43 Years Old, 4 Kids, TT Here I Come!! - Miami, FL

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I am so ready for my TT. Hello ladies, I'm new to...

I am so ready for my TT. Hello ladies, I'm new to RS, but I have been reading a lot since I made the decision to have my TT done. Today, I paid my deposit and my surgery date is scheduled for 3/20/15. I am having a full TT and lipo on flanks. I am a mother of 4 (19,17,10,6) and this has been long overdue. I love everything about my body EXCEPT my stomach. After having 2 C-sections, I was left with a huge pouch (Will post pics later). No matter how much I diet and exercise, it just wont' go away. So, I've decided to do something about it. I've actually been thinking about for the past 10 years, but God knew best because I met my hubby and had my little girl. Well, after 2 boys and 2 girls, I shut it down and had my tubes tied! I'm not trying to be a super model or recapture my 20's. I've always been "hippy" and "curvy" and I actually like the rest of my bod....but the 20 muffins have to go! Will post pics later. So happy to have a support system here on RS, because this a life changing event. I get emotional now just thinking about it. My hubby is concerned, but supportive. I'll take it! :-)

Deposit paid and countdown begins.

So I just paid my deposit and it's official. I feel a lot excited a little nervous all in one. It seems so far a way, but I know it'll go by quick. I'm hoping to lose at least 10 to 15 lbs before that day. Truth, I hate exercising but if I can manage walking 4 or 5 times per week for at least 30 min that'll be good. I'll keep you posted as my emotions fluctuate, I'll write it all down. TTFN!

Pre Op pics

Ok...so here's me @ 217lbs as of this morning. For some reason, since paying the non refundable deposit today and setting a date, I feel like I am determined to lose at least 10 lbs prior to my TT. I paid too much money to not lose what I can and be serious about it.

54 days to TT and Lipo

I've decided to make little 2 week milestones so it doesn't feel like it's so far away. So this week I'm cleaning a little extra..getting ready to throw out stuff I don't need or use and pack up some bags for goodwill. My hubby and I decided we would just use the captains chair and ottoman for me to sleep. But he wants me in the room, so he's changing the room around to accommodate the chair. So. I'll post again later with my next milestone. TTFN

Morning noon and night...less than 2 months away

So all I can think about is my upcoming surgery...morning noon and night. I think more so about going under than anything else. Last time I was put to sleep was when I was 18 and had my tonsils removed. I keep telling myself I am going to take it easy during my recovery. I think a lot of complications arrive because we think we can function as we did before perhaps because we're feeling good with the pain meds. But this a MAJOR surgery that requires a lot of TLC. I just hope I remember this when my time comes. Lol. TTFN!

Got my packet...TT & Lipo 52 days remains!!!

So ladies, I received my pre and post op packet in the mail along with my scripts for lab work. So excited!!!! I have to wait at least 20 before surgery before I can get my labs done. I'm a touch anemic and have been taking iron supplements to help combat that. I read that some doctors don't do labs or EKG based on your age or medical history. But I'm glad my doctor has ordered me to do so. Never can be too safe. So it's 52 more days.....eeeekkkkkk. lol.

Oh boy....

Well somehow I came down with a cold. Don't know how or from where. I've been going "HAM" on vitamins and emergen -c for the past week. Snyway, better now then layer when my TT time comes. So I scheduled to have my labs done. Question, if you had blood work, does it have to be fasting? The office is closed so I can't ask Norma, but just wondering. TTFN!

EKG Tomorrow

Hey my RS family. So tomorrow I am havinghaving my EKG!!!! Starting to feel like it's really getting close. I have to be there at 815. I know it's nothing like pre Op appt, but I'm excited just to be a step step closer. Yeah me! TTFN

38 Days and Counting!!!!!

Only 38 days left.

31 days!!!

Hey yall. Just a little update..nothing major. Let's see my pre Op date has been scheduled for March 19th,the day before my surgery. I figure that's perfect that way everything will be fresh in my mind at least hopefully. Lol. I've ordered my toilet riser and shower chair. Only to find out my mom has one. So I'll probably return it. Other than that not much to report...TTFN


Well hello my RS family. I pray wall is well with each and every one of you. So it's really happening in 20 days. So much has happened in the past 24 hours. So my family has to move within the next 30 days sue to the house we are renting being sold. So off to mom's we go. Me, hubby and 4 kids. Good thing is she has enough room to accommodate all of us. Bad thing is she on quite sold on me having this done, so I'll have to listen to the negativity. But I can't do anything about it, so I'll just stay on filter mode. Anyway, so now I have to push up everything I was going to do the week before. My hubby wants to make this as seamless as possible so we will start moving stuff to storage thus week. So for me I need to get my meals prepped and get my groceries to mom's.

Blood work...I go tuesday morning. Already had my EKG. I have one more small payment that I will make when I go for my pre Op appt. So I think I'm good. Just need to make my to do list and get as organized as I can possibly get.

That's all for now. I'll upload some more before pics since it's been a while.

Be well!!! TTFN!

Ugghhh Totally Disgusted

Well any time I start second myself about this surgery, I look at myself in the mirror . But looking at these pictures are makes it crystal clear...I NEEDS THIS SX!!!!!

12 more days!!!!

Boy time is flying...only 12 more days! So we are still in the middle of preparing to move prayerfully before the sx. I haven't spoken to my mom anymore about the sx just because I need to stay in a positive head space. So my conversations have been purpose driven. I was going to do my shopping this weekend but decided to wait another week. I took the day before off to get scripts filled and do any last minute things. Funny that I'm not nervous...just ready to start the healing process with my new tummy. I think I'm really looking forward to being away from work for 3 weeks and getting some rest. I am waiting on my fmla to go through. But regardless its a done deal, i dont have enough time to take 3 weeks but I wanted to be as ready as possible to go back good thing I have desk job. ×
I pray my drains are ready to come out way before that time. So THAT Is About All For now. TTFN!!!

OMGNESS ---7 days yall!

Hey RS family!!! 7 days to go....This time next week I will be sliding to the flat side. I'm excited more than nervous at this point. Been trying to do a lot of meditating and positive thinking...PRAYING and asking God to watch over me while I'm under, to touch the hands of my PS, and let no hurt, harm or danger come upon any of us! Amen? Amen!

So, I've been thinking more about what else I need to do. Well, it looks like I won't be moving before the surgery, but probably will the week after. So, I think that will be ok. My hubby and kids will hold it down and get everything done. They are the best. Anywho, back to last minute preparation...I've been thinking about getting a few dresses just in case I'm not feeling the yoga pants. What ya think? I need to get gauze and medical tape. Still haven't finished grocery shopping. Guess I'll do that probably Monday or Tuesday. I made an appointment for my hair for Thursday, the day before. My Pre-Op apt is later that afternoon at 2:30. I want to go a little earlier so I can get my scripts filled and do anything else I need.

Well, everything seems to be everything...so I'll will catch up with yall a little later! TTFN

This time tomorrow

I will be prepping for sx!!! I think I have it all together. Not so nervou just excited and anxious to get it started. I'm cleaning and washing today. Already prepped my soups for a few days. Thinking I should get some yogurt or something for a light bite. Other than that, I'm ready. Let you all know how pre Op goes today. TTFN!


Hey ladies! So prep went great! I had a page of questions for my PS. He patiently answered all of them to my satisfication. I signed a book of papers, paid my last balance, took those ever so flattering paper panty pics, got my scripts for percs, zofran, and an antibiotic. I'm ready...

Today is the day!

Well I've been up since 430 am getting ready. Paid some bills, meditated and continually praying. I pray all is well with those that have sx today and the days to come. Keep you posted!!!


Hey RS family. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!! I'm here and doing beautifully. Pain is about a 3 with percs. But tightness is a 10!!!! Discomfort mote than pain. Will update yall later.. sleepy again. TTFN.

So the day of surgery...

Everything went as planned. I arrived at the surgery center around 7. I was taken back and my PS came in to do his artwork. He spent quite a bit of time doing so. He would draw, step back, look, measure, draw some more, step back, etc. He took his time which was great. I could tell from all the markings the lipo was going to be a little more extensive than previously planned. He does his lipo very aggressively. After that, the anesthesiologist came in, asked all the necessary questions and made me feel very comfortable. He started an IV and I sat and waited.

Promptly at 845am, I heard a knock on the door and it was my nurse saying they are ready. I wanted to let my hubby know I was getting ready to go in, but he was knocked out on the couch from working the previous night. I said let him sleep. That was a good sign he was finally at peace with the sx aside from only having 3 hours sleep.

So, I walked into the sx room, laid down, my anes.... said he was giving me something to relax me. I said relaxation is always good. I remember it burned a little...I said "ooooo" lol. I recall him putting the oxygen mask on and that was it. I wasn't nervous or scared. I trusted first and foremost the God I serve and my PS and his team. 6 hours later, I remember being wheeled into recovery for a split second and then went back to sleep. I woke up to my nurse watching my vitals and taking my blood pressure. I was cold from the anesthesia and trembling. I never got nauseous. Just the shakes real bad which made me tense up my muscles. I had to talk to myself to stop trembling. They turned on a heater and they helped a lot.

So I was in recovery for maybe an hour or less. My PS came in and said I did amazing. All my levels stayed well within normal range. Even my anes....said I was going to be very happy with my results. I got a curve out of his world!!!

I was ready to stand up, so they helped me do that, and put me in a garment. I brought 2 different dresses with me. A maxi dress and a zip front dress I got out of the swimming section at Kmart. It's terry cloth and very comfy. Should have bought the pink one too! Anyway, I got in the wheelchair, hubby went to get the truck, and off I went.

Pain? Didn't feel pain, but tightness and discomfort, but very manageable.

Suggestions: bring socks to warm your body up. Bring crackers just in case they don't have any so you can take a pain pill for the ride home. I didn't but wished I had. I ended up taking 2 percs when I got home to get on top of the pain. Been taking one pill every 3-4 hours since then.

I thank God he allowed everything to go smoothly. I will begin to post some pics shortly as I update. Love yall and thank you for all the great advice and warm wishes. TTFN!

Playing catchup with the post review...

Ok. So this review is about post op day 1 even though it's really day 2.

So, day one was ok. Still no pain due to pain meds. I slept off and on through out the evening. I had a little homemade soup I made prior to. I went to pee a lot. No BM as of yet. Not too much to tell since all I really did was sleep. My hubby and kids were and are amazing. Having a support system is vital. Hubby emptied my drains about 5 or 6 times the first day. I drained a lot.

Overall, the first day was ok. TTFN

OK. I'm on the right day now...

This is day 2 of post op . I'm standing up a little more straight. I can feel myself swelling up quite a bit, but that's to be expected. I'm making sure I am moving around. I think that helps with the draining. Gravity you know? I'm able to go to the bathroom myself now. Thank goodness for the toilet riser!!! I borrowed a walker to take short walks around the house or to sit in the kitchen where everyone else is. It's helpful, but i wouldn't purchase one if you don't already have one or can't borrow one.

PS said I can't shower until drains come out. So bird baths for me. When my hubby gets home I will wash my garment and hopefully see what's going on underneath. TTFN.



I managed to put this pic together. I think it's a huge improvement even with the swelling. Yay Dr P!!!

Post OP Day 4

So today was interesting. I had my 2nd post op appt with my PS. I got one of the drains removed! Yay because it started to bother me. It was putting out less than 25 cc, so he was ok with removing one. Hopefully the other one will come out Thursday when I go back. Let me say, the removal did not hurt AT ALL!!! He was talking to me, told me to breathe in and out and that was it. It hurt more when he had to remove a little of the blood that had gotten trapped after the drain was out. He put a nice dose of neosporin on it and a bandage. He told me to just change it once per day. No alcohol no bubble water (peroxide). lol. He cleaned my belly button and did the same. The steri strips are still on my incision. He said do nothing. I still can't shower until the last drain is removed, so I've been taking really good bird baths. But oh when I do take a shower, I will be making it by candlelight and just sit there and let the water run down......oh i'm sorry...I digress. LOL.

As for pain, I'm not in pain per se...just get uncomfortable due to the lipo mainly. He lipo'd my whole back, flanks, and sides. I get the cramping and contractions in my tummy. I ended up having to take a percocet when I came from the doctor. Hubby and I went to Cheesecake for lunch afterwards and I think I sat a little too long in that booth. I also ended up with another coughing attack on the ride home....OMGness....coughing is bad.....it just is....and I don't think there is anyway to avoid it. I was grabbing for a cough drop, my water and a tissue all at once. After that, my top tummy muscles were SORE!!!! Hence I took a percocet. But other than that, I took only one percocet on Day 3, tylenol the rest of the time.

I didn't take any pics today, but will tomorrow on day 5.

By the way, I would invest in a lift chair if you can afford it. It has been a life saver for me. Also the toilet riser....has made my life easier.

More to come. TTFN

Post OP Days 5 & 6...Kinda long.

Hello my flat sider family! Pray all that recently had sx and those who will be having sx are feeling blessed and highly favored because you are just that!!!!!

So I'll update you on days 5 & 6. Day 5 I spent most of the day relaxing. Pain is still discomfort from the lipo. I had to take a 1/2 a percocet because of the back spasms and "bunching" in my stomach. Tell you what my PS said about that in Day 6. So, I've been feeling very well especially since having the one drain removed on Day 4. He told me to put a bandaid on the opening left from the drain. He left the stitches in my back from the lipo. Let me hurry up because I feel like I'm getting sleepy. :-)

So day 6 - today. I went back to my PS. I love my Dr. Perry. He has seen my 3 times since my sx. I think that's just great that he wants to keep up with me and my progress. Any who...so he removed that last grenade!!!! I'S FREE!!!!! It didn't hurt again, just felt weird as he was pulling. He removed the steri strips, cleaned my scar and replaced with more strips. I STILL can't bathe until Saturday. Aw Lordt!!!!! and I do mean that with a "T" at the end of Lordt. lol. So I'll continue with my bird baths until then. So he removed a few of the stitches from back. I managed to separate one of them some how. Probably reaching for something or making some sudden move. So, he said he wasn't concerned. He put some antibiotic and a bandaid. He said the deep tissue was stitched as well so no risk for infection. He wants me to continue wearing my garment. Now let me just say, he didn't want me wearing a compression garment that was going to be really tight. So he gave me a Maidenform Flexees body suit. This garment is so comfortable. It's not constricting, I don't sweat, and it holds everything together. I ordered two of them today from.......barenecessities.com. One with thighs and one without if that makes since. I already have a couple of other fajas from previous purchases I can alternate. I think that was all that happened at the doctor. Oh I asked him why it feels like I'm having contractions in my tummy and muscle spasms in my back. He said my electrolytes could be low and to drink coconut water or gatorade. Don't care for coconut, but it's not about what I like, but rather what's good for me. So in love with the "coco" nut water I'll be. LOL!

So I go back in one week where he said we can start scar therapy. He likes the silicone strips. I have about 2 more weeks before we can do start with massaging.

So ladies, that's about all. Will definitely keep you posted. TTFN.

Black Garlic and Pineapple...

I asked my PS about using Arnica. He said I could but he had a better suggestion. That was to order black garlic online and eat the core of the pineapple. These two things will drastically assist with the inflammation. So, I did just that. I'll let y'all know how it works. I had already started with the pineapple for the bromelian effects. But black garlic...had never heard of it.

Keep you posted! TTFN


Quick pic!

Driving PO 7 days

Hello all! So I had to take my girls to spring break camp today. My hubby had to leave early for work. Driving wasn't that bad, but I can tell you that I am not ready to drive like normal. The bumps got to me. I feel like if I needed to respond quickly, I would be a little slow. Just not ready, so I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

So I've kind of given in to the swell. I mean it's bound to happen and will continue to happen for the next 3-6 months. So, I decided to focus on the healing process and eating clean to take my mind off the swelling. Healing works from the inside out, so that's my focus.

Many blessings all!


So I am finally walking straight, at least for most of the day. If I do too much, I start to hunch back over. Standing up for longer periods of time is better. I'm glad I have another 2 weeks off. Even though I have a desk job, I wouldn't be able to handle the amount of getting up and down to get paperwork.

So I didn't post any pics because there really isn't too much of a change since a couple of days ago.

I'll post tomorrow:

TTFN :-)

Day 10 pics

Here are a few pics. I had a small separation on my incision in the two places you see gauze and bandaids. The one with the bandaid I think I did when I went to change the pd I used to cushion between my garment and incision . It's actually a depends diaper I cut in to a pad. I kind of pulled without thinking. But it doesn't hurt. I put some neosporin on it. I go for another appt tomorrow. We'll see what scar tx I can start.



So I am PO Day 18 and I've been doing pretty well. For the past couple of days, I've been worrying that I may have developed a seroma. However, I saw my PS today and he said it's all swelling. He said due to the fact I had such extensive lipo, all the fluid is pooling to the most dependent part of me which just so happens to by my tummy. So, he gave me some massaging exercises to do on a Styrofoam roller 15 min per day. We also did the same thing in the office, and there has been a significant improvement even still (6 hours) later. I'm more round than pointy.

On another note, there is a point of concern on the left side just above my lady parts where it's slightly red. I popped a couple of superficial sutures a bout a week ago, and it's been tender off and on since then. So that's another area he is watching.

Other than that, I am progressing well thank goodness.

Hope all is well with my RS family!!

comparison pic

Quick pic of the progress since starting the massages.


Po day 20

Happy one day closer to Friday yall! So I'm here at my PS office waiting to be seen. Another massage episode on the horizon but a anything to help get rid of this swelling. Gosh I figured I was going to swell buy this is crazy. Anyway, that little area of concern is now oozing yellow stuff. But it's less tender to touch so perhaps this is a good thing. We'll see

So anywhoo...I got my surgical grade compression garment in the mail yesterday. Ladies this thang is TIGHT! Not can't breathe tight but tight enough. I got a large because I figured if I got an XL then by the time the swelling went down it would be too big and then I would have to buy another one. I've already made a small investment so the large it is.

So I will let yall know what's up later on...


The verdict is in...

So the good news is...it could be worse..lol. the not so good news is Dr. P had to reopen my incision a bit so the yucky stuff could drain. I won't get into details but I'm back on an antibiotic. But it's all good. It won't effect my final outcome so that's good news.

Yeah so there it is. Dr. P was gentle as always. Answered all my questions and is very active in my post op care. Almost makes me want to fix something else on my body that I'm not too pleased about! Operative word....ALMOST!!!! First and last for me ladies. besides my hubby wouldn't let me anyway!!!!


3 Weeks Today!

Today makes 21 days post op. I'm feeling better by the day. My area of concern is still weeping fluid. But that's a good thing. I went through two thick gauze pads and 2 pairs of panties it was leaking so much. Overal Iam loving my results every day and I look forward to continuing my healing process.

my new compression garment has gotten a little less tight so it's a little more comfortable to wear and it is obviously shaping me very well.


1 month post op

Hello everyone. Quick update. I'm finally 1 month today. Swelling is still lingering quite a bit. However,I think I'm rounding out a little more. I have no idea when this swelling is going to go away. I have yet to see my tummy flat. I'll be returning to work in one more week. Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll be l closer to flat than in am now. Lol.

6 Weeks yesterday

Somehow I lost my post when it went to upload. Anyway 6 weeks have flown by. I went back to work this week. Needless to say I'm glad the weekend is here eventhough we're in the midst of moving to a new house...God is great!

As for my healing, things are coming along nicely. I'm still swollen everyday, all day. I wear my CG about 8 hours and then I can't take it anymore. I get out of it for a couple of hours and put on a lighter weight one to relax in. I still have the little pooch in the front but it has gone down significantly. So I can't complain.

My mom gave me a cleaners bag to wrap in before putting on my CG. Saran wrap will do as well. She says it'll help with the swelling. It would won't hurt. Lol.

So here are some pics over the past few weeks with the last one taken yesterday.

Happy healing!!!

10 week updated pics

Major changes I think. Let me know!!!!

coming up 3 months post op

Hey family! Just a quick note to say hello to all my RS ladies. So im still battling swelling in my lower tummy area. I've just decided to stop worrying about if it will go down and be thankful that I'm alive. So I posted a pic. Obvious difference. I promise I'll put some clothes on in my next pics. Lol. Take care..TTFN

84 Days Post Op Today!

Hello Ladies. So, I am almost 3 months post op today. I had my surgery March 20th. Things have been going fairly well. I have to be honest and say that I really haven't been exercising like I should, but I didn't exercise before. I will say, I continue to see subtle changes. I still have complete numbing in my lower tummy and I am still not flat. I had full back lipo and I still have stinging and numbing in some areas. This week has been the first week I haven't worn my garment to work and honestly its not a good thing. I feel like I have no support and it stings in certain areas. I'm beginning to think my lower tummy will remain where it is....not flat. I've had this "pouch" from the beginning. Granted it has gotten smaller, but still not flat. But, I'll take it over what it used to be.

I love how I look in clothes. I haven't gotten a swimsuit yet, but will be going shopping for our upcoming vacate.

So, all in all, all is well. Hope everyone is healing well. TTFN!

New pics

A few fun pics. I would never wear these clingy dresses before...NEVA!!!!

10 months later

Wow how time has flown by! Doesn't seem like it's been almost a year since I had my TT and full back lipo. Well, overall, I'm pretty happy with my results. However, I still have a "sac" as my daughter calls it. I was never completely flat, so I always felt like I was going to have to go back for some additional lipo. But my personal goal is to lose 20lbs before I make that commitment. I've never been a small girl, but perhaps being 20lbs lighter, that may make a difference in my tummy. I love the upper portion of my stomach. It's super flat, just the lower abdomen. Oh well, I'll keep you guys posted over the next 2 months.


Well RS fam its been almost a year (March 20th) and I am going back for lipo after my Full TT and lipo of back and flanks. It's been a great experience thus far. However , I have always said I was never as flat as I thought I should have been. I still have fullness and a pouch in my lower abs. I think I have what they call dog eats as well. So as I type this I am sitting my the PS office awaiting my next consult and plan. I'll post current before pics later. Keep you posted.


So after meeting with Dr perry for round two, I've decided To wait on my 2nd surgery. Why? Well for the last almost year I thought that I would be able to do some in office touch up and not have to go completely under general anesthesia again. But he said its the safest due to the the amount of lipo I actual need. He said if it were just a small area then I could have done it in office. Sooo for those who know and have had this surgery or any surgery, there is ALOT of mental preparation that's goes into this. My experience with the anesthesia was great the first time, but I knew what I was going for. So with that I'm going to work on losing more weight, get down to my ideal weight and size and if needed I'll go back. I have at least 30 pounds to lose. I'll post current pics later.

Mentally Prepared

Hey RS. Been a minute but, it has taken me his long to come to terms with going back under in order to get the flat tummy I want. So now that I'm ok with going under again, now I got last the worthy. I have loss 10 lbs since my last post so that's a good thing. I would like to get down to at least 180. I'm planning to go back for lipo on my abs inner thighs and arms sometime early 2017. It'll be 2 years then since my TT and Lipo of back. So I'll keep ya posted. TTFN.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Where do I start. Dr. Perry is the best PS in my book. He took his time to explain everything to me, he answered ALL of my questions, and has the BEST bedside manner. Office staff is great, very personable and professional. He is patient and kind. He is also honest in telling you what will and won't work. If I had to do it all over again, I would 100% without a doubt call Dr. PERRY!!!!! I'm still in the aftercare process, so I will update later, but so far once again....excellent!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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