Tummy Tuck and 2 Areas of Lipo - Miami, FL

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Well, I am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Lagrasso...

Well, I am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Lagrasso for 1/4/16. I very excited!!! I met him yesterday at the My Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Miami, FL. I have to say he is very very nice attentive and takes his time with you. ( Mind you he is verrrrrrryyyy busy the place was packed with people who wanted a consultation, people who already had surgery, and people who were scheduled for surgery) Place is crazy with people. But so far the over all experience with the dr was Great!!! I have to go back on Dec 21 to re do my labs since my hemoglobin was a bit low he have me a prescription for iron that i have to take daily till the surgery.. I am very excited and i will keep you guys posted!!!!!

Tummy Tuck & 8 Areas of Lipo With Dr. Jeffrey Lagrasso

ladies I have a few questions i wish i can get some feedback on.How uncomfortable are the drains? Can you feel them? Some people say they are the worst part of the whole procedure. I am planning on getting the massages after, how helpful are they? Does any one know of any good places in Miami. I heard the ones at My Cosmetic Surgery are not that good. They are to gentle and don't get the job done. Any recommendations on things I should get before the surgery? Recliner, Meds ETC... anything you girls suggest can help.. Thank you!!!!!!FYI: For all the smokers you must quit prior to the surgery my doctor told me two weeks but just to play safe Ive stopped a moth prior.. I know how hard it is I am going on day 3 with no nicotine and i am dying but i want to get this done way more than what i want to smoke so ladies.... Drop it like its hot!!!

The Countdown Begins

I am so excited I can't wait!!!! I'm so ready to say bye to this belly ????????

4 Weeks Till the New Me!!! *******TeamLagrasso********

I am so excited everyday I am one day closer to my surgery date. I cant wait I am so glad I came across this site I am Hooked!!!! Reading the ladies post about there experience with their procedure and their DR is amazing I am so glad that this support system was created and is available to make us more knowledgeable about the procedure we wish to have done. I ve been following the ladies journey and I have to say they look amazing. I am going in for a Full Tummy Tuck and Lipo of the Flanks, Sides and back ( No Fat Transfer) Due to the full TT i cannot get the BBL the same day it would be to many hours under the anesthesia and the Dr does not recommend it. and since with a Tummy tuck you have to be sitting in a slouched position a BBL is not the best idea even though I ve heard and seen it being done. I will be documenting my Whole Journey on YouTube, IG and on RealSelf of course. Good luck to all the ladies on Their Beauty Journey may you all be blessed!!!!!!!

TT and 2 Areas of lipo

Soooo, I was thinking to get a TT and full lipo of the back and flanks originally, But I am thinking i want to get a BBL in a near future maybe 1 Yr post op to the TT. So I am going to have a TT and 2 areas of lipo (Flanks) and leave some fat on there for some booty. Have any of you girls done it like this before. Please help.....

Before Pics

Can't wait to get rid of this belly, 3 kids later and 50 pound wieght loss this is what I am left with,,, Jan 4 can't come soon enough,,,,, #TeamLagrasso

One Week Six Days Left I am almost There!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am too excited I am almost There!!!!! One week and six days left to my Full TT and lipo!!! The new me coming soon...


Closer to my day!!!!!!!

Surgery in 4 days and i woke up sneezing today!!

This cant be happening, I have surgery in 4 days and i woke up sneezing and with a runny nose. Girls any ideas on what i can take to stop this right on its tracks. My PS told me i really shouldn't take any medications prior to the surgery. But i don't want to get cancelled due to an unexpected cold. Please help. My day is right around the corner

4 days till my surgery, and I am sneezing and with a runny nose

Any good remedies to cut a cold I really don't want To get cancelled due to a cold, this sucks!! Please help!!!!

3 days Pre Op

Nervous,,,, and excited!!!! All is ready to go!!!! Saying bye bye to the belly and hello to my new body in 2016!!!!

More pics swell hell is real but the results are amazing

I just absolutely love Dr. Lagrasso by far the best around...


My scar at 8 days post op!!

New faja

New faja still one drain in. Sorry I haven't really been updating but I be been trying to recover and relax as much as I can it's hard when you have a business to run and a family and kids but I am trying feeling much better now at 8 days post op more discomfort and swelling towards night time but thank god my recovery has been great!!!! Thank Dr Jeffrey Lagrasso and his blessed hands!!!


More pics

Lovin it

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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