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Pretty hurts. I'm 25 and 5'0, I have 2 girls (2...

Pretty hurts. I'm 25 and 5'0, I have 2 girls (2 and 6 months). I used to be 115lbs before kids and after my first daughter I was 129 and proudly rocking a bikini on Miami beach, my second daughter however rode very, very low and destroyed my tummy! I was 148 a month after giving birth to my 2nd but I was breastfeeding and failing at it and decided to try a medicine called domperidone which made me balloon up to 157lbs and gave me a bottomless pit for a stomach. I finally weened off of it in January and now I am currently 153 lbs and I like the rest of my body, just not my tummy! I hate that I'm so self conscious, but since I had my second daughter people don't look at me anymore, I am invisible. I have never been fat in my life, and now people don't even see me anymore. I graduated from UCF and now I'm in the teaching academy to get my teaching certificate, I know, why do I want to be a hot kindergarten teacher, lol. I just want to feel like my old self again. I don't even feel comfortable being naked having sex with my husband because I feel disgusting. My husband always says I'm beautiful and my stomach means love to him because I had his children but when we first started dating I remember him telling me that his favorite part of a woman's body is her stomach so I can't help but to feel like he just wants me to feel better. It's so embarrassing, who has sex with their husband with a shirt on? And God forbid he want to have sex during the day and want me naked! I would die! I haven't worn lingerie since our honeymoon in 2012 because I just don't feel sexy anymore, and it doesn't help that my 2 year old still rubs my belly and asks about a baby. It's downright sad. I have tried CLA, garcina cambogia, thermogenic fat burners, and fruit and vegetable diets along with fiber and protein and working out every day for 30 minutes but NOTHING happened! I don't know if it is still the effects of the medicine still or not. A little backround, domperidone is a drug that doctors prescribe for people who cannot stop vomitting, the side affect is increased prolactin levels which makes your body produce more milk. Unfortunately it also holds food and fat in your stomach. I will never do that again, breastfeeding isn't that important. If I would have known that I would have looked like this after my second I probably would have stopped at one.
I've done a lot of research and have $4000 saved and I want to go to either Coral Gables Cosmetics or Spectrum Aesthetics because Spectrum has a $3900 special with Dr. Mel T. Ortega and CG Cosmetics let me know that they could do it for $4000-4500. I have yet to speak to the doctor yet, just the receptionist and Monday I will call to schedule a consultation hopefully this week and schedule the surgery for March. My goal is to look hot for my husband's birthday! I plan to rent his dream car; the Dodge Viper and we'll drive around Orlando all day and end the night at this hot new restaurant near I-Drive and have the car valet parked. I want my body to be bangin when I get out of that sexy car! I cannot wait! Plus, in the future I'd love to go to Fiji and visit the beaches of Ibiza and Barcelona, and I certainly can't do it looking like this! I am so ready to be flat again! I will post again after I go to Miami for my consultations and choose a doctor! My parents currently live with me so that makes it easier to do it now when I can have 24 hour child care so that I can rest while hubby is at work! I'm so excited!!!!

Booked my Consultation!

So today I chose my Dr; Dr. Jacob Frieman at Coral Gable Cosmetics and got an insane special of $4500 for a tummy tuck and liposuction! Next week I am going to take my $1000 deposit and speak with Dr. Freiman so I can get a good feel for him. I actually ended up choosing Dr. Freiman over Dr. Ortega (who has a special right now for a $3900 tummy tuck) because his practice seemed kind of shifty not wanting me to come to the office until I asked about the 4th time and wanting to do everything by Skype, phone, or e-mail. Weird. Anyways, once I put down the deposit I want it done as soon as possible so that I won't have any time to change my mind! I have decided on March 18! Another reason why I chose Dr. Freiman is because he requires bloodwork and a physical before he will accept you as a patient. I think that's awesome versus any other doctor who will take your money and operate on you when you know you have a blood clotting issue but fail to mention it to your surgeon. Also, cheaper isn't always better. I am so happy that I found a practice running specials! Other doctors were wanting mt to pay $6000-7000 for the same procedure! I'm just too excited to go to Miami next week and meet him! And know that the next time I go to Miami, I will be getting flat, and the next time I go I will be rocking a sexy bikini! Yay! Counting down the days until March 18! I'm excited that I will have my sexy body this summer!

Going with a different doctor

Well, I was Googling my doctor and discovered that someone died on his table; a girl getting a BA. She went into a coma. I don't know all the facts except that his practice would not comment, and I like my life so I decided to change my doctor to Dr. Ortega. should I start a new review?

Wish Pics

Just some wish pics of how I would like my body to look! I am going to start Jillian Michael's Killer Buns & Thighs when I recover, I wish they had something to tone up arms too. Oh well, I am soo excited! I am putting down my deposit at Images Cosmetics on Thursday. I can't believe aTT and 2 areas of lipo could cost only $3500! I wish they had specials like this in Orlando, but now I realize why almost everyone in Miami looks next to perfect! All the women are perfect with perfect bodies and hair and the men are all muscly lol. It is going to suck driving 3.5 hours for all my follow up appointments but I've been seeing people come from other states to Miami to get their TT so I guess I'm lucky! I just want to get this over with! I'm hoping to be healed with no swelling by June for my husband and cousin's birthdays! Is anyone hiding their TT from anyone? I have told my parents, brother, and 2 of my closest friends and that's it. I was planning on telling my other friends and husband's family that I did Insanity because they'll never see me naked. His family is so critical and I know everyone would be talking about how my husband's wife 'bought' her body or whatever so I just want to keep it to close friends and family. If any of my other friends ask I might tell them, but I'm hoping they just say "Wow, you lost weight!" and not ask how I did it. Does anyone else feel the same way? I'm a student/stay at home mom and right now my life is my kids and husband, I haven't really bought new clothes that fit my new belly because I've been embarrassed and in denial so I feel like I deserve to do something for myself since I cook, clean, wash, teach, and discipline all the time. I think all mom's deserve it. I mean, we get fat and our bodies are destroyed and men don't gain anything! So unfair! My husband is from a family of sticks so I was super jealous when his oldest sister had a baby and still looks like a twig with a little bit of a belly. And then she has the nerve to brag about her strict diet and it was so hard but I did it and you should have too, and oh I fully breastfed my son for 6 months! That's why I'm so skinny! I wanted to rip her hair out! I hope she gets morbidly obese with her second baby lol (this crazy girl wants 4 kids!) it'll teach her not to brag so much. Anyway, I tried on one of my XS Hollister shirts the other day and laughed and cried, it covered like half of my belly lol! I laughed because I know in a couple of months I'll be able to fit into it again, and cried because my poor belly! Lol, okay no more updates until after my consultation and deposit is paid, then it will really be official, and it will feel real!

Forgotten wish pic

The Consultation

So I went to Miami with my husband to meet the doctor and pay my deposit AND after Dr. Ortega looked at me and made me do a mini crunch so he could see how bad my hernia was he said it was really bad and that it would take a lot longer for him to do the muscle repair and so it would cost an extra $1000-1500, I told them that there's no way I could pay an extra $1500 so the receptionist talked to the owner and they said they would "cover" the $500 and I would only pay the $1000. Is that reasonable? Now the cost is at $4500 instead of $3500 :(. The good news is that he told me that my belly isn't a bunch of fat so my husband who kept complaining that I should just exercise now knows that, that wouldn't help fix the hernia. So in his face, lol. I am scheduling to go in on either March 21 or March 28 to have the surgery, I have to buy the binding wrap for $80 and thank God I have insurance cause I know the pain meds would be expensive. I got my blood taken for them to send to the lab also. Dr. Ortega is so nice and I feel really comfortable having him do my surgery now. He also told me that I'm not overweight, otherwise he would tell me to come back after losing weight so I'm in the clear! But I forget to ask him if he uses staples to close the incision? I'll have to call and ask. Anyways, soon I will book the hotel and start buying all the supplies that I will need. I'm so excited!!!! Flat summer tummy here I come! I will update once I purchase all the supplies!

Think I'll end up flat?

I've been going through photos and reviews on here and some women don't end up completely flat, and that really sucks. So I'm hoping because it's a hernia and my muscles will be repaired I'll end up flat. Today I am going to start working out; 10 minutes of cardio 3 times per day because I can't handle a full 45 minute workout and I read that you will get the same results. So I'm gonna start on youtube Fitness Blender. They have some really good workouts, and I also want to start Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and The Booty Barre. I really do want to be healthier, I would like smaller thighs and arms though I doubt I'll ever get the coveted gap between them(they currently rub together). I figured I'd add some more before photos. Only 22 more days until I'm in the flatlands! I'm thinking that I'll be super nervous the night before, so does anyone know if it's okay to take acetaminophen and diphenhydramine(Tylenol PM) as a sleep aid the night before? I want to get some good rest before the long drive. I'm not nervous yet but I'm anxious for the day to come already! I am also waiting to get my tax return back so I can use some of it to cover the extra $1000 that was added on. All in all, the time doesn't seem to be going fast enough!

2 Weeks Left!

I have 2 weeks left and I couldn't be more excited! I started buying some cute clothes that I look pregnant in now but will look great in, in a couple weeks lol. So I got some bad news. I have 2 brothers in wheelchairs, and one of them is in the ICU for blood clots -_-. So now both of my helpers (my parents) are there with him. I pray/hope/wish he will be out in time otherwise I have no idea what I'm gonna do. I booked my hotel 2 days ago in Homestead because it was cheaper than staying in Miami and I'm almost ready to go. I do not want to reschedule! So if he is still in the hospital my husband and I are going to take the girls with us and have his cousin watch them for the 2 1/2 days that we're in Miami and then only God knows what I'll do when I get back home if they're still not in the hospital. I'm a little stressed thinking about it because I know I can't lift my 7 month old for 6 weeks and she can't stay in her crib for 6 weeks. Maybe if I use slow controlled movements I could lift her while my husband's at work? I refuse to cancel! This always seems to happen when I've got something big going on, not that it's my brother's fault, but the week before my wedding he has to be hospitalized, and in the situation my dad was just going to come walk me down the aisle but my mom would have to miss the wedding because my brother might freak out if he was in the hospital alone. Thankfully he was discharged 2 days before my wedding but that was a close call! And now I'm getting a major surgery and need my parent's help and he's in the hospital 2 weeks before my surgery. It sucks. But I won't let that keep me worrying about my surgery. I deserve this, I deserve to look sexy, and this TT will happen on my scheduled date no matter what!
I bought a super cute bikini from Forever 21! I cannot wait to wear it in a couple of weeks! Next update will hopefully be after I've gotten settled into the hotel on surgery day after the surgery. I'm thinking I should bring some healthy foods like yogurt and fruits, and since percocet may make me nauseous, I'll bring some jello and saltine crackers and ginger ale. I probably won't eat any meat until I'm back home. I want to bring fiber bars, but fiber gives me gas and I hear gas after TT is quite painful. So I think I'll just be getting a herbal colon cleanse and milk of magnesia.
Does anyone know how long after a TT can you do a detox/cleanse? I want to do a juice cleanse, because with the TT AND lipo I'll probably lose some weight and I want to keep that going while I can't exercise. So I'm looking at either drinking protein shakes, or doing this Boo Tea detox. Not sure which one yet though.

7 More days left!!!

I am so excited! I got my period yesterday which means that is should be gone by Monday the latest Wednesday! I have shaved everything, paid for my hotel, and I have a supply list finally!
In 7 days I'll be on the flat side!!! YAY!
Bromelain -to boost recovery time and lessen swelling
Arnica Montana -to boost recovery time and lessen swelling
Heavy flow pads to help with bleeding
Vitamin C
Tylenol extra strength and Tylenol sleep
chucks so I won't ruin the hotel sheets
Naturebox snacks -healthy stuff to snack on
Vitamin E
pack of granny panties
comfortable leggings, loose shirts that I could care less about bleeding on, and pj pants
If I think of anything else I'll add it to the list, but for now that's it

Today is the day!!!!!

It's 2am and hubby and I are driving to Miami! We're an hour away right now and my surgery will be at 7am but I need to be at the office at 630 for the urine test and to pay for the procedure! Say a prayer for me! In 5 hours I'll be going under! I'll post pictures as soon as possible!

why did I do this???

So much pain. The vicodine sucks and I hurt like no other. What was I thinking? I feel so stupid. My belly hurts so mucb

post op pic

So far the worst thing has been gas. I can't burp or pass gas laying down or sitting up I have to be standing to burp! It's crazy the gas is so bad I have to wake up hubby every 30 minutes to help me stand and burp. That along with belly pain had been terrible. I'm still in regret but thank you everyone for the well wishes. I haven't taken off my binder yet but when I do I will post more pics.

more pics

Ugh I'm updating from my phone because the wifi in the hotel doesn't work. I threw up 3 times this morning and it was awful! I'm feeling better now though!

Finally back in Orlando

I'm finally back home so now I can write a real update. First, for those who are not yet on the flat side here is a word of advice: DO NOT TAKE GAS-X! I took the strips almost everyday for the past 3 days to help with gas, and gasx has no idea that it's impossible to pass gas after a TT so it stirs up all the gas and causes so much pain and it is impossible to burp out all of that gas so it just sits there stirring in your belly. Then you will think that you have to burp but in reality you end up throwing up. I have thrown up every day that I used the gasX strips, and that was so horribly painful! Don't do it! It may seem like it's a good idea, but trust me, it's not. The worst pain is experienced in the first 24 hours. When I awoke from the anesthesia I was feeling okay, and then it wore off and man was it was terrible. I took 600mgs of vicoden and it still didn't work so well. I was moaning in pain for hours until my body let me go to sleep with the pain, and then I woke up in pain wondering why on earth I did this to myself. Things get better though and now pain isn't as bad. I want to pick up my babies now that I'm home but I can't :(. That's the worst! My liposuction sites are sore, and my belly feels tight, and I walk like a grandma but that's about it. I am walking fully upright 2 days post-op, I only have one drain and it's barely draining anything, and I'm feeling pretty good! I've been eating saltine crackers, blueberries, grapes and water. my stomach rejects anything heavy right now. I can't wait for the pain to mostly be gone! I've been taking my antibiotics and now I've started on arnica to help with swelling. I ended up not even needing the chuks or the pads to absorb blood because I'm not a bleeder I guess, so I overpacked a little. That's all for now, I'll update with more pics later!

Things are getting better!

I'm experiencing swell hell right now. My belly is super puffy at the moment but the pain is getting less and less! I keep weighing myself and I'm down to 148(from 155)! Yay! I was down to 148 after having my 2nd baby BUT the domperidone took me up to 155, so it's been 7 months since I've seen that number on the scale! I'm feeling really good! I took the tape off my BB today and it looks weird, maybe because of the swelling but I will have hubby take pics later. Today I'm going to have baked bbq chicken breasts for lunch with some brown rice. I was fully upright, and now I'm back to being hunched over -__-. My sutures hurt sometimes when I move certain ways and I'm starting to get annoyed with sleeping on my back. I really want to sleep on my side again! I finally had a BM, I took ducolex and I've been off vicoden for 2 days now so I started passing gas(YAY!) and had diarrhea bm 5 times today so far! I feel a little less bloated! I have a post op appointment on Friday. I sneezed the other day and I almost cried, it was awful! Don't wanna do that again! Pretty sure that's why they give us antibiotics to take after.

Pictures of BB

Well, apparently they were able to save my original BB, it looks super weird and scrunched and kind of makes me with that they had just made me a new one...

Picture Update

URG! When will I be walking straight again??! I have a job interview Monday at an insurance company and I told them that I had foot surgery because I didn't want to seem vain, and then I'm going to hobble in there like an old person. I also want the drains out already so I can wear a real compression garment, I'm gonna go with the Bellefit girdle because I have 2 left over that I wore after I had baby #2. This binder isn't really compressing anything because it's too big and my back hurts from hunching over :(. Anyway, I can't wait for the swelling to go down, my nether region is huge and swollen and itchy and so is my belly as you can tell by the pics. But I'm loving the results so far! If the drain wasn't in I'd go to the beach right now!


Well, my antibiotics caused me to get a yeast infection. So now I'm swollen AND itchy! Yay, how lovely. -_-

Upside is that I'm healing very well, I'm still hunched, and it's causing back pain I'm super nervous about having sex again because my hips are super sore as well as my sides and hubby likes to grab.

Now I'm sick

Literally a day or 2 days after I finished my antibiotics I got sick! I had the worst sore throat, gassy and throwing up again, and sneezing. I thought that was bad, but as soon as the sore throat was gone I started coughing up phlem! So, multiple violent coughs trying to get up this nasty green mucus and holding these freaking pillows to my stomach isn't freaking helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAJSJKHKJH!!!!! This seriously sucks, everytime I feel a cough coming on I'm scared to death and try to grab anything nearby and ball it up to hold to my stomach, and THEN I get these itches in my throat for NO reason and I have learned that if I concentrate really hard and focus on my breathing I can make the scratchiness go away, but it does bring tears to my eyes. And then of course, to make things better my husband and kids all got sick at the same time! We're both sick here taking care of our sick kids lol. I love the irony! My 8 month old has been completely miserable being sick! She won't sleep unless I'm holding her and she just cries and cries and cries. Like I mentioned before I got my TT my brother's been in the hospital, so I've been taking care of the kids by myself for a while and I've been lifting them with my legs because I have no choice. I got the drain removed last week on Friday, and that's healing nicely! I go for my follow up next week on Thursday and I can't wait to ask him about all this coughing and sneezing that I've been doing. This has been awful. I wouldn't wish anyone to get sick so soon after a TT, so TAKE YOUR VITAMINS LADIES!!!! I am suffering right now, the pain of coughing so much is terrible -_-. Waah, and my tummy is still not completely flat! Why am I still so swollen????

Bikini Pic

Why am I not flat 20 days post op???? I've went from 155(before surgery day) to 153(surgery day) to 142(now) but I don't look any smaller and my stomach is huge! Please tell me that this is swelling!? Is this the flattest that I will get? I still look fat >_

Waist Training

My PS gave me the green light to start waist training at 4 weeks post op! Yay! So I ordered a waist cincher at Hourglass Angel with maximum compression that claims after 30 days you will lose 1-3 inches in the waist and have that coke bottle shape. Well I'm going for it! PS also told me that because I now have an outie that I should buy some silicone that can be molded and press it into BB and put waterproof tape over it. He claims that it will help with BB scarring and turn my outie back into an innie. I hope he's right.

I am feeling GREAT! I did part 1 of the 30 day shred today! And it was great! I am standing up straight, I got my hair done last week and my hairdresser told me that I looked great, and now that my hair is cute and my tummy is pretty flat I'm feeling really confident. This TT was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I don't regret it. I just can't wait to get this cincher so that I can start looking like the girls in my wish pics!

Update Pics at almost 4 weeks out

So this is me sucking it in, which I was too weak to do before. But I love how I look sucked in! I'm still swollen, and I wish that I didn't have to suck it in to look so flat.

Waist Cincher...

I ordered my waist cincher only to find out that I'm allergic to the latex! Of course they're non-refundable so I wasted my money. I didn't even know that I was so allergic. Thankfully, I did my research and have found a Cocoon anti-allergic cincher so I have ordered that and cannot wait to get that in the mail. Right now I have nothing, because my other post baby cg's were doing nothing for my tummy. But the waist cincher really does work, after taking it off my stomach was so flat and my waist curved in. I'm still so swollen, and the cincher really helps with the swelling. I would have taken some pictures but I got a rash the first night that I put the thing on. I will update when I receive my new cincher and have been wearing it for a little while.
Happy healing everyone!


I'm anxiously awaiting my Cocoon anti allergic waist cincher to come in! I ordered 3 day shipping but I still have to wait until Monday -_-. I'm very swollen since I haven't been wearing a cg and I hate it! I wanted to go to a pool party and wear my little 2 piece, but I'm so swollen it's obvious that I've had a TT.

Pic update, 2 days in my waist cincher

Well, I'm not really seeing too many curves, after my TT and lipo I kind of had an hourglass shape anyway but the waist cincher has eliminated swelling after my 2nd day of wearing it. With the swelling down, the remaining stretch marks are more noticeable and my BB looks weird. But, well, it looks WAY better than before! So I guess I will not complain. The waist cincher makes me feel so itchy even though it's the anti allergic one. But I don't have a rash so I will continue to wear it and hope that I get used to it. Oh and I realized something! My incision line was raised after my PS took off the tape, so I bought some paper tape and put in on and the raised incision and it is flat now. I was reading that the paper tape actually helps with lightening the scar and keeping the incision line from raising like a keloid scar if it's work for 3 months post op. So I will be wearing my tape for another month.
Happy healing everyone!

3 month Results, 19lb weight loss since surgery

Sooo Swelling is down! I am looking and feeling great! I have lost 19lbs since surgery and I feel amazing! I am currently 135 and I got the surgery when I was 155! I am amazed! I have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and she does get results! I am not doing Ripped in 30 hoping to lose 5 more pounds. This TT was the BEST decision of my life! Since TT I have changed my life and stopped eating sweets, fast food, and chips! Instead I eat homemade chicken and fish and lots of fruits! I drink half my weight in water daily, don't eat after 8pm(unless it's watermelon, pineapple, or honeydew melon), and no more red meat. I also drink a meal replacement shake for breakfast and do Jillian Micheal's 5 days a week. I would never have made this change before because I got angry when I wasn't seeing results in my tummy area, not knowing that I had the hernia.Anyway, I look and feel great! My goal weight is 120, but I'll be satisfied at 130! Once you start seeing results, being healthy is addictive!
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