24 Yrs Old, 3 Pregnancies! I Want my Flat Tummy! Back! - Miami, FL

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After having 3 pregnancies & the last one with...

After having 3 pregnancies & the last one with twins my belly has stretched out & definitely not flat anymore. Not even the gym worked for me. I just want the flat tummy I had before my kids! I'm 4"11, 118lbs. It's not too bad I've tried waist training, but it hasn't made my little gut disappear either. I hate that lil pudge above my pubic line when wearing jeans. Of course you can't really see my gut when wearing clothes because it is somewhat small but I want it all gone! I have chosen dr Ortega to do my TT on Feb 22. I will be traveling from Atlanta Ga. I'm 21 days away so I'm excited! I hope I'm not a nervous wreck as the time gets closer.

Aftercare on my mind.

Can anyone please send me a list of things I will need for aftercare? I have a few stuff already, I just want to see what other people use as well that could benefit me too. Anything is appreciated:) thank you dolls:)

Introducing myself.

Hey girls! I haven't even introduced myself yet. So let me go ahead and say a little about myself. I'm 24 years old. I have 3 children. My last pregnancy I carried twins, unfortunately one of them did not make it. I had my first child at 16 so I went back to my normal sized flat tummy after having him. But then at 21 I had my second child that's when gained like 45 pounds! I worked my ass off to get small again and I did. But my stomach was never the same after me 2nd. Not even a year later I was pregnant with the twins. Again, I gained so much weight. After having the twins I worked out like crazy in the gym to lose all the weight. I went from 160 pounds to 115!! & that's perfect weight for my height. I'm 4"11. So I dropped 45 pounds! Very proud of myself! I'm an employee at a gym, & I get kind of happy when members tell me I look atleast 19 lol. Considering I'm 24. But my stomachhhh.... It has got to go. I've always had complications with pregnancies, so after losing a twin, I decided I did not want to go through all those troubles anymore. So I had tubal ligation procedure! Done, I'm done with kids lol 3 is enough for me. People point and judge saying, I'm way too young to get any kind of plastic surgery and blah blah. But thats exactly why I'm doing a TT, because I'm still young!! And I want to look good while I'm still young!! I'm not having any more kids so I'm taking advantage of that and getting a TT, to feel better about myself while I'm young. It doesn't bother me what anyone says, I'm doing it for me not them. I just want to love myself again. And all its going to take is a flat tummy :) and if my husband who is the father of my 3 kids and who I've been with since I was 14, if he's supportive, then why should I care what anyone else says, right?

More pictures

I'm 6 days away!!!!!! Better start packing!!

Wish pic

What I look like sitting down vs what I want to look like.


it's 7:40am and I'm scheduled to be at spectrum for my TT at 2:30pm. No eating all day. Waahhhh!! (That was me whining about food). Anyway. I'm really really nervous. Excited but nervous! I'm really praying for no complications during recovery. Since I'm not from Miami. I don't want to have to be traveling back and forth from Atlanta. I'm really praying everything goes good!! Not just for me but all of us women who have this surgery coming up! I've put my trust in God and I know everything will be fine, this far the Lord has helped me, and even forevermore. y'all just say a prayer for me please!!!!!

Last before pictures....

Taken today right before leaving to spectrum.

1 day post op

Alright ladies!!! Here's a little update. I can definitely see a huge difference before and after. Yes I'm swollen my skin is super tight but so far I am very pleased! I loved Ortega. He was super nice. The only very frustrating thing was the wait. I was scheduled for 2:30pm . I got there at 2pm. Was not in for surgery until 7pm! Man was I hungry! I thought I could handle the pain , but once I left spectrum, I cried and cried because the pain was sooooooooo bad. I felt like the pain killers weren't working. I prayed over and over again crying out to God to help me bare the pain. My husband didn't know what to do when I was crying lol. This pain was worse than my csection pain.after a few percocets I started falling asleep. I woke up every couple of hours through out the night, but thank God my pain eased up. And now this morning I feel so much better! All my family and friends have been contacting me from Atlanta to see how I'm doing. I'm so thankful for them. Never really knew I had that much people who cared. I'm going to take a quick nap after I eat my soup. So I will keep you guys updated! Thank you ladies for yalls support!

UPDATE!!! Day 6....

So I finally got to see my scar and belly button. So far so good things are going smoothly. Still a lot of swelling though but that's inevitable.. And drains are still for about another week or so. But I think so far it's looking good :)

Feeling fat

Hey ladies!!! So I'm not swollen in the mornings but as the day goes by I start to feel fat lol. I feel like I'm healing great so far. I'm not in pain at all anymore but if I sit down for long periods of time, it hurts a little when I get up. So I pop a few Advils lol. I told myself I will neverrrrrrrr do something like this again cuz of the pain. How do some women go for a round 2? I can't lol. And also I believe the swelling has made me heavier. I was 119 lbs before surgery, the day after I was 126. Ouch that hurt my feelings! Ortega said he removed almost 3 lbs off my tummy. So hopefully when the swelling goes down I'll be like 115lbs or something lol dreaming is believing right? As you can see in this picture I look fat wahhhhhhh!!! (That's me whining) . Drains? Let's talk drains. I still have my drains in. But ever since Sunday I've been dreaming like 10 or 15 cc every 24 hours on my left side. On my right, the drainage is becoming less and less every 24 hours as well. This morning on my right it's less than 25cc. And that's since yesterday morning. I'm recording it every 24 hrs to make sure when I can take them out. I want to be on the safe side.. & hopefully by this weekend if my left side is still under 10cc every 24 hrs, then I will take that one out. And until my right side is under 10cc for over 24 hours then that will come out as well:) I change my dressings about every other day. Just to peek at my scar and make sure everything is healing well. I feel like I am, so that's a plus. Do anyone know how long it takes for swelling to go down? I'm not even 2 weeks post op yet but man I'm ready for it to go away lol


Happy Monday ladies! I have a question. I'm 2 weeks post op today. And my last drain has been draining 20cc every 24hrs for like the past week. I want to wait until it's atleast down to 10cc every 24 hours to take it out. I'm getting frustrated because I feel like it's not getting any lower. Ughh. How much drainage did you girls have before your drains came out?

Worth it!!

So I changed my status at the top to "worth it" because my results are something I haven't had since before these kids lol. How I've missed having a flat tummy! Before sx I could grab my lil rolls of fat. And now as much as I try my skin is so tight I can't grab any lol. Yes I can definitely say I'm soooo happy with my results so far. My wound has sealed shut already. It's now just scabby in some areas. I still have a little bruising on the sides, and of course I'm still swollen but it doesn't look bad at all. Last drain came out on day 14. So I can finally move around without having to worry about accidentally pulling it. And I left you ladies a comparison here before and after sx. See for yourselves, a pictures speaks a thousand words :) Ortega is the best! :)


What do I do with these?! I'm scared to touch them, let alone even try to cut and pull them. But these stitches are just hanging there .... I have have some in my belly button..


Everyday is progress!!! The first days after sx you couldn't really see my waist curves because of the swelling. I honestly thought I was going to stay wide looking from my waist. Lol thank God that didn't happen. As each day goes by, I can see my waist more and more. And I'm loving it!!! Ahhhhhhh such a good feeling!!


Hey dolls!!!!! So I haven't did in an update since like March!! Well tomorrow I will be 11 weeks post op and I have added some pictures!!! Everything has gon great! The only thing bugging me is spitting stitches I have a few of them poking out and when I pull it kind of hurts. So I just leave them alone. I do cut them as close to the skin as possible. But will the entire stitch eventually come out on its own? Or will I be forced to pull it out? My scar is also very red but has healed so nice! I hope it fades and does t stay that color. Over all though everything is smooth. I'm 119 pounds and I want to get to 115lbs. So that's going to be my goal for the next couple of months is lose 4-5 pounds. What do y'all ladies think??? Ortega did awesome!

Forgot to post these pictures.

A couple more side pictures so y'all can see how FLAT this tummy is!!! Unbelievable!!! Thanks Ortega!

Alright just one more

Lol ok sorry ladies. I just got latte too excited looking at me pre ops. And now at 11 weeks post up. So I'm posting one more comparison side profile. Before and after!!!! Yaaasssssss baby yassssss!!!!

An old scar completely moved!

Ok y'all. I just want you all to see how much skin was actually pulled. In the pre op picture on top I circled a little scar that I've had since I was a little girl and I fell off a tree. If you look closely you can see the scar is fairly small.... Then on my post op picture you can see how far the scar stretched after surgery!! That is just crazy! The day after surgery Ortega let me know that he pulled even more skin that what he anticipated. He said the places that were marked on my tummy was not enough on the operating table. So he pulled more akin to remove. And well I thank him for that because now my tummy is super flat and I can't grab any rolls on my tummy!


Well gues who's finally going to be able to wear a 2 piece this summer!!!!!! It's been years!!!!! I tried to keep the bathing suit simple. And btw, I went out for a run yesterday on the track, my goodness did I swell up like hell!! I guess it's still too soon even though I'm 12 weeks post op.

5 months post op!!!!

Hi ladies!!!! It's been a while since I posted but here I am 5 months post op and feeling great! Best decision I ever made!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Ortega was an A++. He answered all my questions, he has a sense of humor, & he made me feel comfortable. After all my experience with spectrum was great. The ONLY thing that was terrible was the wait. I waited hours. All that waiting was definitely worth it though! But other than that everything else was great!

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