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Does anyone know a least expensive person in Miami...

Does anyone know a least expensive person in Miami I can use to care for me and my friend in Miami the end of May beginning of June possibly? After our T.T. With Dr. Mel Ortega ? We were gonna get a hotel or do u all suggest us to bring our nurse with us? Bcz I'm looking at recovery houses and they're quite expensive!!! So I'm just trying to see what should I do? Any suggestion . I had to change my dates of surgery Bcz I'm trying to see when is my last final exam gonna be from school but I know surgery will def/ly be end of May beginning of June


So i actually changed my Tummy Tuck date and I will be receiving it on May 10 2016 sooner! I just actually want to get it over with. So me and my friend are gong together, we're excited actually and now she suggest we go to Dr. Scott Loessin at CG cosmetics so we're book and ready? Now advice I need is where can I purchase a nice but not so expensive FAJAS? Before May 8 bcz that's when I will be down in Florida for surgery. Also, can you all give me any tips on how to prepare for surgery ? And how was it with the anesthesia? When you got put to sleep? Did it feel fast when u got awaken from the surgery ?

Tummy Tuck

Changed doctor to Dr. Scott Loessin I'm excited and nervous at the same time

Hotel stay

I'm getting my tummy tuck at CG Cosmetics in Miami and was wondering what suggestions of hotels to stay at for a week ? Need something reasonable. Bcz I will be out there from May 8 until May 14. So any ideas and Sony all suggest I just use Uber while I'm down there Bcz I'm clearly not gonna be able to drive.

Ten days away from Tummy Tuck

10 days away before I'm flying out to Cg cosmetic to meet dr. Loessin.

Tummy tuck

Has anybody flew to Miami to get their tummy tuck done at CG COSMETIC? If so, how was service and how did your tummy tuck come out looking? Bcz I'm now going to Dr. Loessin at CG was going to Mel Ortega but I changed it?

I did it (tummy tuck w/lipo on flanks Dr.Loessin

I had tummy tuck done with lipo on flanks at CG Cosmetic with Dr. Scott Loessin. I had a great experience from the time I had pre-op talking with doctor until the ending process. Dr.Loessin listened to me and was very knowledgeable. My appt. time was at 11a and I got called back at exactly 11:04a.m. for surgery, So they were def/ly on scheduled time. The facility was very clean and the staff was nice as well. The anesthesiologist by the name of Amy was very calm she def/ly relaxes you and she's super smart and knowledgeable as well . My over all experience on surgery was A+ so far .

Dr. Scott Loessin CG Cosmetic

These pics are 4hrs after surgery still very swollen 05/10/2016 @11am was my surgery date and time with Dr. Loessin .

My surgery date was scheduled for May 10 2016. At...

My surgery date was scheduled for May 10 2016. At CG Cosmetic in Miami fl. Everything went smoothly . The Dr. Threw my nervousness to the side so i was extra calm when I had got done with pre-op the following day which was may 9 2016. It seems as if everything went so fast. I flew in on the 8th of May and after that, may 9th I was in pre-op. I was NPO starting May 9th at 11p really midnight but I stopped at 11p to be on the safe side. I went in to CG Cosmetic around 9a after I picked my medication up from Walgreens. And ladies if U have insurance you can pick your mess up by using your insurance bcz my friend we came down here together she didnt have insurance and her medication was $110.00! Which was very expensive but that was from Walgreens. When mines was just $20 for all 4 of my medications. Now. The cosmetic center will give you their pharmacy place to go too that they send their patients and they say for all 4 meds the pharmacy charges like $85.00 . But i just wanted to let u know about that. Now my surgery was at 11a and I got called to the back at 11:04a so they were right on scheduled time. They get their patients in and out it seemed to me. I got in back they give u another pregnancy test and then they hook you up to an IV . The anesthesia woman comes in and she talks to you , by the way she was very nice her name was Amy . Then you get called to the back operating room and that's where the magic happens.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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