29, Mother of 1! Starting a New Life.. Soon to Have my New Body!!!

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I had my daughter in 2013 and my pregnancy did a...

I had my daughter in 2013 and my pregnancy did a number on my body!! I said I would wait until I have more children but its been 11 years and I'm ready to feel good about myself again!! I have a decent size chest and butt my main problem is this stomach that is covered in stretch marks and extra skin and I hate it.. I am so ready to have the body I was meant to have..!! My boyfriend accepts me flaws and all but he wants to give me my tummy tuck so I can feel comfortable in my skin and being that I am moving to florida I would love to stroll the beach with my man in a 2 piece!! So I say by March I will have my tummy tuck and I will be that perfect 10 that he sees already!! I am leaning towards Dr. Fisher of Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami.. His work looks amazing and the price is right!!! Let my journey begin...

P.S. Any ladies in the Tampa area looking to make a new friend.. HERE I AM!! lol


I've been dieting and working out so hard just so there wont be any way I wont have that perfect hourglass figure!!


I had my daughter in 2003 lol.. that typo was driving me crazy!! lol


I finally figured out how to put my pics up lol..

Dominican Republic

So I've been stalking Realself like almost every other woman on here and I am seriously considering going to DR rather than to have it done in the states! I'm a serious penny pincher and if I can get more for my money I definitely jump on it. Of course there are worries when going to DR or MX for surgery but I feel thats when the research comes in to play! I'm not going to go with the first doctor willing to cut me open for a discounted price I'm going to go with the most professional, experienced, and concerned doctor. I have a family to get back to and I dont need any complications due to negligence or inexperience.

I've contacted a few and right now I am stuck between Dr.Robles and Dr Medina-DeGarcia. My boyfriend who has been doing just as much research as I have and he favors Dr.Almonte but she has yet to respond to the email we sent. Dra.Robles quoted me at $5200 which includes tt, bbl, lipo of back, waist, and armpits. It also includes transportation and 10 days at the Recovery house. Its a great deal and her results are amazing but Robles is really popular and I kind of want a doctor that has more time for me without being pulled every which way.. That brings me to Dra. Medina her package offers the same things but is $5350 which isn't a drastic amount more then Robles. What I like about her is the fact she has a strict limit of 2 patients per day. That really made me happy.. She sent me several photos of her work and she is very talented also!

I'm not sure which one to choose but in the end I'm almost positive Dominican Republic is where I will be having my surgery.


I know I haven't updated in quite some time but my life has been turned upside down! I put my journey off because I was expecting a baby.. Unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage at the end of May. It was very hard for me to deal with since I had so many other things like the death of my Grandmother happen but I made it through it and I've decided to go on with the surgery.. I deserve to be happy and feel beautiful in my skin and since I will be turning 30 this December this surgery will be the perfect gift to myself.. especially since I've been working like a dog to save up all this money I am going to spend it on ME!!

I still plan on going to DR but I decided not to use Dr.Robles. She is a great doctor and I love her work but she has had some deaths over these past few months and that really scared the hell out of me especially since my mother knew 1 of the girls who died in her care. I'm not sure if I will change my mind in the future since I do have some months before I go to DR and I was such a Cheerleader for her and her work but right now for her it's a NO!

Right now I am torn between 2 doctors.. Dr.Manon and Dr.Cabral. Both do great work and they both have pros and cons. Dr.Manon is cheaper.. He is not too aggressive with his lipo so burns are not very likely to happen.. his tummy tucks are nice and his butts are more on the natural side. He quoted me for a tt, full body lipo, and a bbl for $4000 which is a great price. Dr.Cabral is a little bit more expensive.. He is very aggressive with the lipo so burns may sometimes occur.. his tummy tucks are most of the time very neat but sometimes the incision scar can be a bit higher than I would like.. his butts tho.. LAAAAAWD.. he is handing out Deelishis type ass if thats what u want!! He quoted me for a tt, full body lipo, and a bbl $4500 which is still a good price.

Not sure what all is included in these quotes but I do know I am responsible for my Meds, Recovery House, and Stage 2 Garment before I leave with Dr.Manon. As for Cabral I am awaiting response on what is included in his quote. Any suggestions on Recovery Houses?? I definitely need AC and WIFI those things are top notch priority to me. Im learning spanish so if the english isnt that good that is fine.. I plan on bringing snacks so food is important but I plan on having back up.. I just want to be comfortable just in case I do end up going alone. Alot of my family and friends don't agree with my decision to go abroad for surgery and I dont need any negative vibes with me on this journey!! Smh.. Anywhoo.. I'm gonna stop rambling on and I will update when I decide on a Dr and RH.


Ok so I am still torn between Dr.Manon and Dr.Cabral BUT.. I was talking to Dr Manon on Whatsapp and he said for a tt, lipo, bbl, and breast lift w/o implants it will be $5000!!! I am beside myself.. I was putting off a breast lift for a few years so I can get my main issues out of the way but if I can get it done now for basically $1100 more that is a steal!! I love how Cabral sculpts and his asses are on point but Dr.Manon has made me love him in every aspect!!.. as a doctor and a person!! His patients aren't just dollar signs.. he genuinely cares about each and every one and I feel that I am in the best hands!

I have decided to stay at Maria's RH, it is $75 per night with everything included and $15 per massage right now. She told me if I had someone come with me whether they are having surgery or not we will both only pay $60 each. That is only $600 each for 10 days!! My penny pinching ass is in heaven with all these discounts and cheap rates!! lol.. I think I am going to start looking for a surgery buddy.. My sister may come with me but that isnt set in stone yet. Maria said her recovery house is about 2 minutes from Cipla, so whether u are seeing Manon or another doctor she is close to some of the clinics. Let me know if u are interested and need a surgery buddy. I did not send a deposit yet to confirm my date but I am trying to leave either the 15th or 16th of October.


So I sent my money to Diana (Dr.Manon's assistant) and my flight is paid for so I'm all set to have surgery in October. Tomorrow I am taking care of my passport and sending Maria's RH my deposit!! It has been a long road for me and I am soooooo happy this is finally happening... scared as shit but happy lol!! I am getting a tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo, and fat added to my hips and sides of my butt.

A few setbacks occurred that I didnt think about and I think you ladies should know about them. When I booked my flight I booked it for the day before my surgery.. and on top of that its a night flight so i am getting to DR 11 something at night. That is a big NONO!! You should always give at least 24-48 hrs between your flight and your surgery because you are at a very high risk for blood clots! Some woman have lost their lives to that problem and women are still doing it! I booked the first cheap ass flight I could find at $310.00.. I wish I would have read on Pulmonary embolism before doing so. So now I am arriving October 15th and having surgery October 17th in the afternoon to lower my risks but that means I am leaving 8 days post op. I may change my returning flight to stay a couple more days but then again.. I don't think I can stand to stay that long there alone. Second thing I want to share with you ladies is your HGB!!! It is important to get it checked far ahead of time so you know how much work you have to do to get it up to a number the Doctor will accept! I am anemic.. I knew I was but I thought hey I can take iron and I'll be good!! Nope!!... I had to build a regimen and try to stay with ir for the next 2 months daily!! Now when taking Iron.. take it on an empty stomach with folic acid and vitamic!! Folic acid is essential for building red blood cells and Vitamin C helps your body to absorb the iron. Try taking Iron pills, Folic acid, and B-complex with Orange juice 3 times daily! Get your blood work done every 3-4 weeks and monitor it closely. you will regret it if you don't! They dont play with a low hgb... they will send u home!! Their iron shots don't always work!! Anywhoo.. gotta go I know there's more Im forgetting so I'll update later...

Maria's Recovery House

Hey ladies.. I knew there was something else that I wanted to mention. Up until a few weeks ago there has been nothing but good reviews and praises for Maria's RH. 1 girl on IG made it very clear that she did not enjoy her stay there after only 4 days and she actually moved to somewhere else 4 days post op. She said it was dirty and there's a very rude nurse there on night shift. This scared the hell out of alot of girls including me because through out all my confusion of which doctor I wanted I knew for sure Maria's was the place for me. So I did some investigating on IG and FB from ladies who has stayed at Maria's and here is what I learned. Apparently there is a nurse that isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea.. she comes in for the night shift and I forgot her name BUT..... Maria has 2 different Recovery Houses!!! The original 1 is the one that had the complaint.. She has a new 1 which is highly recommended!! Now don't think because I say new 1 that it is going to be a mini mansion.. that is not the case. From what I've seen and heard it is not luxurious but it is clean, peaceful and quiet!! The staff is very attentive and friendly and the food is great (said by many girls). Now if or when you speak to Maria ask to stay in the Recovery house with the Green and Orange walls and she has no problem with you requesting which one you want to stay if it is available for your date. Now I am only speaking from what I have learned in my own research talking with other girls and Maria herself.. I honestly have not seen better deals anywhere else so I'm going to ride it out with her!! If you want to contact her.. her whatsapp # is 1(809)8192558. She seems very sweet and I trust her. In case you don't know it is $75 a night, $60 each night if you have a recovery buddy or companion going with you. That includes all meals, wifi, 24 hr nurses, laundry, cable, air conditioning, and transportation to and from airport and appointments. Massages are not included but they are only $15.. I'm sold!! I pray I dont regret my decision but I will let you guys know if I do!! I'm gonna see how I can upload pics from my phone.. I've lost weight and have less than 20lbs to go. Talk to you dolls later..


Ladies.. let me tell you.. a few things have changed!! First off I am NOT staying at Maria's!! She is a sweet girl and I like her but I can't do it!! Girls let me just say this. There was a review on fb that turned me off completely!! I have a phobia of crawling insects and if I have a fresh tummy tuck.. I definitely can't haul ass fast enough!! This review stated there were roaches.. I'm not sure which one of her recovery houses it was and to be honest I dont even care! That was enough to change my mind!! I truly apologize if his information is false but I myself can't take any chances!! I don't play with roaches!! I have decided to stay at New Life RH!! That is my last and final decision.. I have heard many great things and the prices are great too!! $60 a night for double,triple, or quadruple room with everything included (3 meals,2 snacks, wifi, ac, cable) transportation is $100. The massages are $15 which is great. I've heard the place is beautiful.. clean.. and peaceful!! That's really all I want!!

I asked over and over on Fb and a few times on here if any ladies were going around the same time as me and need a sx buddy and I was unsuccessful up until last week. I met/spoke to a very sweet doll on fb who was actually having sx on the 19 with Dr.Manon. After speaking and comparing flights she actually got her date changed to the same date as me and is going to book her flight so her connecting flight is actually the flight that I will be getting on. We are both staying at New Life and hopefully can be roomies!! I thanked the Lord several times since meeting her because behind the excitement of finally having this done I was terrified of going through all this alone!! Praying pays off ladies!! Trust me..

Last thing I wanted to share with you guys is I changed up my vitamin regimen a bit. I get my bloodwork done this week so hopefully all I have been doing is paying off. Last time I checked my HGB was last month and it was at a 11. It was 9.6 before so I was happy it was moving but being that it is getting to the wire now.. I need to be certain it was moving faster!! So now I take Iron pills, Folic Acid aka Folate, B-Complex, and Vitamin C pills 3 times a day a half hr before breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Also I take Chloroxygen and Black seed oil pills before Breakfast and Lunch too! I know some will ask.. Chloroxygen I got off amazon and it is supposed to help oxygen get to your blood cells and also promote more red blood cell production.. Black seed oil has alot of advantages but long story short it boosts your immune systems and has several other medicinal uses!! I will check back with you all after I get my results back!! Cross your fingers for me!!

2 1/2 more weeks!!

Quick update.. I didn't tell u ladies I waited until the last minute to get my passport. I went the first week in September to the post office and I'm still waiting on it. I'm starting to panic because I paid to have it expedited and still nothing.... UGHHH!! Ladies don't wait like I did.. I should be relaxing and focusing on my upcoming surgery but I am stressed the hell out!! Smh..

When I got my results back my hgb was only 11.7!! I almost cried!! Thank God my boyfriend is always there to snap me back out of my miserable moods.. I have come along way from it being in the 9s. Now I just gotta OD on iron supplements and iron enriched foods!! I have liver and beets are not my cup of tea but I will eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner with some hot sauce if that means my hgb will be high by the time I leave!! Ladies be careful of how much iron u take daily tho.. My mother insists on reminding me a tummy tuck won't do me any good if my kidneys start failing from all these pills lol..

I recently spoke with a nurse named Walkiria from DR. Alot of girls on Facebook and Instagram as well as Massiel the owner of New life Rh recommend her for the night of surgery. She only charges $50 and is there for u and u only!! I arranged for her and 1 of her nurses to take care of my sx buddy and I. I think this is one of the best decisions I have made other than choosing Manon. I am a baby with pain and if I need something I don't want to have to wait on or scream for a nurse to come and help me. If u ladies would like her number let me know..!!

I am truly so overwhelmed but happy I'm doing this for me!! I will be 30 in December and I refuse to step into my 30s unhappy with myself!! I'm having a big birthday party in January and I can't wait to start dress shopping!!

Anyways talk to y'all soon!! 2 more weeks... OMG!!!

This stomach has to go!!!

**VENTING/RAMBLING BEWARE** Surgery in a week and I am going through it!!!

Ya know... I have been on this journey for a while now and I have been waiting for my time. Now that it is here I feel like everything is going wrong and trying to prevent this from happening. I got my Hgb checked the other day.. Last month it was 11.7 and now it is at 11. effin 3!!! A damn 11.3!??!?!! I couldn't believe it.. My doctor called me and told me over the phone.. I thought she was joking because she's younger and cool like that.. NOPE!! She was dead serious and I nearly crashed my damn car! I had a pre-op appointment scheduled with her for the next day and she said she will look up to see how much iron infusion would be and let me know if she can help me! My insurance wouldn't cover all that unless I was severely anemic and about to die so I pretty much knew that wasn't an option all my money is spent and I cant afford much more!! I couldn't believe it.. I take my iron supplements daily faithfully and my levels dropped! I called my boyfriend crying and he tried to make me feel better but I was a mess and kind of took it out on him (MY POOR BABY).. at that point I was saying F**K anemia.. F**k iron.. F**k surgery.. and F**k this!! My mood was all messed up and I was so hurt!! I spoke with Diana (Dr.Manon's Assistant) and she said to still come and I can get a blood transfusion before and after surgery!! That is NOT in my budget and my pockets are becoming very very dry.. If only tax season were in October lol!! At that point I was over it all.. I took my ass to bed!!! My pressure was up and my head was pounding!!.. I posted to a couple of Dr.Manon's groups about my low HGB not letting me be great and a beautiful young lady inboxed me some info that I am definitely going to try!! At this point I will try anything that I can afford!! She told me to take my iron 325 mg 4 times a day with pur absorb and also get Floradix and drink that too. Now Floradix is expensive but it is cheaper than a transfusion so F**K it!!

Next day I went to see my doctor and we did my physical and I was perfectly healthy in all aspects.. its just this blasted hgb that is my problem! She told me the price of the infusions and I had to laugh hysterically to stop from crying!! I told her about the iron regimen the other doll gave me and she said that is alot of iron to take in such a small time frame but she knew.. my crazy ass is doing it!! She gave me a prescription for some strong pain meds and wished me well!! She wants me to call her damn near everyday and let her know whats going on!! She is such a sweetie and I love her!!

My spirits are lifted a little since the news and I texted my baby to apologize.. I knew I was wrong and all I got was an I love u text!! :( I will take it.. I deserve it.. Last thing I want is to let all this ruin my personal life!! He's more important than all this and I gotta get my temper together!! smh.. Anyway I went to dinner with some friends and said my goodbyes and now it is crunch time!! I have to finish packing.. print all my documents (tourist card, western union reciepts) and get ready to leave on Thursday!! I am excited and scared at the same time.. What if the iron doesnt work? What if I do get the transfusion and it doesnt work?? At this point I have to let go and let GOD!!!! If I can't get all I want then that is fine!! This tummy tuck is my main goal and hopefully I get it!! If not.. I will be hurt but I am ok with staying 10 days in DR getting waited on hand and foot.. spending time with all my beautiful surgery sisters I met on Facebook. I need a vacay anyway!! Yall keep me in ur prayers lovelies!! 5 more days and I'm out!!

Almost time..

I leave in 2 days!! Can u believe it?? Girls I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I wish I would have requested a few days off before my departure. I have so much to do in so little time and I work every day up until I leave smh.. Anyway I am in much better spirits than before.. What's meant to be will be is how I see it! I am determined to get everything done by tomorrow night! I have to finish buying a few supplies, finish cleaning, packing for me and my daughter, decide what to do with my hair, make some deposits and withdrawals, and still remember to take all this iron 4 times a day all on top of being at work from 8-4:30 lol yall pray for me...

My surgery buddy had an opportunity to leave early to DR over the weekend so she had surgery yesterday and I am so happy for her and more excited about going now! She wasn't able to get all she wanted and her hgb was in the 13's so I am thinking I'm going to have to settle for a tummy tuck.. hopefully with lipo and a little added to my hips.. maybe I'm pushing it. We'll just have to see when I meet with Manon. I spoke to Diana yesterday and she was saying that I can have my surgery on Friday instead of Saturday.. Now I told yall a few months ago about the dangers of surgery right after flying. It can cause blood clots which can be fatal!! I asked her why friday?? I don't want Pulmonary Embolism.. she told me that is what the heparin is for.. it thins the blood and prevents blood clots. She said it's my choice.. Idk ladies.. should i wait?? Or do it on friday?? The plus about it is I would be leaving 9 days post op instead of leaving 8 days post op but I really don't know!

Anyway I have alot to think about but either way by the end of the week I will be SNATCHED!! (hopefully lol)

Talk to yall soon.. I may video document my journey if I can. We'll see.. :)

i made it to the flat side ladies..

Girls I have sooooo much to tell u all!! I'm sorry I haven't updated as much as I thought I would but recovery is no joke!! So far everything is ok.. Today is the first day I'm not in any real pain. I ended up getting just a tummy tuck and bbl.. I got hips and a flat tummy praise the lord!! I love Dr. Manon and I made a great choice. I probably can't write a full review until I get back on Sunday but it will be worth it.. Trust me!! BTW..I love new life Rh!! Great people.. Beautiful home!!

Sorry Ladies...

Hello dolls!! Been a long time..

I have been doing ok.. Life has been a rollercoaster since surgery but I feel like all is getting better now.
I want to update you all on everything from my arrival in DR until now..

Now remember I was supposed to leave for DR on Thursday Oct 15th well... that didn't happen!! I live in CT and I was flying out of NY which is 2 hrs away.. Not a big deal but once I touched that highway.. the Devil was busy!! There were accidents... construction.. and all type of traffic. Now as you all should know.. when flying internationally you need to arrive at LEAST 2 hrs before your departure.. After fighting with the traffic and everything else I got to JFK airport 1 1/2 hrs before my flight and they were not having it!! I cried and threw a tantrum like a child.. DELTA didn't give a damn!! Since my dumb ass didn't get insurance on my flight.. they weren't trying to do anything for me. I went to try and get another flight out instead of driving all the way back to CT and the best they could do for me was a flight out that night for $800.. yall know I told them to kiss my ass right!! So after a wasted trip to and from JFK I was able to get a $400 something flight out of CT going to DR the next morning!! That was money I definitely did not want to spend and I needed it to pay for my recovery house the money I had left was to pay for my transfusions, massages, and my emergency money but after speaking with the RH owner she agreed I could pay her the following week before I left when my check hit. Thank God for that.. So I left that friday morning.. had a layover in ATL.. and arrived in DR by the afternoon.

Now DR airport was something else.. lol!! Not much english being spoken.. u gotta use ur common sense and read everything. I went through the long ass customs line.. got my bags.. and headed to find my driver who was supposed to be waiting on me. When you walk through those doors to that large crowd with all eyes on u.. it is nerve wrecking let me tell u!! I seen so money signs but none with my name.. I went outside and still no sign with my name!! I was nervous and freaking out. One of the guards came to me and asked if he could help me.. I asked him to call Massiel (the rh owner) for me.. when he did she told him the driver is there looking for me. Come to find out I walked right by him.. we made eye contact and everything but I told him no.. not me!! His sign said "BEYONCE" lmaoo.. last I checked I wasn't Mrs. Carter but guess what.. That was my driver lmaooo!! I guess the other girl he was supposed to get requested to be called beyonce and my name was written on the back.. lol we both laughed the whole way there about that!! So we drove to the RH which is a ways away from the airport and let me tell u.. the scenery is like nothing u would see in the states!! There were so much to take in on the drive there.. unfortunately I was focused on staying alive long enough to have surgery. My driver was a calm cool and reasonable driver but everybody else.. they drive like it is every man for themselves.. no rules and no chill!! lol

So I get to Newlife RH and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It was very big, clean, and well kept!! I got to my room and my sx buddy was getting her massage and let me tell u.. Manon did great on her tt. I unpacked.. showered.. and headed to the clinic. I met Diana there and she was so sweet and caring I just love her to pieces!! I got my labs done and I think it was a chest xray done and headed back to the RH. I ate my dinner and chilled with my sx boo until the next morning.

Continue later.. hands getting tired plus I'm at work lol.. ttyl

Part 2..

So ladies.. My surgery was Saturday October 17th.. I woke up the morning of and got my overnight bag together for the hospital.. I prayed with my sx buddy who btw brought tears to my eyes, and headed to Elohim around 9:00. My surgery was scheduled for 11:00 and my nerves were going.. OMG!! I met Diana there and we did my EKG, put in my IV, and I signed all type of paperwork. At this point I still have not met Dr.Manon. So I go upstairs.. called my family and texted my friends and in walks Dr.Manon. He was such a sweetheart... I got undressed and he marked me front and back. My bmi was still a little too high to get all I wanted so we agreed on tt, lipo, and bbl then he assured me I will look beautiful and I trusted & believed him. So I get on my paper gown, paper hair cap and paper footies and head downstairs in the wheelchair. I watched as they locked up my room with all my belongings inside and got on the elevator. Once downstairs.. the anestesiologist (pardon my spelling) asked me several questions as they prepped.. Dr.Manon came in and took out my nosering which was so hard for me and kinda painful because it was still kinda new and we got started. All I remember was sitting up naked at the end of the table being held by the sweetest male nurse telling me in sign language im going to have abs like his lol while they sprayed my back with ice cold solution to clean it. Then they put the epidural in my back and which was a bit uncomfortable.. and that's all she wrote. I swear I was only out for 5 minutes but it was actually 5 hours.. I woke up to them putting me in my faja! I was so surprised.. it went so fast.. I didn't wake up.. and I didn't feel a thing!! Praise God because that was one of my biggest fears!! So I was wheeled back to my room where I got in the bed.. It wasnt painful.. I just felt very very heavy. My nurse hadn't made it yet.. so I just started making my phone calls and updating everyone. I couldn't believe how good I felt.. I was really just tired so I took a nap and woke up to my nurse sitting in the bed next to me. It was still early because there was a bit of light outside and let me tell u.. by this time the meds were slowly fading.. my stomach felt extremely tight but numb.. the pain was in my sides and back!! Ladies the lipo is the devil... My back felt like it wasnt even apart of my body even though I could feel it.. I felt like it was stuck to the bed and if I moved the wrong way my skin would rip off. I'm not trying to scare yall but please dont think this lipo is going to be a walk in the park.. especially if its aggressive lipo! So being the big baby I am.. I cried and wined.. and begged for pain meds which by the way seemed as strong as baby tylenol.. finally I talked my nurse into giving me 1 of my percocets which I took and cried myself to sleep. That first night I was in and out of sleep.. I felt horrible and uncomfortable so I counted down until I could go home to my rh house! the next morning.. the nurses came and took me out of the bed.. I leaked blood everywhere and it was nasty. They put my dress over my faja which was covered in dried up blood and sat me in the wheelchair while they disinfected everything.. Diana came and seen me and so did Dr.Manon they showed me my before shot and the infamous butt shot right after..Lawd lol!! Afterwards I left to Newlife. I was so happy to be there.. they cleaned me up washed my faja and I slept.. I had several pillows so I was much more comfortable and whenever I needed anything I had a buzzer around my neck to call the nurses. Maria and Alejandra are the sweetest nurses u could ask for.. especially my Maria!! If I couldve taken her with me I definitely wouldve. The food was great and they were very attentive.. I laughed ang joked with my sx buddy and passed in and out the first 2 days. I was able to get up and walk around but I had to move my legs fast because I felt winded very quickly especially if I was standing too long. I tried to get as many massages as I could but they were sooooo painful.. but they are important and necessary ladies so pls get them! The days went by and all was great.. I had my emotional spells.. and my painful moments but let me tell u if it wasn't for my sx buddy it probably would have been hell for me to go through alone! One night we laughed so hard and it hurt soooo bad because of out tt and muscle repair.. we were laughing and crying at the same time and couldn't stop either one because it was so damn funny to laugh and scream oww in between lol.. she truly made my experience 100% better than I thought it would be. So days went by and it was her time to go home the day before me.. I was miserable without her. I rode with her to the airport and instantly got depressed once she left. So ladies if u have someone that can go with u.. TAKE THEM!! If you don't please go to fb or even IG and find a sx buddy!! It is so much easier going through it with someone else.. TRUST ME! So the next day it was my turn to go.. I packed.. washed.. ate.. and got dressed!! I said goodbye to all my beautiful sx sisters I met there and then to my baby Maria and I was off to the US!! Now.. leaving DR is completely different from arriving... as soon as I left the car.. an airport worker came and grabbed my bags and put them on a cart.. he had me hold on to the cart and he walked me to the wheelchair service line. He didn't know how to speak much english but he said TIP clearer than I could! I had no more cash since I tipped my nurses and massage lady before I left so I told him sorry I have no cash.. This fool got an attitude and said come I'll take u to ATM.. I gave him the look of death.. he lost his GOT DAMN mind if he thought I was gonna walk with him all the way to the ATM just to tip him for walking me 100 ft. He got ignored.. he stood by me like I was going to pop up and say lets go.. thank God another guy came and grabbed me to start heading to my terminal because that fool was about to get cursed the hell out with whatever spanish curse word I could think of. So ladies make sure u have a couple dollars to tip the airport workers.. the niceness is an act for ur coins.. ok!! Also please please please get wheelchair service!! I passed hundreds of people in line and just thought.. if I didnt get wheelchair service I wouldve passed out standing in that long ass line. What could have taken over and 1 hr took me about 10 mins. So I got to the terminal.. I met another girl who had surgery with Yilly.. we chatted until she left and then it was my turn. I was lined up with everyone else in wheelchairs and was brought to the plane.. Now I paid extra for Delta comfort so I could have more room but I swole up.. omg I looked like the michelob man. I made sure my flight was nonstop also.. So I arrived in NY and the wheelchair service was there waiting for me she brought me through customs... to get my bag and outside was my family!! I was so happy to see them I cried.. It was sooo good to be back where I belong..

to be continued dolls....

Soon to be 10 months post op..

Ladies I am so sorry I haven't been back on here.. a lot has changed and most for the better. I left my job of 11 years and started a new job making more money with a bigger company. I am actually planning my round 2 now.. Since coming back I have been trying to be good and keep up this body but I kinda felt for my frame.. my mid section was way too small for my arms and lower body so I gained some weight purposely and a little not on purpose.. lol but this body!!!! Giiiiiirls... is causing problems.. I can't go shopping without stares.. Go to work without the look up and downs.. or go to the club without several arm pulls!! The attention is insane and a bit much at times.. U gotta have some thick skin.. that's all I know. Overall I am still very happy with my results. My hips went down a lot and my little dents in my butt are back lol but my stomach is still flat and on a good day these abs are popping lol!! I want to go back to Dr Manon for a breast lift, scar revision, and more lipo. I don't believe I need implants since Im already a DD. My tt scar I feel could be a little lower and my belly button can be a little smaller and more centered. I know I said I would never get lipo again because of the pain and recovery but truthfully it is all worth it in the end. I'm not sure if I am going back this yr or just wait until next but I do know I am definitely going back. I'm looking into getting lumineers too.. I follow a lot of DR dentists and I want the works when I go. I will post a few update pics because Dr.Manon has changed my life.. but keep in mind I am still a work in progress.. If yall hav any questions.. hit me up!!

? Dr Manon for saving me!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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