50 and Trying to Be Fab.... - Miami, FL

I have been back and forth and forth and back on...

I have been back and forth and forth and back on the subject of having a Tummy Tuck. I have finally got up the nerve to get it done. After extensive research. I will be having my my surgery in Miami in 2017 with Dr. Orlando Llorente. I paid my deposit and I am now in the process of selecting a date. I love this site and have really got some very much needed information from here. I am 50 years old 5-7 and 211 lbs. Dr wants me to try to lose 15 lbs before surgery. I'm probably more than likely going to schedule in August. Can't wait to be a Llorente doll.

Pitiful Pictures uuggghhhhhh

Forgive me..I am very new to this whole process and not sure how to upload pictures..ill try to show the ugly before pictures.......

I've settled on a date for my life changing surgery

I spoke to Elana today and the date is set. I will be going to Miami on May 01, 2017. And having surgery on May 02, 2017. I am ready to take charge of my life and get this done. Can't wait to be a Llorente Doll.

It was suggested that I lose 15 lbs.........

Ok so my date is May 2, 2017 with Dr. Llorente in Miami. I have paid the deposit and I have the rest of the money in my savings. I'm so excited I don't know what to do. I have started my healthy eating and I joined A Cross Fit gym. It's tough but necessary. I'm trying to have my body in the best shape that it can be before this surgery.

Can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just 49 days away.........I'm soooo anxious and just ready for a brand new me...I go to Miami on the 1st of May.......TT with MR and lipo is May 2, 2017....will post before pictures a couple of weeks before I leave.

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