30yr--Mother of 2- Getting a TT , Lipo in Arms, Flanks, Back and BBL - Miami, FL

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Hi there ! I am 30 years old and I am mother of...

Hi there ! I am 30 years old and I am mother of two boys , 5 and 2 .. Sooo my surgery is in less than 3 weeks and I am super excited . I have been keeping myself super busy so that I don't get anymore anxious . I am getting a TT , lipo in arms , back, stomach and a BBL . I am nervous about the pain I will be on and I know I won't be able to sleep for weeks ;But I know it will all be worth it . Surgery day is December 16th and my preop is next week Tuesday . I haven't bought anything yet . But I will get on it in the next few days .. I was not sure about writing about my process but reading about your stories has helped me a lot . I will keep posting as much as I can about my experience ..

December is here !

I am super excited is finally my surgery month .. I am not to anxious . I have been pretty busy and I am not trying to think about what I am about to do. I assume that my anxiety attack will begin the day of my preop which is next week Tuesday . I see myself asking for a prescription of Xanax... Two more weeks to go ! And I have not bought any supplies . Why must I leave everything for last ?

Couple of more pics

Wish pics :)

Can't wait...

Pre-op !

My preop appt is today. 12-06-16. I am super excited ! I am taking my bikini to make sure the scar stays under it hidden.. hopefully... I still have not bought nada... I am going to ask the Doc today what supplies the office provides besides the first garment so that I make sure I don't buy things that I may not need... I booked a trip to Chicago for this weekend.. The hubster and I wanted to celebrate our 7 year anniversary before the surgery since I wont be able to after.. and even though I think it was a crazy decision , I am happy that I have been so focused on the trip that I haven't had time to get nervous about the surgery.. I just hope I don't get sick with the temperatures being so cold in Chicago.. I have been taking lots of vitamin C and Zicam to avoid getting sick... I will update after my appt today.. :)

PreOp day !

Hi there ladies ! Today was my preop. I had an urine and blood test and I was advise that if there was any issues they would call me tomorrow , otherwise I was good to go . They took pictures and I sat with the doc and discuss some concerns .. he gave me a shot of B12 to make sure I don't get sick since I will be traveling to Chicago this weekend and is very cold there ..I was prescribed Vicodin for the pain , and xanax which I will definitely start using soon.. I was also instructed to take antibiotics the night before surgery . I forgot the name of it right now .. he told me that I could not take my garment off for at least a week not even to wash it . Under no circumstances am I to remove it . Sucks not to be able to shower for so many days .. but oh well , wipes it is... I was advise not to wear a tank top under the garment , apparently is not needed . I was advised not to buy anything they would supply what I needed such as chucks they just told me to use a towel or blanket that I don't use to put it around me to absorb any liquid I release . I asked the doctor about the bbl pillow he told me not to buy any . He said that none of his patients have ever complained about loosing projection other than then regular fat they loose for sitting. He told me that just to alternate sides and get up and walk . He didn't tell me that I couldn't sit on it for two weeks or anything like that . Basically he told me to sleep and sit on it with no worries .. ..To be quiet honest I felt relieved that I don't have the pressure of not being able to sit on my butt especially that i am also getting a TT and I will need to rest a lot on my back .. I trust that my doctor wouldn't give me instructions that would affect his work. I still will try my best to not put unnecessary pressure on it if I don't have to , but I feel a bit relieved now ... I can't wait to see the results from this painful journey .. I will keep everyone posted !!

Check this out !!

I had ordered this little pillow on wish . For just a buck ! I received yesterday .. I am not sure if it will hold my weight everyday . (164pnd) but so far is not bad for when I need to sit to eat or anywhere.. if it pops I will let u know lol .

This sucks !

Hi there ! So this weekend I flew to Chicago .. and I am super sick ????????. The doctor prescribed me a z pack before I left but I don't seem to improve . I am in the airport now . Due to heavy snow our flight is super delayed .. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow to see what else can I take because surgery is on Friday . I will be very sad if i have to cancel ????.

A little sick ..

Good morning everyone ! Today I feel better . I am little congested and I have an occasional cough .. the doctor wants to see me this Thursday and determined if we are still on for the surgery on Friday .. man I really tried not to get sick .. but everything happens for a reason . I am not going to fight it . I will accept whatever decision he makes on Thursday and take it from there . I am still in the z pack . Today is my last pill . Hopefully by Thursday I will be a lot better .

Take it like a big girl ....

Hi there dolls ! I am still a little sick . Little congestion and occasional cough . I feel better but I am totally prepare for my doctor to postponed the surgery .. I am not even excited about the big day because I have a feeling tomorrow he will tell me that is not going through .. totally sucks ????.. It is what it is .. I shall let everyone know tomorrow .. not that I think anyone reads this lol .. laters babe !

What's is it going to be ?

Hi ! I am on my way to the doctor so he can check me and see if I can still have surgery tomorrow .. I am doing better . But I fee like I have a sinus infection .. bummer .. is it god's hands .. I shall keep u guys posted !

Sucks !

So my surgery got cancelled ????. But I am totally ok . I really wasn't feeling well and I know I was going to regret it after .. the doctor told me he would not risk me getting pneumonia and that after surgery I was going to be so beat up that it was going to be like if I was a 70 year old man with a cold .. not pretty ! I am thankful that I chose him as a doctor and that he looks after my well being .. so the new date is January 13th but he will see in two weeks to draw blood and make sure I am no longer sick ...

3 more weeks and 2 days

Can't wait for January to get here !

Counting down the days ...

I dream with the day where I won't have to suck my gut in anymore ...

Time for another checkup .

Hi there ladies .. Today I go back to the doctor for a follow up and labs . They want to make sure I am no longer sick in order to get the surgery done on 01-13-17 .. I am so anxious to get it done already !!! I can't believe I am down to two weeks again .. woot woot !


I am here waiting at the doctors office to get my blood work done... and in the meantime playing with an app ????

Getting ready for the big day !

It keeps getting better ...

Hello ladies !! .. so today my doctors office calls me to tell me that it seems like I have an UTI... I had no clue.. and no symptoms .. I usually know if I have one .. well I did have cramps and frequent trips to the bathroom but I thought is that I had increase my water intake and the cramps I thought I was having them because since I had been taking antibiotics two weeks ago the effect of my birth control pill was affected so I was having the cramps I normally don't have .. anyhow he put me on antibiotics again .. on a good note my hemo did go from 12.6 to 12.9 .. that's always good to hear .... I can't wait to just get to the day .. I am super anxious .. let's hope now the surgery does not get cancelled for an UTI .. ????

Is one after the other one....

Hey ladies.... so I received a call from the doctors office today telling me that there was a conflict with my surgery day and they needed to move it for the 18th... I am extremely disappointed considering that I schedule my surgery in their office a month prior and I was the only one schedule for that day, how come now they have another appointment and why are they rescheduling me when I have priority over that day. ? I think is very unprofessional, and I am not happy at all.. Is a total inconvenience to move it to the 18th because I was using the Holiday from the 16th to be able to get an extra couple of days from that long weekend.. I would loose 3 days from recuperating if they move it.. I also told her that the doctor had advise me that since he recommended to move the original day up, he would accommodate to my time to make me feel more comfortable and he would operate me even on a day he usually does not perform surgeries on a Tuesday or Thursday . I asked the coordinator to see if he would do it on the 12th instead and she will get back to me... I totally feel down, because I respect their schedule and if its me the one that cancels they would charge me $800 but what about when they want to cancel for their mistake?? what happens then??.. Is not fair and appropriate.. The staff in that office is great and very sweet but I feel like they are being unfair and I am not happy about that... I will keep you guys updated...

Update on Surgery day....

Hi there,
So my surgery was moved yet again..The surgical coordinator did not even say why ; and they would not budge at all.. I did express how I felt about their decision and I told her that it was very disappointing that they were doing that , but I left it at that. Now it will be on 01-12-17.... Well at least is a day less I gotta wait...and I am happy that I wont loose the Holiday and I will now have 18 days to come back to work.. I hope that's enough time... I feel a little bit more relieved now.. Even though both my husband and I loose one more day of work, at least it will count towards my recuperation..
I started taking the antibiotics today to treat the UTI, hopefully from here to the surgery everything goes smooth..

Tick tuck !

6 more days !! Can't believe it .. most of the time I am not nervous at all .. and all of the sudden I start to freak out and feel like backing out .. it sucks but I am spending these days like they are my last ... I don't want to be negative and I want to go full on thinking everything will come out ok . But I feel sad when I think about my two babies . I told the oldest one today that next week I would go into surgery and he told me he didn't want me to .. it made me feel sad . Then he asked me if I would video tape it .. he has seen that I watch surgeries on Snapchat . And he wanted to see mine he said . I told him I didn't think it was a good idea .. lol he is a very curious 5 year old .. anyhow I did watch for the first time my doctor perform a BBL and lipo on Snapchat and he was very gentle and the butt came out great . And I did feel relief that I will be in good hands .... I just have to keep telling myself everything will be ok and I will come back home to my kids and husband ..

56 Hours to go!

Hello Ladies! Hope you are all well... So I have less than 3 days to go to finally get my surgery done.. How do I feel?? Well I am not sure what to say... I feel excited but I still cant believe is actually happening.. I am not nervous right now.. I am sure I will be a wreck the night before.. I didn't buy anything from the list I had , apart from Arnica gel and a regular pillow and chucks. the doc's office told me I didn't need anything else.. I will buy scar treatment later.. I am all packed.. My bag is ready.. I have in there, a robe , slippers , socks, underwear and a towel.. Does anyone know if I am missing an essential item?? Please let me know.... Anyhow.. I am patiently waiting for the day..

Almost there !

Hi!! So tomorrow is my surgery and it still has not hit me.. I feel ok, not trying to think to much about it even though my husband keeps asking me if I am nervous... I think he is the one freaking out.... Yesterday I had my first Xanax, I wanted to try it before because it was my first time and I didn't know what it does.. Well,,, I loved it..I drank it at 7 pm and a few minutes after I was super sleepy and loopy but I was still able to do my chores.. I went to bed at 9:30 and slept sooo goood.. I didn't dream or thought about anything , I just slept very good. So tonight I will have another one.. I am waiting for the doctors office to call me and confirm the time I have to be there tomorrow.. I hope I have time to drop off my oldest in school tomorrow.. Tonight I will clean again, and get the kids clothes ready for the next week .. I did groceries yesterday , I got coconut water, some protein shakes, and lots of Lean Cuisine frozen dinners so we dont have to order so much take out..I will wash and dry my hair in the morning, because I want my hair to be super clean... I hope I am not missing anything important.. I will post more tomorrow... Wish me luck ladies..

Today is the day !!!!

Morning all ! Finally the the big day has arrived ! I have to be in then docs office by 8:30am . I am getting ready to go .. wish me luck ladies !!

Waiting outside the office for them to open ????.

I got here super early . Waiting in the parking lot since 7:30 . I wanted to be super early but there was less traffic than I though ... I am starving ! And in need of a bucket of water .

I am alive !!!!

Hi ladies !! Everything came out very good . Surgery was at 10am and by 2 I was done .. I am doing better than I thought pain wise . I did have a Vicodin at 6:30 pm .. tomorrow I will post pics and update more .. my arms hurt from the lipo .. thank you all for your prayers .. chat tomorrow !

So far ...

Hi there !!! The first day was a breeze but today it has been rough .. a lot of pain in my stomach and butt .. the doctor put 650 CCs on each cheek.. and I have to lay on it because of my tummy tuck .. I try to switch every now and then . Hopefully I am left with some butt at the end .. my stomach is super flat but I am very swollen . I can just imaginen the end results .. I get tired very fast but I walk to the bathroom and back . I can't do more because I get nauseous and super tired .. ladies the funnel to pee is such a great investment. It has helped me a lot.. here are some pics .. chat more tomorrow..

Day 3

Hi there ! Today has been a little better . I slept ok . Woke up at 2:30 am had meds and had some crackers .my stomach is killing me with all the meds . I can barely pass food . I get full super quick . All I am drinking are soups and crackers and scrambled eggs oh and yogurt .. drinking coconut water and as much water as i can . My abs hurt and my incision burns . I have a lot of gas ..and I still haven't done #2 . I am pretty hunch over and I struggle to walk but I pee like 8 times a day so i walk to the bathroom and back . I get tired so quickly ! I can't wait to be up an running .. still laying on my butt totally sucks but there is nothing I can do . Will try to keep updating .. talk to you ladies later !!

4 days after ..

Hi there ladies ! Last night I slept way better . I went to sleep like at 11 and woke up from the pain at 4:30am .. not so bad.. today i am walking on my own . Been moving around the house more .. I am dying to leave the house . But I am thankful that everyday I get better . Still have not been able to do #2 and I am drinking colace 3 times a day .. my lower back is super swollen I can't tell the difference between it and my butt ... I am dying to see the end results .. so that's what I am up to today .. hope that all of you girls having surgery during these day as are doing well .. chat more later !

Pictures from the surgery . 1-12-17

Hi there. Here are the pics from the markings at the doctors office .

5th day ( counting surgery day )

Hi !! Ok so where do I start ... today was a good day ... I finally pooped ! It was very painful . But finally I went .. what helped ? Not the 3 colace I am drinking a day .. a soft taco from taco hell did !!.. I needed to introduce carbs otherwise it was never going to happen .. today I went twice . Woot woot! Ok so as far as pain goes . I stopped taking the vicodin and I am taking Tylenol . I can manage the pain . I am not sure if at night time I will take a Vicodin to be able to sleep .. I am so tired of this sofa ! Omg I miss my bed so much ! I miss taking a shower .. today I got up and actually made American coffee !! I don't know how but I was able to .. coming from a person that couldn't even get water from the refrigerator yesterday trust me being able to make coffee was great !... I can't be standing for more than 5 min so I am sitting most of the time and my Butt hurts and the left tube of the drains bothers me so is hard to accommodate myself . I wish I could close my eyes and fast forward to 6 weeks at least . Lol anyhow i am still swollen . And i still can't tell if i lost my Butt or not .. we will see .. but I am glad I do feel better and I know each day will be easier .. good luck ladies .. will keep updating ! Xoxoxo

6th day .. be careful what u wish for ..

Hi there ! So first I couldn't go to the bathroom and then today I have gone 3 times .. TMI sorry .. anyhow I am is better to go than not to go .. my morning is going good so far . I noticed that my back is a little bit less swollen .. I am just hoping by the time I go to work I look normal .. everyone is expecting a Barbie .. by this rate it they will see a beat up fluffy Barbie .. detail I have forgotten to mention .. since the surgery i still haven't regain full tongue sensation . I don't feel the right front tip of it . Has that happened to anyone ? Is so annoying .... also i weight myself just to have an idea and I have lost one pound .. bummer ! I know I am super swollen . But I was expecting to see at least 3-4 pound difference after all they did remove skin and fat from me .. oh well I guess it's been replaced by liquids lol . Ok ladies I will update more later . No new pics yet . I still look the same from day one I think ... can't wait to shower and wash my hair .. huh! Ok laters babes !

Omg I am so freaking swollen !!

I am beginning to wonder if this is normal .. I am barely draining I feel like a balloon !! Sorry I just needed to vent a bit ..

6 days out

Hey ladies !! Today was ok . Didn't do much .. Again .... i didn't feel much straighter today . On the contrary I feel like the skin under my boobs does not stretch anymore . It hurts when I try to stand .. i don't feel like i advance in any way today . Tomorrow I go to the doc for a post op . They are suppose to remove my garment for the first time and remove my drains .. I am looking forward to that . Hopefully I can take some pics and post them tomorrow.. I feel like that because of the swelling it will hurt like hell when they remove the garment so I am a little anxious about that . I don't even know if the garment will fit back lol I shall let U know .. talk more later ladies . ????

One week post op down !

Yay ! Finally made it to one week .. I am on my way to the doctor . Today will be either an exciting day or a shocking day for me.. i still haven't seen what my body looks like under this garment .. i am pretty nervous ... stay tuned !

Some pics . 1 week after

First post op update

Hey hey ! Ok so finally my drains are gone !!! It didn't hurt it just stung a little and it was a very weird sensation when they were pulled out . The scar is looking great , very thin and healthy . My belly button is awesome! Small like I wanted it .. I totally forgot to take a pic of the scar and bb because I was dealing with freaking out from the drains coming out . It was more of a mental torture than actual pain .. I did take a few pics before that I will post now . Tomorrow I will take pics after my fabulous shower .. I feel so much better now that the drains are no longer in my way . I can see the light at the end of the tunnel ... the doc advise me to drink aleve and I started today . So everything is going ok so far .. talk more later ladies !

Pictures time . ( 1 week post op )

Hi there ! Finally I took a shower !!! I feel 10 pounds lighter .. finally I was able to explore my under construction body .. I gotta say i am totally happy with my scar and belly button and my overall front view . I love the shape my body has now and I am still super swollen. I finally have curves and believe me the pictures do not really do justice . The only thing I am not happy about is the couple of dimples that show in my Butt and I have no idea if they will even out .. hopefully .. I am glad everything is looking good .

10 day post

Hey hey ! So things are getting easier . I can now cook and pick up a few things around the house . I get less tired now but I still take my breaks . I have one more week before getting back to work so I need to make sure I am ready to go.. as of now I am still super swollen especially me back and tummy . I still can't grasp the shape my body will take because of all the swelling . I can now sleep better in the recliner because I can move around better . Started drinking pineapple juice to see if that help with the swelling . Any other tips ?? Here are some updated pics .

11 days after

Hello, just a quick update . I love around a lot easier . I drove today just around the block to see how I felt. It was totally ok . I cooked today and tried to pass the vacuum .. tried . The rug was pretty tough . The swelling is still there . And it seems like it will be there forever . My lower back hurts and my arms too .. I am a bit discouraged about my arms . I still think they look the same just more swollen and bruised .. my Butt .. don't know what to think anymore . Until the swelling on my lower back goes down I won't see if I have any projection at all . Only time will tell .. I don't know how those women can see the results 3
Days after surgery . My recovery seems like is taking for ever ... I know the time will come . I am just a little anxious .
Maybe when I get back to work next week I will occupy my mind in something else .. we shall see ... laters !

12 days post op

Hey there ladies ! Today I managed to take my 5 year old to school ... what an awesome feeling... little by little I am starting to feel like a human being... I bought Tumeric and started to drink it . Let's see if it does help with the swelling . Too soon to tell . I drove ok . Just my back hurt a little . I did notice that the top of my Butt the swelling is going down . So that's an awesome sign . I just want to look normal before I go back to work on Monday . So far so good .. slowly but surely getting back into the game .

15 days post op

Hi !! To

15 days post op ..

Sorry about previous post . I hit done by mistake and I don't know how to delete it now .. so it's been 15 days that have felt like 15 months ... I am enjoying my last Friday before going back to work ... feeling better . Swelling still there but it has gone down just a tad . I feel the girdle less tight. But I still look fat .. I tried on jeans and work pants yesterday and I wish I hadn't.. they didn't fit by about 3 inches . I have no pants to wear to work and I refuse to buy bigger pants . I will have to wear dresses , lucky for me I have a lot of them . I just had picture in my mind I would look better by now .. on a good note I have lost 3 pounds ..and my aunt who always says I am little over weight saw me and I told me I look skinnier .. that cheered me up a bit .. I am looking forward to going back to work even though I know it will be hard . I take the train and sometimes is super crowded and when I stand for too long my lower back kills me .. little by little it will get better .. the turmeric seems to be working . I pee more often and I do feel less bloated . So that's a good thing .. well folks thats it for now .. chat more later !

Here are some pics 15 days post op

Down time is over ! (17 days post op)

Hi. Today was a good day.. I had a lot more energy . I finally stepped into a store . Swelling is going down .. tomorrow I start work .. I am actually excited to think of something else besides my expectations of what my body would have looked like by now .. I need to stop obsessing over the flaws I still have and focus on how much better clothes will look on me in the next coming up weeks or months . I plan to wear something loose tomorrow so I can be comfortable it just sucks that I am going back to work looking fatter than when I left lol .. nah just kidding ! Despite the swelling I have a freaking waist and a boost of confidence .. I will report how my first day back to work was .. talk more later !

3 weeks post op

Hey ladies ! Hope you are all doing good ... it's been three weeks for me (tomorrow) and it's been a slow process but it gets better each day . I started to work this week . It's been good , I just get more swollen as the day progresses but I do have a lot of energy to get me through the day . By the time I can get to my sofa I am exhausted . Finding clothes that for comfortable has been a challenge but i do see changes every day . Tomorrow I go to the doc for my 3 week check up and they will remove any stitches left . I do have one that is leaking a tiny bit . Yesterday I put Neosporin on it .. my back still feels like a brick from the lipo and my lower abdomen is very swollen . My Butt is very soft and natural .. that's it for now folks ! I will update as I go .

4 week post op update .

Hi ladies !! Well it's been 4 weeks already tomorrow . I am very happy with my results . The swelling still there on my lower pooch and my back .. but is way less .. my work pants I tried last week and didn't fit this week are big on me .. i am very happy about that .. i have dropped 5 pounds not bad considering that I am not working out yet . I am walking a lot . I don't stay still .. i am carrying my 27 pound baby with no problem . I don't feel any discomfort .. I don't over don't over do it but at least I am accomplished that .. I am pretty much doing everything already except working out .. I can't wait for the 6 weeks mark so I can take off my arms girdle . I am running out of ideas on what to wear to hide them .. I will post pics soon ... hope all you ladies are doing fine .. talk more later !

Pics 5 weeks post op

6 weeks post op update .

Can't believe it's been 6 weeks already since I had my TT, lipo on arms , flanks and back and my moderate BBL done . It's been the slowest recuperation of my life .. my back and stomach still swell everyday . In the morning is better , nice and flat .. in the afternoon I look pregnant lol . I still can't wear tight dresses , not until I stop looking Prego . I am still wearing my garment and my arms compressions . I can now change into another girdle and remove the compression of my arms but I don't feel ready yet . My arms and stomach feel exposed when I take it off and I get more swollen ... my Butt is very soft but I still have some discomfort on my hips and lower back . When I wake up in the morning my back burns and it gets very hot . And I am very itchy . I guess the skin is in another process of healing . My inscison is healed and is very sensitive still especially on the hips . I can now stay to work out of start walking at least . I ran yesterday and the bouncing of my Butt made my Lower back hurt a little so I had to stop . Walking it is ... I go back to the doctor next week for another check up .. I shall keep u guys posted ... be save dolls !

2 month post op

Hi ! Time has gone by so quick ! But it feels like is going in slow motion .. today I have a virtual appointment with the doc ... I am still wearing my girdle . I can't go a day without it .. I am still swollen .. what's new now is that I get a burning sensation in my back from the lipo . Is very annoying . My back still hurts . When I wake up in the morning it burns when the skin stretches and it gets very hot .. around the incision on the inside it feels thick like if I have scar tissue .. is not around the whole scar just towards the middle and the right part of it . And my right side still gets more swollen . I am still hoping he swelling will continue to go down because I am not happy with staying with a pooch .. my arms are still swollen and so far I don't see results . As of now I don't think doing my arms was worth it .. I shall see if they improve .. my butt I love the new shape except that I hate the two dimples that increased in size . I feel like now I will always have to select what I wear or put on spandex in order to hide them and thy makes me feel bad . I did this to improve my body and now I don't even want to wear a bikini because of the cellulite in my Butt that now shows more .. I am hoping that will improve with time as well . Here are some pictures of my progress so far .

Pics: before and 8 weeks after

More pics 8 weeks post op

13 weeks later

Hi there ! It's been a while .. what a rollercoaster this recuperation has been ... sometimes I feel like I over paid for a procedure that makes me feel I still look the same and other days I feel amazing ! I am getting closer to the 4 month mark in which my doctor assured me I would be static about the results .. everyday I do see slight changes .. and I get happier . The swelling around my incision is always there .. I feel like there is a rope under there . I wonder when it will start to get softer .. I wonder if any of guys feel the same ??? The burning on the lipo skinned is so bad . Every time I go to sleep and don't move for a while it hurst so bad ! And it itches too .. but the burning sensation is the worse ... my Butt is looking nicer and nicer . I still have two dimples that got worse after surgery . But they have gotten better with time .. or at least they don't bother me anymore ... I started working out my abs and they did hurt a lot . I think I over did it .. so I brought it down a notch .. my arms still sore from the especially my right one .. so annoying ... I can't wait to hit the 6 months mark ... I will post pics of the incision soon . So far is very red .. I haven't started to put anything on it yet .. I know ,,, I gotta start soon ... talk more later!

13 weeks later .

4 months post op

Hi there !! Today I went to my 4 month check up . Everything looks good . I am still swollen but that's normal .. my scar is still very red and hard on the inside . Doc says is normal , that could last from 6 months to a year ... I am feeling great . The burning sensation from the lipo is getting better . My skin still itches .. my arms still feel swollen and numb .. I will be posting my before and after pics taken by the doctor . So far I am super happy with my results ...

4 months post pics

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I went to different doctors that gave me cheaper prices but I chose Soler-Baillo because he made me feel very secure and confident. His bedside manners are excellent. He takes his time to explain the procedures and I never felt rushed. After I explained what I wanted to do, he was honest with me and told me what he could realistic do for me. He did not sell me false expectations. Once I reviewed his profile, I was able to see that he is very peculiar with his TT and the scaring. I also liked the way he does the belly buttons which is a huge deal for me. I am confident that he will shape me in a modest way and not give me a HUGE KimK butt which i really do not want. I just want my butt to be more round and nice.. I am sure that is what I will get.. So far, I totally recommend Dr. Soler-Baillo..

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