Tummy tuck with dr.ghurani at spectrum

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Hey ladies! After all the research on looking for...

Hey ladies! After all the research on looking for doctors i knew Ortega was the one since the first time i found him on here. I'm putting my deposit down and booking a date for Probably oct-nov. I'm so excited! I've been dreaming of getting a tummy tuck for yrs now! I'm a mommy of 3 24yrs old 175lbs


I changed doctors I'm now going to Dr. Rami Ghurani in Spectrum Aesthetics.i payed the deposit today signed contract!!! Everything has started to get real now!! So excited. He is awesome and answerd all my questions. He made me feel very comfortable which is always a + !! I think i will be making a review under his name since I can't change doctors on here. Realself really needs an update!!

Pre-op pictures.

Here's a picture of what i look like now! I'm 170lbs i need to get to 160lbs for surgery. I'm 5"4 24yrs old and i have 3 kids. I will be getting a extended tummy tuck (from hip to hip) and a little bit of lipo. He doesn't want to do much lipo because he doesn't want to compromise the blood supply since I'm getting a extended TT the incision is usually longer. I'm totally okay with that.

Emailed Liz to set a date

Hello my lovely ladies its been a while since i last updated. I emailed Liz today to
Set a date for march. Since I'm doing my income tax in the next few weeks ill be paying for the amount i have left i also need to drop about 10-15 pounds for surgery. I'm 175lbs i need to be at 160 or around 160! I know i can do it!! Hopefully i will get an email back soon. Also what are the most important things i need to get before surgery? Vitamins? Fajas? Please help!!!

Date has been set.

Date has been set for march 17. Very nervous now. What's next?

Cleared for surgery!!

Sooo I've been cleared for surgery I'm very nervous!!! But happy at the same time!

11 days left!!!!!!!

Does anyone know of I could continue to take herbalife products before surgery? I read on pre-op instructions to stop taking all herbal and dietary supplements stuff 2 weeks before. I consume Herbalife for weight lost and i still need 5lbs to lose by the 17th.

9 days left.

Pre-op pictures.

Pre-op 167lbs

A few more pictures. I just want to be able to sit and not see my belly hanging. I hope dr ghurani can deliver good results. I'm not asking to be flat as a board i just dont want to see this is belly any more.

5 fays left!!!

Oh god I'm getting closer! I cannot wait to rock a two piece this summer for my trip to Jamaica!!!

3 days left!! OMG

Well....... 3 more dayssss omgggggggg help me god!!!! Is there anything i can take for constipation before surgery?

I'm waiting for that call.

Well tomorrow is the big day! Everything is paid for already!! I'm ready! I weighed myself today at 162lbs almost made it to my goal weight of 160 not bad! I'm just waiting to confirm my time for tomorrow! I'm sooooo happyyyy


Got to spectrum at 103 got called in within seconds of my arrival peed in cup. Got taken back got dressed up. At 11:20 anesthesiologist came started my Iv. Around 11:45 doctor came drew me up and i was taken back to the Or at 1230. Woke up in recovery room around 430. My dad picked me up around 515 and i was on mh wah home! I woke up with little pain but super cold and shaking. I'm home now resting taking it easy. Ill update more in next few days

Post up day 1

Post-upm day 2

No pain very tired and sleepy. Coughing is a fucking bitch I fukin hate her

Post-up day 3

And i feel amazing! Today was my second shower and it felt amazing. Took my binder off for about 2hrs washed it and back on. I have my second post up appointment tomorrow. No pain at all. Just stiffness and stuff but so thankful this has been a great recovery. I thought it was gonna be worse. I'm draining clear fluid and less than 25cc each side.

I love my doctor I'm so glad i chose him

I haven't pooped though but I'm already working on it. I took 3 dulcolax pill this morning hopefully by tomorrow ill poop.

Ooooh my back

My back is killing me for been sitting so for so long. I don't know what to do anymore ???? any tips?

No pooping yet

Omg ladies wtf is this? Still no poop. I took another 3 dulcolax tables. I seriously need to poop my stomach feel sooooo tight and full every time i eat :( tomorrow will be 5 days post up and still no poop. Not even something. Just a lot of gases and a rumbling belly. :(


Feeling better today

Still no poop. I took some colace in the morning hoping it will make me poop I'm so uncomfortable :( my stomach feels so full and tight. :( on the bright side. I made brakefast me family and i this morning. Did the dishes from last night and it felt okay. Still hunched over i just really need to poop my body needs to let all this inside me go :( :( :(

Loooooook at this new belly button OMG

I love it

Pictures in other post

I pooped

You heard right!!!!! I poooooooped and i felt great after. Lol


Nothing new to report. I'm now 9 days post up. I tried standing straight and booyyy i was so wrong. I thought i was ready guess NOT. I felt such a weird pulling sensation on upper abdomen it freaked the hell outta of me. So I'm just taking it easy and hoping that by Tuesday when i go get my drains out ill be able to stand straight. I've been putting bacitracin on belly button. I think I'm allergic to the sterile strips they used on me because I have 2 water blisters :( I'm not trying to touch them. Otherwise everything is going good. Just a lot of swelling by the end of day. Anddd I've been off percoset for about 3 days. Just taking tylenol when needed. I need to start thinking about compression garments. But how would i know which size to buy?

10 days post up

And I'm so swollen. Is there anything you girls take for that?

I was doing it all wrong !!!

I was wearing my binder way too lose and i felt so swollen all day. Even in the mornings i used to wake up so swollen and i was so depressed. Buuuut i started to wear my binder tight all day everyday day and omggggg it has made a world of difference!!!!! Take a look. Oh and by the way i was able to take my kids to school today!! Yayyy

Feeling soooo good!

Hi ladies.

Everything has been going great. I'm back at moms dutty. Yesterday was the first night alone with 3 kids!!! But i made it lol. I'm standing 100% straight now. Yesterday i had my drains removed and also the tape. I was advised i could start using scar treatment since my scar is pretty much all closed. But i think ill wait till next week because i still have some scabing. I'm wearing my binder as tight as possile since i was no drains I don't want fluid to build up. I have another post up appointment next week.

Could be better i guess.

I'm just feeling emotional. I have asked myself so many times in the past 2 days, why did i do this to myself? Is it really worth it? I just feel depressed :( i just don't see myself the way I thought i was going to look like after surgery. I always had realistic expectations but i just don't know :(


I'm feeling so much better ladies! I will be starting my herbalife shakes on Monday. I weighed in today at 166 i was 162lbs the day of surgery. I took pictures with my bathing suit last night and i was very surprised it got me very excited! I have been wearing my faja all day and it starting to feel a lil lose so I think i will be getting a waist trainer soon and start wearing that. I really appreciate this site and all the positive energy.

Feeling awesome by each passing day

I feel wonderful. I just gotta keep positive thoughts. Things will get better i know. Swelling will go down and my scar wont look so dark after a couple of months. Things are improving and I'm liking it. I am very flat i never thought that would be possible. I still have some brusing on my sides though. I bought a waist trainer and I've been wearing all day except for sleeping. I wear the binder for sleeping. I slept in my bed for the first time last night in almost 3 weeks! It felt good. I missed my hubbys touch. I'll update in a few days! Happy healing to all of you brave ladies!!!!!

Burning sensation.

I got this weird burning sensation on my insition it doesn't hurt it just feels like its on fire! Is that normal? Today i woke up super swollen, wondering if the burning has anything to do with that? Otherwise I'm feeling pretty good.

Just a quick picture.

I seriously need to start eatig better. My diet has sucked since surgery. Ugh.

Every day gets better

Not much to updates my princess bday party is this sunday and lots of family and friends are coming over and ofcourse they all wanna see the new tummy I'm just not sure if i will show them? I'm still a lil bit swollen and so I don't know. But i feel amazing. I seriously gotta step up and eat right. I'll will be traveling to Jamaica in July and i want to be as healthy as i can!!!! Well ladies that's all. Oh and by the way ill be 4 weeks this Sunday and boyyyy my body has changed a lot since surgery, I'm definitely looking at the brighter side now. Well ladies that's all ill be back in a few days. Still not sleeping flat in my bed. Ugh gotta try. And i know this is too much info but when did u resume sexual activities with your partner?

Belly button not healing

So I'm having issues with my belly button:( is not healed yet, it's swollen and it has started to leak puss. I'm on antibiotics just in case is infected, I've been cleaning it with soap and water and applying bacitracin antibiotic oitment ugh i have an appointment with my ps tomorrow and I HOPE i get to see him and not his assistant. Did i mention I haven't seen the guy since surgery! Yup! And I'm already 4 weeks post op. Crazy i know. Tummy tuck scar is healed and healthy. Overall doing pretty good.

Belly button and scar

Belly button is looking a lot better this morning. My scar is lighting up.

Ohhh so flat

I love waking up to a flat belly!!!

5 wks post up

Feeling good. Swelling is bad by the end of the day it gets me so down :( but overall happy. I'm able to sleep in my bed lay on my sides which is awesome, i feel so dependent of the garment is not even funny, I feel the need to always be tight. Belly button is healing (finally) TT scar is sealed and healed.

Is it safe?

Is it okay if i go to the beach and actually get in the water? I'm almost 6 weeks post up and everything is sealed and healed. I just want to know if is safe? Can any of you ladies tell me your experience? And is there any way to protect my scar from the heat and the sun? Miami is soooo freaking hot and sunny!!! Thanks ladies!!

6 wks post up :)

6 more weeks using the faja and i will be faja free!!! Well at least i hope i will feel comfortable letting go of it. For the most park IM HAPPY!

Feeling amazing!

Waking up to this flattness oh boy feels great. To be honest i think my swelling is pretty much gone, By the end of the day I'm not swollen at all I Just feel very tight. 7 wks on sunday.!!!

7wks po

Feeling almost back to normal. Still wearing my Faja and waist trainer around the clock, planning on taking it off for everrrr at 8wks. Still having issues with the sutures i have like 3 more poking through. I feel so depressed because every time everything is going good BANG another suture coming like wat the fuck bro seriously :( ;( overall feeling amazing! I weigh 166 pounds. I was 162 the day off surgery so I'm not doing that bad. Well see you at my 8wk mark!!

Ok here it is. 8:00pm and no swelling!

I just took a shower and i have barely any swelling so I'm definitely getting rid of this faja on Sunday which is my 8wks mark! I'm very happy, my next surgery will be lifting my boobs with implants and i want high profile round silicone implats :)))) I think I will be back to Ghurani for my boobs but I'm not sure. We will see.


A 29yr old mom of 2 died today after a cosmetic procedure from encore plastic surgery in hialeah!!!! She came all the way from West Virginia All they said Was she died soon after surgery and from medical complications! Didn't mention what she was having done or which doctor! Be careful ladies!!! So sad she left a 6 yr old boy and a new born baby. So so sad

8wks and a few days PO

Man o man, feeling okay at the moment could be better. I'm still swollen by the end of the day. Have not worn faja for the last 4 days but i still wear it for bed though. Still loving my results, I'm going for a consult to get my boobs done soon. Pretty much everything the same. I'm having the pulling and pinchin sensation again on my upper abs no idea what can be causing this.

10wks po


Almost 3 months po


You are amazing you transformed me and i will
Be forever greatful!!!! I love my TT 3 months po

3 months post up

Loving my results.

It's been a while.

Hey ladies I haven't been here in about 2 months. Everything is the same except the fact that I have gained 7lbs since surgery, i will be 5months po on the 17. Even though i have
gained some weight i still love my results and i am so happy i did this! I went to Jamaica 2 wks ago and omg i loved it! During the vacay i gained 4 pounds :( I haven't yet to lose one, hopefully ill get back on track soon. Hope yall doing great!!!

DEATH at vanity cosmetics!

http://www.local10.com/health/police-investigating-womans-death-after-heart-stops-during-tummy-tuck?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WPLG_Local_10_/_Local10.com so sad guys another BEAUTIFUL lady gone in this place!!!!! Nor the Police or vanity has mention who was the surgeon....

I'm so thankful i chose you to be my doctor, you did an awesome job and i feel extremely happy! Thank you thank you thank you!

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