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I have never been comfy with my body, i was chunky...

I have never been comfy with my body, i was chunky when i was younger and after loosing Almost 60 pounds i was left with loose skin and a frowned belly button, after i had my son 7 months ago it got way worse, and im so fed up with it im ready to get my tummy tuck and lipo! Cant wait to pop out this baby!

So I'm thinking about getting a bbl

Hey guys, so i was thinking about getting a bbl with full back lipo and the tummy tuck. That will be perfect.. Im just worried that its to many procedures all in one day? I'm really thinking about it, im so obsessing over this im driving my husband crazy! This baby was a surprise and i had no idea i was pregnant, now its longer till i can get my surgery, oh well I'll wait only 5 more months till i pop the baby out and 3 more months after that to get my surgery! I cant wait, what doctors do you girls recommend in miami fl? I'm deciding but its so many of them!

Wish pics!

Here are some wish pics lol i know i will never look like that but i can try? Lmao.

Ok so i think i have a doct in mind.

So after researching about the bbl and tummy tuck combo i think im just rather off with my tt, doctors dont recommend to do both at once due to complications and recovery. I really wanted a bigger butt but im more self concious with my stomach more than my butt, my husband seems to really like the shape of my butt and he says maybe once i get the tummy tuck and lipo my butt will look bigger due less volume upwards. I agree with him. I am thinking about getting chin lipo done, due to that i have always had a double chin even when i was thin. Im between chin lipo or the whole neck lift. I still havent decided yet. But so far no more bbl just tt and full back lipo with chin lipo.

Any recommended plastic surgeons in miami?

So after researching i started looking at some before and after pictures and since my husband like the shape of my booty what I'm going to end up doing is fat grafting to hips and outer thighs giving me a fuller lower appearance and that way my booty will look rounder which is what i want. Okay so my full package will be Tummy tuck + full back lipo + fat grafting to hips and outer thighs! Now i need to look for a good doctor in miami someone help!

So i have decided im doing a bbl and a tt.

After asking a few ps they changed my mind it is totally possible its just a bit harder for recovery but i have a really big pain tolerance and i know i can do it, plus there is a lot of nurses in my family that will be looking after me! I have a few ps in mind that combine these procedures and so far they look experienced so excited to have this baby so i can get my dream body!

Tt and bbl it is! I have made my decision!

So im sure im going to get a tt and bbl with lipo in my chin area to eliminate my double chin. I want to do both procedures because since I'm going to have another baby in November its going to be hard going through surgery twice with recovery and two small children i rather just do it all at once and only have one recovery plus only paying for the operating room once too. Now i have a surgeon in mind im just not sure if im set on him, i wanted to go to DR but there is to many deaths and infections over there and I'm not going to die over a flat stomach and a big booty so i rather keep it here in Florida where everything is clean and updated equipment! Here are some photos i wanted to post up, sorry if they are really edited and sloppy i just dont want anyone recognizing my home or body, privacy reasons.

I just requested a online consultation to get a...

I just requested a online consultation to get a quote ! So far i think i have chose my surgeon so far its Dr Shalzhauer, I've heard great thinks about him and seen awesome results! Ill update if he decides to give me an online quote! I really hope he can give me my dream bod! I am obsessed right now with getting my surgery and i cannot wait to do so! Time is going by so slow!!!

So i just spoke with salz assistant!

My consultation will be online since I'm not in miami right now, i just sent her some pics for my chart so she can show the doct, tommoro at 8 will be my consultation with the doct to get my quote! I'll let you all know how much it is, and hopefully i book my date.

New wish pic !!!

Okay do i just spoke to de salz!

I just spoke to dr salz he is completely awesome! Super nice and said that its completely possible to do a tummy tuck and a bbl the same time he said he actually loves doing those procedures combined and the results are awesome. So he is all booked for the summer which is okay with me, since i cannot do it till after feb anyway! So I'm waiting for arianni to call me to give me the quote so i can book my date, its going to be in 24 hours! I'll keep you girls updated! Super excited. I'm officially a future salz doll!

I booked my date today!!!

So i just hung up with arriany and i booked the date for my surgery!!! I am super super excited i cant wait to be on the flat side with a big ol booty! Surgery is going to be April 16 2015 so its a while from now! But it's all good in the hood! There is not much to update now since its far from now but i hope you your following my crazy journey!

Wish pics!!

Arrianny is the best!

So i contacted arrianny today and i asked her if i can get a free area of liposuction since it stated in the website that you can, she quickly responded that i did not qualify for it because i already have a discount in my procedure, i asked her for a good deal to get my chin liposuction since I'm getting two big expensive procedures and she said that she will add the chin lipo for free as courtesy! How exiting is that! I'm counting down the months till my surgery as im so excited! They are really nice there and arrianny is really a doll. I cant wait, every single problem that i have had with my body for years now will be resolved in 9 months, i am more than greatful specially to my husband that is paying for the whole thing with a smile on his face, i cant wait i feel like time is going to go by really slow since im so excited!

New wish pics!

Cant stop looking up booty pics!

So i have a long way to go and I'm already freaking out...

I saw a few salz dolls that had the combination of tt and bbl and did not get their expected results. Im so scared of this happening to me i really want my results to come out as planned since I'm risking my health and money 12k to be exact to look the way i want to.a few girls where saying that dr salz just cares about his pocket and not about the outcome of the surgery, i dont believe thats true he really seems like a genuine guy, its annoying how people talk all this shit. He is a plastic surgeon not a magician girls! Either way im concerned with the outcome of my surgery im scared that I'm going to pay the 12k and instead of comming out with a nice tummy and booty i will be comming out with a nice tummy and no booty, like two of the girls that i saw, i told my husband and he was telling me that they have a total different body shape than me so we wont even be close to the same outcome, i have a nice round booty its just small and does not have much projection, plus my squared back does not seem to help, these girls started off with more of a wide booty and flat bottom. I have a perky booty which is why maybe i have a better chance. I dont know im just freaking out right now, i dont know if im doing the right thing.

Here is a pic of my booty.

Hey dolls!

Hey dolls! I havent updated in a few days, im very anxious even if my surgery is not for another 8months i really wish time would go by faster i cant wait for the new me!!!!! Hope your all well and i will keep you all updated'

Hey girls!!

I havent updated in a little while been busy for a while and just found out i have placenta previa so im also on pelvic and bed rest till i pop this baby out! I feel like my surgery is a long time from now so I'm not too excited to be honest im more annoyed if anything that i have to wait this long. But heyyyy thats life!! Hope you ladies are doing well.

Heyyy dolls, just wanted to update!

Everything with me is going good, I'm actually moving to a bigger house this month which is totally exciting! I have two more months to give birth and then the real count down begins! Wanted to share a wish pic !

Hello ladies.

I have not updated in a bit just wanted to let everyone know im doing fine just waiting for the whole birth process to come along, i have gained so much weight im now at 180 prepreg i was 160. It sucks but its all worth it when i get to see my little girl. Hope you all are doing good time is slowing down! I have 7 months left to be on the flat side!

Hey girls!!! New wish pic.

Hey girls!!! Will add breast aug!

Hey girls just wanted to do a quick update. I just had a second consultation with dr Salz for my boobies, he recomended i get a breast aug. So i spoke to arrianny and added my breast aug to my surgery :) so now its tt + bbl + ba i know its a whole lot but heyyyy! Gota look good, I'm also going to get my tubes tied after i have this baby so why not go all out with the bod!

Heyyy ladiessss!!!

Just wanted to update.. Everything is going good, my baby bump is growing and I'm getting ready to have this baby in November! Here's a ba wish pic!

Wish pics!

So i found this girl on instagram and i decided i wanted to put her pictures up, this is exactly how i want my body to look. I hope dr Salz can give me something similar!!

I am so excited yet nervous.

I cannot wait for my day to finally be able to see the new and improved me, i have seen 2 girls who have recently gotten combos bbl/tt with Dr Salz and i am amazed from how wonderful their results are. They look amazing and i just cant wait for that to be me. I wanted to state that by any mean am i trying to come out of this surgery looking perfect, i know thats never going to happen. But i am positive and trust my surgeon that hes going to do his best to make me happy and get my money's worth. Like i was telling one of the girls here.. Nobody can ever be perfect, be proud of who you are and be happy that no matter what your wish pic is your going to be better than what you look now! At the end of the day we are all doing this to feel better about ourselves. Going in to surgery with expectations of coming out looking like a supermodel will not do you any good. That's why i am always trying to look for the bright side of things. I know there is some people that have totally been botched and i can understand why they are so upset. But ive seen a few ladies that go into surgery insecure and once they heal they come out looking awesome compared to how they were before but yet they find the time to rant about little dents that are barely even noticeable in their body. I just wanted to get that off my chest, just be happy that you made it out of surgery healthy and alive and looking 10 times better than what you looked before!! I hope i do not come across rude, its just an opinion and thats why this website is up here for, to state our thoughts and opinions. God bless, and happy healing for all you new dolls. Remember your all beautiful no matter what.

hellllooo ladies!!!

just wanted to put up my wish pic for my ba in april!

starting to gather supplies...

so im starting to gather supplies for my surgery, i know its 6 months from now but time is flying by and it will be here in no time. im so excited that im going to be doing this for myself. i havent done anything for myself in such a long time, i live to take care of my son and my husbands needs and i feel like its time to take care of me. im over the top excited!!!!! i have a count down on my phone and everything, my husband thinks im crazy but yet hes supporting me plus paying the whole thing lol. well theres not much to really update, i wanted to share a new wish pic of how i would like my outcome to be, i know its not going to be the same, but i hope dr salz can get a bit close to this shape!! well happy healing to all new dolls!!!


so im finally 2 weeks away from giving birth, and i could not be more excited!! i have 5 months and 19 days till my sx !!! and on top of that my birthday is coming up now in dec. i have so much things coming up its crazy, but excited for new things in life. specially meeting my new bundle of joy. i have gotten some supplies for surgery but have not gotten to crazy cause there is still a bit of time to go. but i have an idea of what i need, so ill be prepared. i will not be updating often due to that there is really no point, im sure you guys dont want to hear about my boring life lol your more interested in surgery outcome and experience!

Hello dolls. Had the baby.

So I had my baby last Sunday and im so happy im in love she's perfect. I can already tell I'm going to be left over with so much skin is so rediculous. I'll be posting some postpartum pics as soon as I feel stable, im dealing with a c section so im trying to rest and get everything done all at the same time, it has not been easy but I'm getting through it with the help of my wonderful husband. So to the surgery.. Im just waiting my time I have a count down set and so far is 5 months and 1 day away. Im already freaking out even though it's far from now but I know time is going to fly by taking care of both my kids. Well that's pretty much it, I'll be posting some pics really soon.

4 months & 23 days left!!

Everything is going good not much going on, really busy with my toddler and newborn as time flys by! I have a wish pic i wana put up. Byeee dollls!!!

Postpartum pictures!!! ????

Here are my updated post partum pictures. So much extra skin!!! 16 days post partum.

Late night thougths.

So im sitting here it's 11 pm and just fed my baby girl. I think I have issues because I cannot stop thinking about surgery. It's on my mind 24/7. My husband says im insane and that I need to stop talking about it. He said to not bring it up anymore unless it's a few days away. My surgery is in 4 months and 19 days. And I feel that me thinking about it and dreaming about it is making time go by slower. I have no idea what to do but its obsessive what I have going on right now. I dont know if i need to get off realself for a little while, maybe that's it. (I check it daily) I feel like I need to focus on other things like nurturing my little girl and take care of my toddler. I have no idea why it's going this far. But I hope i stop soon. I might get off realself for a few months and maybe that will do the trick. Well dolls I want to wish all of you happy healing. And hope you are all happy with your results. I'll be back later on to update. But I think it's unhealthy for me to be on realself right now, there is to much going on and it's just getting obssesive!
Ps. Happy thanksgiving!!!

Ok so it's been a little while since I've been on here...

And I feel much better taking that brake from real self. I was going to take a longer brake but then I figured I only have 3 months and a few days left for sx so what's the point anyways. These 3 months are going to fly by! I've been good taking care of my baby girl. She's turning 2 months really soon and she's truly the apple of my eye. But oh man did her pregnancy mess up my tummy even further i have so much extra skin is crazy!! Now I really have to get a tummy tuck. I had a follow up consultation with Salz a few days ago and he advised me to put up 15 to 20 pounds before April. He said I don't have enough fat to achieve the results im looking for. So I guess I'm starting a weight gain journey as well. This has been a roller coaster, everytime i look at my count down for surgery I see less and less days for it to arrive, we are just getting started!

Wish pics of myself

Yeahh... And I'm already freaking out.

May 19

Hey girls! I had to prospone surgery to May 19 2015 due to that i had a tubal 3 days ago and there was a bit of complications and my gyno suggested that i prospone the surgery one more month to allow my body to heal fully. I was annoyed that I had to propone but it's for my own good. I can wait one more month it won't be a big deal. But for the most part im feeling great!

Back to square 1!!! Date back to April.

Waiting for arriany to call me so I can set my date once again back to April, but later into April. The person that was going to take care of me no longer can in May 19. But oh well getting it sooner !!

May 5 is the best they can do!

So may 5 it is yall! Here we go!!

Heyyy girls !!

Well today I paid more than half of my balance and this is really starting to hit me now. In just 2 months and 7 days away and im already starting to freak out a bit, specially today when I made the payment I realized there is no turning back now. Im doing this!!! So I've gained around 10 lbs like Salz said and im ready to go! I can't wait to feel better about myself.

Balance paid in FULL!!!

There is no turning back now..

Almost here!!!


If there is anyone getting surgery with Salzhauer in April and are willing to change dates with me for May 5 please let me know!!! Private message me or email me to I have a situation.. The person that will be taking care of me during my recovery will not be able to make it in May. Just april!! Please let me know I will be forever grateful thank you!!!

Anyone getting surgery with Salzhauer willing to trade an April date for May 5?

Please contact me assap it would mean a lot !!! Thank you!! ???? sorry if I'm reposting I just need people to see it!

Okay so has anyone that have had tt/bbl used a body pillow?

im getting all my supplies ready and i came across a body pillow in amazon, its 65 dollars so i dont want to get it if its not good. is the Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory; it has very good reviews but none concerning plastic surgery so im in doubt if i should get it or not to sleep on the sides. what do you girls think? has anyone purchased this before? or anything similar?

Im so excited!!!! Just a month and a few days left.

I still have not found anyone who will trade dates with me. I really need a date in April :-( but let see what happens ,

Just 44 days !

Time is ticking and im freaking! Lol

Seriously this is ridiculous!

Ok I'm highly thinking about getting off realself, there is really no point of putting my buissness out here when no one even answers my questions or talks to me on this thing, I feel like I'm typing shit for myself.

Getting closer!!!

So I have a month and a few days left for surgery and im so excited im finally at 185 lb like dr Salz said and im drinking multi vitamins for a healthier recovery. Here is some preop photos of my weight gain / extra skin

Just 35 days left. So excited!!

Im freaking out !!

29 days left!!!

So excited!!!


So im having major anxiety and cannot stop talking about my upcoming surgery, i eat everything that's in sight and my husband thinks im absolutely crazy. im really starting to get anxious that sx is so close by. Im nervous/excited, the only reason why i am nervous is pain wise. some people say it hurts like hell and other people say that its bearable. idk what to think. im going to be popping pills left to right cause i don't want to feel anymore pain than i felt when i had my two c sections lol. I cant wait to get the first few days over with!!! its so nerve wracking. well ill update in a few days, most likely wont update till the day before surgery. wish me luck ladies!!

Medical clearance tommoro!

So I have my apointment to get my blood drawn & all the other tests tommoro at 10:00am. Getting closer & closer yall this is it!!! This is by far the craziest decision I have ever made in my life. But I feel this is the decision that will end my insecurities once and for all, I have been insecure my whole life starting by 11 years old, it's insane how much pressure society can put on you when they idolize skinny girls. Since I was 11 I always thought I was ugly, and no matter how much weight I loose I feel like it's never enough, and this is it! I've had it. Time to work on me baby!! And that's what is going to happen in less than a month. I will introduce you to a brand new me.

19 days left !! So anxious and excited!!

Just 19 days left, it's right around the corner. I already had my medical clearance done and everything is great. My hemoglobin is 14.5! Girls if you want to get your hemoglobin up beet juice and blood builder does the trick. Amazon sells the blood builder i believe is around $25. I'll keep you guys updated.

Pre-op on tuesday!

So I got my preop on Tuesday, I can really say this is happening right now. I have all my supplies, blood test were sent to dr Salz and everything is perfect. I'll be meeting him on Tuesday for the first time, and to get my prescriptions. Super excited, here are some pictures of weight gain / extra skin. And my square booty which I hate lol.

Some wish pics.

Having major anxiety. Any tips feel better?

My preop is on Tuesday and I'm having major anxiety. I can't help but be nervous. Help ladies!!! Any tips ? Something that would get my mind off my surgery ?


Preop appt

Preop went great...

I finally got to meet the infamous dr Miami and he's amazing, really down to earth. I felt like I just met a celebrity for the first time. He was very sweet. He took a good look at my body and just said are you ready for the new you? And I just shouted yes! I'm ready! I will be adding a BA now since that's my mothers present to me for Mother's Day! So now it's tt+bbl+BA y'all. Back to square one. I know it sounds crazy! But I'm ready!!! Ready for all of this to be over. Bring the pain!! Lol and girls his office and consultation rooms are absolutely beautiful. Very clean and modern. And his coordinators are really sweet as well. They even gave me a dr Miami hoodie for surgery day! Lehhhhh goooooo!!!!! I'm ready to get snatched baby!!! I've also decided I want a Kim k booty. He said it was possible that he can get me really close to that or even better ;) I'll be updating later on. Goodnight dolls!

Just paid full balance of breast aug!

Just paid my full balance, now it's TT/BBL/BA. 12 more days. I'm ready!

Anyone who has had Tt/bbl/BA together

Please let me know how recovery went for you. Any tips? Thanks!

Meds filled dr Miami hoodie on fleek ....

I'm ready . 10 more dayssssss!!!! Let's gooooooo!!!

Surgery next Tuesday!

So excited and nervous. Ahhhhhh!!!! But ready though, I'll be on snapchat by the way, you guys can see how they do all the procedures I already gave in my consent. I'll let you know the exact time of my procedure so you guys can tune in live :) I know it's Tuesday in the am. Surgery will be 5 hours long. By far the craziest thing I've done so far. Lord be with me.

7 days left!!!

I still can't believe I'm doing this. But 7 more days, I can't wait!! Im so excited!! So my husband and I last night where having the booty and booby talk and I let him decide on the pictures we will show dr Salz. Here are my ultimate wish pictures. I'll be comparing my results to these at the end of the procedure!!

Excited is an understatement!

Ride back in the car?

Hey girls, so im 2 days away from surgery, I need to know how was the car ride back home after surgery? Did you sit? Lay in the car? I'm so worried because I live an hour away please please if anyone has any tips please let me know!

Tomorrow is the big day! Shit just got real!

Tomorrow is the big day. Yes I'm nervous, I just took my Xanax and I'm feeling pretty chill right now, just a few hours left. Wish me luck! I'll update in the morning. Bye dolls.

Made it to the flat side!!!

Feeling great not in pain what so ever just soreness. I'll post pictures as soon as I have the energy to do so. Bye dolls!!!

Post op day 1

I'm feeling good,just expect to be unconfterable very sore like I did squats. My boobs are also very sore, I'm sleeping on my sides flipping every hour and 45 min. Today the nurse will come shower me and change my cg. Here are some pictures I was able to get from snap chat. Dr Miami did his thing!

Nurse came to change garments

No pain I'm all high of the percoset. Here are some pictures from earlier today

Full review.

So I got to balharbor around 7 am, Tatiana gave me all the paperwork and I filled out everything. Answered some questions and then dr Salz came to mark me up. Once he marked me up I had the interview with the anesthesia Barry he asked me a few questions and as I was done he said to follow him. Once I went inside the OR he told me to lay down facing up, I laid down and he put in the iv, soon after that I was completely out. I woke up sitting on a recliner with my boppy pillow. And chealsey the recovery nurse by my side, she was very sweet,!gave me a sip of water and some pain medication through my iv. Soon after that my family came in I was so happy to see them. The pain at that moment was a 6 out of a 10, pretty painful. Then chealsey passed me to a wheel chair and helped me get in the car. I was out once again till I woke up and was already in bed, by then I had no pain what so ever just soreness. That's pretty much it. I can say that my experience at balharbor was great!

Day 3 post feeling great!

I can already get up from bed by myself to go to the bathroom. I'm spacing the percoset every 6 hours now. This combo is not as bad as I thought it would be, I'm still swolen but I can already tell that salzhauer gave me really nice curves and projection, I still don't know how many cc's he put in my butt I'll ask on Tuesday when they remove my drain. So far I love my results! I'll be posting pictures later on when I shower today.

Breast aug + donut lift 300cc implant

So my breast were sore for the first few days, but as time is passing by I barely feel them now. Dr Salz put a 300cc silicone round implant. I can't feel the implant it just feels tight and swollen, no pain. I've been icing them and that's pretty much it.

Post op pictures. Day 5


Forgot to post

Feeling great!

I'm able to get out of bed on my own and Use the bathroom on my own, my husband has been awesome helping me with this recovery. I feel very good no pain, just a little stiff in the morning due to lipo, my curves are looking amazing, and even though I'm still swollen I've never had such a beautiful body in my life. I'm really excited on Tuesday is my first post op appointment they will remove my drain and check all incisions. So far it looks like it's really worth it. Just waiting on my butt to fluff, right now it lookes a bit squared but I know most butts turn out like that. I'll keep you girls updated!

Okay can we take a second to appreciate what this man has done?

Let's take a second to appreciate what dr Salz has done not only to my body but to my confidence/self esteem. He's a god and I respect that! Look at this difference! I am so grateful, it was money well spent and I just feel great. Ok I'm done now lol

Curves for days. So happy.

1 Post op appointment

It went great, they removed all stitches and drain. I was so scared for the drain but let me tell you I did not feel anything! The nurse was like take a deep breath and when i breathed in she was like okay that's it. I was like what? It's out lol? They took some pictures and that's pretty much it. She showed me all the before pictures and all the things dr Salz took out and I teard up looking at my before pictures, and how much nicer my body is now. I'm a new me and I love it!

Venting about recovery

So this recovery is a very long recovery, still stiff from lipo once in a while not painful just unconfterable. I'm 100% off pain killers. Trying to take it day by day. The most annoying thing that I can really put out here is the fact that I cannot sit. Or sleep facing up. It's so annoying to have to be on my side and flip every hour. Honestly I haven't been flipping every hour. I just flip once the side that I'm sleeping on starts getting a little sore. I'm so done with this I'm ready for this recovery to be over and I can be myself. I'm dying to hold my kids and help my husband out at home. These 3 weeks cannot come any sooner? I cannot continue to see my husband and my mother do everything at home for me while I just lay around the house! Ok I'm done guys just venting....

8 days post op!

Loving projection and curves :)

Post op day 9

Went out today for the first time, over did it!

So I went out with my husband for the first time after surgery today and I was feeling great, I've never turned so many heads in my life. I felt so confident and my husband couldn't keep his hands of me. We decided to go to a birthday party and I danced a bit got a little hyped up, by the time I got home I was swollen like a balloon! I literally saw the fluid in my stomach move from side to side when I touched it. It was gross, so ladies even if you feel like your okay be warned that inside it's still healing and it can cause consequences! Like mine today.. Now I'm laying in bed with magic foam on my belly and my cg hoping the swelling subsides by tomorrow.... Long recovery ladies. But it's still worth it! Good night!

A little collage I put together.

Love the new me! 11 days post op!

Seroma aspiration tomorrow.

So I just found out I have a seroma in my lower abdomen, dr Salz said it accumulated because of how much activity I'm having. All I thought about was me dancing on Saturday and how stupid I feel now, I have an appointment with his nurse to drain the seroma tomorrow. The procedure involves placing a needle near your insicion and pulling out all the fluid that can be removed. I feel the fluid inside its like a waterbed bouncing around my lower tummy. Am i scared? Yes, honestly I'm scared is going to hurt. Nurse said I will not feel a thing. Wish me luck ladies.

Seroma gone for Now

So they drained the seroma, 200cc of fluid in my lower abdomen. I have to go back on Thursday so the nurse can drain a bit more, she said as long as it's less and less it's a good sign. But I have to continue going. As for the procedure, it was not painful but you could feel the needle going in. It's not completely numb. She had to try a few times to be able to get the pocket. I did feel a huge relief after wards my stomach went back to flat and no pressure. I'm hoping fluid does not come back but she assures me that some will and she will have to drain it again. Well that's pretty much it. I'll keep you guys updated.

14 days post

Chin liposuction progression.

Still swollen, have lumps and dents, dr Salz said its normal. I have to allow the swelling to subside within another 3 months. He said to massage the area 3-4 times a day to brake all the lumps and smooth out the area. Still don't see full neck contour as I asked but I'm patient and I can wait to see if swelling subsides. Either way my double chin is visibly better than what it was before. So happy so far, just waiting on swelling. Incision is barely visible by now just slightly raised. The burn I had made from the neck strap is starting to fade some. Here are some pictures.

Chin lipo before and after 15 days post.

Like I said still swelling, you can't see any results till 3 months post. Doct said I have to give the skin time to heel and drain the exess fluid. Some days it appears more swollen than others. In the afternoon it swells up in the morning it lookes better.

Photos without CG. 15 days post.

Answering everyone's questions :)

So I keep getting asked the same questions by different people so I feel like it's better if I answer everyone's questions in one post that way I won't have to write the same answer over and over, okay here I go:
Do you feel back to normal? Not yet, still stiff from the lipo in the mornings but I can say I'm out of the woods.
Do you have any pain? How bad was the pain the first days of surgery from 1-10? No I have no pain. My pain the first day of surgery from 1-10 was about a 6. After I took my pain meds I was in no pain what so ever just high discomfort.
Do you like your results? Yes I love my results.
Would you do this again? Yes I would I think it's 100% worth it.
How do you sleep with all those procedures? On my sides with my boppy, flipping every 2 hours.
Do you still flip side to side? Yes but not every 2 hours anymore.
Do you feel like your butt has lost volume? Yes a bit but not to much.
Is your butt soft yet? Yes it's 80% soft just some hard spots.
Do you regret surgery? Not at all.
How was the dr Miami staff and dr Miami himself? Wonderful! I love them specially dr Miami he changed my life.
That's about it dolls, just wanted to answer a few questions! Hope that help. And happy healing to the ones that have gotten surgery recently and good luck to the upcoming beauty warriors! :)

Short story from this morning

So this morning i went to publix and i happen to see one of my old friends from high school. Once she saw me she started shouting my name and ran to me, she was like girl you look soooo good! What is your work out regimen ? What is your diet? At that moment I froze and did not know what to say so I told her that I had a mommy makeover 2 weeks ago. She was psyched she said my body did not look "fake" at all that I looked very natural. Now when I got back in the car I told my husband the story and he shook his head and was like really ? That's stupid.. Why would you tell her that you have surgery nobody needs to know that! So I thought about it and I don't want to take credit for something that people work so hard to achieve, so many that cannot afford surgery and work out very hard and consistent for years to achieve their dream body and I'm here taking credit for laying 5 hours in a table with dr Miami.. What would you girls do in my place? Would you have lied or would you have done the same thing? I can't help but ponder what you guys would of done in my shoes. Honestly.

Before and afters :)

Don't know why the pictures did not post.

Insicion revealed, no more tape! Seroma update.

So they removed the tape today and some fluid just 20 cc I was so happy to hear that I did not have any more fluid! Now about the incision, looks pretty thin, I still have a bunch of surgical glue so it does not look pretty. Here are some pictures, overall I'm happy with it so far, as soon as the surgical glue falls off I can start using scar treatment.

How to sleep with a TT/BBL/BA.

So many of you girls have been asking me how I slept or sleep with all my procedures, here is some pictures of how I sleep. On my sides. First few days just a little uncomfortable but after you will sleep good. Someone also asked me if I'm still using my chin strap from chin lipo and toilet seat raiser yes to both, chin strap just at night after I massage my chin and neck with arnica I put on the chin strap for compression. The toilet seat raiser I still use and will continue to use till 6 weeks. Not because of issues bending down but because it allows me to put pressure only on thighs when I use the restroom. Once I can start sitting on my booty I'll stop using the toilet seat raiser. Hope that helps girls!

Booty is fluffing yall!

Tried on some jeans today and they will not go up the booty. Right now I have no idea what size I am. It's getting pretty big. I'm in love with the results. Tried to take some pics, let me know what yall think.. Is it fluffing?

Considering belly button revision.

So my belly button has started to heal ugly. At first it was nice and round, I had a small keloid from my tubal that was hiden inside my belly button before surgery, now the keloid has came out since he made a new belly button and cut off the frowned skin that was covering it, today I have an appointment with dr Miami to see the options, I want that keloid gone most likely it will be under local in the office. But I'm highly considering a revision since the belly button is the thing that people see the most I would like for it to look nice and natural not with keloids. I'll keep you guys updated on that.

1 month post tummy tuck!

So happy with results, swelling has gone down dramatically my booty has fluffed a lot dr said it fluffs way more so let's see, today I was washing my garments since I'm on my monthly and it's a mess! I know tmi sorry, so I decided to take some pictures without the cg to show you how it covers the scar!


So I'm a month and a few days post. Let's begin by the breast. They are looking great, perky, nice cleavage. Now to the tummy. Everything lookes great whileeeeeee I'm standing up... Once I sit down there is a pouch. Specially on my left side lower part of abdomen. I'm not sure if it's fat pockets that he left on my tummy, or just swelling but I'm not happy about that at all.still numb.. And stiff once in a while from lipo.. Now the part that every one wants to hear about the booty... I've lost a lot a lot of volume these past few days and I have no idea why. Everything was going good till the past few days my husband was helping me get in my garment and he was like your butt lookes no different than before surgery.. I was like whattttttt! I mean it's rounder, haven't loss much hips but the volume/projection is gone. I'm not sure if it's a phase that we go through and then it fluffs or if it's just going to stay like that permanently cause if it is I'll be really upset. Overall I'm not happy right now with what's going on but I'll keep you guys updated if anything changes. I am using scar treatment by the way.. Started a few days ago.. I'm using kelo-cote since I suffer from raised keloid like scars. For the record my body does look better! I'm not saying that I regret surgery or anything like that I'm just being completely honest with you guys.. I feel like if I paid $15,000 I should have the right to knit pick about the problem Areas. Hopefully the belly is just swelling and hopefully the butt does fluff. Thank god that I'm a patient person. Now if it stays like this will I get a revision? No.. I will not.. I'll just hit the gym to loose the fat in my abdomen and squat like a mother to tone and lift my butt. Keep you guys updated! Happy healing!

Updated booty pic

Here is my booty right now... What do you girls think? I'm pretty unhappy.. For now..

Little update

Had an appointment today nurse saw me as usual even though I asked to be seen by dr Salz the funny thing is that he was right there! In the post op office and he did not go in my room!!! Anyways I had some spitting stitches removed and I expressed my concerns to the nurse about my pouch and the lost of volume of the booty and she said the pouch was only fixed via weightloss or liposuction since he cannot lipo the stomach while doing tummy tuck since it can cause healing issues.. Ok understandable I guess? At least the extra skin is gone... But I still have a mf pouch! Which I did not want.. Ok let me cool... She said some of it can be swelling but it usually resides on my lower abdomen. Now to the booty... I was like girl where did my ass go? Seriously lol she laughed and said give it time just know that the fat you have now is what you'll be working with since your already 6 weeks, it may fluff a little but I mean it's better than it was before! And she pulled up my old picture. I mean yeah So what does that mean? I paid for a bbl and got transfer to the hips instead? Cause that's all that stayed really... I'm so upset. I've been a wreck all day I'm happy but at the same time I'm unhappy i dont know if That makes any sense I think I'm crazy. Or maybe I'm just hitching because I paid 15,000 and did not get what I want fully i dont know.. I need help lmao... For the record I still don't regret surgery.. Never will. And dr salzhauer is still a great ps. I'm just crazy that's all. Oh btw she recommended that I loose some weight so I have even better results. But then I mean the little ass that I have left will go away along with my stomach fat so wtf? Part of my French sorry.. Ahhhhh... Happy healing dolls keep you updated.

Picture updates: chin lipo & booty projection

Unfortunately my toddler threw my iPhone 6 in the toilet and I have been using my old android which the picture quality absolutely sucks! But I mean you can still see it :)

Some pictures :)

So false alarm ladies, you were all right my results are starting to come together slowly and my booty has def fluffed a lot. I guess I'm just impatient that's all. Super happy with my progress. This has been an emotional roller coaster and so far a very very very long recovery, so be aware ladies you won't see your results right away, I'm just starting to see mine now and I'm about to be 2 months post. Patience is the key. Happy healing! Love you all! Hope your doing good and good luck to upcoming sx's.

Cake cake cake !

Obsessed !

Yasssssss lord!

This is insane how much your body can change just in a couple of days.

So so so so happy! Thanks dr Miami! I love youuu!!!!

2 months post

Lost 15 pounds! So so happy, I look so much better now. Started on a diet and working out since I was 6 weeks post. I still wear my faja it's an xxs now I've also been wearing an abdominal board and getting massages which have helped me tremendously! So happy so far!
My work out is insanity from Shaun T hes an amazing trainer and since I can't go to the gym with my kids I'm working out at home. Happy healing dolls!

Before and after pictures :) 2 months post.



Hey girls it's been a little while, I just wanted to update and say I'm feeling fabulous, still not 100% myself. I've been working on myself getting healthy and working out like crazy! I have made so much progress and I'm so proud of myself. Here is some pictures of my progress. I cannot believe this is my abdomen I'm so happy.

Update! It's been a while.

Hey ladies sorry it's been a while I can say I'm feeling great! I love my body and I'm so so confident. My booty has gotten soooooooo big and when I say big I mean huge. Squats have really toned my butt and it lookes amazing! My stomach is looking great, just a little unhappy with belly button, highly considering a revision on that but over all I'm feeling awesome, my boobs are looking fantastic! No more bras! Nice and perky. Here is some pictures let me know what you guys think ! Love yall!!! Happy healing!!

Hey girls !!! I know it's been forever!!!

Hey dolls I know it has been so long! Let's get to the good stuff though ;) ... Booty still plump and stomach is still flat and toned. Have had a few consults with Salz and he does not think I need a revision on belly button , he thinks that with shots every 6 weeks will flatten the scar and keloids. I'm very happy with my results! Can't thank him enough! I do feel like he's really occupied with his fame now and does not really care much about his normal non famous patients... But that's just my opinion so don't bash me. Well here are some pictures of my progress so far, like I said I'm super happy with my results. :)


Here are some pictures of bbl update! Extremely happy! It's my dream booty! So worth the money and sacrifice! Love you dolls!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr salzhauer aka dr Miami is a great surgeon. Very polite and has incredible skills on how to work and shape a woman's body prefectly. I recommend him 100% the only con I have is the fact that since he is so busy my follow up consults are not with him, they are with his nurse. But other than that he's amazing and truly the neighborhood'S buttdealer ;) thank you dr Salz you have changed my life!

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