31 Mother of 2. Miami, FL

I am super excited to get my tummy tuck with this...

I am super excited to get my tummy tuck with this great doc,artist, and gentleman. I pray everything goes well and hopefully some time in March. The young lady I spoke with was very caring and has lots of patience. I like the fact that when I called they were not rushing me to wire money asap. They were awesome over the phone. My mom told me about him because a lady that goes to herbal life got a tummy tuck and came out gorgeous. My mom also likes the fact that he has awesome reviews and so do I. I am super excited.

Got the Date March 25,2016

I'm super excited I booked my flight n the surgery is paid off n full.. now I'll be out of work from March 22 - April 4 is that enough time to heal??


Loosing all the weight I can. I lost a total of 28 pounds since December. March 23 is the big day.

Finally did it!!!

So ladies I had my TT and lipo.. Dr.Heneberg is awesome... I am truly satisfied with his work and how he attends to his patients. The clinic New Life they are awesome too, the ladies are nice.... I will post pics later.. I want to thank a great friend I met through here Mary LA Morena... She's a true Angel of God... Picked me up at my aunts house n drove me to the clinic stood there with me n brought me home... I made a sis not a friend....

So Grateful and Satisfied

I would recommend this wonderful Doctor to anyone wanting to get any cosmetic surgery. Not only is his work awesome but he is a wonderful person. So attentive and cares about his patients. I got a TT and lipo... He is of Colombian parents like me, that's what made me go to him. I will post pics later.. He is the best????????????????

5 days Post Op

Little by little I'm healing and feeling better. I am getting my energy back and feeling better.

Swollen but excited

Thank you Lord for everything!!

New Life Plastic Surgery

I love this place and the doctor...
I am so grateful and glad I made this choice.

A month post op...

Getting my massages faithfully. Very happy and excited.

6weeks post op

Love my Dr. Hanaberg????????????????????
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I truly love his work and everything he has done for me!!! I am and will continue to be his patient for the rest of my days!! He is patient, he listens and most importantly he does an awesome job!!! I am grateful for him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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