switched my garment to my suit and I feel way bette.still swole but I'm seeing progress can't wait to workout thank god.messed around tried to drink that didn't end well I woke up at 12 am throwing up bad. Def won't be doing that again.

Day 15

So I'm not really feeling this today the binder doesn't compress my whole stomach and it's making dents in my sides.I feel like my stomach is bigger than it was before. What should I do

Up and down

So I took these yesterday 19 days post op. I'm starting to get a little excited patience is key. I wanna workout so bad. I'm getting my energy back. Yesterday I went to a football game did a lot of walking and it wasn't to bad took me forever but they waited. Today I was able to do a client not sitting the whole time which is progress. Tried on my wish jeans and either my ass is bigger or idk but either way after this swelling goes down I'm gonna give em hell!!!. I could zip my jeans with no muffin top or fupa on front so I'm just gonna wait it out. Chips are the devil all the damn salt. But overall besides eating a whole pie lol thanksgiving was great

23 days post op

22 days post op
22 days post op!!!!
I can honestly say
Stay out the fuckin mirror and don't eat salt. Get you a back brace from the doctor because them crappy ass garments they give you don't do shit and drink detox water .

1 month post op

Tummy tuck Tuesday
1 month post op today
So I have been doing light cardio really mentally watching my diet.
Drinking detox water and cleansing
Im feeling great only regrets I have is not getting more lipo in my back. Now I'm on a mission to drop 20lbs can't wait till feb to see what I look like. I had to put my bf on coochie timeout never knew he was so horny and last that long !!! Anyways if you have questions feel free to ask

Progress report

Here's some Friday motivation no much had changed well I lied I'm down 9 lbs prays the lord

These didn't upload


These wouldn't load

One more time

Friday situation

5 week bday lol

Today I made 5 weeks and Ive been working out not much has changed I don't think lol I'll post more nudes later. I finally got my cycle and that shit is terrible.other than that I'm healing great

6 weeks update

Happy 6 weeks to me

Merry xmas

So today for what ever reason i couldn't find my back brace. I went all day without it and I was so uncomfortable! I might missed the gym 2 days in a row so now I feel fat. The swelling is getting better I love the morning because I'm not as swollen. Sometimes I wish I went to Dr so they could have sucked they hell out of my back but I'll keep working out anyways happy holidays ladies

I want my back lipo'd

Today is my week 7 and all I want for Christmas is lipo!!!!! I swear I wish I would have went out the country. I'm not sure if I'm swollen or fat my stomach is gone but this back fat is killing me. I want ppl to look and can tell I lost weight or something. In due time. I wonder why I can't get lipo on the area that wasn't treated ?

Give it time

Give it time the swelling goes down thank hid now I just need my back lipo'd

Post up check in

Here's an update I'm happy with results going for lipo hopefully next month
I making it the whole day without my compression thing swelling isn't so so bad either

I'm coming along

Here's my update !

Almost 6 months post op t

Hey ladies I've been busy busy but here's my updates

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