26 Year Old with 2 Children with C Sections and Previously Obese As a Teenager. - Miami, FL

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I struggled as a teenager being obese when my...

I struggled as a teenager being obese when my mother placed me on birth control at the age of 14 and I gained almost 120 pounds. I was 14 and weight 220 pounds later that year my father gained custody of me and with his help and the help of a nutritionist I was able to lose the weight again. Later as an adult, I got pregnant at the age of 21 and had two children back to back with 2 c sections. I've always struggled with my weight and could not stand sight of my stomach. I am very good at holding a nutrition is meal routine and keeping up a workout routine. I lost 30 pounds but my stomach didn't seem to be getting tighter and I became very emotionally stressed and even began making myself throw up after some meals. few weeks later my best friend and I began discussing plastic surgery and began doing our research. We stumbled across Dr. Jacob Freiman and began reading his reviews. He has amazing reviews and was currently doing a tummy tuck special starting at $3000. I than contacted an email for a tummy tuck quote. I was quoted 4000 dollars including lipo and after going back and forth for about a week I finally decided to choose Dr. Freiman. to assure my special I paid up front the full amount since I already had it saved up. I than became overly excited and again book in my hotel and flight. I asked my coordinator were my date okay and if I needed anything else to bring the day of the surgery Or my pre op. She, Yadira, assured me that everything was included and just my drivers license and the card I used to pay. I arrived in Miami from Cleveland Ohio Monday the 17th. Never being in Miami my girlfriend and I when to South Beach and had an amazing time before my surgery. Wednesday, the 19th, was my scheduled pre-operation appointment at 11 a.m. I was so excited and overjoyed when I got here I was really impressed with their office settings. after filling out the proper paperwork and being called to the back by the nurse, I begin Filling and signing paperwork, took the pre operational pictures, got my bloodwork drawn, was handed a booklet of information on tummy tuck, and then I met my coordinator, Yadira. very pleasant young lady and we spoke for a little while a bar our emails and finally meeting each other but that the doctor wasn't in that day and that I will meet him tomorrow before my surgery. I became very disappointed but I said okay I will see you tomorrow and left. The next day I came back at 11 a.m. To get my prescription to find out it was included in the amount I paid so I left and went to a nearby pharmacist. 20 minutes later another $70 spent, I return to the doctors and proceed with the surgery. I was taken immediately to the back to a office where I was going to meet my doctor. excited I change into my gown and patiently waited for Dr. Freiman. Few moments later, he come in with another young lady, introduces himself, and at that moment everything I read about dr. Freeman was invincible. no smiles such a straight face and he didn't even introduce the girl that he walked in with until a little conversation, in which her title was never revealed. I was asked a series of questions and than asked to stand where he began marking and telling me that my body is shifted to one side which can possibly mean scoliosis. He was disturbed when I told him I had alcohol little over 24 hours prior. Told me that he needed to discuss it with his anesthesia team and would let me know shortly. About 20 minutes later, Yadira, my coordinator, comes in and tells me the doctor was a little worried but he spoke to the anesthesia team and referred to my blood work from the previous day and stated all my levels for my liver and everything was normal. She than begins to tell me how he thought I was a drunk and she reassured him that I just did s little partying because I was in Miami. As to that being true, I was beyond pissed as to that conversation even taking place without my presence and I really didn't like how he referred to me as a " drunk". I than waited in the lobby to be called for surgery. Pissed and feeling a little emotional, I told my friend that the only reason I'm getting the surgery is because I seen his work and he's amazing but I do not like how I've been treated so far and how I met him the day of surgery, 20 minutes before. 45 minutes later, I was called to the back. Came to a room where there was a warming nurse who instantly made me feel at ease, placed me on the iv and ready for surgery. About 30 minutes later, Dr. Freiman comes in and I could tell that his attitude was a little different. He smiled a little, which put me more at ease, asked me to stand and fixed done of the marking and walked out. About 20 minutes later, the anesthesia nurse came and before I knew it I woke up with the procedure done. Came the following day for my follow up and was seen by another doctor. Came back on Monday before my fight on Tuesday, day 5 of surgery, was again seen by another doctor. The drainages are taken out, stitches around my Belly button are also removed. This doctor now tells me I can wear the other garment. Surprised and confused, I asked him what other garment. He said the full body one, I told him I want given anything or told anything about that. Few moments later, Yadira, comes in and tells me that wasn't included with my price. I instantly got pissed of. She gave me information where I can get one from. I'm driving without a garment or anything over my stomach not really knowing where in going and to spend another $75! I was pissed at the lack of communication and how unprofessional my experience has been. Tuesday, few hours before my flight to return home, I notice that the left side of the belly button has opened and it was an open wound. I call the office immediately, I get transferred to voicemail. I leave Yadirah a voicemail, an e-mail, and an hour later still nothing. I call back again and term the receptionist she hasn't returned my call and my fight leaves in a few hours. She placed me on hold and told me to come in. I go in and waited an hour to be seen, again by a different doctor, and told me to Just keep it covered. I asked him if it's going to create a bigger scar and he said it shouldn't but didn't sound to sure. I have to run to the airport, to miss my flight and end up spending all the Wednesday, and an additional $300 in travel expenses to get home. Still to today, Thursday, 7 days from surgery and 2 days after I emailed my coordinator, she still hadn't called or emailed me back!!!

Day 9 after surgery

I'm healing up pretty good. I'm just so confused as to what to expect. Weather I'm going to get smaller or not. Nothing was really explained to me and I'm just confused as to what to expect.

3/30 10 days post op

I was unsure whether to remove the tape over the incision because some of it starting pealing on its own. But on the 10th day I began to smell a little foul odor coming from the right side under the tape so I decided to take it off and it looked like it was a little green puss coming out of it. I immediately jumped in the shower and cleaned it very good, added neospurin afterwards and unsure Whether to recover it or not I decided to. I covered it up and bought some medical tape and been on band off with the tape. Covering it, letting it breath, again ointment twice a day.

4/2 12 days post op

The right side seems to be getting better. Its crusting a little, no foul odor and I've been letting it breath and covering it using medical tape to sleep. As much as I was not pleased with the doctors caste for me, I absolutely love my new tummy! Im unsure of how many cc were taken using the liposuction procedure so I'm not really sure if I'm going to get shimmer than this but I cannot wait to resume cardio exercises!!! I want a Brazilian butt lift.. and possibly add a cup to my breast to fill the droopiness after I remove my bra. My best look awesome with a bra on LOL ... what's your suggestions? Anyone get a Brazilian butt lift? I'm going to start looking for another doctor for my next 2 procedures!

Started off bad, but I'm in love with my results. Although I wish many things could have went differently, I'm glad I chose him.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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