Excited Can't Wait To Get Rid of The Gut!! Miami, FL

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So today I finally booked my Surgery scheduled for...

So today I finally booked my Surgery scheduled for Oct 5th. I just want to thank everyone for all your reviews it helped a lot I decided to go with Ortega he did my sis tummy tuck and she looks great. Ant tips you guys have would be great. Also the closest hotel the recovery house makes me nervous thanks.


Looking for hotels are pricey. And I work for one. I came to terms that Miami is just expensive.

Best Western Miami.

Has anyone actually stayed at the hotel and if so how was it. I haven't really heard anyone talking about this hotel even though it's very close to spectrum. Also tips on a binder I'm not sure if I want to or should purchase the one from spectrum for $125.

Binder 101

Hello dolls I need some help should I buy my own binder or should I get it from the doctors office. They are charging me 125 and I know I can get them online for cheaper but is cheap better please let me know I'm trying to get some of my items out the way. I found a place that sell medical supplies and it's about $45.

more questions about the garment. Calling all Ortega Dolls

Can you tell what was given to you after your tummy tuck. I was told my garment would be 125 is that the binder or faja. Emily not in yet so I'm anxious for the answer.

supply list.

Hello dolls,

My surgery is not until 10/5 so I know yall may be saying why is she even worried about ordering anything yet. I'm used to structure and I'm also a recovering shopaholic (I diagnosed myself lol)
So my question how soon should I start shopping for things I'm looking to order things that's more expensive first and work my way down. As you can see I don't like to wait till the last minute but I need advice on when I should start because I don't want to go overboard.


Has anyone had a issue getting your meds after surgery. My sissy had hers done in Dec and had a hard time getting her scripts in miami I don't think my doc will prescribe them to me. Does anyone know if spectrum will send them early if your out of town.

Fmla and Time Off

Hello Ladies,

How did you guys do time I have Fmla at work but this isn't considered a serious health condition. So I don't think I can get short term disability I do have time accumulated I was just wondering if you ladies have Fmla with your job how did you do it I will be taking a month off so I don't want any issues.

Starting my work out Journey

Just starting getting back to working out and I feel great. I haven't been instructed to loose weight I just feel it cant hurt. I want to be better physically and be able to get through the healing process. So let The Weight Loss Begin!!

Be Ready For Nay Sayers And People Who Think There Opinion Matters

OK dolls so it seems like every time I mention my surgery my sister tense up like it's a problem. So we know a girl that has had one and she gained a lot of weight afterwards. She like don't turn out like so and so I wanted to call her a Bitch. No offense but that really pissed me off I stand behind anything she wants to do furthermore she should know I could care less what she or anybody else thinks but it's like why you just can't support me. Ok rant over.

Feeling And Thoughts

Well I have 214 days to wait until my surgery. So much going on saving working researching shopping. I am soooo excited and I wish I could push up my date but everything that goes into this decision takes time and money and Miami is not a cheap place to stay a week let alone 10-14 days but I am so ready I can taste it. I don't care what anyone thinks haters are going to hate people are always going to have something to say you damn if you do damn if you dont. So why not give them something to talk about.

Question for my recent Tummy Tuck Ortega Dolls

Hello Ladies I'm trying to book my flight. Can you all tell me on average how long you stayed in Miami. I wanna book my flight while my boo feeling generous.

My Flight Is Booked

I'm so excited a little too excited still have 7 months to go I purchased all my recovery clothes and bored my hotel. Still working on vitamins and other aspects. Has anyone ever used vita medica ive been looking into there clinical and recovery support items. If anyone used them please chime in.

Now I Think I Want A MMO

Looking at all you beautiful sisters I think I want to switch from a extended TT to a mmo Ortega is my doctor can you ladies please she'd some insight If you have had one from Ortega to be honest I have only been looking at tummy tucks I did see a few mmo I just need some insight so I can make up my mind don't know if I want saline or gummy bears or what I know I need them lifted but I don't feel a lift will be enough ive had one pregnancy so my fullness is completely gone. I don't go anywhere without a bra. Please help.

8lbs down

The weight loss is coming along so excited however it could be faster if I worked out but I'm so busy I really don't work out as much I just cut out carbs and junk food. I work out a little bit on the weekends but I will get there.

100 Days to go.

Hey ladies it's been a minute weight loss is going great. And my body is changing. I have a question. I'm going for a tummy tuck but i want my but done as well but just later on. Has anyone got a tummy tuck then got they butt done. I know it's normally the other way around but my stomach is my biggest insecurity so that's going down first.

94 Days And Counting can't wait to be snatched

I have been working out However these next 30 days im going hard I have been running and jogging especially yesterday and today. Right now I'm at 161 I want to be between 140-145 for surgery I'm 5"3 and most of my weight is in my stomach back and waist. I have been running so I hope this helps. My cordinator has been very responsive to all of my questions my flight is booked hotel is book. I just have a handful of things I need to purchase so I'm just waiting.

88 Days to go. Nerves are already Kicking in

So yes I have 88 days to go and I'm getting a little antsy I hadn't expected me to start feeling this way already. I started my iron and vitamin c regimen vitamin c helps you to better absorb iron and im starting early because I don't want any issue's with iron. I have been working out about 4-5 days a week. I haven't weighed myself yet I had to buy a new scale so I can't wait to get it. All and all everything is cool. Congrats to all the recent surgeries you ladies look great as I can't stop saying I can't wait until my turn. I swear I don't want to rush summer buuuuuut I want my day to come.

5lbs down From July 1st to Today 7/16/16

I have been killing it with my powerwalks and cutting out my junk food and carbs. It's been going really well I have 16 more lbs to go before October and I know im going to crush it so excited.

Question For My Dolls

Can any of you that have stayed at the Best Western next to spectrum chime in about your stay how was check in did you have to pay a deposit was it comfortable. I will be there after surgery my boyfriend will be taking care of me so I won't be doing a recovery house. Thanks in Advance

On My Way To Do Blood Work

Getting blood work done today this wasn't prescribed by spectrum. They don't do it until 30 days out. But I want to see where I stand so if its low I have time to get it up. I been taking iron and vitamin c for a little over a month so we shall see how it goes. Wish me luck.

Tips To Get My Hemoglobin Up

So I had a cbc done on Friday and as I figured it would be a little low. However it's not as low as I thought it's at a 10.8 my surgery is not until October however spectrum will require me to do my labs in September so I want to know what some of the things you ladies did to get your iron up if it was low I know about the spinach. Also I don't eat meat only seafood. I have been taking iron supplements but only one a day with vitamin c should I take more or take something altogether different I have been researching blood builders but I'm not sure. Please help.

Low Hemo

I did my blood work on Friday and my Hemo was low not too surprised because I don't eat meat only seafood. So I have started taking iron 2-3 times a day with vitamin C and blood builders eating spinach and raisins. I'm not worried I won't get it up for some reason but I guess that's a good thing. Make sure to get your iron checked early. You will Def be turned away if your iron is low they will not do your surgery


So as i said earlier in my review my hemo was at a 10.8. i wanted to get checked early so i will have enough time to get it up i only eat seafood so i figured it would be a little low. Im taking floradix liquid iron twice a day. Blood builders once a day vitamin c twice a day 325mg iron once a day folic acid and b-12 once a day. Everybody is different so what worked for some may not work for you. I have read a lot of reviews where girls have been turned away because they were unable to get their hemo up in time. My advice is to check early and start fixing it early two months should be the minimum you have no idea how your body will aborb the iron. The earlier the better.


So between January and last night ive rounded up supplies my boyfriend told me not to get anything else if it's something i don't have we can get it in Miami so i wont pack so heavy. it's killing me not to have everything because I'm used to structure and can't stand waiting until the last minute. I may wait and pack my suitcase to see how heavy it is or I just may go out and get the other things lol
This is what I have:

Arnica tabs
Mepitac tape
Alcohol pads
Maxi pads
Dial soap (gold)
Medium gauze
Adult washcloths
Robe and slippers
2 maxi dresses
3 pair longe pants
6 sleep shirts
Chux pads
My boyfriend will be bringing his heating pad.
Cotton swabs
Protein shakes
I know I'm missing
antibiotic ointment
Micropore tape
Im not worried about the scar therapy products just yet If it's on sale I will get it however it will be staying home until I get back from my trip. That's all for now.

Checking My Hemo

Hello Dolls,
does anyone know a place where I can get a cbc done. My pcp wont do another one until my preop appointment and I want to know before then. I don't mind paying if I have to. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

I'm getting there.

So this weight loss journey has taken on a life of its own I am 150.6 and my ultimate goal is 140 by surgery but I will settle for 145 I started out at 161 on 7/2 and today at 150.6 so excited I'm going to try my best to get this 10 off but still pay close attention to my hemo. How the weight comes off plays a big part in your hemo Wish me luck ladies I'm almost at the finish line. If you need me I will be in the Gym lol. Later Dolls.

Tick Tock Tick Tock Says The Hands On The Clock

Nothing new to report. Just that nowadays I just feel like I'm watching paint dry lol. Took my son school shopping looking at so many things I wanted to buy for myself but I am holding off at this point just waiting and waiting.

Pain After Waking Up (Questions)

So I have been reading where some people wake up shaking and in pain. ok I know there is going to be pain, but as far as pain meds do they give them to you in recovery from spectrum or the ones they give you will be the ones you have filled. I want to bring mine with me to pop as soon as I can.


So I have decided I will hire a private duty nurse for the first couple of days or even longer while my boyfriend and I are in Miami. For one I don't want him to have to be cooped up in the hotel room with me the whole time. I mean I know he will be there for support but I want him to enjoy it a little bit as well. We have a beautiful relationship so me wanting to make sure he have a nice time is a much of a priority as my surgery coming out good. I like the website and it's really easy to use. I have already had someone to apply for the job I just gotta go through the process in seeing if that's the person i want to use or wait for someone else to apply. And you also pay them through Carelinx.com so no need to give them cash. They put in their time sheet you approve it and then you pay with your credit or debit card and then they get paid easy and convenient and they even do background checks on all caregivers. One less thing I gotta worry about.

On The Straight & Narrow

im am almost one month pre op (omg did I just sat that wowsers!!) anywho I will be 100% eating clean no snacks or candy I love me some sugar. The only snack I will have is something that contains iron I am 10lbs away from my goal weight. I want to get there before surgery I know I wont be able to work out for while so I need to hit my goal so if I gain I wont have far to go to get it off. I will add new pictures soon I don't look the same as I did when I first made this post which I am excited about.

A Little Vacay

So I'm still working on my weight I go from 150.4 to either 150 to 150.2 I'm not budging. So I will try to start working out at home instead of the gym. I have to leave work a little early for the gym so I have cut that out so I can get all my money. Soo I have not been off since the Monday after father's days I have been really tired buy don't want to take off or call out. But my boo being the boo he is says he will pay me to take a day off (I love him) so of course it's a win win yes I'm doing this for my self and working hard while doing it. If you have a chance to just take some time for you if you can afford it just do it to take your mine off everything for a while. Yes I'm on realself but I should be relaxing but I had to let yall know lol.

Here I Am about 15-16 lbs loss

I tried my best to take some new pics so you can see. Where I am now. Compared to my first pics my stomach has really came down. One of my pics is blurry but you can get a idea hopefully. I wanna lose 10 more that's the plan.

Poting and Keeping up with your JOURNEY

I just want to say I appreciate everyone thus far who has posted and continue to post after the surgery is done. I fee I owe it to the people who have not started this journey yet or are just in the researching phase. I have seen a lot of post where you will see post all the way up until a couple days of surgery or the day of and that's it. I know things happen and life happens but please if you start try your best to finish you never know who you may be helping out in the end. its nice to know your not the only one feeling depressed or get gas after taking a certain medication just anything. We are here to help one another so post as much information as often as you can after surgery (ONCE YOU FEEL UP TO IT)

Found a Cute Little Studio for 12 Days Booked and Paid Off

Hello All,
I found a cute little studio on airbnb its 2 miles away from the doctors office 7 minute drive. We decided not to rent a car but knowing my man that may change. The host is really nice and very responsive I asked him a question yesterday evening and he got right back to me. He has nothing but great reviews. I'm very excited to have that part over and done with. I'm still looking for a caregiver I posted on carelinx but the people that are applying don't really have experience in post op recovery care. I did find one that I really like but I'm waiting to hear if she will be available. Even if its only the first 24-48 hrs I will be fine with that. My boo doesn't want me to get a caregiver but he knows that this is what I want to do. So I'm still on a hunt for one. If anyone knows of one or where I can look please let me know

I realized I never wish pics.

Here are my most favorite trying to keep my expectations in check lol.

Floradix or Pur Absorb Does it Matter if I Switch

I told my coordinator about my hemoglobin being a 10.8 and did she suggest anything I already ordered two boxes of Pur absorb but she suggested Floradix. This was the end of July. Right now I'm almost done my third bottle of Floradix this stuff is expensive to say the least. So my question is when this is done (what would you do) would you just start taking the Pur absorb or buy more floradix. I don't want to buy any more Floradix if I don't have too. Im saving up my spending money. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks.

30 Days Pre-op Woot Woooooot!!

I'm getting really excited nerves have not kicked in yet. I have managed to loose two more lbs that's 13lbs in total so right now I'm 148lbs which makes me happy I have worked really hard so now for the next 30 days I am watching what I eat making sure nothing contains vitamin e stopping garlic in my food they say it's not as bad as garlic supplements but I wanna be on the safe side. No ibuprofen only Tylenol if needed only protein and veggies keeping my sodium down as much as possible lots of water but omg I live in the bathroom any snacks I will have will be iron rich. That's all for now I'm on my way.


Lately my iron has been consuming me. All I think about is food with iron in it and taking my supplements. So where I work we have a cafeteria and we can have lunch for free. I never had beets and they had some on the salad bar today. I made a salad and added them on the side in case I didn't like them. lo and behold they were great not a taste where I would be craving beets but not a bad taste where I'm forcing my self to eat them. I will be going to whole foods to buy some beets today and eating everyday until my surgery. I'm glad I decided to try them.

Some Info I Found On Here It May Help Someone :-)

Binder (noun)

An article of clothing worn around your belly after surgery to minimize swelling and help your skin keep its new shape. Many doctors recommend wearing a binder for at least the first week after your operation. Also called a 'body binder.'

See also: Purpose of Binder After Tummy Tuck? Q&Atummy tuck binder

CG (noun)

CG stands for 'compression garment.' It's another name for a binder. Sometimes also occasionally called a 'torture device' because wearing it isn't some peoples' idea of a good time.

Cybil Hour (noun)

This refers to the mood swings you're likely to get while you're recovering from surgery. Some days you'll feel amazing, and others, probably not. Gets its name from the 1976 miniseries starring Sally Field, in which she plays a character with multiple personalities.

I called it the "Cybil Hour." Happy then sad and all over again. -Kimmers25

See Also: 9 Feelings You Have Before, During & After Tummy Tuck

Drains (noun)
After a tummy tuck, your surgeon will insert anywhere from 1 to 3 small tubes attached to little plastic bulbs outside your body. They're there to keep fluid from building up inside the area that was just treated. You'll have to empty or "milk" them a few times a day, and measure how much fluid you collected. They stay in anywhere from 3 to 15 or more days.

tummy tuck drains

Elective (adjective)

Electives are a type of surgery, including tummy tucks and all 'cosmetic' procedures, that can be scheduled in advance because they don't involve a medical emergency. Wanting to change the way you look, however, can sometimes feel like an emergency.

See also: Complication and Revision Policy after Undergoing Elective Surgery

Fleur-de-lys TT (noun)

Some people have skin that's loose from side-to-side, in addition to a vertical 'apron' of loose skin. These folks might be candidates for a fleur-de-lys tummy tuck. The scar from this style TT looks like an upside down T.

Girdle (noun)

This is another name for a binder. It's a type of CG or 'compression garment' that some doctors recommend wearing after the tummy tucks or liposuction procedures.

See also: Removing Girdle After Liposuction.

Hip-to-hip (adjective)

Tummy tucks typically leave a scar that runs from one hip to the other, just below the public bone. Usually, the scar is low enough that it won't show in a bathing suit

Lipo (noun)

It's pretty common for people to get liposuction or 'lipo' in addition to a tummy tuck. Lipo is a procedure that helps remove extra fat, and can help enhance TT results.

See also: 20 Essential Questions About Liposuction.

Man package (noun)

Your pubic area is so swollen after surgery that it looks like you have a man package. Takes 2 - 4 weeks to go down and is extremely strange looking.

Marble Trick (noun)

This is where you place a marble in your new belly button for several weeks in order to shape it.

See Also: Can The Marble Trick Improve the Depth of a Belly Button?

ML (noun)

This stands for 'milliliters.' This is the unit you use to measure the amount of fluid you're collecting in your drains.

Muffin top (noun)

A muffin top is fat that spills out over the top of your pants. They're one of the reasons lipo is commonly performed alongside a tummy tuck. Once the stomach skin is removed, many people will want the skin around the hips gone too.

Muscle separation (noun)

Massive weight gain or having kids can cause the two vertical muscles running across your abdomen to separate and stretch. That results in a "pooch" in your stomach area. Having a tummy tuck helps fix this.

Muscle tightening (noun)

Tummy tucks can tighten the lining of your abdominal muscles, in addition to removing extra skin and fat.

See also: Tummy Tuck Q & A

Pain pump (noun)

The pain pump does the opposite of it's name. It pumps medicine to your abdominal muscles to take away the pain. The pump on the outside is filled with several days worth of anesthetic that slowly drips onto the sore areas. Sometimes, this helps take away the need for other pain medications.

See Also: Are Pain Pumps for TT Recovery Worth the Extra Cost?

PO (adjective)

This stands for post-operation.

Scarring (noun)

One of the big concerns many people have before tummy tucks is whether the scar will be visible after, and where it will be. Most people want their surgeon to place the scar low enough so that you won't see it under a bathing suit.

Seroma/hematoma (noun)

A seroma is a buildup of fluid in the area of the operation, and a hematoma is a buildup of blood. Both can be resolved by removing the fluids and blood with needles. But you have to watch out for them - especially a hematoma because it can lead to an infection.

Spitting stitches (verb)

Some of the stitches you'll get after a tummy tuck are meant to dissolve. Occasionally, one of these stitches could poke or "spit" through your skin. It might hurt a little, but it can be taken out safely.

Swell hell (adjective)

Your stomach could be swollen after surgery, and the amount of time is different for everyone. But no one likes being swollen, especially after a procedure to make you flatter and fitter. Thus, the swelling period post-operation is called 'swell hell.'

TT (noun)

TT is just an abbreviation for tummy tuck.

Water bed effect (noun)

This is related to seroma (fluid collection) after your TT. An easy way to test if this is happening, from Dr. Christopher V. Pelletiere: "push on the area while resting your hand on the other end of the swollen area. If you feel a wave, or what feels like a waterbed effect of fluid moving, then there is a fluid collection. This effect does not always occur, but if it does happen, it means that their is trapped fluid in the area that probably needs to be drained."

Water bed effect

Well The Dreams Have Officially Started

I could not sleep last night. I kept having different dreams about my surgery. You may say if you was dreaming how would you say you didn't sleep. I don't know but I sure am tired and I don't feel like I slept at all. I don't even remember what they were about except I kept telling a coordinator something and she wasn't listening to me that's all I remember lol.

Paperwork For Labs and Clearance

I don't want to be a pest but ummmmmm where my papers lol. I want to get this over with plus I have to make my preop appointment and I need to get that done as well I can't book it and then don't know when my paperwork coming I emailed my coordinator. If no response I will be calling Monday I know they busy but I'm 26 days preop I don't have time to play.

Hemo Building Smoothie

.Beet Juice
.Sweet potatoes
.Blackstrap Molasses
.Orange Juice

Blend until desired consistency

Calling About Labs Today

I was hoping I would have gotten a call from the pre-op dept. last week but I didn't so I will be calling them as soon as they open its getting down to the wire and I need everything complete. All I want to worry about is keeping my boo hands off me once he realizes he won't be getting no booty for a while lol.

WIll be doing labs TOMORROW

I got the email from Evelyn a little before my break. I had to email her again and she responded right back. I will be going to get them done before work. Excited ISh is getting Real!!

Blood Work Is Done

I went to lab Corp this morning to get my blood work done I ran in to an issue (not my fault) I called Evelyn she picked right up answered the labs question and I was on my way to pee in the cup and then have my blood drawn I was in and out it would have been quicker but they had to verify who was suppose to pay after that it was quick. Now to wait for the results please pray for me and my hemo. I'm getting this surgery.

Cant Wait To BE On The Flat Side TT, MR and Lipo

Time is ticking by and it is moving fast. I'm wrapping everything up I need to get done before I leave and putting processes in place for while I'm out. my job is very accommodating and my boss is very nice and understanding which makes it easier. My nerves come and go which is funny one minute I'm freaking out next minute I'm calm as a cucumber. I haven't packed yet but I will when my best friend come over this weekend. Question about vitamins do we stop everything two weeks before besides iron and vitamin C? please anyone that know please chime in thanks Dolls!!

MY Hemoglobin Has Not Moved Since July What Can I Do

I have tried everything since I went to the doctor in July. My hemoglobin is exactly the same I'm so worried I wont be able to have my surgery. I have been eating spinach shrimp fish raisins almonds snow crab legs peas frosted shredded wheat (no milk) I have been taking floradix blood builders b-12 folic acid vitron c vitamin c pure absorb black strap molasses I haven't had any coffee any tea no dairy no cheese. what else can I do. I did not want this to be me and here I am. I am so Upset im going to email my doctor and hopefully she will help me. She considers me normal but hopefully she will help.

Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Since I don't eat meat I feel this is one of the things holding me back. Because I have so much at stake I have decided to try some chicken liver I don't want to but I really want to have this surgery as I'm sure if anyone of you were in my shoes you would probably do the same I don't want to have my surgery cancelled so here we go. Hopefully tomorrow Evelyn has some tips on what I can do to get it up as well hell it can't hurt and I will just detox in 2 months after my surgery.

9/26 I will Redo Labs

SOOOOOOO... the plot thickens I will redo my labs on 9/26 I was told I didn't need a medical clearance by Evelyn however from speaking to my doctor if I go to do a pre-op evaluation the only was I can get iron infusions is if the pre-op doctor recommends it. this is where you really find out about your insurance why does it have to be this difficult and what if I go and he still doesn't recommend them uugghhh. Decisions Decisions

Hemo On the Brain 24/7

At work this would be considered my brunch

When You Do All You Can It Can Do Nothing But Work In Your Favor

All I do us think about my iron but I wanna give a shout out to my girlfriend Yaddie Sunshine because I Haaaaaaaaate meat but I need this iron I'm not looking as meat I'm looking at it as something I need to get something that I need girl I even tried your recipe minus the rice so here it is.

When To Stop B12 Folic Acid

Should I have already stopped taking them I just thought about because I'm so nervous about my hemo I haven't had it on my mind. My coordinator already told me I could take iron and vitamin c up until the day before surgery so I'm straight on that. I didn't take any today because it just hit me. I don't have patience to wait for my coordinator so Id rather ask my girls who been there.

Support Support Support

When I say this can't be done or will be harder to do with out the support of a loved one or significant other. My sister wants nothing to do with this surgery I don't know if she is jealous or what, but my boo has my back and that's what I'm focusing on. He listens to me gives me everything I need and anything I need pertaining to this surgery. So today we were talking over breakfast and he asked about after surgery how we were getting back to the house I said Uber Omg. You would have thought I cursed him out he says hell no I'm not waiting for no Uber and you will be fresh out of surgery so needless to say we have a car I'm so happy I think I may marry him lol. I know I couldn't do this by myself or atleast I wouldn't want to.

Staying Positive

Spending the weekend with my boo and only surrounding myself with positive people. I will be spending today (Sunday) with my best friend just to hang out and talk. I just wanna laugh and have a good time and only allow positive vibes in my space. So from here on out that is what I'm doing i don't want to be upset or stressed going into surgery.

All Packed and Ready!!

I can't believe what I have been able to put in this bag.

40 Gauze
100 Alcohol pads
Butter fly strips
2 maxi dresses
1 sweat suit
2 pair of sweat pants
5 tank tops
3 sleep shirts
1 night shirt (with pockets for drains)
14 chux pads
18 maxi pads
2 packs of adult washcloths
3 pairs of socks
Mepitac tape
Cloth tape


Okay my beautiful dolls, my labs came back at a 11.9 im happy however Ortega will not do it unless its a 12.0 I asked Evelyn do she think I can get it up she said she wouldn't risk it and then the date with Alvarez be gone. So Dr. Alvarez will do it for me I have seen a little of his work but I will look a little more. if any of you ladies have seen his work please let me know. Also he is available on the 4th so that's even better.

im excited and I feel so much better. I have until tomorrow to decide.


I just want to thank all my beautiful sister for y I ur words of encouragement I was determined to get this done and could not wait for this email happy is not the word my new surgery date is 10/4

I Dont Have To Change My Flight

I'm so happy I don't have to change my flight my boyfriend was telling me I'm stressing him out (really stressing him out lol) any way that is really good news. We got the tickets in March so it would cost us almost 300.00 more dollars I'm so glad I don't have to change.

4 days to go and I'm in Miami YEsssssssssssssssssss

Last Day OF Work Then Im Off For The Next 33 DAYS!!!!!

I am a little overwhelmed to say the least. Just making sure all my work is in and everything is complete. My team will help me while I'm away but I want to be able to get everything done myself. I will be cleaning my house this weekend making sure everything is nice and clean. I will be in Miami for 12 days but I know I wont want to do much once I get home. I needed to wait until the last minute to do this so that I can stay busy. My nerves come and go but for the most part i'm excited. The next time I post will be once I get to Miami. Talk to you later dolls back to work I go. Have a great Day and for all the dolls just having surgery HAPPY HEALING!!!!!!!!

On the Plane waiting to Take Off

So I'm on the plane now most of the stress is gone. I hate going through the checkpoint I was able to get all my vitamins on which was a big relief that is one of the things I was worried about. Flight should land at 4:10

Just Arrived to rent a car Place

The weather is beautiful here. I'm tired lol. Surgery is scheduled I'm supposed to be at spectrum tomorrow at 8:30am it's really real I'm shaking a little as I type this.

Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill

If you have time to come tips is a really nice place and the food is great just fyi. I gotta eat before 9 so I'm getting it in

Today is the Day

Gm all. Just laying here can't sleep so I said let me check out realself. Nothing much going on its quiet my boo sleep so it's peaceful right now just alone with my thoughts I said prayers before bed. And I will say them again before we leave. I guess that's all for now. I have to be at spectrum by 8:30am

Made It To The Flat Side

Will update Later so sleepy

My Experience With Spectrum

My appointment was at 8:30am we are only 10 mins away however Miami traffic is crazy please give yourself enough time to make your appointment. We got there 8:30am on the dot crazy right. When you get there go into the parking garage and use the elevator they have a sign that says spectrum first floor. As soon as I walked in it smelled so clean I looooooooooved it. I was the first one there I had to "p" in the cup and less then 10 mins I was called to the back. I had to change in to the gown and compression socks and then Dr Alvarez came in we talked a little he marked me up and explain what he was going to do. He took some pre op pics then the anesthesiologist came in went over my medical history game me the results of my pregnancy test explain what his role was what he was going to do then he was out. Then I had to take more pics sign some papers and answer some questions. NOW after all was said and done I waited mayb a good 2 hours now I was thankful he did my surgery but I was like daaaaaaaaaaaamn I'm ready to get this done. They aplogized for the wait which made me feel better. I got to the or Dr Alvarez and Chris the Anesthesiologist cracked a few jokes he told me to take a couple deep breaths said he was putting medicine in and it would burn it burned hunty. Next thing I know I woke up moaning for something for pain. I had to wait a little for them to give me something I don't know why but it felt like forever. The girl beside me was shaking and moaning like crazy she got a bbl I was glad that wasn't me she was miserable but they couldn't give her anything for pain because she was going in and out. They saw I was being nosy so they closed the curtain lol. All in all Spectrum was great. The lady escorting me was a little rough at first I was all sweet like wait she kept going I was like please wait she was helping me off the bed she like I know I know but still moving me girls I turned into that women from I'm Gonna Get You Sucka that was on her period and I said WAITTTTTT!! and of course she did . She called my boyfriend met him in the parking lot and he had my pills and a cup of water ready I was like my nigga!! Lls I got in the car he drove slowly you will need that. And now I'm home resting I will try and post pics the next time I get up if not then. Then I will do it when I have my follow up tomorrow later gators.


Waiting to go to the back they have chairs where you can lay down makes waiting a lot easier

Pics are in

I'm so freaking happy even though I'm swollen I still look great so so happy. Can you believe it it's only the second day I can't believe it's me.

Things Are Moving Along Well

Well I guess this is one day post op lol. I really didn't think I would be feeling this good. Trying to open my bottle of bromelain I hit myself in the stomach not really hard but omg let's just say that is now permanently my boo job I was trying to do it myself because I had him doing something else. Anyway I'm draining about 30cc's every 12 hrs Dr Alvarez says they will be in for 12 weeks but I don't think they will they are not bothering me as of yet but I Def know they are there. What have you guys been eating I have been craving sweets like crazy I have not given in but I had about 3 of those soft mini Starburst idk what that's about lol. One minute I'm getting around a little the next minute my back is about to give out and I'm back to being hunched over I'm almost standing up straight but I don't want to over do it. My next follow up is Tuesday I don't know when to shower and when to remove the tape I been so out of it I will always take meds before I go because getting in and out of the car takes the wind out of me.

Is It Just Me Or.............

It seems like before the surgery time stood still and then after the surgery it's like zooming by. One minute I'm up early taking meds and watching my boo sleep next minute he fixing me dinner. I'm like where did the day go.

Let's Talk Muscle Spasms

These little suckas are not fun at all they come in the most crazy moments almost like a contraction they are getting less intense hopefully they will stay this way. When I feel like one is coming on I will just try to hug myself until it stops sometimes it feels like a baby is kicking inside of me so weird.

My Arsenal

I'm taking it one day at a time and with these items I can get through just because one person uses a particular item it doesn't mean you will need it or use it however we all know that stool softners are a must: SN TMI MOMENT (I have tried miralax and two stool softners the kids are at the edge of the pool but I can't push them in) I don't know what to do if anyone have any ideas let me know because I do have to go I just need some help.

Pain and Walking Around

Nothing really new to report except I manged to go from every 4-6 hours taking pain meds to every 5-7 hours I'm still taking 2 if it wasn't for this muscle repair I probably could just do extra strength Tylenol but the muscle repair is no joke that's what has you winded and gives that pulling feeling I also have that feeling in my navel. I'm going to try and go for a walk today I'm saying this as I'm laying down lol I don't know how I will feel once I get up. And hopefully I can get some pics in

3 Days Post Op This Is How I'm Looking

I'm swollen and my stomach is tight but it's getting better each day. Oh and the gas I'm glad it doesn't have a smell my boo like it's cool I'm like yeah cause you don't smell anything lol

One of my Stitches to my drain came undone

So what I mean is I can pull my left drain out if I wanted to because the stitch is on the tube and not attached to me I cleaned the area and covered it it's still draining and is no longer leaking I will call the emergency number hopefully I can get through I'm not nervous or anything I just don't want it to come out. Anybody else had this happen?

What a Difference 4 Days Can Make

I am a picture queen I like to compare the littlest detail from weight loss to muscle tone because I am a result seeker. But for this I am completely amazed that this is me so glad I chose to make this decision if anyone has doubts please just take pictures to remind yourself why you did it because with the pains and the bumps in the road you may second guess yourself.

No Pain Pills Since 5am

I'm felling good this morning and hope to keep it up. I was going through it as far as the number 2 is concern and my boyfriend decided we should do a laxative the first one didn't work so he decided let's try another round let's just say I'm no longer constipated and my clock is clean as a whistle lol. Happy healing dolls.

Post op Day 7

Well today was a long day. Went to spectrum for my appointment and OMG had to get my tape removed. Dr Alvarez thinks it's a good idea to snatch the tape why o why it hurt so bad but I got through it. Next I went to the mall it was cool took my time used one of the mall carts and did a little shopping with my boo all in all it was an ok day. As soon as real self allows you to post pics I will post mine.

9 Days Post Op

Finally guys here are my scar pics. I have a little pucker on my left side hoping I won't need a revision and my faja will smooth it out when I'm able to wear it.

9 Days Post Op. My Gift From My Boo

So I'm 9 days post op time has gone by soooooo fast. My boo went to family dollar and found this awesome soft beautiful pillow I didn't go in with him so when he came out with guys you would have thought he proposed I'm so happy. #itsthelittlethings

10 Days Post Op. Going Home Tomorow

I just want to say this has been one hell of an experience for my personal journey and for me and my boo. From my moaning and groaning to him waiting on me hand and foot. Taking my time to get ready and not being as mobile as usual also the no sex lol. I am eternally greatfull for this experience and my results are turning out the way I hoped. I hope everyone having surgery and the ones are just having surgery get the results they desire. I went shopping while I was here in Miami and bought so much we had to get another suitcase lol. I will be posting more once I get home. They didn't have a mirror here where I'm staying and I got tired of asking my boo.

12 Days Post Op/Home Sweet Home

I took these pics as soon as I woke up I can't wait to wear my compression garment this binder is not giving me enough compression. I need to smooth out my left side I got some hard spots from the lipo I'm massaging it every morning but I know the garment will smooth it right and even ugh 6 more days and I can get the last drain out hopefully before that.

Sometimes you gotta get CREATIVE

Soooooo. I have been dealing with this dent on my left side from my binder that's annoying the hell out of me. I remember I bought some foam well really a yoga mat to use when I start to wear my faja so I cut it up an voila I hope this works until I can wear my faja. Shout out to Mysmytimetoshine. That's where I got the idea.

2 Weeks Post Op Quick Pics Before My Shower

I'm really loving my transformation still swollen but it's coming along I know it won't he gone tomorrow. I'm very happy I made this choice I wouldn't change it for the world I haven't had to take any pain med for the last 3 days which is awesome I'm a little achy in the morning and at night but not enough to take anything can't wait to see what the next two weeks bring.

Just Posted Two Week Update But It's Not In The NEWSFEED

My update is not showing in the news feed but it's on my page.

Starting to get UPSET :(

Soooooooo. I was told if I drain less than 25cc's in a 24 hour period I can get/take my drain out well I have been draining about 26/27cc's in a 24 hour period yes that's almost 25 but it's not 25 so I tried to call Dr Alvarez yesterday and he was in surgery I called his assistant she may have called me back but no message was left. My boo had surgery on Monday yes I think he felt left out lol. So I was going to his house to take care of him go figure. But I do not I repeat do not want to go to his house with this freaking drain. I even put my Faja on yes with the drain in hopes that I can squeeze out this extra fluid and get rid of this drain I won't wear the Faja all day just a couple of hours. I don't want to be the anxious hard headed one to get it out all fast and then get a seroma any advice from the vets please oh please chime in. I'm waiting for your reply lol.

24 hrs Later I'm At 25cc's There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

So happy finally not producing more than 25cc's in 24 hrs and I was milking it so so happy ???????? Now one more day to go.

Progress 12 days 14 days and now 16 days Post Op

I'm starting to feel a little normal cleaning up a little bit not having to sit down so much. I'm loving my results I was able to take my trash out all I had on was some leggings and a tank top and I felt so sexy crazy lol but I did here are my pics it's really coming along

Saying Bye Bye To My Drain In The Am

I can't wait so excited!!

Maybe Developing a Seroma Hope Not

I just removed faja today I feel a little extra swollen then I started to tap on my stomach it may be the start of one omg I'm getting nervous please tell me what you think of this happen to you but it went down I just removed my drain yesterday at 17 days post op and I was draining less than 25cc's a day I pray the extra fluid gets absorb I been drinking plenty of water and started taking two bromelain instead of one I pray this works I don't want to get drained.

Maybe the beginning stages of a seroma 18 days post op

posibble seroma
I need some advice what do you ladies think. I may be expericing a seroma I just had my drain removed yesterday I hope not but I think it may be the start of one I steed taking extra bromelain and taking in more fluids hopefully I can remedy the situation without having to be drained.

All eyes was on me last night

My boo and I went to a all black party. All eyes was on me last night. It felt weird but I can get used to it. I felt amazing this jacket I'm wearing would not fit right because of my belly but nowwwwwwwwwww.


When was the first time you did it after surgery my baby is looking EXTRA SEXY lol!!

3 Weeks Post Op Things I Noticed

*My belly button is starting to tingle
*I'm swollen but I get tight and belly feels weird after sitting for a while after I start moving around I'm ok again is this normal?
*Keeping my binder tight does help but not sure if my body is absorbing the fluid just started two days ago so I know I have to give it time.
*Sodium does swell the hell out of you. What are some foods to Stay Away From!! Hopefully I will have less swelling at 4 weeks

Tummy is getting BETTER!!

I have been massaging the hell out of my stomach for the past day and a half and it's really been helping me the swelling is going down I hope it stays that way. I have been performing self lymphatic massages to get this fluid moving and away from my stomach I really think it's working I will post pics once I hit 4 weeks!!

4 weeks post op swelling is getting a little better/First Day Back At Work

Today was not bad at all only getting ready seemed like it took me forever I'm a fast walker but not right now I was trying to move faster and started to swell before I even left the house. Just taking it day by day

When The Maxi Dresses Pain Pills and baggy clothes are GONE

Loving it more and more each day. I get tired quickly however I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can't stop looking in the mirror and I sometimes undress in the bathroom or my boo will jump me it's a great feeling but as soon as I take my clothes off let's just say you can tell I turn him on lol.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Does anyone know where I can go to get one in Baltimore. Or a website to search for one I can't find any. I didn't think it would be this hard lol. If anybody know please help Thanks.

Still Taking It One Day At A Time

In the mornings I am flatter than at night. I'm wearing my faja everyday now I couldn't before because my incision was sensitive hopefully this well help this fluid to absorb I will be 5 weeks soon so I'm hoping for better progress. Am I expecting to much too fast looking at other people I feel like I'm moving slow I know I can't compare myself to others and everyone heal different but I can't help it sometimes.

At This Point I Feel It's Mostly Swelling

I have been doing a lot of research and taking advice from everywhere I feel the fluid is subsiding and it's starting to be mostly swelling I don't have the water bed effect thank god but I still have some rippling but not as much as before and I don't really feel much fluid moving around its not getting bigger so that's also good I will be 5 weeks on Tuesday so once I get to the 6 week mark if it's still the same I will go see one of the general surgeons in my area I'm still contemplating on going back to Miami but my boo wants me to try and wait it out so I'm listening to him for now.

5 Weeks Post Op Feeling Goooood!!

Feeling really good these last couple of days. The swelling has gone down tremendously (will post pics tomorrow need to get in bed) everything is going good so far I have been drinking so much water later it's crazy I want to let go of some of this fluid and I believe it's working. The only complaint I have right now is getting up from a sitting position and having that pulling feeling I'm that's the worst I try standing at my desk but I can't do it for long. I used to do 45-50 hours at work now I just hitting 40 I just want to come home and rest I'm getting better day by day but some days I feel run down. My boo bay is tomorrow I'm taking him to dinner first thing he says I hope you don't be tired tomorrow I'm just gonna take some motrin with me if I have to take I won't let him see. But other than that I'm good.

Forgot my pic

I have been wearing my faja 24/7 but I'm taking a break tonight.

Doing well and healing Nicely

This is me at night and it used to be me in the morning so I'm greatful for that. I haven't been eating very healthy for the past 2 weeks been busy with work but I have the weekend to get back on track I didn't do all this to gain weight. I will be hitting the track soon I'm almost 6 weeks post op

Made it to the second hook and feeling GREAT!!

I don't know about yall but I feel like I'm addicted to compression the tighter the better I know it's not suppose to be super tight I can breath and take a deep breath with no issues. But I read how some people can't stand it but I love it. Now I hate having to always take it off and put it on but I still love it so glad I didn't have the surgery in the summer because I would be a sweaty mess lol later dolls.

Me this Am

I am so glad in the morning can't wait to stay that way. I'm trying my best to get all my water in as much as possible. I am definitely doing better than before

Feeling Good Almost 7 Weeks Post Op

The pulling feeling is starting to subside which I'm so happy about the swelling is going down and the seroma scare is gone I still am swollen but nothing like before

Other Pic

This one didn't post!! Getting better day by day

Zings and Stings 7 Weeks Post Op Before And After

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am so thankful for my transformation and learning how to appreciate what I have and keeping what I have because I think I'm done with cosmetic surgery (I think lol) but as I look back I don't ever want to go back to that and I have seen people who have gained after a tummy tuck and that won't be me. Enjoy yourselves with your family dolls.

Checking in 2 Months Post Op

It's getting better day by day starting to see shape still swollen but it's ok. My clothes fit so much better so I know I'm going in the right direction. My boo can't keep his hands off me. He was like this before but it's worst now lol. Just trying to maintain my clean eating habits but it's hard because it's busy season at work so I just grab anything and get back to work but I know I have to do this for me. Anywho I have been shopping like crazy and I just love my shape now. So happy i decided to do this.

Battling Swell Hell

I have been drinking tons of water and taking tumeric and bromelain trying to stay consistent this swelling ain't no joke. I wear my faja and foam 23/7 I'm ready to order a new one this one is getting too big. I know the swelling takes time but you can do a little to try and get it down

9 weeks post op

Everything is looking good scar is fully healed seems like bb is fully healed but I'm not sure. I get achy when I stay in one place too long. I still feel weird without my binder. I also had swelling in my feet and legs my faja was too tight I guess I have taken a break from wearing it. But it will be tight back on Monday. Still drinking my water not really taking anything for swelling just giving myself a break from all this stuff I been taking only thing is consistent is vitamin c.

Better Pic

I went to the mall to get a one piece

Too excited first one I owned since my surgery still swollen but I can comfortably rock this one. What yall think

Just Saying Hey

Hello all my lovely ladies. Thank you so much for all your well wishes. I haven't posted in a while just because im not liking my results at the moment. ( I know I know I know) it takes time but sometimes its hard I feel I look amazing but im not ready for some of my outfits just yet. it just gets a little discouraging but I know it will get better its just hard when you think it will look a certain way but it doesn't. I will post pics on the 6th its my Christmas party and I plan on rocking something lol Until then dolls Stay Fabolous

Incision Scar 12 weeks post op

I had some questions about my scar so I decided to take a pic. AFTER MY INCISION Fully HEALED** I started using scar away, it irritated my skin and left an odor. I moved on to mederma than bio oil then cocoa butter sometimes Shea Butter I just rotate them. It itches sometimes but I just take my finger and press and massage at the same time if that helps. I also use mepitac tape to keep it flat. I'm using an ear plug it seems like the flatter I get the smaller my belly button gets its cute but I want it to stay the size it is now.

3 Months Post Op Long Time No See

Real self is tripping but anyway.

Hello Everyone,
I know it's been a minute since my last post but I really wasn't feeling my results at first so I just had to take a break from looking at all you beautiful ladies and focus on my healing. Now I'm back and loving what I see. I went to a party at my job yall and I slayeeeeeeeeed. My boyfriend followed me every where and he normally doesn't because he knows some of my Co workers but he was like I want every body to know I'm with you lol. It felt great and I'm feeling wonderful

4 Months post op Round 2 Coming Soon

He'll all its been a minute since last update however I have gained wait purposely to start my round 2 which is a bbl and Ba I know some people do a bbl first but I hated my tummy so that was my first priority my tummy still looks good however almost of my fat went to my back. Not sure what I will name it bit I will still post my tummy tuck progress here.

4 Months Post op Hey Yall!

It's been a minute yall. But I feel you cant rush the process. You just have to take it one day at a time and that's what I been doing. I will be having Rd 2 in June. I will be starting my second journey post tonight.

New Pic

5 months Post op Feeling Great

I'm just finally starting to feel normal I am very greaful to be able to have this surgery done and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Almost 6 Months Post op I'm In Love

I so love the way my clothes fit now I'm happier I almost don't care what i put on now. I don't buy clothes to hit my stomach any more. I loveeeeeeee crop tops and I'm just super happy I did this.

Hey Ladies

I just wanted to update everyone all is well. As I stated before I gained a little weight for my bbl in June. Im so excited but it gets stressful at times because im anemic and taking all this iron. im in good spirits thought I did it the first time and I can do it this time. I hope all the new dolls are healing well and anyone that's nervous just know that's its normal and the results are so worth it.

Until next time ladies. BTW I have also started a new review for my bbl and breast augmentation.

6 months post op

Nothing new to report. Just waiting patiently on my round 2 which I will be getting a bbl and breast lift with implants so excited. My new review is Titled. Manon chick new tata's and a booty.

I probably wont post here as much until after my round 2 in June.

So this is me after all is said and done

So I had my surgery which was breast lift with implants lipo and bbl I had surgery done on June 2nd by Dr Israel Manon in the Dr.
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr Sergio Alvarez is my New Doctor. His preop clearance nurse was very prompt and answered all of my questions. This change happened very quick but the process went smoothly

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