The True Review of a Brazilian Butt Lift from OMOLEPU. Miami, FL

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I and a friend, felt we we need a quick fix to...

I and a friend, felt we we need a quick fix to deal with our belly fat, which wasn't like it couldn't be done, with a personal trainer and a gym membership. But, because we both have very busy schedules as nurses and I am also social worker(Addiction counsellor) as a second job, we decided to search online for a great way to do this. We came across the BBL craze online. We read and researched and were convince to go to South America to get it done. We contacted a few places, but language barrier was the big problem, so we opted out to try Miami. Even with that, there were a few run arounds and not so straight forward answers with all the plastic surgery clinics we spoke to. And we needed a place we can really trust, as we were making our Journey from Toronto, Canada. So we decided to try researching individual doctors instead. We needed a doctor, (not being prejudice) who will know a black woman's body, as we are more big boned and due to the gym we go, little toned and little muscle, but we got fat pouches still. We came across Dr. Omolepu's profile, known to be aggressive with his work. We looked at his videos with Spectrum aesthetics and checked many places for him, and concluded, he will be the man to make us dolls. But was that the case? I weighed 200pounds, more bones and muscles with about 55% of fat and had to gain about 23 pounds more to make sure I had enough fat to get the hips I longed for. Yes I do have one of the best butt projection, but no hips and I wanted it so so bad, and felt this doctor will be the man to give it to me, instead of getting implants, I might as well use my fat. I quickly made all my payments, arrangements, did my lab on my own, which got my $50 credit, while they charge $100 to do it with them. All these just not to have too much to do down Miami, than enjoy myself for 4 nights before surgery. I am what you will call a good patient. I don't like to treat medical staffs badly, as I am also in medicine. So I try so much to reduce the stress of this people at spectrum. Not knowing that while doing that, I was actually stressing myself, as my blood pressure shot up so high, I couldn't be operated on the my initial date of the 16th of December 2015. I was sad, but happy, that at least, they cancelled the surgery due to my safety. If I had gone to another country, I wonder what would have become of me? But we thank God. But to be honest, Spectrum aesthetics surgery protocol is bad, and I guess all these places in Miami, do the same. Yes, its plastic surgery, but you have to at least put a patient on 24hrs monitoring before surgery to make sure all is well with them. If not, things would have been different, cause blood pressure changes by the minutes, it would have normalized or gotten better before the scheduled time. So, I decided to move to the beach resort to chill, so blood pressure can go down enough for surgery and not to forget, I had to pay more hotel nights, get immediate attention doctor for blood pressure prescription on my own, as I have no American health insurance and other unplanned expenses. Finally, it went down, and I got a Monday 23rd of November date for surgery. When I first met the doctor on the original date of the 16th, I immediately knew this was a fail. Its not about his appearance, but my spirit just told me, you will not be happy getting out of here. And I think, that got my blood pressure higher too. He was talking, but never felt like he was talking to a patient. Some girls may get carried away feeling he is listening, but I could tell, that surgeon is only doing a repeat of the BBL technique for every patient and not individualizing your surgery so you can have your own result and not everyone's, cause others is not yours and one cannot work for everyone. I hope you get what I mean, cause I'm not happy writing this. I wish I was, I give the best if it was, the good if it is and worse and ugly, since thats what I got. I specifically begged for a set of good hips. I told him and he confirmed, "you got a good projection" and I said I want some good bottom wings. He said, there might be a lil challenge due to the tightness of my skin, which he said is not bad, just hopes there will be a lil elasticity, which I totally understand. Then into surgery I went and woke up hours after in the worse pain of my life. My right leg and buttock felt like it was gonna explode, I jumped of the recovery bed and begged to stand instead, which they allowed me, but God this people where adamant on the excrutiating pain I had. In my experience as a nurse, which I hid from them, you have to try to deal with the person's immediate concern, find a way to lower that concern, by talking, comforting, anything to its minimum. They just uttering non audible words and keep flipping curtains open and close, open and close, OMG! Did this people think I was insane at the moment? was the care personalized? HELL NO! cause they treat you just like Janet who came out of her anesthesia acting crazy last week, which is not a good standard of practice. Finally, I had to leave with the recovery house people, Gush, that is another review on its on. Fast forward to two days after surgery, I had to come for consultation on Wednesday the 25th of November, due to the thanksgiving holiday was the next day and they will be closed. So the whole national and international beef cakes had their follow up and some surgeries on the same day, it was chaotic! After about half hour lingering in this vicinity, I and the other girl from my recovery house, got our time. We were in separate rooms to see the doctor. Lying on my stomach only covered in paper garment for another 15 minutes, on a hard leather examination table, it was so hard to do. The moment he walked in, I heard some thing like; How are you feeling?, next thing it was about the pictures. He got out his phone and was like, ok stand by the same blue wall, which I stood before the surgery for pictures. After that I told him my concern, his answer, wasn't encouraging to me. Well, you will be fine, drink lots of water, take your meds and don't worry about the draining. None of this was any answer to my questions. He left, and to my horror, I stood, cold from the air-conditioning, couldn't bend over to pick up my clothes or wear them by myself, being unsteady and obviously need help. I finally struggled to use my gown I had to wrap around my cold body with no garment inside. Then one of the nurses, came in again and ordered me to strip, she helped and then left again, didn't come back for another 5 minutes. Instead another nurse or nursing assistant came in, it was to take another set of pictures with a small metallic blue canon digital camera. Then she left again, another 5 minutes passed, the one that asked me to strip, came in and was mumbling about wanting to take pictures, I'm like, what?!!! I already had two photoshoots. But she is from Cuba and her listening and speaking command wasn't perfect, she storms out again. Oh my God, I was shaking at this time, and praying that God helps me out of this mess I put myself into. I started pacing around the room to warm up myself and also opening the door to see anyone on the hall way. Some of those I saw, won't give me a second look, cause I'm not their patient and sometimes too, its because they don't want to work. Jesus knows, I felt like my heart should stop and let these people get a liability case, which may not be possible. As I was made to sign I file full of consent forms, which I didn't even bother to read, due to the rush the Cuban assistants gave me. Oh my gush!!! Finally, I turned around as the door opens, it was the massage therapist, not worth to pay for more than three my darlings. If you can take massaging yourself or getting others to do it, better. She is good for the first two draining days, cause its like 2 strokes on each sides, not worth it my people. Though her praising your new look and advertising more spectrum products, helped me. It was like watching a horror movie and a coke ad pops up on the side. Then the little assistants emerges and I begged for a new garment and paddings to substitute for the ones I got for free after the surgery. She got them so quick, cause that involves more money. Then the worse moment came, putting me in the new garment. It took her 15 painful minutes to get help to lock the garment, and for me crying and gazing at the ceiling to curse that day. You will not understand my pain here. I didn't have enough recovery time due to the cancellation and rescheduling of this surgery. The doctor's easy breezy cover boy persona and then these floating nurses. I knew it from the get go, but I couldn't halt it. Because, my friend couldn't get enough days off and called to reschedule her surgery, Spectrum told her she had lost her deposit of $300, that made her decide to forget the treatment and wait to see my result. I ended up a fool, cause fast forward two weeks post op, I'm the saddest BBL post op patient, I don't care what people say. The pictures you see, is all the swelling, when it starts healing and going down, its like the tooth fairy mistakenly popped your cherries while passing by to drop a dollar for some little girl. Its all fairy tales. Not saying BBL isn't real, and doesn't work. What I'm saying is damn the promotions. Promotional goods are not the best. I didn't loose any inches off my waist, the only good thing, is my flanks are gone, but my belly is not any different from when I don't eat and I was 200 pounds. If you want BBL my people, save for the big boys and if you can learn a lil Spanish or even download a translation app as I have just learnt, go to Colombia or anywhere else. And for health reasons, as I found out, stay in Miami and pay more. Cause $3800 which is the present BBL promotion from spectrum aesthetics and their competition, won't give you the wow factor.
Less I forget, the $7000 price includes $3950 for surgery, $600 for three nights at the recovery, $129 for medication, $2100 extra 7 nights and meal, due to surgery cancellation, $100 for extra garment, $30 for extra form pads, $30 for Arnica pills from spectrum, $40 for poppy pillow and $20 tip to the recovery attendants, for being the best, not the owner. $6999.

The Nightmare!

I just got discharged from a 6 days hospital check in. You may ask what happened? After a week of claiming to have healed well with no infections or complications, I woke up with a painful heel and ankle on last Sunday morning. I tried to ignore it and excercise it more. But by 10pm, it got worse. I called 911, at 11:38 PM, I was already registered and in IV and serious antibiotics and pain killers. They ran tests and all, they could see my body was trying to fight something, but they can't find what it is exactly. I started feeling that same bursting pain I felt on my right ass, after I woke from anesthesia after surgery. I went for x-ray, ultrasound twice and CT scan to look at the surgery areas to determine if it was infection or not. No infection was found in the grafted area (my deflected dream ass) but they found 50cc of water on my right lower back and 64cc of water, on the left lower back. And after a few minutes they drained them all and sent them to the lab for further testing. The plastic surgery team here asked if I had any follow up, even after flying a few days after surgery, I answered no. They were baffled and in disbelief, that the only follow up I had was the one I had two days after surgery. No phone calls, no emails to check up on patients and make sure they are fine, even as out of towners. The look they gave me was like, yeah, you didn't. After 4 nights without results, gallons of antibiotic and sodium chloride IVs, 100s of oxycodone and tylenol tablets, uncomfortable and restless nights. Finally, a last ultrasound specialist, detected a blood clot on my right leg. Now I'm going to be on blood thinners for 3 months, more antibiotics and pain killers, for God knows when. I have really suffered in making the wrongest choice of ever going through with this BBL with hungry cash grabbers who have no sympathy for human life. No dignity to at least walk you through your recovery. Karma is not far from you all involved in this scam. You will face worst difficulties than you've put me through.

I felt the surgery wasn't as personalized as I wished. I wasn't looking for the best result, I was looking for my result and Omolepu didn't give it to me. I asked for hips, as I didn't have none. Instead I got nothing, not even a thumbnail bump. Just pain, unnecessary expenses and disappointment. I wish I wasn't writing this, but I have to. The culture of surgeons treating plastic surgery patients like kids, who are demanding, its not fair. Going under the knife, with poking, scars, pains, sedation and all it in-tales is not like asking for Candy. Can at least a surgeon return fees and say no, I can't give you what you are asking. That will be more galant. But its just about the way the whole thing is set up. Fast, fast, fast, money money money, forgetting we are human beings. Yes I might be vain with my request and my even thinking of altering my statue, but please don't treat me like I'm some animal or meat. I respect him, I'm sure many will disagree with my review and maybe happy with their experience. But, I was just unlucky with him. Even when the staffs try to convince me to go with another doctor for an earlier appointment, I refused, cause I felt he would understand a black woman's body more (Not being prejudice please)

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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