Changed Dr. to Moises Salama**** Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift & Augmentation & Medial Thigh Lift - Miami, FL

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...Be aware my expected cost is just for the tummy...

...Be aware my expected cost is just for the tummy tuck since it only allows me to choose one procedure...

Hello everyone!
The icon in my profile is of Miracle Watts who has my ideal body! (The word around town is that her bf paid 75k in augmentations for her to achieve her new look. She wasn't bad looking before but not hot. They say shes had a bbl, boob job, rhinoplasty & a few others. Honestly whatever shes had done, she looks amazing!!!...)
I digress. So, whats my story?
Ive been through a lot. Ill be 27 this year and I want to remember something great about my 20's... I was raped at 23 and became pregnant by the rapist. It was a struggle keeping that child growing inside of me but I don't believe in abortions. Not because of my my unfortunate experience should I return the favour to an innocent. However, I don't know if It was the stress and the depression that came with everything and apparently God felt I had built enough strength; I lost the baby. Looking back now it was suppose to happen and Im a stronger person for all the events that followed.
I used to do promotional modelling and it all came to a stop when I was pregnant. I gained weight, I was emotional, depressed, irrational... you name it. After losing the baby I spiralled into another depression because after all this had screwed up my life and body, I don't even get the baby I went through it for... Really, God? I was so upset with God and myself. I became ill and anorexic. I binged like a bulimic until I had the willpower to be anorexic. I was sick and looked sick. It took me years to overcome that mental prison. Im doing so much better now. Im not perfect but Im healthy and its been this way for over two years now. Im 5'3 and 130 pounds. Due to my weight gain and then drastic weight loss I have stretch marks, loose skin and hardly any breast tissue. I hide these flaws very well if I do say so myself but Im tired of pretending. I cant have a decent relationship b/c of my body image issues and I push people away when they try to get close to me...
Im not an ugly girl, I know that. I have a degree in Broadcast Media and Ive turned down so many opportunities bc I wasn't happy with me and now Im ready to change that. Its a huge expense but a life changing one that is worth it. Im grateful I have parents who are going to help me with funding this endeavour. In the future, after kids Id like to do a bbl but for for right now this is all.
The closer I get to the date, the more anxiety I get. I must say I love seeing all the photos on this site and the real stories. You all are so brave and inspired me to share.... I will keep you all updated...

Changed my Dr. & surgery date

Woe is me my surgery should've been done already but work just wouldn't allow for that. I guess everything happens for a reason though because with the additional time Ive done more research and shopped around more doing a few more consultations and Ive decided to change my Dr. I'm going with Dr. Salama in Miami. Im totally excited and although my date isn't confirmed Cynthia has been an angel and just like that I felt I was making the correct decision. Im overseas currently so I had to consult with Dr.Salama with photos which scared me half to death bc its the INTERNET. Anyway his suggestions were valid and as I want so we are on the same page. My issue now is Saline vs Gummy Bear implants? My mother is all about the health risks and Im about my health but also what looks good on my frame. I have a small frame at top and wide hips but anyway back to my top half, its small and Elite is saying saline implants tend to show on small framed persons and persons with less breast tissue. However Ive seen some nice saline implants that look natural and they say the feel natural also... Im unsure. I plan on making my deposit this week so Ill update u guys on my surgery date. XO

I cried today

Lets see.... Its been such a long and gruelling process but guess what. Ive finally reserved my date and I'll be meeting with Dr. Salama Aug7th for my pre-op appointment. I come from a family of professionals which include medical professionals (doctors and surgical nurses, my mom being one of those medical professionals)... They were so concerned with people getting botched cosmetic jobs, fly by night plastic surgery offices and death that I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go through with it anymore...I felt alone and finally they gave me their approval and blessing so Ive moved fwd. They are paying for a portion of it so not to say Id never do it but it just wouldn't happen for right now if they had backed out. My mother and I will be flying to FL and she will be with me during my recovery along with an aunt of mine. Immediately after surgery Ill be staying at a hotel and after having my drains removed I'll stay at my aunts home. Im just not comfortable to be in someone's home when I really and still leaking, lol. Also I like the fact that theres housekeeping at the hotel, so fresh linen every day! Im so nervous! Cynthia is a total godsend and Dr. Salama is blessed to have her on board. he stayed on top of everything and did her best to accommodate me with my job and travelling all over the country for work. After making the deposit, I simply cried. Tears of anxiety, joy & everything in between. One step down, its official. Im going to get rid of this hurt finally and step into a new phase of my life. Its truly unbelievable...

*Typos* It should read...

Im just not comfortable to be in someone's home when I really am immobile and still leaking, lol. Also I like the fact that theres housekeeping at the hotel, so fresh linen every day! Im so nervous! Cynthia is a total godsend and Dr. Salama is blessed to have her on board. She stayed on top of everything and did her best to accommodate me with my job and travelling all over the country for work.

Pre-op photos

I don't believe Im posting pre-op photos...OMG, I know its not pretty. Ive booked my flight. My mom and I arrive in FL on Aug 6th... Ive gotten supplies but whatever I don't have ill just hit Target. Im soooooooooo anxious, nervous and excited! Im going to do my medical clearance on Wednesday and my physical on Saturday...Pray or me dolls that all goes well. Just giving a short update... The pics tell enough
Oh and my cousin dissed me today, talking about I have an A cup...Wait til my BA, no mistaking my boobies for middle schooler anymore! Lol Love her, it was a joke but damn that's how ppl see me unless Im in my double padded bra from vs?!!? yikes... My cousin is a dd but is in denial, still saying she wears a c cup with her weight gain. Im like you wear a c cup pero you are a dd cup. XOXO

22 days left & Wish pics

Soooo ladies, Im at work and I really cant focus! I fly to FL on the 6th and meet Salama the 7th before surgery on the 8th. Im having bad dreams and good dreams every other night which is to be expected. Ive gotten my EKG, HIV, STD & pregnancy results back and theyre all good and waiting on my blood work to come through now. My mom and aunt pretty much have my supplies covered being medical professionals, so lucky for that. What else is going onnnn... Oh since Im going to have this hottie body again Im trying something different with my hair, bangs! So Ive been looking at how I want it. Hopefully itll be a nice change to my hairstyles!
Anyway I don't expect to look exactly like my wish pics PERO with the excess skin gone, Ill be able to see results when I go back to the gym and who knows, maybe Ill be my own wish pic shooooot! Lol... I love a tiny waist with wide hips and toned abs! SEXY SEXY!

Couple more wish pics...=)

Bloodwork is in

So I got my blood work results and dun dun dunnnnnnnn...My blood count is low.... Its an 11 and should be at least 12 but def 13...So Ive gotten some prescription iron pills to take for the next two weeks...Pray that it sorts it out before my sx... Everything else is good except that my potassium is high and im dehydrated....So iron and a gallon of water a day until my sx...YIKES....Nerves kicking in, even my mom is nervous! Looking for more wish pics and trying to relax with a glass of wine...

Its Almost August!

TBH I don't know how Im going to get through this week. Can we fast fwd to my flight to Aventura already or nah? Im redoing my hemo level on Wednesday so hopefully that and my potassium and sodium levels are up but if still not a 12 for hemo I still have until the 8th, just need progress so just in case of anything I have a reserve...God willing I wont need the reserve though. My monthly should be here this week and end right before surgery so that's good news but I hope it doesn't effect my hemo...:-/... Anyway ladies Im still looking at wish pics so I'll share those...

Another pic


The heading says it all. There were some hiccups bc of my potassium and sodium being below normal but Im taking meds and as of today Salama says yes, he will hook me up! Lol....Im so happy. Im still taking iron though b/c he doesn't operate below 11 and Im 11.2. At 11.2 if anything happens I have no reserve and will need a transfusion. Im doing my best to get my hemo up by my sx date next week.... AHHHH My sx date is NEXT WEEK.... Whoop whoop....

Im in Florida

Hey ladies, Ive made it to Florida and all is well. Consult with Salama manana and Friday is the big day. I'll do some last minute running around and hit the buffet tomorrow. Yes the buffet! I wont have an appetite after surgery you ladies have shared that bit. I want to make sure I enjoy the food while I can b/c after this Im sure Ill be back to my oc behaviour of accounting for each and every pound. Im completely anxious, if it wasn't for the Veronica to my Betty Id be totally freaking out! So glad or the ppl God places in your life at the right times and definitely for my Mommy dearest and my aunt and everyone who is making this smoother... Ill be in touch tomorrow ladies...


Where to start? Its one week post and I feel like complete shit and look like a damn elephant. Dr. Salama and staff are great and my emotions aren't bc of them. I could've sworn my expectations were realistic but right now I feel out in the cold. Both drains are still in and I'm still extremely swollen and leaking. Why is there so much liquid, I'm hugeeee. I was in the surgery centre and this doll obviously in early recovery said if she could turn back time she wouldn't have gone through with surgery and in my head I'm thinking she looks great and now I'm here looking a complete mess and agreeing with her sentiments. I had excess skin but I was tiny prior, my stretchmarks weren't so pronounced either. I don't want to seem ungrateful so in all instances I give thanks but I have to keep it real on rs. Every night since I got here I've been praying for my V doll who I hope has a smooth recovery as we are both in FL now. My boobs are the only thing I'm sort of ok with although not loving them yet. I'm depressed no doubt about it and worse that I'm still so swollen and filled with liquid. My hips are as huge as big mama and I have a jelly donut for a lower abdomen...I'm uncomfortable, nauseated and in pain from the swelling not the incision. Dr. Salama isn't worried though and says bc I'm anemic and my nutritional levels were low recovery will be more challenging for me. Make sure u eat eat eat and drink lots plus continue to walk. It's hard to eat when I feel like a blimp Tbh especially for someone with eating disorder's been hell...sorry I haven't updated but I wanted to update with good news and not a rant. I'm falling asleep though dolls so happy healing and thanks for the well wishes.

welp, ill show the boobies....

I had a lift and gummy bear smooth hp 475 cc implant.... He says I'll be a full c but to me they look huge like a I luv em though.... Trying to stay positive bc after the boobs I'm still a mess. Xo dolls

13 days post

Hey dolls... I know Ive been hard on myself but Im beginning to ease up and not bc every time I walk into Elite the staff is telling me how pretty I am...Thanks pero Im still swollen like an elephant...Lol Nomie is like I know youre swollen like an elephant u don't have to say it again hunnie. Give it time, you sure u don't want any juice bc I don't think youre drinking enough. I honestly love the staff, every single one of them bc they've all been sooooo helpful. Even Salama when I called him at midnight b/c half of my body was numb and he thought I may have had a tiny stroke and I was just scared but after elevating my legs I felt fine and we all went to bed and saw him the next day just to check that everything was fine... I am in love with my boobs and I cant thank him enough for changing my life, I cant wait to see the rest of my body and fall in love with that too... Im more positive now but Im still stressing the swelling and my drainage. My tubes are still in and at this point my body is actually pushing them out. I can see the top of the tubes which freaks me out a bit. Ill see what he says about that tomorrow but im still doing 70/80 per drain sooooo yo no se dolls. Anyway once my drains are out ill show u pics. Urm and Salama wants me in a small compression garment...Im like urm maybe my top half but the bottom half wont work in a small...hes like we shall see Im like sounds like I need to reschedule til next wk, hes like tomorrow at the surgery centre and im telling Nomie now...Urm welp I guess Im keeping that appointment then..... Honestly my Elite experience is truly trumping the swell hell and after week three then Ill rant more if I don't see a significant change. Much love ladies, happy sx, happy healing, happy eating and all that jazz to my beautiful bodies in the making and made!

Not a pity party perooooo

I'm having a horrible night just looking at myself with these drains and lopsided swelling is driving me nuts. The hell day 15 and my big clothes can't even pass my knees. I literally cried my eyes out and started with the what ifs...Not trying to be negative but then I see the reality when I look at myself. I'm hugeeeeee. You ladies will be the only ones who may understand my pain so I'm sharing pics of my complaints. The jelly donut around my navel and my thighs are about to pop they are so huge. My legs, ankles and sometimes feet swell too. Salama is so calm and not phased that I feel psycho. I need more certainty from him that this will go away and that the surgeries haven't damaged my lymphatic system. If I don't see a change by day 21 I will be seeing a general practitioner and getting blood work done bc this is taking a toll on me. I've prayed on it though, so answers are on the way. I'm doing about 40 and 65 from my drains so theyre slowing down so some time next week they should be good to go. Anywho dolls I'll be in touch!

My Drains are OUT!!!

Today both my drains were removed, exactly at the 4 week mark. I can't believe I'm a month post!... I am team Salama all the way and I can't thank the Elite staff and Salama enough for their post op care and concern. I'm still in Fl and will be here for another week maybe two just to be sure no seroma develops and to finish my massages. My boobs are a masterpiece and getting squishy and sexyyyyy. Boooooo my swelling is still hell but they assure me it's normal and I'm one of the slow healers. Sucks pero there's been no infection and my incisions are healing nicely. My stomach and thighs will be masterpieces too, theyre just longer works of art, lol. Shout out to my positive energy right about now. Drain removal will change your life, remember I told ya. Mira, escuchen...Drain removal HURTS.... It may not hurt everyone and my drains were in pretty long so thats also a factor pero I damn near punched Zuny when she was trying to remove them. The stitch removal stings but them pulling the drain out from your damn ribcage to your groin hurts like a mofo. You literally feel and hear it rubbing on your muscles and organs just being pulled out of your body. Grossssss! God BLESS medical professionals porque that shit is not the business...smh... Anywho dolls I go for a checkup on Wednesday and also get my third massage. Stay strong to all my ladies in recovery, it isn't a walk in the park.

Almost 7 weeks post

I Knowww I've been mia chicas pero recovery is such a toll on me. Swelling is still getting the best of me but has gone down fifty percent which is great. My incisions are doing well and next time I'll post what they look like. My faja is small from Leonisa and quite comfortable pero I hate fajas! I may need some revisions but I'm sending in pics every two weeks to see if it's swelling or in fact a revision is needed. Anyway I'm just passing through beauties. Happy healing as always. Xo

Im 13 weeks post...

It's been forever, I know and I apologize. I will post pics when I'm out of bed. What can I say its been a long journey that continues and a learning experience. Bad news: I'm still swollen in my abdomen, hips and thighs. The area on the back of my thighs is still there and I'm totally disappointed that I've yet to see a change in what ppl call banana rolls. I've been in contact with Salama every two weeks since I left and he says he's still watching it as I'm still swollen. It's hard ladies bc I got the medial thigh lift to wear shorts but the loose skin in my inner thigh was the issue and now I have these things on the back of my thigh. Also it's like when he did the tummy tuck he Lipoed one flank less than the other but that side is more swollen than the other but u can still tell. With all that being said I doubt my sx journey is over. The good news is I'm healing, no infections and I'm going to resume a somewhat normal workout this week. I haven't taken my measurements but I look good, lol... Now that my boobs have gone down I miss them swollen, lol.... I hope everyone is well...happy healing dolls.

13 weeks post pics

its been a while

Hey everyone...Its been a year and while I'm mostly satisfied I knew it was only round one. I want my butt done pero Id have to gain weight and I'm not trying to gain. I still have excess skin that I'm going to try and fill up with muscle, I'm going to go hard in the gym and see if I can turn my woes around before I'm back at Salama. I also need him to check on some raised areas of my scars.
Dr. Geoffrey Williams

Dr. Moises Salama

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