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I haven't been in a bikini since college! But I'm...

I haven't been in a bikini since college! But I'm ready....I went to a girlfriends 40th birthday party recently and she looked great in her skimpy lil sexy dress! She told me she had a TT done a few years ago and never looked back! Dang!! It got the ball rolling for me and 3 months later I'm scheduled to do my own! DH had a hard time with it at first but I told him ultimately this needs to be MY decision. After 3 beautiful babies, all vaginal delivery, 2 with ZERO drugs, and the third with everything they could give me! (I was 35 and done with being patient, lol!) but it's time for me again. I have stretch marks that I want to break up with, a jelly roll that won't quit even despite working out and living an active healthy lifestyle. I'm 5'11 and 175 lbs so lost all my baby weight and then some. Love my body, but this jelly roll got to go! It doesn't match!! Lol. I love fashion so have been good at hiding it, but as I say all the time...I'm over it!!!

Day of TT!!

Hi ladies this will be brief since I'm getting drowsy from meds, lol! 12 hours postop and feeling pretty ok. Abdominal area really only feels sore but the area where the incision is sometimes feels like a sharp pull. Swelling in back mostly, but trying to ice down as best I can. Still happy I did it... Good luck beautifuls!!!!

PS I was opting for a bucket, lol, but DH sprang for a raised toilet seat,,,,lifesaver!!!

Day 5 post op

Feeling okay! So stopped pain meds on Saturday, 3 days postop but I think I have a pretty high tolerance for pain...DO NOT be a hero! I was prescribed tramadol and Tylenol and would take both and then Saturday tried just Tylenol and felt fine. Of course still sore feeling, still stiff first thing in the morning, and a few sharp pains at the drains if they got pulled. They prescribe ambien for all patients and thank God I had it. Used if the first time Saturday and slept really well for the first time. Even got up to pee and then back to bed for few more hours. Awesome :)

Ok holy heck, drink ALL the time! I slowed down on liquids then developed this throat tickle and JEEZ LOUISE!!! Coughing hurts so bad!! They told me to hug a pillow to my stomach and cough. Helps a bit, but yikes!!! More and more gatorades later, the tickle is gone (Thank you lord).
My drains are finally slowing down hopefully they'll be out postop 7. Not too hard to maintain, I just "milk the tubes" when I go pee. :)

Trying to walk more and more each day, it does make you feel better but it can be easily exhausting. I've been up and down stairs and the extra movement had helped me keep my poops regular, lol. Oh yeah, pooped postop day 3...whew!

Post op day 2 pics

16 days Post op & drains out TODAY....FINALLY!!!'

Woohoo!!!! I've been soooooo patient with these bloody (literally) drains. I finally figured out to tape them down so they didn't move and pinch so much and my PS was a genius and made sure to make my drains long enough to drag on the floor and not suspend in midair which would be PAINFUL! Whew! (I swear he thinks of everything!!). So he requires drains to be 30cc or LESS for 2 days in a row before he will remove. Finally after 2 weeks and 2 days, I'm free!! Swelling in lower area of abdomen but I graduates to my binder (tight ass girdle!) today and has his patients wear a "belly board" with it to add extra compression to abdomen. I'll take pics to show you! A little uncomfortable but feels like it's working! I'm in these things for the next six weeks!

Memories of a vest

This is what my PS designed for all his patients to wear post op...they call it the bulletproof vest. Ugghhhhh! I ended up wearing a shirt underneath to help my skin breathe!! There go my drains, lasso'd up, lol

19 days postop with pics

So as I wormed my way out of my CG (compression garment), I continue to be sooooo pleased with my healing! I dared to try on the bikini I bought just for this occasion! I hadnt owned a bikini in almost 20 years and I bought it preop so I could compare....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Still swollen I know this takes time, but my PS is awesome!!!! Thank God for these wonderfully healing bodies!!'

Incision update

My PS recommends Silagen silicone sheeting and I think it's working great to keep my incision really flat! He warned me that it will darken and turn reddish-purplish in the next few weeks and then lighten up again...I just pray it heals great!!!

Wow....crop tops are my friend!!!

4 weeks and 2 days PO (yay!) and feeling really good. Started back to work 2 days ago but with light desk duty. Kept icing my lower abdomen because that's where I swell the most. Still get stiff and sore when sitting for a while so I tried to get up often and stand at times. Today was my official first workout day too! I did 30 min on elliptical (slow pace) and squats and arms, no more than 30-40 lbs. leg work seems to require more abdominal support and I wasn't ready for that! Just let my body lead and would slow down or speed up based on how I was feeling. My doc didn't give me the official yes, but I'm THAT girl (lol) and really felt ready. I have an athletic build and enjoyed working out before so I knew it was time. No pain, no extra swelling at all! Of course I wore my CG and ab board the whole time! Lol. Then came home and my Amazon box arrived with a new outfit...NEVER wore a crop top ever as an adult and I love it!!!!!! Hehe

Updated pics

Just a look at my scar, and side profile comparisons. I'm getting used to my CG but looking forward to our breakup! Only 2 weeks to go!!!!! But then I read my PS booklet that suggests you continue wearing it after 6 weeks most of the day and going to bed....DAYUM!!! Ain't that what I'm doing now?!? Lol!!!! I adjusted it myself twice (altered it by sewing it tighter) since the swelling would get better and the CG would get a little loosey-goosey. But shiggity! Let's just say I had to release some seams, lol!!! 2 tight!!

7 weeks PO today with pics!!

Feeling great, still get swelling mostly at end of day. PS suggested using a body massager to help push fluid, anyone else try this? I use it at night and seems to really help!! Working out consistently again with 30 min on elliptical (about 3 miles), squats, leg press, lots of arm work and leg work. I've increased weights to whatever feels comfy. :). Hope that helps...Happy Recovery Dolls!PS Loving my results and can't wait for my size to stabilize! I already find my waist much smaller than my hips/butt that I'm the girl with the gap in the back of the pants!! Lol. Alterations here I come!!

11 weeks post op Recent pics!!

11 weeks post op....let's see...what's going on???
My compression garment was so tight In the crotch it was causing me to develop yeast infections! Now I only wear at night, and I've cut the crotch open much bigger! Whew!!! By day I wear a waist cincher (Ann Chery). I also alternate wearing my silicone sheet for my scar by day and treating my scar with vitamin e/Shea butter/ bio oil at night. Seems to be working!!
2. My sutures became visible (poking out) at the ends (the knots!!). One fell off after a few days, and the other I pulled at and it just popped off, lol. Tiny drop of blood, but fine since.
3. Still swelling in the lower abdomen, but to be expected! Using the massager seems to help a ton, but I dry brush this area too!
Otherwise feeling great, getting lots of compliments and attention and loving my results!!!!

All the best dolls!

4 months PO

AMAZING bedside manner, Kind, professional, patient, Harvard trained, and innovative!!! Doing TT's differently and really the way it should probably always be done!!! Won't go hip-to-hip if he doesn't have to ...Woohoo!!!!

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