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So after much research and thought I've decided to...

So after much research and thought I've decided to go with Spectrum Estectics for my liposuction. I am 3 weeks post Op! I'm very nervous. I will be recieving lipo in 14 places. Full abdomen and upper/lower back, flanks. I'm hoping for "aggressive lipo" where they get a majority of the fat out. I'm going with Dr. Ghurani. Emily was my coordinator. She was nice. A bit of a fast talker however. I wasn't very clear on some things and I didn't appreciate her hitting me with the extra $500 for my upper back saying the Dr. Wouldn't so my surgery without getting that area done. Needless to say I'm going to stick with them. They have great reviews and work. I will be using Moni as my recovery. Very nice when I talked to her. I'm staying July 8-12. I will be getting my blood work done today.

Flying Out Wednesday!

Omg!! So this is happening! I've packed my bag, purchased my aftercare and toiletries and confirmed my travel. I need to buy lipo foam and a lipo board. Hopefully I can get 1 day shipping. My back has been stiff lately. Today I'm going to get a deep tissue massage to loosen it up. Also I'll be eating light all week to prepare for my fast. I have confirmed with Moni at New Body recovery that I will be staying there. I've heard all great things about her. Any who I'll update you dolls when I get there! Muah ????

Today is the Day!

Good Morning Dolls! It's about time for me to get up and at em. Surgery is at 9am. I'm a tad nervous but more excited! I flew in last night at 8:40pm. I'm staying at NewBody Recovery House with Moni and her staff. It's so homey and comfortable. So far so good! She's amazing! The house is beautiful, the food is great!!! I picked the absolute best place to stay. She assured me that my surgeon was good. Any who, I'll update 1-2 days post op.

The wonderful waiting game??

I arrived at Spectrum at 8:30am. Surgery was scheduled for 9am. It's 10:47am now, I've signed my paper work, tried in my garment and now I'm in my OR gown. Excited!!!!!! I've just learned that I'm actually going under so I won't be awoke for the lipo. I know when I awaken I will feel like I just worked out the hardest ever. Also side note, as an out of Townes I just want to advise you of a few things. Call your bank the day before and ask for your daily limit to be increased for your surgery balance. I paid $300 initial and my balance was $3700. My bank temporally increased me. Also bring socks, sweater and phone charger. Lol The staff at Spectrum is amazing! Claudia is my MA and she's so personable. Oh yeah, I'm freezing lol.

Tumescent Liposuction under General Anesthesia

So where to begin?? I'm 2 days post op. (Yay me!)

I want to start off by saying I made the right choice. My M.A Claudia was thee best! My Surgeon Dr. Ghurani was the best. He knows his stuff, double board certified and personable! So. I was put under general, woke up feeling terrible but was instantly snatched!!! Honey!!!! I was in thee worst pain ever!! Lol. I took Percocet and Vicodin (both which are very hard to find in Fla due to their drug issues here.) Next, Moni at NewBody Recovery is amazing. The house is beautiful, the food is great, she makes sure you get your medicine on time and massages.

Day 2 Friday-
Still in pain but saw instant results! I only got lipo and it looks like a BBL! Very stiff. Stay away from salt!! You will love it. I received the dreaded Painful drainage massage but it was worth it! Oh and the other ladies here for their surgeries are all the sweetest!

Day 3- (now) minimal pain! And this tummy baby!!!

Side note- drink plenty of water, 100% apple and pineapple juice. And WALK WALK WALK! it helps against blood clots and stiffness.


More pictures!

Sorry! I couldn't updated them with my review. Kept getting error messages.

Third Day

So it's about 4:32pm. I'm having a great deal of discomfort. My body is stiff. I will be receiving a drainage massage in about an hour. I leave to go home tomorrow.

Home Sweet Home- 6 days post op.

So I've completely stopped pain meds (yikes!). I'm very uncomfortable and swollen. I had my front drain removed (ouchhhhh!!) going to the ER to have the back one removed since I didn't stay in Miami. My coordinator said I only needed to stay 4 days so I left Sunday when I really should have stayed until today. I'm stiff, back pain and I didn't sleep well last night. Results are still good. I can't wait for the rest of the stiffness to go away. Nobody in Columbus Ohio seems to know what a drainage massage is. So I'm just going to have my hubby try any do it. That should loosen up my stiffness. Over all so love the way I look but the pain is debatable lol. I should've had my ass in the gym! Lol

Hospital Woes Day 9

So I had some harmless build up of fluid in my back and stomach. I got it drained under local anesthesia. Swelling is still sucking big time. I'm self massaging and icing the areas- also keeping on my compression garment. I'm moderately uncomfortable at best. I still love my results! I can't wait to feel normal again. Right now I don't feel so great and I miss wearing underwear lol.

The Ups and Downs

Today was so weird. I forgot to wear my compression garment last night. I woke up feeling like a ton of bricks was placed on my belly. I was so sore and swollen. My swelling is internal and to the naked eye you can't tell. But I feel it. Im sore to the touch. I'm about to start going back to the gym next week. I've resumed some of my activities. I can't wait until I don't need this garment. I went out with a friend and wore a spanx to stop the swelling. It worked well. I also took the children swimming. I had on a bikini. Big mistake. I was so uncomfortable. I changed into my spanx swimsuit I got at target. Much better. It compressed me great! Now is it me or is the compression garment very uncomfortable? Anywho here are my updated pics. Enjoy.

Rough Night

So yesterday was rough! I've been sore to the touch since Tuesday. Friday it got unbearable so I went to the emergency room. The dr. there wrote me for oxycodone. I took it. I'm sore still but it definitely helped with the moderate pain I was in. Swelling is unbearable at this point. I'm just ready f

Week 6

So tomorrow marks 6 weeks! I haven't been able to tolerate my garment. I have a burning sensation when I wear it. I did go see somebody about the pain in Monday but I've barely had to take my meds! My sides feel burned. Overall I'm looking and feeling amazing!

7 months and 7 days Review

So it's been awhile!!! Ok for starters I love my new tummy! I feel amazing! The pain is completely gone and the swelling is about 98% gone. I'm still slightly tender to the touch but nothing too serious. I lost a total of 15 lbs from the procedure! Now my diet sucks lol so I'm going to cleanse because I don't want to ruin my results. I'll upload more pics soon. ????

It's been 15 months and I'm still in love!

Hey guys! Just a little update. I'm still feeling my shape. I've gained a few pounds but that's ok! It was still very worth it to me!

2 years later lol.

Ok so I totally fell off. lol I've gained 20 lbs and the fat lottery sent it to my arms, face and thighs and a little to my belly. I just revisited my prior updates to see if I would like to undergo a round two. ???? I think I'll stay in the gym. ???????? Make sure you stay active and eat good. I've lot about 10 lbs right now but I'm still looking crazy!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Im so glad I choose him! He did a great job.

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