40 Year Old Mother of 3 Finally Getting my TT!!! - Miami, FL

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I've contemplating a TT for a very long time now...

I've contemplating a TT for a very long time now and have finally decided to get it done! I will be accompanied by my 23 year old daughter who will also be getting some work done. We have both decided to go with Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrum in Miami! Although very excited, I am terrified of the pain!! I will be having a TT with lipo. Could someone please tell me that it isn't so bad lol?
I plan on flying to Miami the day before surgery and flying back home a week after. This is why I hope the pain isn't unbearable! The office of Dr. Ortega was very good with contacting me up until my deposit was given...no I just cross my fingers and hope Lizbeth returns my texts. I have read that many people have experienced the same with no matter which doctor they choose.
My questions are besides the pain level, what should I bring for the recovery?? Do I need a faja, or do they supply? I'v e read about people bringing abdominal boards..what is it and do I need it? Compression stockings since i will be flying?? Vitamins??


Getting a TT with lipo

8/19 is fast approaching!

and the count down begins! 2 weeks and counting!!! Too bad that I still don't know the time of my surgery or when and were I need to have labs done since I am flying in from CT the day before surgery! So frustrating!


having TT on 8/19. does anyone know who does massages??? Miami area...also, how soon after surgery should they be done??

How do I begin!!!

So surgery is tomorrow and can I say that my trip in to Miami has been a nightmare! Beginning with the rental car and ending with Spectrum! After literally running since 5AM, I finally made it to spectrum at 4:30PM to pay my balance due and inquire on surgery time. I thought that once I got there, with my damn luggage, since I hadn't had Time to check in the hotel, that everything would get better...but no it did not! The little ass girls that they have working there are so unprofessional and don't let me get started on the "nurse"! I'm so disappointed with my experience. Really reconsidering returning for surgery!! Ugh

Day 1 post-op

Very glad with my results thus far! Dr. Ortega was amazing. He also did my daughters BBL and that too came out amazing, not overly exaggerated which is what she wanted. The only down side was that they had me fasting since midnight the night before for a 3PM surgery which didn't happen until after 6PM.

The pain!

The abdominal pain is bad but tolerable...the back pain on the other hand, is UNBEARABLE!! I'm taking pain meds as prescribed and using a heating on a recliner and that still is t helping.... :(

Magdalena's Recovery house

Her and her daughter are amazing. Price included 5days 4nights, 3 meals and snacks, transportation to and from airport and appointments. My daughter and I stood in the "bigger" room. It had two twin size beds, a recliner (where I slept) a small kitchenette with a sink and mini fridge and private bathroom. Room had AC, wifi and cable. Highly recommended! (786) 443-1856

One month post-op

So I finally made it to the one month mark (tomorrow)! What a journey. The pain is real! I am finally starting to walk without hunching forward. I started using the silicone tape strips on my incision and continue to use my binder. I am waiting until the site where my right drain was completely heals before I use the faja. I have no feeling on the bottom of my belly. Yesterday I felt very itchy and despite me rubbing and scratching the area, the itching persisted. I could not feel any relief. Maybe because of the numbness?? The itching is intense! Looking back I don't have any regrets because I love my new shape. The only thing that I really don't care for is the belly button. It is tiny. I tried using an ear plug as recommended by Dr. Ortega, but it just caused abdominal pain so I stopped. Someone suggested using a marble but my belly button is too small to fit a marble in it. I guess I will have to deal with this tiny hole. The belly button has been the post problematic area for me. It still has not fully healed.

3 months post op

I am so happy with my results! I can't wait until the soreness and swelling is completely gone so that I can begin doing my crunches to accentuate my new belly!

10 months post op

I am sooo happy with my results!


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