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Hello Everyone! I've been doing some research on...

Hello Everyone! I've been doing some research on and off for about the last year & a half on the TT procedure. And first off I would like to thank each and every one of you ladies for posting your TT journey's for all of us curious one's to see. It really helps a ton! The best part of reading your journey's for me is seeing your end results :) I never thought that I would ever have to resort to this type of procedure. I have always been very thin my whole life. I was barely 100 lbs when I conceived my first child. After I had my second child I gained a little but it wasn't bad (122 lbs). I had a little bit of a tummy but nothing really noticeable. Now, after I had my third child I lost the baby weight very fast. However, my tummy area was no longer the same. Sadly, I am at the stage where a TT would be required in order for me to feel "new" again. So far I have had two consultations with two very well known locations and doctors. However, the price is kinda steep. The first PS I saw had the cheaper price, but didn't make me feel to good, he kind of rushed through the consultation and being that it was my very first consult ever, I didn't really know what kind of questions to ask. I would have felt better had he explained some things to me and not rushed through the consult. I'm looking for a PS I can trust, that is Board Certified and that is very experienced but has good and fair price on this type of procedure. If anyone can refer a PS in the Miami, Fl area please don't hesitate to let me know. :) Oh and if any one has personal experience with Pascual MD please let me know. Hope to soon be able to report my TT procedure :)

Making some progress

I may have found "the one" PS. Any and all comments and reviews about Dr. Mel Orteaga are welcomed :) I have not met him in person yet but from what I have read and videos I've seen with him, he makes me comfortable already. Looking forward to having a consult with him soon.


When checking the credentials of a PS, does any one know the difference between these two websites? The American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc and The American Society of Plastic Surgeons... Like I said confused between the two. The doctor I am interested in shows up in one but I can't find him in the other. Thanks

Finally made a decision on a PS! Deposit has been made, scheduled date secured :)

Met with my chosen Plastic Surgeon today Dr. Careaga. I have to say that I am super impressed with how everything went today. I am looking forward to having him beautify me :) Giving myself a few weeks to lose a few pounds for the big day. Let the countdown begin!!!

When did this happen?? :(

I'm ready to join every one else on the flat side!

Next week its going to start feeling real!

So next week Friday will be my Pre-op appointment and I know that's where its going to hit me that this is happening and I am that much closer to feeling as what I like to call "free". Free from feeling like every time I go out or put on clothes I need to hide.. I'm anxious and am looking forward to being at the point of recovery already. Happy healing to all :)

Is it normal?

Is it normal that I am 3 weeks away from sx and I am not in the least bit nervous? Maybe this Friday at my pre-op appt things will start to settle in. Hmm I'm okay with not being nervous don't get me wrong LOL... I guess I'm just ready to get to the recovery part. Well happy healing to those in the healing process :)

The time is ticking away....

Well, here I am not to far from being on the flat side. A thought and a desire that I only dreamed of a little over a year ago. Never did I think that I would be here today (maybe some other time further down the road) preparing myself mentally for an elective procedure. I don't know why I'm not jumping up and down in excitement (just yet) like some others that have expressed themselves that way on here. Its not that I'm not excited. Trust me I am! My family believes its just because I am so ready to have this done that I am on "lets get it done already" mode. It also helps that I am very confident on my surgeon and his staff. I did my research and I feel like I made the right decision for me. I keep going over in my head being put to sleep and waking up from the anesthesia in recovery. I just want to get to that point already. I pray for all that have gone through this procedure and are healing, I pray for those who are preparing (like myself) and to those that are contemplating this procedure. Be wise on who you choose to do your procedure and be patient. Every thing happens when it is suppose too. Happy healing to all and please pray for me! I can not wait to share post-op photos with you all. - Thank you to all that read this post :)

Getting closer and getting excited :)

As the days get closer to surgery the more excited I am getting. Yes, I have at times a little bit of mixed emotions about it. But overall very positive and enthusiastic about the outcome. I'm ready for the healing to begin.....

Just another 2 days!!

I can't wait to get that call the PS office to tell me what time to report for surgery this Friday! Its funny because I feel like the whole month I had to wait from the time of consultation till now has actually gone back fairly quickly. But now here we are just two days before surgery and I kind of feel like the time has slowed down. All in all I am excited, a little anxious and very hopeful! Best of luck to those going through it this week! Talk to you guys soon :)

By this time tomorrow..

By this time tomorrow I pray to be at home resting and recovering from a successful surgery. Lord I pray that you watch over me as I know you do always.. I trust in you that my surgeon and anesthesiologist and everyone else in the OR will have my best interest in mind. My faith is in your hands and I trust you completely... Amen

Today is the day!!!

GM to all!! Getting myself ready my surgery. Not extremely nervousness yet and hope I remain this calm once I get there. I shall report back once I can. Say a prayer for me if you will!!! See you all on the flat side!

Flat side!!!

Hey everyone!! I made it thank you Jesus for watching over me.. As you can imagine not much updating for today. But all is well and hopefully tmrw I can update with picture. Xoxo thanks for the prayers RS fam!

Sneak peak...

Just got up and walked myself up to the restroom in my bedroom.. With cautious!! So far, so good the pain has been controllable and I've pretty comfy thus far. TTYL

1st post-op appointment

Well today was my first post-op and all went well. The doctor said I was healing very well and my drains can come out at my next appt which is Tuesday.. Also, I had the lymphatic massage. Felt great and I have to say I came out of there feeling a little better and actually standing straighter. My PS and staff are excellent! More about that later.. TTYL

In need of coughing up

Has anyone else had to deal w/coughing up a little phlegm after surgery? There's NO way possible for me to do this without feeling like my insides are going to burst! HELP PLEASE!!!!

Drains removed at 2nd post-op

Hey everyone! All is well just a bit of swelling and am hoping to rid of that sooner than later. Any suggestions on what helps faster w the swelling? Well the drains came out today and wow how much better does that make one feel?! I get to shower tomorrow super excited about that LOL
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Careaga is a great surgeon! He is very down to earth and will answer any questions you may have. One of the things that I noticed in an instant from the first consultation to follow up appts, this man has hands that are not only soft but warm every single time he touches you! I find that to be very rewarding in a field where your hands are your everything. Over all everything went smoothly and the decision of going through with him and his office is one that I am beyond pleased with. His staff is very nice as well and are also there for any questions or concerns you may have. Finding the right surgeon isnt an easy task. But once you find the right one for you, everything else seems so much easier. I recommend him to the fullest!

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