34 Year Old Mom of 3 Looking to Get Her Girlish Figure Back Tummy Tuck with BBL - Miami, FL

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I'm about to turn 35 in June and I have wanted a...

I'm about to turn 35 in June and I have wanted a tummy tuck since 2006. I had another child in 2009 so now my stomach is even worse. I started searching for surgeons a year and a half ago but I came across this site maybe 6 to 8 months ago. I had a consult with the Dr. in Nov and he was just amazing his staff is great and the office is beautiful.


Here are pics of what I need to get snatched..

Wish Pics

Here are some of my wish pics

more wish pics

More pics of how I would love to look

Do your homework

I researched what the difference was between a certified cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon and I found this:

Some dentists trained in oral surgery now do breast implants; OB/GYNs perform tummy tucks, and radiologists are doing liposuction.
An aging — and often overweight — population is willing to spend money on cosmetic procedures, and people often are seeking lower-cost options over board-certified, sometimes higher-priced plastic surgeons. Even when patients survive, botched surgeries can be painful, disfiguring and costly.

Absent regulation, however, any doctor with a license to practice medicine can perform any procedure a patient wants done. Many non-plastic-surgeons have decided to go into areas in which there's limited oversight, more money and little, if any, interference from insurers because elective cosmetic surgery typically isn't covered.

The medical field makes a distinction between residency-trained "plastic" surgeons and cosmetic surgeons, but many consumers aren't aware there's a difference. Many of the new cosmetic surgeons are board-certified, just not in plastic surgery, he says.

In medicine, board certification occurs when a doctor has met all of the qualifications required by one of the American Board of Medical Specialties' 24 member boards, which represent the main areas of medicine, including plastic surgery. ABMS sets the standards for the education, lifelong training and testing of doctors. ABMS' member boards include the American Board of Plastic Surgery but none of the other cosmetic surgery boards, including the similar-sounding American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, that many surgeons say they are certified by. 8% of the board of cosmetic members are board-certified plastic surgeons. 50,000 to 100,000 doctors who aren't board-certified plastic surgeons are doing cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons who aren't board-certified in the field sometimes tout low prices and say the procedures are safe and easy to bounce back from, a review of advertising and websites shows. Some even offer half-price deals on sites including Groupon.

Costs are reduced, in part, when patients are put under local anesthesia rather than intravenous (IV) sedation or general anesthesia. Expenses are much lower when there is no anesthesiologist, hospital or accredited surgical facility. It may be presented as a way to save money, but sometimes it's the doctors' only option because their lack of training makes them ineligible to practice in accredited facilities- citied from http://www.usatoday.com/money/perfi/basics/story/2011-09-13/cosmetic-surgery-investigation/50395494/1

As someone searching and praying for a qualified doctor, I just want everyone to read this so they aren't one who is scammed, killed, or disfigured.

Be careful Dr. O is suspended


I'm super annoyed I was gonna change to Dr. Hasan because I think he does great work and his prices are fair. Now he is MIA. I love Dr. Miami's work but I think he's starting to loose some of his touch like Dr. Jimerson. When I first got on here he didn't have one bad review and now I have seen a few. However after looking at some of the girls Yily may be my top contender.

State moves to revoke license of Miami 'butt lift' surgeon accused of medical malpractice



how do you edit your dr?

Dr Change

Ok so its been a while and I know you all are tired of me changing dr's but I'm now booked and scheduled with Dr. Alvarez on 8/2 for BBL with the lipo of 12 areas. I originally wanted a tummy tuck but told me to do this first and them come back for the TT. so I can achieve the look I'm really going for. I just saw him 7/13 but he was super nice the office was very clean and Lena his assistant has been great!!! He will be doing my surgery at Spectrum instead of the private facilities just because it will save me some money. I had to end up financing just because this will be my graduation present to myself and something I've been wanting for 10 years and now I'm getting it!


Does anyone know a place that I can go in person to get a good faja that's in South Florida? The only downside to Dr. Alvarez is that you have to get your own garment and your lab work isn't included. The upside is that I don't have to deal with any Spectrum bs no calling them nothing. Only his office so I will take it.

Night before surgery

Photos of

Made it to bootyland

So Dr. Alvarez listened and delivered. I couldn't be happier!!

post op

Ok so I'm still really swollen but here are some before and afters from 1 week post op. My stomach and back are still really swollen and hard. The swelling is awful. And I'm not a stomach sleeper so sleeping is not fun for me. Before surgery my butt was measuring 43" now its ranges for 47-48. I cant get an accurate waist measurement because I'm to swollen

Stage 2 garment

2 weeks post

Some still really swollen I saw the doctor today and he said I needed to get a garment with more compression so I bought a stage 2 garment he mention that my stomach was really hard and that I had retained a lot of fluid and it seem like I haven't been wearing and garment at all which is crazy because I sleep in it and everything I only take my garment off to shower so far I'm Still Loving my results aside from my stomach my butt is starting to get softer it's not too outrageous which is exactly what I was looking for I just can't wait for the swelling to get better

3 weeks post op

I'm very happy with the decision that I made to go with dr. Alvarez he more than delivered on everything that he said he could do without over me selling me a dream my results are coming out great I still have a lot of swelling but he told me that's to be expected for the next 3 to 6 months when I go out in the mall or anywhere in public I get stares from guys and girls alike


I also asked Lena for my numbers he removed the full 4 liters and put 1350cc in one check and 1400cc in the other.

Officially 1 Month Post

OK, dolls I'm officially one month post op and what a journey this has been. So i'm still swollen in the waist, stomach and back which is so annoying. As soon as I take off my garment to wash it or shower. I can feel the fluid start building and I start to swell like bread...lol... And now since I'm up and down at work and running behind the kiddos my feet are swelling every night like some Nutty Professor ish...lol my butt as gone down to me. But my friends and kids and my dude (who is by the way happier than a pig in shit) all say its huge. I'm still using my boppy even though Lena said its ok to sit because it feels weird and even hurts a little to sit directly on my butt. Its still tender. But its not as hard as it use to be. I also still sleep on my stomach at night which is driving me crazy!!!! I see huge differences in my stomach and waist even though there is still swelling. So to be honest I may not go back for a tummy tuck. I'm cool with the stretchmarks its just my mommy badge of honor. Last night I actually started to wear my waist trainer over my faja for extra compression and to really slim this waist down. I'm only taking them off to shower and have fun with Mr. Man...lol.. And alot of girls are right I find myself obsessing like a crazy person with measuring and did my waist go down? did my butt lose volume? And to be honest its like my body is changing every couple of days. So I'm going to try and relax a little and just enjoy the rest of this journey.

6 weeks out

ok so not much as changed lately. I'm still swelling so I still use my faja all day. I'm still using my foams and boards whenever I'm up to it because of my water and swelling. I will be happy when its over. I have stopped with all the measurements because I was driving myself crazy. I'm sitting from time to time on soft surfaces now without my boppy. But i still use it to drive and at work. I can truly say that Dr. Alvarez changed my life. Just looking at these before and afters make me want to cry every time. Although I still know I have a long healing process ahead of me and I'm looking forward to the end results.


love the shape he created

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7 weeks

ok so I think this will be my last update. Even though the site was super helpful to me. I don't get a lot of feed back or questions so ..... I'm still swelling when I don't have my garment off so I will be having it taken in this weekend. My measurements haven't moved so I'm hoping to shrink this waste some more. These were taken today. My butt is soft and moves and everything. My coworker did tell me I'm a distraction now...lol
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alvarez is very professional and his office is nice. Lena has been great and answers all of my questions. I don't have one negative thing to say. From start to finish he was amazing.

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