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I'm 45 years old, African American Women, who...

I'm 45 years old, African American Women, who holds the definition for CURVATIOUS. I love my big booty, hips, and waist. I have 3 grown kids. So now its my time to critique my goal and get my small waistline back. I'm going June 2014 To Premiere Center for Plastic Surgery. Dr Howard Robinson. There's also an office in Miami. But more down south its more reasonable, plus they'll match or beat a quote from a previous plastic surgeon and they offer in house financing. But these doctors here are board certified and I did my research. Anyway I'm on the countdown to my tuumy tuck date and can't wait. I'm figure out how to upload my photo. I'm having a tummy tuck and lipo of my flanks. Curves are back in so I'll be a curvy celeb. Lol. Well ladies I'll start my journey on RS up till 1 year after my tummy tuck here I go.

April 9,2014

So the countdown is on. One of my friends just had her Timmy tuck in Miami, I stood by her and supported her. She now reach her Six Pack and is loving it. Now its my turn, and because its my turn I'm scared to death. So funny because I supported my girlfriend, now its my turn I'm shaking like a first time stripper at Magic City. Lol, Actually I'm nervous but excited. My date has been changed to May 20,2014. My husband and I are getting a rental car and taken the 11 hour ride to Miami/Coral Gables Florida from Atlanta. My primary doctor will see me April 17,2014 for blood work/medical clearance letter. Ladies as excited as you might be,please when you go to see your primary doctor do not hide any medical problems because you want to get a clearance to have plastic surgery. Hiding your recent medical problems is deadly and dangerous. Complications could occur during your procedure, please be honest. I started purchasing items, bandages, cocoa butter, I will use my father recliner and I am/will be using 100% Shea butter which can be purchased at your local beauty supply store. Oh ladies Vitamin E pills/capsules are fantastic for scars. The capsules have liquid in them bite the vitamin e capsule open use it on your scars. Remember vitamin e is in most scar treatments and go straight to the source and use the capsules. Its thick but its a fantastic cheap treatment. Okay here I'll post a picture. Yikes!! Its very curvy and very outdated body.lol but Check me out After May 20 and you'll see my results.

April 11, 2014

Hey To all my six packers/flat siders and soon to be"s. I'm only a tad over a month from seeing what a true six pack/flat stomach feel and look like. I go April 17 for my pre open. Blood work surgical clearance letter. Once that's complete then reality will set in. I'm so excited because next winter I want have my over hang stomach resting on my thighs. Which sweaters did a great job of hiding it. It's a shame that those of us with distorted stomachs that we are and we're ashamed of; would be hidden under big shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Even during the summer we've experienced looking at ourselves in the window of a store or a mirror and get upset because we weren't satisfied with our bodies. Or that our bodies became disformed because we birth our children. Ladies/Gents don't you long for that day you can walk by a mirror and love what you see. Oh wait a minute the worse mirrors on earth to see your body through is the mirror in a dressing room. Oh my gosh why do those mirrors make you not like the clothes we're in there trying on. Just taken my clothes off I get upset,and I didn't even try on the outfit I went in the dressing room with. I put my clothes back on, come out and tell my daughter it didn't fit.Lol huh I never tried it on. Your discourage because those mirrors in the dressing room show three sides of your body. So everyone that's thinking about a surgical procedure to improve your physical as appearance, go for it. I am. Self esteem is a powerful tool and will lower your standards without anyone knowing it but you. See you guys later.

April 11 Correction

Sorry these cell phones are tricky when your typing. But I meant in my post above to say my pre op not pre open.

April 13, 2014

Good Evening to all my Six Packers a.k.a Six Pack Abs. Also, those of us that will soon be six packed out looking soon to be sexy. I'm now just under 35 days away from joining the flat family. Scared, nervous, but the excitement will over weigh everything. My pre-op with my primary doctor is this week April 17,2014. Reality is finally setting in. Swelling in the stomach will continue on through the summer so I guess next year 2015 I will be swell free and my scar will be less visible. Ladies-Gents don't back out' proceed on with your procedure and enjoy with pride your new and improved physique. I'm beyond excited, already booked our rental car and our lovely hotel by the beach in Miami Florida. Dr Howard Robinson is great PS and I trust my life in his hands, so any of you ladies looking for a great surgeon with best prices visit Premiere Cosmetic Center in Miami or other office in Coral Gables.

April 17,2014

Hello Ladies/ Gents,
Well I have 31 days to go till my six pa k abs will be of existence. I'm so excited. I just. Visited my friend who went to Miami also she had her TT over 3 weeks ago. She looks awesome. I just had my pre op today all blood work and clearance letter so off I go to a flat six pack stomach. My next post will be one to two more photos of me then after that it be photos of the new me.

April 21,2014

Hey Ladies, I'm now 25 days out to the six pack/flat side. Actually I'm 24 days out. I'm so excited, I got a few reviews from Doctors that reviewed my profile so, I will be going back for more lipo on my backside. I thought lipo to my flanks and tummy tuck would be enough, so I will be doing of course outer thigh and inner thigh lipo. Has anyone done a second procedure after they did their tummy tuxk.

April 21,2014 More photos

I posted a couple more yuckie photos. Can't wait to get that curvy body back.


Only posted one photo

April 27, 2014

21 days to go before I head to Miami. God is a good and powerful God, and in my daily prayers too him I will be flying to Miami rather than driving there and back. God is good all the time,all the time God is good. I was worried about my ride back from Miami after my tummy tuck, but god made it possible for me to have the funds to fly my family there and back. Ladies prayer works. Again 21 days for me I'm excited

April 30, 2014

Hello Real self, I am only 18 days away from capturing my new physique. My mind is set to deal with the pain that comes with the retrieving the body I deserve. All I think about is seeing the after pictures of my stomach. Can anyone tell me what and how their first day home was like. Could you walk. I'm really concerned about the day after because once I see my plastic surgeon I'll be back on plane back to Atlanta to re-coporate and want to know if I'll be okay

May 2nd, 2014

17 days to go. I'm excited and ready. I teach 1st Grade, now that they already too, their end of the school year test, I decided to take off a week prior to my procedure to do house work, bills, buy supplies, take dog to get his bath, and look for my a 2014 Chevy camaro. But I'm leaning more to a 2 door CTS Cadillac Coupe maybe a 2012. So after my body heals I can drive away in the sunlight in my new beautiful coupe and enjoy the new body. Good luck to everyone and I will keep you listed as I approach my date. Oh if they get a cancellation or maybe I will call Melanie at Premiere Center for Plastic Surgery and see if they have a earlier appointment. So fingers crossed I be going sooner than May 19. 2014. Keep you posted

May 2, 2014

I forgot to say, those of you that see my photos. I'm going back when the doctor say its safe and do outer thigh lipo. If you see my side shots you noticed I have big upper thigh, so I will be getting that lipo after a month or two of my tummy tuck. State of Florida laws only allows plastic surgeon to remove up to 1000cc of fat during a tummy tuck, so because I'm having my flanks done I have to come back for outer inner thigh lipo.

May 4,2014

Hey ladies, my time is approaching. I'm nervous,excited. My appointment is May 19, but I'm going to call and see if I can move my appointment to the week of May 12,2014. So hopefully they have a day available that week. Shopping I haven't brought anything. I'll most likely get tucks medicated pads for massaging, witch hazel, pain meds. Can you already six pack abs/flat siders tell me what are the most needed items their glad they had on their bedside.

May 5,2014

Real self ladies/gents'
I'm determined to lose more weight after tummy tuck. Can you six packers/flat abs share with us if you lost weight after your tummy tuck. How much did you weigh before tummy tuck and how much you lost after.

May 8,2014

Ladies I have 9 days left. Its almost time to represent the six pack/ and cone over to the flat side..oh yeah its almost time. I need to know ladies do you think its safe to ride back on a plane the next day after surgery.

May 10, 2014 New Photos Added

Well this is the last photos I will add before my tummy tuck. My Tummy Tuck is May 19. The next photos I post will be my after tummy tuck/lipo to flanks pictures. I'm only 8 days away. I'm excited.

May 10. Wish Pictures

I'm hoping my next pictures I post will be someone wish pictures. I'm confident that Dr Howard Robinson will be creating that sexy curvy body I used t have. I think its soon to be back in a matter of days.

May 11.2014 8 Days to go

Okay ladies I'm only 8 days away. For anyone that read my blog let me say my original date was i n June, because I teach 1st grade and wanted to be around while my class took their Stanford test. But, they took it in April and I ended up changing my date to the 20 of May then the 19th. So the 19th is it for me. Unless I can fly down this week but I doubt the Doctor could get me in on a short noticed If any plans change and I do go this week I'll grab my tablet and let you know. As for now May 19 at 1:00p.m. is it. I'm solo excited I hope I inspire other women. Maybe my after shots will be someone wish pic.lol I'm determined to get that sexy body back. Oh guess what--- my 2014 Chevy camaro is waiting on me to come back from Miami to go pick it up. Choosing between burgundy or navy blue. Both have 2 miles on it. Watch out A.T.L here I come...is anyone else going on the 19th. Ms Diva is going on the 22nd and she's so happy.

May 16, 2014

Hey Ladies, unfortunately my date has been changed. I'll be going May 27,2014. Had at trouble; which consist of me dipping into my travel money. But its okay it'll come around fast.

May 16 Excuse Typo

I had car trouble which it consist of me dipping into my travel money. So I had to push my date back to May 27.

May 20,2014

Hello Ladies, well my date was changed from May 19 to May 27,2014. I'm traveling to Miami for my tummy tuck and at the last minute my car broke down so it required me to switch my date. Well guess what? My dream is to have a new sexy body and a sexy chevy camaro. Yeppie, I got my 2014 candy apple red camaro. So I'm excited. Only have 8 miles on it. Yes 8 miles. Uhmmm who put 7 of those miles on my car.lol I put one,because I test drove it. ....but Next week just 6 days left my body will be transformed. Flying to Miami ...then about three days after we'll be flying back. I will heal in my hometown of Atlanta Ga. ..I'm so excited. God is so good. I'm wondering will it be safe for me to travel on a plane two was after my tummy tuck. My flight is only 1.5 back. Do you ladies think I'll be okay . Let me question the doctors?

Adding a photo May 20,2014

Here's an up to date photo taken today on May 20,2014

May 20,2014

I'm hoping my transformation will result in someone wish pic.lol I want to be looked at and women say Wow I love her body and not have woman look at my body and say yuck.lol so Dr Howard Robinson transform me into a better than Beyonce-kim kardashian- Jennifer Lopez body. Lol

May 22,2014 TT date changed again.

Well real self ladies, here I go again my date is being changed again. I just want to scream. My date is now June 10, 2014 gotta be there at 9:00a.m. Reason for the change is because my husband wants to be there with me and he can take off the week of June 9,2014. He's a supervisor and has to work when others are away. The week of June 9 is his scheduled vacation. So okay I do want him to be there so I don't mind changing my date for the up teen time. I was taken a friend and my son at first. Well now I'm back again to having now 18 long days. Wow!!!

May 23,2014

Well Real self ladies, I'm back to this feel like long countdown again.. God knows his plans and from the look at things and putting two and two together it work out to go for my Tummy Tuck June 10. I will be in Miami for the entire recovery time. Ladies is anyone else going during the month of June. If so let's countdown together. Here I go again I have exactly 18 days to go. Countdown is on.

May 24,2014

Okay I have 17 days to go. I'm beyond ready. Its Memorial Day weekend. Come on time I'm ready to get this over with.

May 24, 2014 Adding a Photo

Ladies I thought my next photos I was adding prior to this one and my last two would have been photos of me showing off my New Tummy Tuck/Waist. But my appointment been changed to June 10. So I decided to take another ugly picture of my yuckie waist / stomach. Oh boy June 10 hurry up. Stretch marks hanging skin oh my. But I am keeping my spirits up and counting down. Using these extra added days to basically make sure house is cleaned in order, shampoo carpet, get my seating arrangement ready for where I'm spend most of my time in house relaxing. ..I got my 2014 candy apple red camaro sadly I want be able to drive it for a couple weeks. I been following the ladies blogs that just had their procedure and I understand its more of a soreness rather than that awful pain. So that makes me feel good. Well tomorrow will make it 16 day countdown. Shout out to all the six packers / flat siders that had their tummy tucks last week. Hope you doing well. Happy Healing to you all. As for supplies Ms Diva posted a good list of supplies on her journey to the flat side that I will use. Thank you to all supporters, check out my added photo. Me sitting down. Yikes!!!!!

Hunt on For Breast Reduction/Lower Eyelid Surgery

16 days to go. I am also underway of researching to have a breast reduction and lower eyelid surgery. My bags / and dark circles under my eyes are horrific. I'm 45 be 46 in October and look like I'm 66. So the hunt is on. Chances are I'll go to a PS here in Atlanta. My breast will need reduced. So I'm plan for this to be in October my birthday month. After my tummy tuck / lipo to flanks and breast reduction and lower eyelid surgery will give me my mommy makeover. Uhmmm forgot about outer thought lipo.

In need of Lower Eyelid Surgery

Here's proof of me needing lower eyelid surgery. So after my tummy tuck , I'll take a journey to my lower eyelid surgery & breast reduction. Check out baggy dark circle eyes.

14 Day Weight Loss Journey Begins Here

Okay, so I woke up checking my weight. I'm 202 pounds. Yikes this is my heaviest weight. I've always been around 145-155 pounds but my weight sky rocketed. Well I have 14 days till my TT. Of course my date changed several times. But, this is official because my plane tickets have now been purchased. Soooo I have exactly 14 days to go, so I want to lose 10 pounds. I would like to be 190 when Premiere Center for Plastic Surgery Dr. Howard Robinson begin my transformation. Well 12 pounds. Ladies remember Tummy tuck is not a supplement or weight loss but your appetite is not there afterwards, and if you don't have an appetite and not eat as much what happens? (Yes) you lose weight. But don't weigh yourself till 8 weeks out. Your still swollen and retaining fluids. But you will lose something. So by my 8 week after my Tummy tuck I plan on seeing the 170-s on my scale. With the help of salads,protein and walking. Tummy tuck is a huge weight loss booster.
So starting today Memorial Day I'm starting my 12 pound in 14 days weight loss journey. No more sodas,juices that are sugary sweet, just water and stay way from salty foods. I will walk, I live BT walking trails that go from Georgia to Alabama, no no no I'm not walking that far. Lol but I'm walk the *Silver Comet Trail* or two miles. Thata the name of our trails that was built here in Georgia that goes o Alabama, and famous professional bikers ride it. Very beautiful bike/walking trails. Atlanta has lot to offer. They have fantastic plastic surgeons here also. The famous Dr J curves whom is feature on Reality shows. So I'm sure you say why I'm not using plastic surgeon here in my home town. Why!!! Is because the price. Further down south in Florida you have Top doctors in State of Florida but the price is nearly half the cost you would pay here in Georgia. So my reason is financial but still making right choice for me.

Back to weight loss journey I am on my way to getting the one. I'm naturally a big booty huge booty, thank you to my mom side of the family. But all women are heavy above our backside. So my back fat flanks will be a huge difference to my physique. It will tremendously contour my figure 100%. Along with my tummy tuck. So to all the ladies that are on their weight loss journey, I'm on board with you or 14 days. Here I o....

Memorial Day 14 Day Weight Loss Journey

Excuse typos above in my blog: (BT supposed to be The word by) At end of my blog It say (here I co) it should say here I come. There's a couple more typos I must of over looked them. But hopefully even though my weight loss is not as intensive as others and trying to lose much more weight I think 12 pounds is a beginning but huge step for me. ....I'm so excited to see what I look like afterwards. Its not good to weigh everyday but guess what I'm breaking all the rules. I'm weigh everyday for 14 days and hope I lose a pound a day. So Memorial Day my first weigh in is 202 pounds here o gooooo...

Yay! Lost Weight My First Day of My 14 Day Countdown

Hello ladies, as You may / may not know I'm on my 14 day countdown and weight loss challenge. I have lost 2lbs. Yeppie, My first day I lost 2lbs. I eliminated sodas,sweets,drunk water. 13 days till my tummy tuck procedure 13 more days to lose 10 more pounds. Yesterday I started at 202lbs, today i m exactly 200lbs. I'm weighing myself every morning. My goal is to be 190 day of my tummy tuck

No weight loss

So first thing this morning after using ladies room, I get on scale and I'm still 200.0 pounds. Uhmmm okay, maybe tomorrow morning I'll see a difference on the scale. I'm day two of my 14 day countdown. So I want give up. Least I didn't gain weight...Have a good day ladies. Fingers cross I lose weight tomorrow.

May 29 Weight loss Yeppie

Good Morning Ladies, so an up date here. I got off the scale and lost another 2lbs. So far on my 14 day weight loss journey I've lost 4lbs in 3 days. Yayyyy! I have 11 more days to go till my Tummy Tuck, so I'm excited about weight lost and Tummy Tuck. So my starting weight was 202.8 and as of today I'm 198. My goal is 190 and possibly under. I can do this. Shout out to Ms Diva, Happy Suzy, for your strong support and kind words. Wow this forum is like family. I have more supporters here than I do in my hometown. Lol. Well God is Good and I will update #gain in the morning hopefully with more pounds coming off.

I will not weigh in today. May 30

Okay ladies 10 days to go. I will not weigh in today. Oh no. My husband and I went to Red Lobster last night and boy o boy I didn't think about healthy choices. Even though seafood is healthy but not their biscuits.lol so you already know my fat as# is not touching the scale. Yeppie 10 days six pack here I come, and I'll see you veteran flat siders on the flat side soon.

9 Days left

Okay time is approaching, heart beating faster and faster. 9 days to go. I am ready just went to airport purchased our tickets so off we go next Monday 9 I'll be in Miami ready for June 10. As for my weight lost I been so busy so I'll get on scale Sunday June 1,and let you all know if I lost more weight.Thank you supporters

June 1 No pounds lost

Well ladies I have 8 days to go before I hit the family of six pack abs or flat siders. I'm overly excited. I can't wait till I'm done because if you look at my photos I naturally have a huge bootae, not booty, but footage.lol so I'm like crazy excited too see how I look. Eight days to go yeppie

7 Days Six Packers Flat Siders here I come

Okay let me stop acting like I brave. Real self members I'm scared as H#ll. Lol my time is closely approaching and I'm scared too death. Lol I'm very excited no doubt, but I'm scared. I don't need to take no stool softeners because I'm so scared my body releasing easily, even passing gas. I'm like oh my excuse me. Lol...

Ladies I even tried to find excuses to back out. But I already purchased my ticket, paid for my procedure, and got hotel ready so backing out want happen. Oh my.

Okay 7 days to go. I guess I'll be Dojah.while I type in my blog my hands are shaking. Okay deep breath deep breath, I can do this. Lol

6 days oh my gosh!

Its so funny ladies how I support everyone give then words of encouragement, now its my turn I feel like a baby seeing a needle for the first time. Or should I say a toddler getting their shots.lol. I think i m at six days oh lordie. Okay let me breathe ....as or my weight I'm still at 198. I'm try to get to 190 if not I'll strive for 195. Okay so now my tummy tuck journey is about to be a reality. Oh oh

June 4

5 days and counting

Wednesday June 4

Its almost that time. I'm excited ready to get on this flight and head to airport and get this all over with. I'll be staying in Miami for 7 days so I can be there to have drains removed. Then back to Atlanta. I'm now ready, I'm now ready

4 Days to Go

Well four days to go. Its nearly over. Real self ladies let me help you out if $$$ is keeping you from getting a plastic surgery procedure. Don't travel to Dominican Republic. Go to Miami Florida. Check out:::(PREMIERE CENTER FOR PLASTIC SURFERY) They have a Tampa and Miami Florida location. If you tried financing and got turned down, and/or don't have enough money for your dream procedure. This facility offer in-house financing. Yes you heard me right, if you don't have a bankruptcy on your credit report your APPROVED. All you have to do is put down 29%-30% of the cost of the chosen procedure and 30 days after your procedure they'll bill you a small monthly fee. Why do you think Miami women have sexy bodies, because they use the facilities and pay the rest over the months. Ladies save thousands of dollars, fly or drive to Miami and still have same procedure from Florida's top doctors. Check out their reviews. I'm going to the Miami location, I'm having a tummy tuck and liposuction and its $3900. Follow my journey. Remember they have a Tampa location also, so chose which location is easier for your travel needs. Ladies don't think you need to save thousands of dollars. Yes, you can have your procedure now and pay your monthly bill after. Its simple. Call Melanie or anyone of the receptionist at 305-705-6152...ladies your credit don't matter. She will tell you while your on phone

Excuse typo


3 Days Miami Here I Come

Well my time is approaching. I'm over excited not scared any more. I can't wait too see how Dr Robinson contour my waistline to define my huge natural booty. This is going to be one photo I can't wait too see. Today I'm shampooing carpet, washing bed covers, I purchased m a 2014 Chevy Candy Apple Red Camaro I love the body of those new camaro and hopefully my new body will compare to the xamaro. Turn Heads.lol Gave my dog a bath, grocery shopped so once I arrive back in Atlanta on June 16 I can relax. The best part about a body transformation is I want be ashamed too see my body in a dressing room mirror.

Ladies keep me in your prayers. Shout out to Ms Diva, makemeova77, happysuzy, mznewbeginnings. Check out other photos. These are inspirational ladies.

I will be posting three more photos today, which will be my last photos ...next ones will be my after photos.

Sunday June 8 Finally

To all my supporters, thank you for walking with me to the beginning of the start of a new refound body transformation. My time to have my tummy tuck is here. Miami I will see you tomorrow. Six pack abs and/or flat side I'll be joining the family less than 48-72 hours away. Ladies this was/is a long journey and all of you helped me thru this. Thank you so much ladies, thank you. As for my weight, I didn't lose the 12lbs but I did lose 4. So I'll be going into having my tummy tuck weighing 198 pounds. I will post again on Monday then as I awake to head for my tummy tuck. Yaaaaaayyy its my time. And I'm not nervous and scared like I was. I'm more anxious and ready to get it over. I really want too see how my bootae is going to look once my tummy and flanks are completed. Oh boy oh boy. Lol

June 8,2014

Well everyone like REDD FOXX say on Sanford and Son ( Elizabeth I'm coming to join you) in my case its (Six pick abs and/of flat siders, I'm coming to join you) This is it Ill be having mine less than 48-2 hours.

Have a Good Weekend.

Ladies its Sunday have a relaxing blessed day. Those of you that already had your cosmetic procedure CONGRATULATIONS, and those that have future tummy tuck procedures, the count down is on. Good luck. I will see all my Six Pack abs..a.ka. six packers and flat siders; I'll see you in less than 72 hours.

June 8. Time to depart

Time to get my rest and head to airport tomorrow. Good night ladies.

June 9 This is it

Okay ladies this is it. We are heading to the Airport around 2:00 Atlanta Hartsfield Airport is one of the countries busiest airport, so you'll understand when ever you fly to Atlanta is to get there early. Lol our flight leave at 6:00. I have to be at Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery at 8:55 a.m tomorrow when doors open. I'm first one. I hope Dr Robinson is wide awake, no sleep in his eyes and focused. Lol you know everyone has those last thoughts when someone is putting you to sleep. What's so funny is when the doctor or nurses come in you give them that look like hold up let me make sure you look like you know what your doing. Lol

Everyone gets a little nervous. Me I'm passed nervous I'm petrified. Lol well ladies if I can get my tablet set up on the hotel wi fi I will post tomorrow morning if not I'll have to set my phone up to post tat way. Lades love ya all. Off to the Airport. Miami Florida here we come.

One more thing. Ladies like I mentioned, if you don't have all the money upfront or can't get approved for care credit and all those other plastic surgery financing. Call premiere center for cosmetic surgery in Tampa/Miami Florida ask for Melanie. They do their own in house financing good bad or worse credit your approved. Just don't have bankruptcy on your report. All you have to do is put down 20%-30% of your procedure and 30 days after your surgery you make monthly payment to them ..best thing is Miami prices are way less than anyone else. Why do you think all women on Miami beaches look so good. Dr Howard Robinson is also one of the top doctors in Florida. Their Tampa location has top doctors also, but their a tad bit higher. But its also cheaper hotels in Tampa. So you have to weigh your options. I'm choosing Miami location which my tummy tuck and lipo is only $3900 all inclusive. So ask Melanie the price difference in the Tampa location vs. Miami location and weigh your option IH hotel cost and or flying or driving to them. Dominican republic no way. I get same treatment in Florida. And good prices. If your asking why I didn't chose the fantastic doctors here in Atlanta is because their prices here are nearly doubled what I'm paying down south plus I don't have to pay my entire procedure up front. So don't get me wrong, Atlanta has hell of plastic surgeons. Its just a money saver giving to Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery i m saving over $3000. So ladies check this facility out. Reviews are good. They will also meet or beat a quote you might have already. Goodbye talk to you all later, time for me to take shower and do last minute running around. Tomorrow is the big day.

Heading to Miami

Well ladies this is it. Off to the Airport. Yippie

zoooming in my 2014 Sexy Redd Camaro

Zooooming to airport to transform my body to fit my new camaro.

At Airport

Of course our plane is delayed. Want board plane till 7:00p.m.

12:34 A.M @ Hotel

Well ladies good night @ hotel. About to TRY to sleep, gotta be at appointment at 9:00 its my big day. Just 8 hours away.

June 10,2014 Today is it.

Today is it. Ladies let's see what Dr Howard Robinson can do. I'm naturally big booty. Can he critique me to have a tiny wais to define my assets.....lol okay let's see these results. I'm here and will post once they hand me my phone. Love you all. Talk to you once I awake from surgery. I'm the first one hes o seeing so hopefully I'll be done and back to hotel by 2:00 or 3:00.

im officially a Six weeks Pack/ Flat Siders

Ladies, I did it. I did it. I honestly feel fine. Dr Robinson did the dam thing. He was so concerned. He's an older doctor 25 years experience degrees everywhere ladies he's a veteran surgeon and is perfect. I honestly feel great. Miami is beautiful. Coughing don't hurt. Laughing is fine. I'm good. I will take pictures tomorrow.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach im going to sit on my chair on the beach. Tomorrow. Realx with my feet up. Ladies Dr Robinson with 25 years experience is excellent. I feel so good. I even talk good.

Medicine wore off

OK the medicine they gave me wore off. I'm still okay
Walking talking and laughing at my husband and son. Ladies check out premiere center for cosmetic surgery Miami locantion. He's so dam good that Dr Howard Robinson is the only surgeon at this location. 25+ years of doing this and it shows. He's so cute short and older doctor. Trust me come and if you don't have the $$$ do their 95% approval in house financing. Your approved just don'thave bankruptcy. The tTampa location has several doctors. Miami I knew who was doing mine.

excuse typo above. Im offically a Six Packer and on Flat Side

Sorry for typo

swollen one day post off

Okay ladies. I peaked at my stomach and I'm swollen nervous and swollen. I was told it will go down. Oh my gosh. Please let it go away. Other than that I feel very good.

swell ville

Ladies I said I was going to post pictures but I didn't know I was going to be this big. I consulted other realself members and boo wooed to them and they assured me the swelling will go down. Oh my gosh. I seen my stomach and for a second thought I made the wrong choice. Dr Howard Robinson is fantastic but my goodness I didn't think swelling this big was going to occur. Ladies my second day this is what I did. I walked to get something to eat* we sat on Ft Lauderdale Beach*I went to casino sat in wheelchair. I went to drug store and my husband looked at motorcycles yes I went. I made sure I walked. And now I'm in bed resting. I'm only one day out but besides headache I feel good. I might have over did it* but I am eating and for sure walking. Even though I'm embarrassed about my big swollen stomach I'll take picture's tomorrow.

Photos are updated

3 Days PO Soreness Please go away

Today is Friday I'm sore swollen but still making sure I walk. I been up walking day after my tummy tuck. I refused to let this keep me in one spot. Ladies I been moving around so much. But when my body say stop I shut it down and lay down. I'm still huge. I go to Dr for a visit today do hopefully he can share some light on me. Eating is impossible. I eat a tad then I'm done. Can't wait too see how my weight look on scale.okay I check back in let me get my daily walk in.

3/4 Days after TTuck

Okay ladies I'm 3 to 4 days out. Why I say 4 is because its nearly midnight on Friday so then it'll put me into Saturday at 4 days. I feel good. Still embarrassed because of
Swelling. But nurse told me it'll go down. I'm depressed because my pre op photos I didn't have a big stomach I just had saggy skin; so to see my stomach swollen I'm depressed. But don't get me wrong Dr. Howard Robinson is a fantastic Doctor. I just have to accept this swelling. Well on Monday my drains will be removed. Yayyyy happy for that because their hurting. Ladies to see our bodies transform to a total new body it gives us women a whole new outlook on life. We finally did something for ourselves. Those women that are soon to be transforming listen don't back out you deserve it/ we deserve this.
God blessed us with the opportunity to enjoy who we became.

Saturday June 14

Well I'm 4 days out. Just 4 days. Besides the swelling I feel fine. I posted pictures I took this morning. My flanks are huge stomach still large. Other than that Thank you everyone for all your support. Thank you.


Okay.okay. it looks as if my swelling might have resided. But I want someone to get a needle and pop the air out my stomach. Even my flanks. I'm try to calm my nerves and let this reside. Well I'm 5 days out. I feel good a little hunched over but its durable. When I lay in bed so long and get up I'm stiff. Guess that's why I stay moving around. Once I sit its hell getting back up. Well I go have one drain removed tomorrow then back to Atlanta Georgia I go. Excited to be going home. Since today is my last day in Ft. Lauderdale I'm use this time to relax . Ladies beside the swelling hell* Making a tummy tuck choice is the best choice that was worth paying for. Its a life changingoopportunity for me. Plastic surgeon are a life saver.

Sorta of Kinda Deflating

Okay, my stomach is sort of kind of deflating. Not much. But one good thing is I'm walking straight.if I lay or sit too long I get stiff. Even being in the bed. Me moving around is better for me. Drains out tomorrow. Yayyyy...I did post pictures taken at 5:45 p.m. June 15.

6 Days PO. Heading to Dr.

OKay gotta be at Dr. At 9:00. Cant wait to get these drains out. Im also heading back to Atlanta today.Finally. Ill uodate once i get back home.

Uhmm!! I see somewhat of a difference.

Okay so I'm now 7 days from having my Tummy Tuck. Results;; walking a little better, stomach, ill say went down some more. Guess I was expecting to be straight out of surgery having a flat stomach. But I'm stay patience and see what happen. I'm totally happy because I have no stretch marks. My stretch marks were all below my navel and their gone. Other than that I'm still hoping too see a dramatic change soon.

8 Days After Surgery

I posted pictures. This is now 8 days after my TT. I can admit my swelling has gone down. But I believe In about a month or so it'll all disappear. These pictures were taken early this morning. Check me out. My next procedure maybe around October I'll do inner and outer thighs with lipo to my lower back. Ladies a Tummy Tuck is a life changing decision. Go for it. Don't feel your depriving your family. All women deserve something that makes us happy. A new body is theanswer. Hope these photos help those of you still making your decision rather to have a Tummy Tuck or not.

Read Before you purchase a binder

Ladies stop ordering binders/garments online, or paying so much for something to tighten your waist line
Ladies for only $9.97 go to Walmart fitness department get you the blue maybe gray Adjustable waist trmmer. With Golds Gym emblem on it. It adjust to 5 different sizes. Ladies listen buy one makes sure its the one under $10 not the one for $16 or higher. Ladies this is the best investment. See photos above. Don't purchase anything till you invest in one of these. You will see how much you save. My stomach feel like its on my back. It zips up in 5 different sizes. Mine is zip up almost to last notch. See photos above to make sure you purchase right waist trimmer.

Finally Seeing Results

So I'm now 9 Days Post Op. From having my TT. I must say I am now seeing results. I slept with my work out waist vtrimmer on purchased from Walmart and I'm feeling and seeing a huge difference. Loving my soon to be look. My waist line is slowly showing. I feel good still numb and still with one drain
Last one will be taken out Monday. Other than that everything is fine. Ladies its worth spending what ever you pay to transform your life. Self Esteem is a strong tool and is worth adjusting. Go for a life change we deserve it.

10 days po. Now I see results

Okay so I'm 10 days out of my Tummy Tuck. Wipe my forehead because I'm finally seeing my waistline form. Was seriously nervous and upset. But I had to learn that is the process of healing.So iI feel better. I'm blessed to have a large bootae/assets so the tummy tuck really will set it off. Looking at my photos I will need lipo to my lower back/inner/outer thighs. But so far Ladies don't feel that because your spending all this $$$ on you, that you should feel as if your neglecting your family/bills your not. This is something you deserve. Having babies taken care of family and running the house hold. No way go for it. Women lovea beautiful body. Men love cars/motorcycles and looking at other women with a bbeautiful body. So I'm saying is critique your body and be beautiful yourself. Take your $$ยข and fix your self esteem. Like I said self esteem is a powerful tool and its worth adjusting. Go for your cosmetic procedure. Go for it.

Added photo

Yikes!!!! My stomach is on my back. Look Good!!!

Hi ladies. Im exactly 11 days out of having my Tummy Tuck. If you followed me on my blog/journey -you'll know that I boo whoo and fussed from day after my TT about my swelling. I thought I made the wrong choice because my stomach was huge from swelling/fluids. I was depresed. When I got back to Atlanta I went to Walmart went to fitness section and purchased that under $10 Golds Gym Waist trimmer I put it on adjust it to my fit and made it tight but comfortable for me. Ladies today is Saturday morning June 21, I woke up used the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and got scared. I quickly took my clothes off look at my stomach and from my shock ness, Real self ladies I kid you not I had to look and find my stomach. I nearly passed out, because my swelling was nearly vanished, and my stomach is so flat. I seriously love my stomach. I had too hold my boobs up to find my stomach. I have to admit my stomach is flat. I still have a lot of numbness of course, because I did have my tummy tuck 11 days ago, but too honestly see that I'm nearly swell free from wearing my golds gym waist trimmer thats unbelievable. Busybeemommy posted on my blog that she went and got one from Walmart and she hasn't had a tummy tuck yet, but she commented that she wore hers and see a difference in her stomach. Ladies because im numb and have more fluids in my stomach to flush out, wow once I'm free of all this I think my waist will be Barbie Doll skinny. ...I am so proud of my $10 investment.

I feel great, still have days where I'm bent over, walk slow, or stiff. Getting in and out of bed is still a challenge. Weight loss, just one pound, but I'll weigh again maybe end of next week. Right now my weight isn't bothering me because seeing my waistline and not having stretch marks nor sagging skin is beautiful too me.

I still gotta stay focused and healthy but i m loving my stomach right now. I'm going to one of Atlanta famous public parks today, so I'll get plenty of exercise.
(Piedmont Park)

Have a good weekend.

Walmart Waist Trimmer

Here my life changing waist trimmer.

Busy Weekend Will Post Photos of my waist next week

Hey ladies so much is going on in the entertainment city of Atlanta Ga this weekend, that I'm be busy. Showing off my incredible waistline too enjoying the new me. I will show you all my incredible results in the next few days. I just posted photos yesterday of me but overnight made a huge impact plus I had on my Golds Gym Waist Trimmer I slept in it. Have a blessed weekend check out my next photos of me and you'll see a huge difference. Love ya. I'm going to enjoy Atlanta's lime light

Appetite' picked back up

Okay so I'm exactly 13 days from having my Tummy tuck. I feel pretty good. Because I had redness around my incision I didn't wear my garment for 2 days. Plus my appetite is back. Yikes...I'm mean my appetite is back, and I didn't wear my garment or girdle for 2days so I feel like I'm starting back over with bloat ness/swelling. ..i gotta focus now. June 24-July 24 I will be walking a lot more and eating right. Try to lose 15-20 pounds. Then I'll be just 10 pounds from my goal (160).. I can do this. No weight loss for me since my Tummy tuck. So I realize my weight want come off unless I work it off. Weight loss journey here I come

15 Days Post Op

Okay ladies so here's my picture I just took. I had my tummy tuck 15 days ago.

oh boy swelling back up

Okay, embarrassed to show photos of me now. I didn't wear my waist trimmer and I also made wrong choices on food. And my stomach is letting me know. So I gotta get back on track. I do love my stomach the flatness is showing. I'm loving it to the up most. My only downfall is my lower back has a lot of back fat. So besides a serious breast lift, I want lower back lipo and inner/outer thigh lipo.

Where am I going for this: I'll be going back to Miami for my breast reduction and lipo. When; maybe around Christmas. A tummy tuck is major surgery, I mean major, so I want to give my body that time to recover. Ladies teach me something right fast, how do you inbox another realself member. I'm clueless.

But ladies our TT is/was so serious that even though we feel we need/want something else done to our bodies, listen closely, please give your bodies time to recoup, and heal. You might/and feel good, but please check with your doctor before getting something else to make sure its not too soon. ..

Well ladies happy healing and to those that are counting down till their big day, best of luck, time will go by fast.

Weight loss

Guess because I didn't have much to take away from my stomach it didn't trigger anything in my weight loss. I'm only loss 3lbs

18 Days Post Op Im smiling some more

Okay I'm feeling better. I must say I'm now loving my results just to be 18 days post op. My first day out ofsursurgery my RealSelf friends had to calm me down and assure me my swelling will go down. I was a wreck. I didn't have much of a stomach before my tummy tuck. But when I got a sneak peak at it right after it was bigger than my before pictures and I knew right away I might have made the wrongcchoice. But now- no I'm glad I did a tummy tuck.

Lazy- But Walking

I'm lazy when it comes to walking but I did start walking. I felt good after my 2-mile walk so I will walk again. Guess if I want to help my weight loss I need to be motivated and move around. I'm loving my results but if I lose 30lbs I feel much better

Next Plastic Surgery Procedure

Hey ladies, I have decided to start focusing on my next procedure. I wanted my bags under my eyes removed, but make-up and btox/restalyene will do for now. But my next procedure is a major breast reduction on serious lipo on my lower back, maybe inner/outer thigh lipo. But breast reduction and lower back lipo is a must. I believe people when they say you do one procedure you think of another procedure. Ladies enjoy life if its part of a entire make over go for it.

More cosmetic surgery coming

Hey ladies, so I'm weeks out of my procedure, swelling goes up and down and all around. Lol Hate this swelling can't wait till its over. Anyway more cosmetic surgery is in the making. I wanted to o my eyes asap but right now make-up will cover that. But now I'm doing liposuction of my back especially lower back and inner/outer thigh liposuction. So my countdown is on. I'll be doing liposuction on my entire back diffently my lower back because my back fat sticks out if I'm looking in the motor. And I'm doing these thunder thighs and my inner thighs are irritating me when I walk ( they rub) yuck. I'm going to ask my plastic surgeon if I can also get breast reduction at same time. So November is my big day. Countdown is on.

Excuse Typo,

If I'm looking in mirror not the motor.

4 months and counting

4 months to go before my full liposuction on my upper/lower back and inner/outer thighs. Breast reduction is not for certain right now. But my liposuction is. November I'm waiting on you.

New Photo Update

Well I am loving the stomach**but my lower back fat is my next procedure.

sorry here's photo

Taken July 5,2014

Change of Lipo Doctors...Dr Cortes is one choice

Well just to have liposuction, I am most likely want go back to Miami. Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery is great**** but their limited to the amount of fat they can lipo. So because Texas is not limited I'm leaning more to Dr Cortes. But I'm also looking at 1. Dr Jimmerson 2. Dr. Okoro 3. Dr Cortes and last 4. Dr Fried lander. Miami can't take that much fat during lipo. So because of that I'll be limited to the amount of fat that can be removed. So no need in going there and might have to return later. ....I really love Dr Cortes work along with Dr Jimmerson. So right now November liposuction is not written in stone.

Tummy Tuck uodate

Okay real self ladies I'm four weeks post op from having my tummy tuck. My stomach is flat. My stomach was officially flat last week. But I still wear my garments because I am still swollen so once the numbness and swelling permantly go away I'll have to hold my breast up to find my stomach. I'm flat now but its going to be flatter by my 3 month and the swelling is gone. At night I have a tiny pouch but seriously my stomach s flat. Please don't misread my blog, I do get swelling later in the day but its not much. My stomach is really numb but its going away. I love my results that Dr Howard Robinson performed. But ladies I have so much back at that its ugly. So that is what I'm getting done next is full back lipo. But for now tummy tuck is on point.

Need Lipo ASAP

My tummy is flat** but my back isl not working for me. I'm looking into choosing a doctor here in Georgia/ or Dr Cortes in Texas.

Waiting for Dr. Cortes Quote

So I sent my back phos to Dr/Cortes office now just waiting on Patient Coordinator Lucerito Mondragon to respond. I even sent wish photos of an idea how I want my back too look. So today is Saturday so hopefully on Monday I'll get a response. I really consider the doctors here in Atlanta, but I'm thinking why should I do it and they have a limit to where I can meet my needs getting it somewhere else. But if I am pleased with Dr Cortes quote, I'll plan for it and go to him. Even though I'm flat in the front the back isn't making my tummy tuck look good. But I'm blessed to now have a beautiful stomach. Thank you God or allowing me o enjoy the beauty of a nice sexy stomach, If you look at my before photos at my stomach I didn't really have an huge issue with my stomach just sagging skin and stretch marks, but you'll notice the massive fat above my buttocks. So I think thata why my swelling went so fast because it wasn't much to do on my stomach. Now let's talk about this back fat. Yikes, hurry let's vaccum this out.lol so I'm hoping I can see a sexy back like MzPhatBooty and other real self members that went to Dr Cortes.

I'm excited it gives me something to look forward to, and I would love to visit Houston Texas.

I read that Dr Cortes forte is lipo, even In Dominican Republican they vaccum out all that fat, but to know I can get that here in the United States over in Texas yayyyy thata what I'm talking about. Now Dr Jinmerson is a great doctor also, but you want get into surgery until a year from now. Thata just how book he is. Plus he do a lot of local celebrities.

So here I go my next adventure is Dr Cortes here I come.

Still Waiting...................

Well ladies, I'm still waiting on a response from Dr. Cortes...tick tock tick tock....

Good News!!!!!! :) So Excited Quote is in

Okay ladies so my quote from Dr Cortes office is here. Ms Lucy called me from 936-242-6808 gave me a quote for lipo to Bra Roll, Lower Back, Inner & outer thigh lipo, and they will do more lipo on my flanks. All of this for $6238. Yayyyy, but let me say this. When she called me she was asking me if I wanted day transfer to my butt because my wish pictures I sent both women have both booties, I told Ms Lucy, ***I don't want nothing sucked out of me and transferred to my bootae. I then said my booty is naturally big and I can give someone some of my huge booty and Stoll have a big booty left. After she laughed at me, she told me reason why she said that because my wish picture shows a big booty. I told her oh no no no, I just want Dr Cortes to look at her skinny back. Ms Lucy even asked about my hips, again I said no no, that is why I want outer thigh lipo because their big, actually my thighs aren't big, its just that hump on our thigh that makes it hard to pull up your pants. I'm blessed to have genetics/heredity that all women in my family on my mom side have big big booties and hips. So no butt transfer or transfer to the hips. I'm trying to get this sucked out, not sucked out then transferred. Oh hell no. (Sorry)

Next: When am I going? She supposed to email me the quote and some information so I can get started. First I'll I've them my deposit, then schedule my appointment around Christmas.

Believe it or not, state of Georgia goes back o school August 4, yes in a couple of weeks. I'm a 2nd grade teacher so I now have to go around holidays. Since I'm having multiple areas one I'm see if they can get me n during our two week Christmas break. So cutting back, saving money, is back on my agenda.

So yes I'm soon to be a Cortes Doll. I'm have to figure out how to start a new blog using Dr Cortes as my plastic surgeon. I think mzphatbpoty can help me with starting a new blog. Using my same Dr7423.

Last thing to say, if I hit the lottery or when I gamble, if I can come up with more funds I might have Dr Cortes do my breast reduction.....but for now these multiple areas of lipo I'm getting ...will do for now. And a sport bra might work for now. I'm sure I can find a bra to lift me up. Although I need a reduction,not a lift,...

Thank you ladies, I have another countdown going on.....

Almost forgot

Oh I forgot to say that I do not have too lose any weight prior to liposuction, but I will continue to keep my weight stable and continue to walk my our miles a day. Two in morning and two in afternoon. I'm excited...if anyone isn't read ,y entire log I will say this again, only reason why I'm not going back to Dr Howard Robinson in Miami is because they can only suck out lipo out 1000cc and Texas has no limit. So I now I'll get my best results going to Texas. My lower back will take up 1000cc alone. So its best to go o Dr Cortes hourglass Doctor. Oh and Doctors here in Atlanta has a certain limit also.

I'm 100% going to be Dr Cortes Doll

Okay Ladies, I'm going to now be an Dr Cortes Doll. Liposuction is one of his forte` ~~~and will finally give me the final satisfication I need to complete my transformation. ...I think I will wait on the breast reduction ***because this last procedure will swipe me clean. I'm sure I can go to Macy's and get me a good lift the boobs up bra.

Well ladies I commented and raved on how good my tummy tuck look Dr Howard Robinson did. If anyone wants info on him and their two locations please feel free to ask. I'm going to now focus on Dr Wilbert Cortes. Love your work Dr Robinson and Thank you for protecting such good work on me.

Now its Dr Cortes turn too add his touch to finalize my transformation.

Waistline measurement almost accomplished

Okay ladies my waist line is a 31 inch, my goal is 28-30. But my big ole butt/hips is OMG!!! A big ole 51 inch. Yikes I went from a 31 inch waist to my hips/butt being a 51. Ladies thats ridiculously huge. I hope after my hips get lipo I'll be 45 hips. But 1 oh my gosh. I'm still going to be a Dr Cortes doll, matter of fact Ms Lucy from his office just sent me an email of forms to complete... but I'll schedule to have my procedure after Christmas. For now I'll continue to walk and if not lose weight but keep it stable. Hopefully lose weight. ....I will post photos of my excited about flat stomach. Ignore the huge hips and check out how the waist/flanks/lower back stick out. Ugh ugh ugh it looks ugly.

6 Weeks Post Op

I love my flat stomach, but I hate my flanks,lower back fat, bra roll. I have contacted Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery for revision. My flanks could not have been lipo because their the same size. Actually because my stomach is flat my flanks really stick out. I'm not happy with my flanks. But Dr Howard Robinson did a great job with my tummy tuck ....REVISION ISNEEDED SOSO BADLY.

Changed of Doctors (No Doctor Cortes for Me)

Okay ladies, I will not be going to Dr Cortes. I have heard too much, seen too much...and I will find a doctor here in Atlanta to do my liposuction. Horror stoies been kept in the closet about some of his patients.

I'm sure he's protecting good results but nah I'm good to just find a doctor here in Atlanta. 5000cc of fat is their limit here, so I'll just deal with it. That 5000ccs is provably what is on my entire upper/lower back. Hopefully my flanks can be done also.

Ladies I don't know these doctors personally, or the horror stories some of their patients have to endure but ladies pray and do research.

Well let me find a plastic surgeon here in Atlanta. I might consider Dr Okoro, Dr Fried lander,or Dr J Curves.

I also thought about American lipo center which they offer 50% off on lipo procedures. I just basically want my entire back and flanks lipid. I can deal with my inner/outer thighs or now.

Goodbye Dr Cortes, hello Atlanta Doctors I'm coming too see you.

Dr Zubowicz in Atlanta

Dr Zubowicz is an Awesome plastic surgeon

Dr. Vincent Zubowicz might be my choice

I met with Dr V Zubowicz at one time. He's very personal and caring. He listened as I spoke. Plus I love how he voices his opinions on real self. He answers o many questions on this forum.

I think I might have made my choice in doctors. Dr zubowicz has great results.

Reality Show

Ladies I think we should be presented with a reality show because Real self is a soap opera****** Real self Divas******* or *****Divas f Real self******

Dr. Ortega @ Spectrum Aesthetics Miami Florida

Hey ladies I chosed my doctor for my liposuction. Dr Mel Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics is doing my full back lipo,flanks,inner-outer thighs liposuction. I found out that if their doing lipo only, they can do 5000cc. Same as Georgia. So back toMami I go except Dr Mel Ortega. Now your provably asking why him? I knew about him way before I found out about Dr Howard Robinson. I just made a quick switch because Premiere Center for Cosmetic surgery offered in house financing so it saved me from having to come up with so much. But I know so much about Dr Ortega because a friend of mine went to him and if you look at his pictures there over whelming. Plus he's a hourglass doctor. I was hesitate to go back to Miami because I thought they could do only 1000cc with lipo only. I was wrong. Dr Ortega is phenominal his work is like wow. He's doing all my targeted areas and focus on my lower back for $3200. Yes $3200. So my deposit secured my appointment for October 24th, 2014. Miami here I come. I know I'm get the final results I'm looking for with Dr Mel Ortega. Look at his website. ***Spectrum Aesthetics*** MiamiFlorida. Deposit made and the count down is on. My hotel is in Ft Lauderdale which is a 30minutes drive from Miami. I stayed in Ft Lauderdale when I had my tummy tuck. So I'll be there for my liposuction and drive to Miami. I'm so excited. ****Spectrum Aesthetics**** I'll see you October 24,2014. Time for me to buckle down and get this balanced paid.

Props To Dr Howard Robinson but Gotta Focused on Dr Ortega

This is it . I'm switching over and put my emphasizes on Dr Mel Ortega now. So let me start a new blog that gives all props to Dr Ortega now. Thank you ladies for following me with my TT procedure but its time to count down with Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami. My goal with this countdown is to lose weight. I'm 196 now,so I'm work at losing 16 pounds and go in for my liposuction weighing 180. I have basically 3 months. I can do this. I can't wait for over the top Ortega to get rid of my lower back fat. Christmas parties this year and a red dress oh my gosh. I'm be a good present to my husband.


Real self ladies. I'm no longer posting on the blog. Please chat with me/follow me on my new blog called LIPOSUCTION JOURNEY STARTS HERE. tap on Dr7423 then scroll down to where you see my Liposuction Journey Starts Here. Please chat with me there. I'm officially moving on to my new goals. Again don't reply here. See you on my new blog.

Don't Post/ Reply Here

Hey RealSelf remember go to my new blog called **Liposuction Journey starts here*** I'm no longer on my Tummy Tuck blog. I moved over to my next Journey of my countdown to Liposuction. See you there.


Hello Realself ladies, I haven't been on this forum in so long, I forgot how to log in. I wanted to let me friends all know that I never went to Dr. Ortega. I later on decided to go to "American Liposuction" there are a few locations I chose of course the one here in Atlanta, GA. Anyway this is how it all went down because if you notice at the top it say NO LIPOSUCTION FOR ME; well this is how it all went down. I decided not to travel to Florida again only because by the time I spent money on travel and lodge and gas, I would have paid a lot of out of pocket expenses. So I searched online for a facility here and came across AMERICAN LIPO CENTER; well I went to my appointment schedule my pre-appointment so when I got home I looked at myself in the mirror and thought about how I would look and feel if I tried my hardest to lose weight before my liposuction. Liposuction any cosmetic procedure is costly. So, I decided to put my mind to it and get some help and try to lose the weight first then see how I look and exactly what and where on my body I would need liposuction. So I made an appointment with a weight loss doctor/plastic surgeon doctor and he prescribed me PHENTERMINE DIET PILLS which I took them before. Welp! I decided to start them the day after Thanksgiving 2014. Today is December 30, 2014 and I have lost 20 pounds. I am out of the diet pills but I trained my self to eat right and to work out like crazy, so even though I am out of the diet pills I haven't went back to get more because I am in a habit of walking on my treadmill faithfully along with eating right. Ladies, I have transformed my body and I at this moment do not need liposuction. I do see that my flanks will need it; but then again I am still 15 more pounds to being at my goal weight and those pounds might decrease in my flanks and still more in my lower back. So till I get to my goal weight I will not be looking into liposuction. Ladies if its just weight loss you need please try your hardest and get some help from a weight loss doctor first; then when you get to your goal weight then look at yourself again and see what you need. I promise you; you will be amazed at how much money you would have saved by just losing the weight first, then look at yourself and see what you will need. I complained so much about my lower back and my flanks; ladies my flanks are fading and my lower back is forming into a sexy back. I needed that boast to get me started with the help of diet pills - now that I am in the habit of eating and working out - my weight is still coming off. My weight is coming off slowly but that is the way it suppose to be. I will post pictures January 10, 2015 because that is when I will stop and look at myself and see what accomplishments I have made. But I am not giving up. once I get down to 160lbs I will be satisfied and will give myself a complete over haul to see what or if I need liposuction. But I just wanted to give an update on my blog to let you know I did not go thru with my liposuction procedure.

Dr. Howard Robinson at PREMIERE CENTER FOR PLASTIC SURGERY in Miami Florida a.k.a Coral Gables, Florida perform my TT 6/10/14. He's not bubbly and talkative. But performs great work. I admired his 25+ years experience. Office staff is really great. Surgical center is clean and professional. I feel good about my choice.

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