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Flying out to Miami in 3 days for my ba. I've been...

Flying out to Miami in 3 days for my ba. I've been putting it off for years listening to what others said I didn't need in their opinion. This year I decided I'm gonna do what makes me happy. I initially had my procedure scheduled with Omulepu but after his incidents quickly switched to Mel Ortega at Spectrum and was able to keep the same date and travel plans thankfully. I'm traveling alone, but one of my good friends who lives in Orlando is gonna drive down to be with me so I don't have to do the whole recovery home thing. Staying at the best western premier around the corner from spectrum. Surprising despite all the bad customer service reviews my dealings with them from NJ have overall been pleasant. There was a slight debacle with getting my labs on their end. It became a 2 week process of faxing 7 times and at the end I just emailed them directly to the medical clearance mgr Evelyn who was very sweet and understanding. Curious about the amount of time I'll get to make a final decision on the implant size since I only get there the day before. I think I want either 500 or 550ccs. I'm starting with a 34/36 b. I figured I'll let Ortega decide which profile implant is best for my frame and measurements based on the results I want. Im most afraid about the whole anesthesia process as I've never been put to sleep for anything, not even my wisdom teeth extractions. Any of you feel like this as well? Also need some advice on what I should wear for surgery day. I have a sleeveless button front maxi and also a zip front hoody and some shorts. I could always just throw a denim vest over the dress after surgery to hide all the markings and leg compression sleeve things going back to the hotel. I feel the shorts might be more comfortable, but I'm African American and since I'm not allowed to put lotion on I don't wanna be walking around all ashy. I know I'm rambling now, probably nerves not that it's hitting me that this is real. I'll post some before pics either over the weekend or when I get to Miami on Tuesday before the procedure. Maybe I'll run into one of you RS dolls while I'm there.

Makes me nervous, but...

Even though it freaks me out to do so here's a few before pics. One or to have vs bathing suit tops I hope to fill out nicely after surgery. Also just ordered the post op kit from make me heal. Has great reviews. Have any of you guys tried it? What did you think?

Made it down south

Had a stupid early flight this morning. Was at the airport at 4 am and the tsa security line was ridiculous. If you're flying from out of town make sure you're at the airport at least 2.5 hours ahead of time. Stopped by Spectrum and got my prescriptions. Staff was super sweet. Highly recommend staying at the best western premier if you can. Literally 250 feet from spectrum. Got the call that I'm scheduled for 7 am tomorrow which is great. I don't have to walk around hangry all day. Forgot I never included my pre surgery stats: 5'4 150 34/36 b (34 if strapless, nothing to keep that sucker up) I'm not sure how I'm gonna feel after surgery since I've never been put to sleep, but I'll try and give my experience with a few post op pics.

Best Western

Just a few photos of Best Western around the corner from Spectrum if anyone was curious. Very big and comfortable. It's funny guest services kept laughing at the amount of crap me and my friend kept getting out our cars and bringing to our rooms. Like we're moving in. Can't help it I over prep and over pack for everything. Hope the pics help someone thinking about choosing this place. Uber convenient and there's food and stores everywhere in walking distance.

T minus 30

Off to the surgery center.....wish me luck and big boobs!!!

All done!!

Went into OR a few mins before 8 was back at hotel by 10. Dr. Ortega was very nice and comforting. Listened and answered all my questions and then some. He asked what cup size I'd like to be, not ccs which surprised me. I told him DD, he laughed and said you want big boobs huh? I'm like yeah he said if your doing it you might as well go for it. After measuring and looking and marking me up, he suggested 450ccs, high profile. He said I didn't need 550 because I already had 350ccs of natural breast tissue. I told him you know what I'm looking for and what's best so if you think so do that then. It's only a few hours out but I'm liking the proportions he gave me thus far. I'm awful at selfies, so the pics aren't the best and it's still a lil uncomfortable to position myself in certain ways. Anesthesiologist was very nice I forgot his name. I don't even remember going to sleep or waking up lol. He put the iv and said I'm gonna give you something to relax and I was out. I don't know who put my clothes on or shoes or anything. I am randomly falling asleep but I guess that's a side effect. No nausea whatsoever. He gave me natrelle brand. I'm not really in pain or have much pressure. I'm a lil sore on the sides and near my incision site.

Day 2 post op

Just came back from my first post op appointment. Saw the massage therapist. Was a little she said water at the top of my boobs so she massaged it out. She said I looked great. Not really much swelling. The underside of my boobs are kinda numb right now, but I don't have any pain or pressure. Surprisingly I feel great. Just a lil tired from the meds. I'll see Ortega tomorrow at 10 for a check up. I guess them he'll show me the massages I need to do. He is very nice and personable and listens very well. I'm actually glad I went with his recommended size of 450 and not the 550 I wanted. I think that would have been too big. What he gave me is very proportionate to my frame. I do have post op bloating in my belly though, nothing too major. I'm actually surprised that my experience with the whole spectrum staff has been amazing. You read a lot of reviews on here that says they're rude and short with you, but I've experienced none of that. One quick thing too, if you're from our of town and you get your labs done in your state (nj for me) make sure you ask for your $50 reimbursement or else you won't get it. I took the compression bra off for like 5 mins and if course put on a few bikini tops ( some of which may not fit lol even though I got larges) you can definitely feel the weight of them when they're sitting without support. I personally don't like the feeling yet guess I have to get used to the weight up front.

Day 3 post op

Saw Dr.Ortega for the last time this morning before I leave tomorrow. He and I are happy with the results. I do have edema, but he said that will go away on its own, just a side effect of surgery. Good new is I don't need to wear a band or massage just let them heal. Just a lil tidbit of info I forgot to put in the other day. Ortega doesn't use moderate + implants if that's what you want. He said they don't really even stock them. Considers them too wide and old fashioned. I do have some air in my breast pocket which sounds like water when you push on them which he said my body will absorb and go away on its own. Starting to pack my stuff up so I can go home tomorrow. I got the ok to shower today and to remove my strips at 2 weeks post op and start applying scar cream.

Post op day 4/ flying home

So I leave Miami this afternoon and wanted to give a clear headed recap of my whole experience here. First off Spectrum, every interaction I had with any employee was pleasant. The girls at the front desk, the massage therapist, the anesthesiologist, and of course Dr. Ortega were all very nice, welcoming, patient, and respectful. Never did I feel rushed or like I was a person waiting in a line with a numbered ticket waiting to be called. Knowing that I was from NJ and for the most part going to be alone (my friend came the night before surgery and left the morning after) Dr. Ortega gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him if I needed anything or had any questions. So to all of you who might be on the fence about coming here based on others bad reviews, I would say have your own experience and let your own personal interactions with them determine how you feel. Not everything went smoothly before I came. Trying to get them to receive my labs was a frustrating 2 week ordeal where I had to have my doctor fax 4 times. In the end I went and got my own copies and faxed and emailed them myself to the clearance manager. We had many conversations on the phone and she could tell I was frustrated, but was always very polite and apologetic for the hassle. Also you have to have patience and keep your cool. If you're rude and short with them when you're frustrated they're gonna give you that back. If you're kind and calm people are more likely to go out of their way to accommodate you and your needs. As for my surgical experience, I really have no recollection of anything after I layed on the table. I was the first scheduled procedure at 7 am. At about 710 I was taken to a room to get undressed, photographed, pregnancy test, and to sign paperwork. As soon as that was done Dr. Ortega came in and introduced himself and ask me why I was here which he knew he just wants you to explain your reason for wanting the surgery. After that he asked me what cup size is like to be which surprised me only because a lot of real selfers say their docs ask them how many ccs they want. I told him I wanted to be a DD and he said oh you really want boobs then huh? After doing my measurements and examining my breast he told me that 450 ccs high profile implant would give me my desired results because I had 350ccs of my own breast tissue to begin with. He also told me I had very slight scoliosis. He explained that what I thought was asymmetry was really cause by my breast bone sticking out slightly and curving to the right. He turned me around and showed me in my spine the slight curve. He said it was fine and doesn't need correcting. Funny thing is my 19 year old niece has the same thing so I guess it's genetic (don't hold me to that). He marked me up and told me he'd see me in a few. The anesthesiologist came in and asked me medical questions and then walked me to the operating room next door. He had me get up on the table, they strapped my legs into s machine ( for circulatory purposes) and he inserted my iv. Last thing he said was I'm gonna give you something to relax and then black out. Next thing I remember is some lady's voice saying ok honey can you get in the wheelchair for me. I don't know who put my clothes on or when or how long I was there lol. I remember getting in my friends car. Luckily the hotel is right around the corner so my ride was short. I don't remember walking into the hotel or elevator. Walking to my room, nothing. My friend gave me medication to take and I was back out. We were back at the hotel before 10 am though. The whole rest of that first day was a blur. No pain or pressure really just tightness. The next day I went back and saw the massage therapist and yesterday had my last post op with Ortega. He said I looked great and didn't need a strap or to massage. I've been massaging a little for fear of capsular contraction but that's about it. He gave me Natrelle style 20/450ccs. Overall I feel great no pain or pressure really. I'm definitely severely bloated and retaining water. On surgery day I was 150 and yesterday at my post op I got back on the scale and I was 158.4??? Once I go home I'll be on a major diet, maybe do a juice cleanse. I didn't get any stretch marks. The bottoms of my boobs are still pretty numb. As of this morning when I showered I'm staring to get some of the feeling back. The massage therapist recommended I take arnica pills. I only have the gel with me which I have been applying, but I ordered some on Amazon which should be there when I get home. None of the local pharmacies (cvs, Walgreens) had any of the pills so you might want to get them ahead of time. I did order the make me heal post op kit which should be at home when I get there as well. As of now I don't like the feeling of my boobs without the compression bra. I guess I have to get used to the weight but when I had if off while showering it felt like my implants were trying to fall out, ok maybe not that dramatic, but the gravity feeling creeped me out a lil lol. I went a lil ham ordering bikinis, bodysuits, and monokini's with cut outs. Nothing's changed since the photos I loaded yesterday, so no pics today. I'll give it a few days and wait for some change before I load more. Oh one more thing I have some air in my breast pockets that moves around and it is the creepiest feeling ever. It feels like it's queefing (spelling? lol). Ortega said its normal and happens during surgery. There's nothing to do to get rid of it and that my body will just absorb it within a few days to weeks, but it won't affect my final results. The last thing he wanted me to do is in a month go to the site and upload pics of my breasts so he can look at them to make sure all is healing well. Since I've rambled so much all in all I'm completely happy with my decision to go through with this procedure, the surgeon, and the center. I'm just mad I waited so long to do this for myself. All I need to do now is lose 15 lbs to get ready to be pool and beach decor because I can't swim lol. If any of you have any questions about anything just hit me up. I'd be glad to help out and provide any useful info I can.

Post op day 5/ travel

I've been back in NJ for almost 24 hours and I feel great. Traveling back home yesterday was a lil rough and completely wiped me out. I had the hotel staff help put my luggage on the shuttle and walk it to curbside check in at the airport. Needless to say I handed out a lot of tip money but it was worth it. Of course I got flagged going through tsa and had to be patted down. I told the chick don't you dare push down along my bra band you might get hit (I have crease incisions). She laughed but I was dead serious. The plane ride was super uncomfortable. Before leaving the hotel I only took my antibiotic, no pain pill or muscle relaxer because I had to drive home from the long term parking garage off site. The muscle relaxers make my limbs feel like jello to the point where I can't even scroll up and down on my phone without my hand just going limp it's crazy. I definitely didn't want to drive home like that. The cabin pressure made my boobs tight and ache and my back hurt as well. I just could not get comfortable. It's funny because the person sitting next to me and the flight attendants kept looking at me weird because I would find myself with my hands inside my bra massaging on my boobs to make it feel better. I could care less who was watching. Walking through the airports I found I couldn't walk at my normal pace because I felt so tired and trying to increase my speed made my boobs bounce when I walked which is not a good feeling at this point. It felt like my boobs wanted to fall out of the bottom. The drive home was interesting. Turning corners was painful because if my hands went above my shoulders it felt like I was pulling a muscle. So basically I drove home with t-Rex arms by my side. It was a little slower but I got there. If you can have someone travel with you or pick you up from the airport I would suggest doing that. By the time I got home I took a shower and was knocked out. I started taking the make me heal post op vitamins. Some of my swelling has went down so we'll see. The arnica gel is great as far as taking away any ache or soreness. I rub it on my chest 3 times a day. Once the tablets come in the mail I'll start taking those as well. All in all I feel great. I took a few more pics in bathing suits and bras.

Can't stop buying bikinis!!

Nothing really to update. I've been going ham buying bathing suits. I'm enjoying buying tops that I don't have to make sure have padding in them or have to wear with bombshell add 2 cups bras.

One week boobiversary!!!

So it's been one week since my surgery and I am more than satisfied with my decision to go through with this and my results thus far. Recovery for me has gone pretty smoothly. I have never been in much pain even on the day of the procedure, but I do have a very high pain tolerance so that might have something to do with it. My post operative bloat is slowly subsiding, but not quick enough for my liking. I ordered some natural water pills off amazon so hopefully that will help. I've been off my pain pills for the last 3 days and hope my digestive system will get back on track soon.

I do want to touch on something that is not really discussed and that I didn't see covered in any of the hundreds of reviews of ba's I read on here.. MUSCLE SPASMS!!! Holy shit, this has been the worst part of this whole process. I'm not sure how to even explain what it feels like. They come out of no where and there's nothing you can do to stop them. Your chest muscles tense up and start contracting almost like period cramps. Your boobs become hard and tight and man does that shit hurt. Massaging doesn't help, icing doesn't help. Only thing that does release it is taking a muscle relaxer and it takes like half an hour for it to kick in. So ladies who are getting a ba soon beware!!!

I'm starting to get the feeling back in the bottom portions of both my breasts. They had been numb since surgery. I guess all the nerve endings are beginning to regenerate, don't quote me though I'm not sure if that's the correct "medical" term for what's going on. Also I wanted to touch on finding yourself a good supportive/compressive bra to wear after surgery. The one the put on you is good, but I found that it was highly irritating to me on my incisions (crease). It's so tight that it gave me edema right above my diaphragm and made my incisions really sore. Because you can't really use your arms to get yourself up out of bed, you're using your core a lot and exactly where you bend is where the bottom of that damn bra pushes into your incisions. I tried quite a few front close bras that I found at Walmart. They were ok, but I stumbled across a great one on Amazon made by playtex. I'll insert a pic of the page off amazon, but it's great because it's supportive/compressive but the bottom band is so soft and comfortable and does not irritate your incisions whatsoever. I ended up purchasing all 3 colors. They are in the $20 range, but you can't put a price on comfort when you're recovering.

My boobs have been pretty soft from the beginning. The only time the feel hard is during spasms and the occasional morning boob. They don't need to drop and we don't want them to as per Dr. Ortega, but no fluffing has happened as of yet for me. I was told to wear compressive bras for 2 weeks then switch to regular sports bras. No underwire for 3 months. Also I don't have full range of motion in my arms yet. I can't extend them straight up yet. I can go just above my head with my arms bent. Any higher I feel a pulling sensation on the side of my breasts under my armpit. I know this entry is kind of all over the place, but as I think of things I'm just kinda writing them in. I'm really happy with the size implant that was chosen for me. I think it's proportionate to my frame without looking overboard. Once I get rid of this belly bloat I'll post a full body shot lol. That's all for now gals - later :)

Pics of playtex bra off amazon

Six Week Update

It's been a few weeks since I've posted any updates or pics so I figured I'd check in real quick. I'm 6 1/2 weeks post op and feel great. I've had no complications with healing. The morning boob doesn't happen anymore. My incisions are fully closed, but I continually wear silicone scar sheets over them for protection and to prevent my sports bras from rubbing against them. I change them every 3 days or so to prevent any bacteria from growing around them. During the sheet changes I do apply the Biocorneum scar treatment the dr recommended and let it fully dry before I put the sheets on. All of my swelling has been gone for atleast 2 weeks now. My right incision does itch a lot, but I don't scratch it or anything I just massage it for a minute or so and it stops. All my friends that have had surgeries on multiple sites says it's a normal healing process. I still have some numbness on the undersides of my breasts. It's not complete numbness because I can feel sensations it's hard to explain. I got sized at vs as a 34dd and racked up at the semi annual sale. I got close to 30 bras...I know that's bad but they're like a new car to me. They need accessories :) I really didn't have the whole drop and fluff experience. Partly because we didn't want my breast location to move any. I will say my breast maintain their shape now where before if I put on a maximum support sports bra it would smush my breast down and I'd have to have my bra off for a good 14 minutes before the implants expanded back out if that makes sense. Doesn't happen anymore though. I know this is kind of all over the place but I'm trying to answer and describe things as I think of them. Oh I recommend not wasting your money on the make me heal post op vitamins. They were $65 and I think I only used 2 packets (they are individually portioned for 60 days). I'm not sure of the effectiveness as far as healing goes but each pack has 6 vitamins that you're supposed to take twice a day and along with keeping up with the antibiotics, muscle relaxers, and pain pills as needed after surgery it was just too many extra pills to be messing with my stomach. I would recommend the arnica gel though. I went through 2 tubes of it in 3 weeks. It helps combat swelling and discomfort and its topical. What else...oh muscle spasms pretty much stopped when I stop wearing the surgical bras. I only get them if I go out braless for an extended amount of time like if I wear a backless maxi dress since I'm not allowed to wear regular bras for 3 months. I think I've covered everything I wanted completely out of sequence lol. I'll post a few pics. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Good luck to all of you with upcoming procedures :)
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