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Hey guys I am finally getting my tummy done thank...

Hey guys I am finally getting my tummy done thank goodness. Lol My surgery is on july 5,2016 which is in less than two weeks I am so excited. My pre surgery weight is 160 I am hoping my post weight will be 155 or somewhere around there lol. (finger crossed) My pre surgery waist size is 30inch I hope I go down to 25. I am really excited and really happy I finally get to do it.

I am having so much an anxiety

I Am having so much anxiety about the surgery I want everything to go right. On top of my anxiety none of my close friends or family are supporting me. I have wanted this procedure for years so i can finally feel confident again but no1 seems to be happy for me. Its kinda depressing i really want there support but at the end of the day i have to do what makes me happy

Thinking about tattoo cover ups

Just uploading some pics


I know everyone thinks that should get a tummy tuck because I look fine but I have lost a lot of weight I use to weigh 175 now I am down to 159 I lost weight because I wanted to be smaller so my resluts for my tummy tuck would be better not I feel like i shound have kept my weight I hope the dr we'll be able to tuck my tummy lol I really want my stretch Marks to be gone n I have some extra skin. My procedure date is coming up fast I would hate to spend all this money in go to Miami for nothing on top of all of this craziness I just got my period n I hope that doesn't mess up my lab work I m going to start taking iron tomorrow morning like I couldn't be stressed out enough ...

Hello Miami

Yay I m finally here tomorrow is the big day I m so proud of my self ???????? I can't wait to meet my dr

No tummy tuck for me just liposuction

Feeling a lil bitter sweet but I m all marked up and ready to go my doctor is so nice and sweet he so honest

Thank go have a high pain tolerance

I just wanted to come back and update you guys on what's going on and how I feel and look directly after surgery. So I got out of surgery at 10:30 am. I was the first person to get my surgery done (yay me ) after my surgery I awoke on a recovery bed. I was freezing thank God for the heater they had in the recovery room. Mins after waking up in recovery, my garment and clothes were put back on and I was put in wheelchair and wheeled to my car were my mom drove me to the hotel all this time I had no pain meds I have been my hotel for a hour in a half with no pain meds but I have very high tolerance for pain so I have been walking on my on to the bathroom n walking around my hotel room a little don't get me wrong I am in pain but I m pretty good a dealing with it I will update you guys a little later or tomorrow

Call me Bloody Mary

Just a little update it looks like got a bbl but I only got liposuction . Every time I get up to go the bathroom I feel blood running out I have had to change my bed pad like 8 times now it's so much blood. Tomorrow I have to go get messages

Snatched much ???

Waisted is snatched n i m still swollen ????????????????

Snatched much ???

Waisted is snatched n i m still swollen ????????????????

Message yay

I got to get my message done today it felt so good but I almost passed out because i didn't eat anything before I got my message and my blood pressure dropped so fast but other than that my message was great. My message therapist was great she was so nice and sweet she had a great personality. She personality was so contagious I think that what made the message feel even better . I toke a pic with her I know I look crazy excuse my hair . After my message I went to the first floor to take pics and while I was sitting in the room waiting there was another woman in the room next to mine she was having some compilations I don't want to sound rude but she was a older lady that came to get a bbl and in my opinion she had no business doing that she was complaining about her results but she removed her faja and didn't want to put it back on because it hurt her????????.. I know I m noisy lol but ppl like that piss me off because they give this place a bad rep and they are the ones responsible for there own downfall anyway I am love with my results so far I think my doctor may have put a little fat in my cheeks because it looks like I had a bbl lol

Hello booty

So much booty ????

Itchy and scratchy

My faja is so itchy I feel like I am going crazy with it one I have been taking Benadryl which helps so much. I got a second message today and it was way better than the first one it felt amazing there was a lot of fluid coming out I think I m going to start going back on my diet regimen of just drinking water and and not eating any red meats and not eating after 8 pm and working out regularly I weighed myself today and I was 158 I know I still have a lot of fluid so I know my weight will keep going down which I m happy about :-) my waist size is going down as well which is great. My butt is on FLEEK. Omg I know my but was big before but it's huge now and my thighs are bigger. I love my results so far.


I m very swollen n every tired i m laying in my bed i just want to come and upload some befor pic to show you guys i already had booty i will write more in the a.m.


Hey ladies let's talk about swell hell I am so swollen but I can definitely see my results and I'm loving my results if my droctor wasn't happily married I swear I would kiss him right on the lips lol I love my results so far I can see my results through the swelling and I'm just loving it my waist is a really small like I wanted it my butt is really plum like I have a BBL I did have a concern that my incisions had sealed up and when I was getting my massage there was no liquid or fluid draining out I called the doctors office and they said that was normal and that I would pee the fluids out they also said I would have to use a rolling pin to help the fluids move out as well so that's what I have been doing I will be doing a new review on my breast lift with implants and I will be returning to Dr. Ghruin after I am finishing healing form this procedure


Just trying on some dress today
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