Ortega Doll! Mommy of 2 Boys in Need of an Extended TT and Lipo - Miami, FL

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Hello dolls, I've been reading posts from all for...

Hello dolls, I've been reading posts from all for the past few years. Thank you for sharing your lives in this community! Let me just start by saying I love me a very experienced doctor like Dr. Mel Ortega, I saw his work, he is in the US so following I'm sure the APSB guidelines, he is affordable and so on. Then there is Dr. Duran, oh Dr. Duran... I saw her work and she is a sculptor, she seems very experienced, but she is in the Dominican Republic, she does aggressive lipo. Who should I pick? I did my researches and like them both. I plan to stay in a recovery home for 2 weeks. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Ortega Doll! Mommy of 2 Boys in Need of an Extended TT and Lipo

Hello dolls,
I'm a 37 years old married mother of 2 little boys, 7 and 3 years old. I've lost over 70 lbs in the past 2 years and my BMI is at 33 and will try to get it well below 30 before surgery. I'm very healthy and active.
I've been following Dr. Mel Ortega for over a year and would like him to perform my surgery, an extended tummy and lipo of the flanks and inner thighs.
He is well (over 20 years) experienced, board-certified and in the US.
I was initially thinking about going to Dr. Augustina Hilario Duran in the Dominican Republic but after reading the reviews on CIPLA, I would rather go to a surgeon in the US who can follow the APSB guidelines and can give me the needed body safely. I have a family and children that need me to take care of them. In addition, he is affordable.
It's unfortunate the reviews I read and my prayers out go to all the victims of CIPLA. I pray that all goes well for me. HOW COME EVERY DOLL IN CIPLA GET BLOOD TRANSFUSION AT SOME POINTS? Is it the norm in the Dominican Republic? This is frightening. People can easily get HIV and others from blood transfusion if not properly and highly tested.
I've read reviews on the wait time at Sprectrum officr of Dr. Mel Ortega but as long as my surgery is done very well and safely, I can handle the administrative mess.
I'm open to suggestions and advices, recommendations on recovery homes. I will be traveling along or maybe with a GF if available. I plan to stay in Miami for 10 days or so prior to flying back to California.
Please comment, share your experience, make recommendations.

The Dominican Republic board of plastic surgeons to help with your research


This is the result I'm looking for in an Extended TT and lipo of thighs and flanks

My wish pics from Dra Duran, she is a sculptor.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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