Extended tummy tuck with lipo

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I am 4'11 and weigh 140 lbs, I have never had a...

I am 4'11 and weigh 140 lbs, I have never had a flat tummy in my life I'm hoping to at least have a better looking belly after my TT. I know that i'm still going to have a lot of stretch marks left but thats ok as long as I get rid of this loose skin. My pregnancies were very big and since I am so short the completely destroyed my body not to mention that I was already obese when I got pregnant both times. I hope that my surgeon can work a miracle :)

Changed suergery date

I just changed my surgery date from February 24th to the 17th I am super excited!!! 11 days to go :)


What do you ladies recommend that I buy for before and after I have my surgery? I already have a walker and a bedside commode just in case.

Some pre op pics


This is very weird but since I know my surgery is coming up on Monday I'm so scared and very emotional I have never felt this way before and I miss my kids already (don't know how to explain it) I'm down in the dumps I guess!! I should be happy but I'm sad instead.

Lift Chair rental cost

I just rented my lift chair for recovery it was supposed to cost $125 per month but since we are in season here in Naples and there are a lot of elderly people down here there was none. I ended up renting it in Ft. Myers at $212 but at least they will deliver it and then pick it up :) I though it would be helpful for you guys to know the price.

Pics b4 weight loss

Pics b4 weight loss and 10 months after also a pic of my preggo belly with my second child.

Pressed submit 2 fast

Got my timw & my lift chair

Monday @ 10:00am this is getting real now!! :)


Well I'm working the day before my surgery but I'm glad to be here at least my day will go by fast. I'm nervous at this point for sure!!


On my way to Miami now. Feeling pretty calm at this point.

Made it!!

I'm alive and happy that this is over with.
When I got to the center I waited what seemed like 4 ever and they finally called me in. I had to sign some papers then had a chat with the anesticiologist and finally the Dr. Drew on me. After being drawn on The nurse walked me to the surgery room and the talk to me until I was knocked out . When I woke up I was in a lot of pain to the nurse game me a med on my iv and then felt better after an hour I started feeling a lot of discomfort so I took a hydrocodone and have no pain so far can't wait to see what I look like...

sorry about the typos

I'm still in lala land thanks to pain meds

pre op pics

I also need a breast lift but I want to wait and see how my recovery goes with my TT first

1st peek

1st pic

before and a few ours after surgery

I like it so far

Took my binder off

And I felt so uncomfortable that I had to put it back on right away it felt like everything was going to fall off lol


Woke up super swollen today. I wish I could see the results at least in the morning!! I took my cg off today because it needs to be washed and I feels so weird without it.

more pics

Swollen uggh

Broke down tonight

Ok so today I understood why people break down during recovery. I totally broke down today when I tried to take a shower eventhough I'm not supossed to and I was not able to. I hate being in a chair all day and my body looks deformed I'm definitively going through the why did I do this to myself stage!!!

Finally seeing at least a little bit of results

So I has not updated my posts because I was very swollen all that time and nothing had change but yesterday I got my drains out and I look a little less swollen so he is a pic

more pics from today

Feeling great

I have been feeling so good that I decided to go back to work yesterday and made it through the whole 10 hours I love to be back to normal and I wake up flatter every day I'm still very swollen butI can definitively see the difference every day

wanted to add a pic of this morning


I have survived the last 3 days of work. yes I am very swollen by the time I get home because is 10 and 12 hours days but I'm feeling better each day. Being able to work means a lot to me because I don't like to stay at home and all I do is eat lol. I want to share some comparison pic with you ladies so here they are. :)


Hi ladies sorry that I have not been posting but I work a lot. 12 hours a day. I feel great so far I had a lympatic massage and that was great my results get better everyday.


As always sharing my progress pictures. So far I'm doing great I'm back to my self and often forget that I had anything done. I don't have any pain and no more bruising everything is good.

pics did not post

Trying to post pics again

removed skin

I forgot to post the pics of the skin that got removed. I don't know how much it weighed because they did not weigh it.


Just wanted to post some post up pics. Everything has been good so far and I started walking on the thredmill on Monday :) The only thing that I hate so far is that I wake up with swelling and it gets worse at night can't wait till I wake up to a flat belly. ( by the way these are all taken at 10pm

rest of pics

7 weeks out :)

I never have time to take pics in the morning so I always take them at the end of the day which is at 10pm for me. Iwork 12 hours a day and go to the gym in the mornings. Here are my new pics

pics that did not post


Omg!! For the first time in like for ever I have curves!! This is one happy girl :) I love them.
Jose Zayas

Dr. Jose Zayas and his staff are wonderful he was honest since my first appointment. When it was time for my tummy tuck he took his time drawing on me to make sure that I was going to get the best results he even did extra work on me for the same price I am very happy with him and his nurses who treated me like a princess

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