Finally Getting a TT After 1 Child and 120lb. Weightloss! - Miami, FL

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Hi all, I'm so excited (and terrified) for my...

Hi all,
I'm so excited (and terrified) for my tummy tuck (with waist liposuction) coming up in September! I just booked today and put down the $500 deposit with Dr. Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics. Not in a million years did I think I would fly out of state to get this done, but it's significantly less money than what it would cost to have done in the Seattle area. I'm about 20-25lbs. from my goal weight (ideally 155-160) as of today, but I'm confident I can be there by surgery time since I've been trucking along with my weightloss so far. I lost 120lbs over the last 3 years and after being a size 16-22 (depending on the year) since middle school, this skin just hasn't bounced back. It's not a cute "mommy pouch" that some have. If only it were that! I honestly think the last time I had a flat (or near to) stomach was when I was around 6 years old. Sooo... It's time for me to shine in my prime! I don't want the last couple years of my 20's to pass by without me knowing what my body was supposed to look like all along! (Side note: I'm planning on having a thigh lift, BBL, and BA done down the road as the $$ comes).

Before pic #2

Here's another before pic from the side. Any recommendations on the best garments to wear after surgery? And scar creams?

I have yet to meet Dr. Ortega, but I can see where people get very frustrated with his scheduling staff. They've all been very friendly and polite, but it took me being persistent with multiple phone calls to even get my surgery quote and schedule the date. I finally told the receptionist on my third call, I'm ready to book now if only I could talk to a scheduler! And voilĂ ! There she patched me through to a nice girl named Emily who has been very prompt in all of her communications so far. No complaints here, being in the medical field myself I understand being very busy. I'll update this once I get to Miami!

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