28, 2 Kids and Ready for Life After Children! I Have the Face, Now I Need the Waist! TT I'm Coming for You :) - Miami, FL

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After birthing 2 beautiful kids, 6 years apart...

After birthing 2 beautiful kids, 6 years apart I've had this pouch that I can't seem to rid of even with hardcore workouts. I've been thinking about getting a TT since 2011 and was told to wait if I wasn't done with kids. So I did, now after my son, I'm so ready! It helps to be at ease with the process because I work for a PS. But I still experience anxiety out of excitement. So I paid my deposit scheduled for the 14th originally but my labs should I was slightly anemic... Evelyn has been guiding me with taking iron supplements/Floradix and repeat bloodwork in a week... I go tomorrow morning ! So excited and hope everything is cleared. I will post my entire process...


So i got my labs back that i had to repeat because of my iron levels being low. It took 3 days to get that email so be patient ladies... That waiting period was sickening! I was advised to keep taking your iron supplements up until the day before surgery.
So now that im cleared i can go buy my faja although one is included with your contract. So let the count down begin! ;)

24 hours to go!

So I've been really anticipating the big day!
I been moving slow on my process but today I got everything I needed. Made my final payment today, Supplies, loose clothing, got my feet done... (Must keep those toes done no matter what) just makes me feel clean. I can't believe I'm going to finally do this! Have had anxiety moments... Stressful last day at work. Emotions were all over the place. I feel ok as I speak.

Making payments towards balance after the deposit was very helpful and convenient. Paid off surgery in 4 months. Now I don't have to worry about any money on pre op day. I booked my first stay at Fairfield.
I've been spending tons of time with my kids and family... Just never know. Wish me well ladies! XOXO

Hello from the other side!!

Surgery went well! I'm alive and doing ok right now. Pain after surgery was bad. Let me start off by saying that Dr. Ortega is such an down to earth surgeon. Very informative. Reassured me and my mom that everything will be just fine. The anesthesiologist was ca-ute! :) very gentle.
The ladies in recovery were nice. I made it back to hotel, (Fairfield) is a great hotel ... It's a few minutes from spectrum. im now eating chicken noodle soup and going back to sleep. Dr. Ortega recommends to stay active and not just lounge in bed. Prevents blot clots.

POD 2...back pain!

So it's day 2 PO... I have been resting a lot yesterday. Back muscle pains have been the worst thus far, I think from being hunched over. Drains are a little uncomfortable but very manageable. So yesterday at my follow up visit, Dr. Ortega said that I was recovering pretty well and gave me the ok to go back home as I'm a few hours from Miami.. He said don't worry about looking cute right now just take care of myself. I started to feel queasy as he was giving instructions to my mom. Just the idea of changing and touching and all of the drain care made me feel nauseous. I didn't get to look at my belly yet as I'm terrified to bother any of the garment and drains. So I will post a pic tomorrow as I'm getting more comfortable. I'm not draining much today. Still taking a few walks just to get my body back into mobility. I'll take my first shower tomorrow and change dressings as well. Wish me luck ...

POD 3.... Less pain.

Today I've been able to get in and out of bed without help. I haven't had much pain just sore in the mornings after waking up. I went to grocery store with mom just to get that walk in. I'm still slouching over but not as bad as day one. Got my dressings cleaned and wiped with alcohol pads..my stomach is complete numb so it didn't hurt. Didn't bleed. My incision line is great. My drain sites are fine too. Belly button looks weird for now but I know it'll get better. I'm very pleased with my recovery so far. No shower yet, just sponge baths. I'm still taking my meds as directed. Everything is everything right now! :) one happy Ortega doll!

POD 4.... Shower!

Hi ladies! Thank you all for following my journey as we all get to learn and prep for what's to come. :)
Today I have not felt any pain since I woke up this morning. Still taking my antibiotics and eating soup and water. No nausea at all. I showered today for the first time and it was so refreshing! I didn't need a chair or help at all: I did wash over my dressing and drain sites with DIAL antibacterial soap and did not hurt or burn. Let my bandage dressing dry a bit before putting on clothes and binder back on. I did go out to the movies with my family and just got back home... I am winded! Was happy that I was able to move around a little quicker and longer but I do feel beat right now... Not to mention how silly I may look to ppl watching me walk hunched over is just annoying. Lol. But I feel as if my muscles tightened up even more on me so I'm going to relax for the rest of the night and take a muscle relaxer and a pain pill before bed.

Has anyone been able to stand up straight right away ?? I feel as if too much skin was taken off. Way too tight. Maybe I'm just tense right now. I will post more pics tomorrow ..XOXO Thank you dolls! :)

6 DPO... Getting better

Hi ladies! Sorry I didn't get to take pics of my progress yesterday or today as I have my belly still bandaged til I see Dr. Ortega tomorrow morning for my 1 week follow up. So just wanna update as far as how I feel. Yesterday I was good. I get around much better I feel I'm able to stretch a lil straight but no force. The only thing that is out of control is the itching !! I wear my binder all day everyday. Unless I shower. I try to relieve some of the itching by wiggling in my binder and it does help a lil. :/ I also had to buy a hand held massager from Walgreens for $20 for my back ! It is still achey especially if I sit for a long time. So my massager works.
So this was all yesterday.

Today I feel better with mobility. I could cha-cha slide right now lol so that makes me happy with my progress. I'm getting in and out of bed better. I did take a peek at my belly button to clean it and it's healing pretty good but it looks like an "outtie" ... Not sure if that will be permanent but I will ask Dr. Ortega tomorrow so I can insert the ear plug in ASAP.
Did anyone else develop an outtie !?
Also, I do notice I'm getting slimmer. Yesss!
Still very swollen in my sides and lower abdomen. I'm draining maybe 20-30cc in both drains within 24 hours so we'll see if I'm able to get one removed tomorrow. I have ZERO pain but I'm still taking my antibiotics everyday , 1 muscle relaxer in the morning and 1 pain pill before bed just to have a good night sleep without disturbances throughout the day.

I'm doing better ! Can't wait to walk fully straight and start shopping!!! :)

1 week post! :)

Wow! Already has been a week since surgery! I'm so excited to see my final outcome. Loving the experience no matter how hard and painful it was as first.

So today I saw Dr. Ortega for my 10:00am appt. I did end up showing up 15 mins late as we took a different (faster) route to his office this time... Well I called to inform running late and they were ok with it. Signed in and waiting in lobby for maybe 10 mins before I got called back. Ok cool! Just to wait 2 1/2 hours in the room. :( I know he has cases and maybe that's what I get for being late so I didn't get upset or anything I just knew my ass had to sit and wait now... No biggie for me. He shows up apologizing for the wait and went on to examine me. He says I'm doing great keep the bandages on since they were clean and removed my belly button bandage. I did ask about my outtie and he says its swollen right now as he cleaned it out for me and it should soften up in another week...then I could start forming it. I don't have to cover up my belly button anymore, continue to wear loose clothes and my binder.
DRAINS! Ok so I am still draining 10-25cc in both drains which is good and recommended to keep them in for another 10 days!! Wahhhh :/ lol it's all good id rather be safe than sorry.
All in all, it was a good appt. he says I'm looking great and I'm very pleased with my results! So I follow up next Saturday to remove the drains.

I'm still having some back discomfort and able to walk a lil better, slightly slouched still. And he said there's really no timing on straightening up its when your body is ready. Don't force it but you will notice changes every day. :)
one happy #OrtegaDoll

11 DPO..... Ahhhhh! :)

Hi ladies! Let me just start by off stating "just because you feel good, don't mean you're healed".... I have felt so much better at 9dpo. No pain at all. Still wearing my binder 24/7. Still eating chicken noodle soup and a lil bit of cooked meals too. Nothing heavy. I'm walking much straighter now and attempted to drive yesterday as well. Showers, I can take without feeling my back tighten up. All went well up until yesterday. :(
My mom left early Saturday morning back home so my help is gone. Yesterday I woke up fine so I figured to tidy up a lil. I swept and instantly felt my back and core tighten up which made me a lil short of breath. So I stopped Sweeping. I then went to restroom a while later and noticed a small part of my incision in the front was leaking a lil bc my bandage was wet. So I panicked and covered it back up and sat down to rest. Not sure if it was from all the waking I've been doing and trying to straighten up or what. All was ok, I still took my antibiotics and will call Tuesday to inform. For now I'm ok and definitely taking it easy.
Drains: I'm draining much less as of yesterday. Draining 5cc or less in a day in both drains. Can't wait til Saturday to get them out. I won't mess with them.

I'm so happy with my results! You ladies considering a tummy tuck, I highly recommend Dr. Ortega. Make that trip. Quality art for a reasonable cost! My curves are peaking through and my tummy is flattening more. Swollen the most at my flanks, belly button and lower abdomen. ;)

Silicone scar strips or gel???? Help

So I know I'll be in the need of scar treatment really soon ... So which is best and recommended?? And how to get to it?
How soon to start and at what times??

3 week post mark....almost 4

Hi ladies !!!! Im so sorry that i havent been updating you all as you are following my journey...i have been without a phone for 2 weeks now and the struggle has been real.

But i have a pic to update you all with! :)

I saw Dr. Ortega last Friday the 15th to make sure i didnt develop a seroma after getting drains out. No SEROMAS! I ended up getting drains taken out at my 2 weeks but my appt was at 17dpo. So it was worth it! Everything is coming along great... i brought plugs for him to show me how to start forming my BB. I really loved my outtie but he did not agree. (Takes pride in his work and will trust his judgement.) So i will update you at end of week to show my BB progress. I am wearing my spanx and waist trainer over for 9 hours while at work which contours my body and helps with swelling which is now settling at my lower abdomen.

My scar is coming along well. On the pic, The white stuff on my incision is my scar therapy which SCARGUARD. Works really well for me and Dr. Ortega saw that but was not a fan of it so he insisted i buy the BioCorneum that he has in his office and i did. Cant tell any changes from it vs. ScarGuard.

I feel soooo good like this never happened but i am taking it easy with not lifting anything heavy... i still cant sleep flat on my back but glad i can sleep on my sides...im trying so hard to refrain from exercising. i walk a lot now. Just ready to get my butt plumped back up.

i have also lost 10lbs as of Friday the 15th since surgery. :) i feel and look so good in my clothes now.

Wound care???

ok so my left drain site is 97% healed.... but my right one is not coming along so well.

Did anyone else experience this and what happened? And how long after it healed?
Is it normal and eventually healed on its own with time or does it need to be checked out?
Maybe a debridement?

It doesn't hurt or smell or anything like that. Just ready for it close up already. :(

6 weeks!

Hi dolls!
Today marks my 6 weeks post and i feel great. Im still getting treated for my wound from one of my drain sites and has not been closing since my last 3 weeks visits with wound specialist. Getting better but very slow healing so he decided to stitch it up today. I cant believe i dont feel a thing still. So numb and made his job easy.

Anyway, im posting a couple of pics of what my belly looks like so far and my BB progress.
Ill show updates on my incision once this wound closes up bc its hard managing that side with it being covered a lot.
Still using Bio oil, coco butter paste and Scarguard gel and it works amazing!

I feel and look amazing in my clothes. So happy about that

Ill start to exercise at this mark so my next update should be amazing! ;)


Well everyone's nightmare is now my reality. This wound from my right drain site has yet to close but have been following a wound care specialist in town. Dr. Ortega is on vacation all week. I feel left out. just so over this healing process and feeling regretful now.
I'm on Doxy as of today and just hope i heal in matter of weeks and not get worse . My kids need me just as much I need them.

2 months (9 weeks) update........

So here it is at 9 weeks post.....My scar is softening and coming along well. I have been using ScarGuardMD morning and night on incision before anything else. Coco butter paste in morning.
Bio oil at night after shower.

My belly button, idk how to feel about it yet. Havent been using the plugs for the past 2 weeks. Maybe ill start using it again to form a deeper BB and less like an @**hole.

Wound is healing much better. Its getting alot smaller then before so im happy about that. Cant wait to get in pool with my kids and book some vacations out at sea once its completely closed up.

My weight has not changed. In pic im currently at 157. (ate lunch already and im fully clothed)
So im still at 153/154. Im eating what i like to eat but in smaller portions. Have not been exercising as i should be but i will start before i show face and body at my 3month follow up for pics.

IM HAPPY with my results and would do it all over again! :)
My goal is to be at 135-140 at my 6 month follow up.

10 months post

Hello ladies. It's been a while. Just a quick update. I have gained 20 lbs at 5 months post and working hard now to lose it. I've definitely carried the weight differently in a good way but I've come so far from where I was. I was 157 pre surgery. I was at 153 after surgery. Went as high as 178 later on my journey. Didn't work out and ate. You have to really be strict on yourself. Too much money and time put in this procedure to let yourself go like I did. But I'm back on track 10 lbs lighter 167. I want to weigh 150 the most. But again as I'm working out for a month now I see more definition. I do Zumba and body pump classes 2x/week and do free weight on other days. Sooo much fun and so addicting once you see results.
You all keep the faith and hang strong bc you definitely can fall off after one too many meals. It gets hard.
BB: your scar should be tucked as your brother settles in its place. Mine was an outtie and struggled with it for it not to be visible. But since I've lost that weight and working out it's settling in well.
Scar: it's healed but still working on it fading away some. Haven't used scar cream which would help fade faster.
Stretch marks: I do believe that my stretch marks stretched even more around my belly button since surgery. Not a big deal but ugh like I need more of that.
Flanks: starting to slim down more. I don't use a faja or anything just dieting and exercising. I've been thinking of going back to get more Lipo on flanks and back but I have seen a slight difference with just exercise in a month so we'll see if I need it.

All in all. I'm veryyy pleased with my results thus far. And Dr. Ortega will be proud of his work when I see him on the 28th
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely love that my friends recommended Dr. Ortega to me because im highly satisfied with my results! Dr. Ortega is an amazing & personable Doctor. Down to earth and gives you the reassurance you and your family needs. His staff were really nice and made my experience one that I would do it all over again if I could. I definitely would come back to him for future services. I'm now one happy #OrtegaDoll. Thanks

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